have been married for 15 years to my wife. We met while studying at university shortly after graduating we married. I started my Owen limousine business and my wife got a job as a customer service representative. My wife climbed the corporate ladder quiet fast and now holds a hi level position. In the last year my wife was working on land a huge contract from this french company worth millions of dollars. Know doubt if she did, she would most defiantly be promoted to VP of operations. 7 figure Salary would follow. Finally the big week where the CEO of the french company was arriving to visit the facility. My wife spent the hole week with CEO Mr. Malvide. Bye the end of week Monsieur Malvide wanted to get to know the city and its night life,and had asked if my wife could to show him around town. With the worry to disappoint him my wife had agreed on one night out. Later that evening my wife 'Raquel' ran the idea and plan bye me. I totally disagreed with the hole thing. Raquel out on the town late at night with a rich french executive did not sit right with me. So Raquel came up with the idea that could be there. I would be the limousine driver for them, but I could not say that I was the husband no matter what happens. With that idea it sounded alright.

Saturday night came around and I got the limo ready. Raquel visited the spa and had her hair, nails,make up done. She but this beautiful knee hi black dress with an open back, 4inch strapy hi heels. She look great. You know the type, the woman who turns heads on the streets. Raquel got into the limo and I started to drive her to the hotel where Mr Mavide was staying. Raquel gets out to greet Mr Mavide up stairs in the hotel and shows him the way to the car. Mr Mavide a tall slim 50 year old who looks like he is in good shape. Yes that's me getting a little jealous. I drive the two the first stop. A italian restaurant.
I open the door for them and Raque & Mr Mavide l get out there arms locked together. Looking through the window I can they are siting face to face sharing a bottle of wine.Stairing at my wife I relized how beautiful she looked.The fresh pedicure on her toesand that short black dress with heels, I was getting a little bit horny.The to of them finished there supper and it was time now for the second stop of the night. The dance club. Yes they where going dancing.The two of them entered the club, I entered shorly after to keep my eye on them both. After a few drinks it looked like my wife flirting. After about an hour of this they had enough. They called for me. They got into the limo and I drove them to the hotel. When we arrived Mr Mavide insisted that Raquel go up to his room to discuss some details about the contracted. With the concern of the deal my wife agreed and went up to his room with him. After a night of Raquel dancing, flirting, and looing sexy. I became horny. The thought that Raquel could be having great sex, gave me such a hard on it hurt. I whent to the back of the limo pulled out my penis and staeted jerking off to the images Mr Mavide and my wife fucking. I released such an erotic orgasm I still remember it today. About half hour later my wife came down and into the car and said. Hon its late and I am to tired to talk, take me home and we will discuss every thing in the morning. When the morning came and we had waken up Raquel did not bring up the subject of the night before or what had happened for an hour in the hotel room. I did not bring it up bacause my relation ship with my wife normal and I did not wont to start waves. That night allowed to open up a new fanatasy .

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2 years ago
come on man, u need to hear what happened!
2 years ago
Wow! hot story!
2 years ago
Good :)