also dropped my towel, and I did not care more for the fact of being completely naked, sitting in the back of the head of my husband, nor he shows an enormous erection, the mood was of desire, arousal, with lust. I forgot that I had never been naked with another man, who was not married, or who had sworn allegiance at the altar or anything. He turned to face him, so that my vagina fit in his Adam's apple, and started me down, holding my buttocks, one in each hand. When my breasts first passed through his mouth speaks "to peitão nice that you have, it seems a great and mighty Mom, I suck each one as a puppy" and I almost shouted saying "sucks, sucks, kill me with desire," he grabbed hold and was nursing each of her breasts, sucking and nibbling her nipples, running his tongue, and I could not stop groaning, I kept getting wet so much that was dripping on the floor, thighs because I was open to the Maximum , rolled up the vagina.
Then when he started me down more, I hugged his body with my legs, twist my legs back and his hands on his neck, and was dropping little by little as he lowered me until the inevitable happened , his penis began to rub my vagina, I groaned every time he brushed his penis every tear from the vagina, the clitoris to the anus. He looked at me and asked, "Can I fuck you?" I nodded my head. He said "then asks me to eat you" I said, "You want to kill me with desire, his evil, please eat me, fuck me, fuck me all," he went on to say that I had to ask to get the stick and I said, "Please fuck me with that big cock her, eat me, fuck me please, I'm holding on with lust."
He hands, fit the head of the penis in my vagina and slowly began to penetrate. I did not think the fact of being without a condom, or the fact that to be the first strange that my penis vagina housed only felt how much he was gifted, I'd open every inch by inch, slowly, and so affectionate as he kissed me and our tongues met.
I felt the head of the penis touching my uterus, something he never felt with my husband. He said, "holy shit, that delights you have a pussy, tight, hot, wet, lisinha and biting my ass." The Andrade's penis was thicker and much longer than my husband and I felt it, never felt so fulfilled. When he entered it, he hands me strong to suspend the penis was going slowly and then buried it again. In the fourth or fifth time that his penis has invaded my vagina, and I enjoyed not endured screaming, I never felt so horny in my life. I began to shiver and moan, and he broke down and ejaculated inside the womb and screaming "Goddamnit, do not take it anymore, I will enjoy in her pussy, taking my leitinho takes" I felt a strong jet, hot and prolonged in several gulps.
My vagina for the first time in my life was meeting a sperm other than my husband.
He sat on the wooden platform, and I was sitting in front, with the penis in, because unlike my husband's penis out of the vagina to ejaculate to go limp, the Andrade, even flaccid, because of long, continued in my vagina, I felt it in, giving me an indescribable feeling of pleasure.
We were always talking at length with his penis inside me, until it after a while, he was with the erect penis, which grew inside of me and my horny also increased with it. He's always holding me strong and stuck his penis in my vagina, took me to the bed where I lay with all affection, and I began to have in the classical position. He kept complimenting me, saying "you're beautiful, horny, which peitão that delicious pussy, my love, never seen a woman more perfect, you killed me with lust since I first saw it, you've always dreamed of eating, since imagined how his chest by the neckline of the dress that day, I never imagined that he had a tight pussy, hot, wet well "Again, after a long back and forth, I got to where I have some orgasms shaking and screaming, he also served a face and said "bitch, do not take it anymore, I enjoy new takes leitinho" and threw jets of sperm into my vagina. After that I put on it, always with his penis inside my vagina, we talked and when he had me excited, I do not know how many times it lasted. Just know that we left the motel just before my husband's plane to arrive in Brazil. By phone he told me he was in a taxi and in 15 minutes would already be at home, I attended in the car Andrade in front of my building because it was raining as the rain was expected to decrease.

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as always, brazil is the land of all pleasures :)
3 years ago
it is good
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i hope this doesnt mean your country are planning to invade