Wife Finds A Partner

I am a forty year old office worker married to same women for 14 years. In the last few years to spruce things up with my orgasm's I would ask my wife to tell me a story of her having sex with X boy friends while giving me a hand job. Her story and the thought of my wife having sex got me so horny I would cum in seconds and the orgasm would be so powerful I'd scream.

One night I thought to my self that this type of sex was getting too be doll. After sex, I had asked my wife if I could watch her have sex with somebody ells. She said, she had no need to have sex with anybody ells and she was more than fine in are relationship. I responded by saying , What if it excites me the thought of you having sex. “ Well if that's what you what and you don't get jealous on me I don't mind fucking a other guy in front of you. But you go out and find him and I must approve of him too.”
With those words I set out find somebody. After a week I went back to my wife and said “ I just could not find the right guy, I don't Know who.” My wife say's “ Look maybe I can help, leave it to me. I will try and find some one.” The ex day my wife comes back say's she found the perfect person. Who I say ? As it turns out, he was her first boy friend when she was 16, his name was Max. I was not crazy about Max because I thought there would be to much emotion between the both of them. My wife convinced me the emotion would be good for my orgasm and I would fantasize about her and Max for a long time and I would never forget it.

I gave my wife permission to get the hole thing started, and she invited Max over so I could meet him.
Needles to say Max jumped at the idea at bagging Rachel one last time. My wife went and got all dressed up. She looked beautiful in her skirt and heels. Max arrived at the door and my wife invited him in. They both sat on the love seat together and was on a chair in front of them. We made some small talk and I got know little about Max. I was getting a little jealous of Max, I mean he was a good looking dude. Be for I could get to my wife and tell her to call the hole thing off she stepped up and said “Hon can you run out and get us all a bottle of white wine, it would great, Max and I will talk about old times.” I thought the ride would do me good. I was gone for about an hour. When I returned home Max was already gone, maybe my wife got cold feet ! My wife herd me come in and came over and handed me a DVD. What this I said. “ Its what you wanted ! Me and Max fucking.” I said “ I thought I was to be in the room.” She said “ I thought this way it would last longer for you. If you like I can invite Max over and do it again. Good Night.”

I now had the DVD in my hand. I made my to the computer put in the disc. I watched the 20 min video, I saw my wife riding, Max screaming “don't stop don't stop” until he turned her over and fucked her hard, I herd my wife scream in orgasm “ yes Max yes”. When I unzipped my pants I had cum all over my under wear. I re watched the video stroking my self this time. It was not long before I came again. In the end I came twice to the same video with orgasm's that got my hair standing. I kept the video and watch it once a week. Maybe shoot a other some day.
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10 months ago
Careful what you wish for....
2 years ago
sad story....
3 years ago
share vid
3 years ago
Although I would have liked to e in the room watcing first hand the dvd would sure e a nice treat. Hot story.
3 years ago
Great story, Primo.
3 years ago
Nice story ... perhaps I could help out next time ...
3 years ago
Very hot story! thanks for sharing (the story and your wife lol)
3 years ago
post vid
3 years ago
I love the story line. Maybe a little more detail next time?
3 years ago
Maybe you can pimp her out for the rest of us.