I sucked my first cock.

My wife had just left town this morning. She will be gone for a week.

Since the garage needed to be cleaned out I decided that this would be a good time. I put on my favorite pink boy cut panties along with baggy shorts and a too large tee shirt. It was promising to be a nice day. The garage was a mess. After a long winter of just putting things down it needed a lot of work. I started carrying things out to the drive way to start putting things in order.

I had everything pretty much organized when my new neighbor came over. He and his wife had moved in over the winter. We had made all of the nicety's. We took over some home made bread. They were about our age, both were in their mid fifties. He had a little beer belly, she was presently plump. A really nice ass that I have been looking at every time I get a chance.

He “I saw you cleaning out your garage. I did not have much going on so I thought I would see if you needed any help.” I said“any help would be appreciated”.

After a few hours I needed to place some items on the top of the shelfs that I had built. I did not think about the panties that I had on or that he would be looking up my shorts. After a few trips up the ladder with me in front he said “I need to go home, I will be right back”. Not thinking anything about I told him “OK”.

A few minutes latter he was back. He had changed his long pants to a pair of baggy shorts.

I climbed the ladder a few times when he said “Let me take some of those heavy things”.

He then took one of the heaver boxes and started up the ladder. For reasons that you will understand. I thought this may be a good time to see what he is packing He went up ahead of me. I looked up and saw what I had been fantasizing for quite a while. He wearing a pair of g-string panties. The string that I could see looked perfect, it split his cheeks in perfect glory. His balls and ass looked perfect. I must have made precipitative noise because he turned, smiled, anded grabbed his crotch.

His smile grew even larger when I turned and pushed the button to close the garage door. He started down the ladder. I motioned him to stop.

I walked backed over to him with a what I am sure was a confused look on my face. I know that my mind was running in circles, Here was another man who was waiting for me to do something that I had only fantasized about before.

I walked forward. His crotch was at eye level. I could see something moving in his shorts. I felt that I must have been in a trance. I went up to him and started to pull down his shorts. I saw a flash of white followed by a bulging penis. I thought “Why I am doing”? As I pulled his shorts down I was very happy with what I saw. There was pubic hair that headed down in G-string that barely contained his growing member. A growing wet spot that betrayed his excitement. I reached toward it and started to pull the fabric aside. When his uncut cock exploded from his panties I was filled with lust. I saw the per-cum leaking from it. He was not much large than me. About three inches while not yet fully erect.

I leaned forward. I pushed my tongue into the skin surrounding his head. I licked his shaft and balls. From his sighs I thought that he was enjoying what I was doing. After licking him all over I took him into my mouth. Fully erect he was probably five inches long. I could easily take all of him into my mouth.

After a few minutes of me sucking he started to move wildly. I reached around his hips to stop him from moving out of my mouth. My finger soon found his rosebud. He started to push back on my finger. My finger was all ready wet so I pressed it in. After my second knuckle entered him I felt his knees start to buckle. My mouth was soon filled by his seed. He shot deep into my throat. Not more than maybe a table spoon. I swallowed all of it.
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20 days ago
I get over there a few times a year, maybe I can help you next time. Would love to be sucked like that.
2 months ago
love it more plizzzz
4 months ago
My garage is a messy can you.help to organise and sucking ours dick each other ....I love 69
7 months ago
and??? how did his lips feel on your cock?
8 months ago
I'm all wet
8 months ago
nice story, I need help in my garage