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New story comming soon !

Hey I have a new story comming soon. Married to an X sex addict.
Posted by primo38 2 years ago

[Story] Married Couple Jump Start Sex Life

I'm a average 40 year old married man for the last 15 years. Like often the case are sex life was going doll. Rachel & I have had sex all kinds of way's. We've done the latex& leather fetish, sexy lingerie&heels, whips&handcuffs, every position imaginable. But in the last year we barley had sex at all. We still loved each other but sex had become doll.

The fall of 2010 I started a new season of pickup hockey. Every Saturday morning I go to the local rink and play some ice hockey. So my first Saturday I noticed my new team mate, Jeff. He sat on the bench just across from me in the changing r... Continue»
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[Story] Working

have been married for 15 years to my wife. We met while studying at university shortly after graduating we married. I started my Owen limousine business and my wife got a job as a customer service representative. My wife climbed the corporate ladder quiet fast and now holds a hi level position. In the last year my wife was working on land a huge contract from this french company worth millions of dollars. Know doubt if she did, she would most defiantly be promoted to VP of operations. 7 figure Salary would follow. Finally the big week where the CEO of the french company was arriving to visit t... Continue»
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[Story] Wife Finds A Partner

I am a forty year old office worker married to same women for 14 years. In the last few years to spruce things up with my orgasm's I would ask my wife to tell me a story of her having sex with X boy friends while giving me a hand job. Her story and the thought of my wife having sex got me so horny I would cum in seconds and the orgasm would be so powerful I'd scream.

One night I thought to my self that this type of sex was getting too be doll. After sex, I had asked my wife if I could watch her have sex with somebody ells. She said, she had no need to have sex with anybody ells and she wa... Continue»
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[Story] My Wife's Doctors Appointment

My Wife's Doctors Appointment

My wife and I, because of working late hours, we had not seen much of each other or had the time to have sex together in 3 weeks. One day this spring me and her began to clean out are garage. She begins tell me about her doctors appointment she had the day before.

She is standing in front of him in her panties as the good doctor begins looking for varicose vains to treat. He stops and say's “Rachel you have a vain right here” he is pointing to her left lage just 2 inches below her privates. His nose just an inch away from her crotch. He begins rub the area w... Continue»
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