Stealing from the Rich

As I've said previous, one of my businesses customizes things, from cars & homes to yachts & night clubs focusing on cool & security - this brings me in contact with what i call the ultra rich, the kinda rich that my rich or your rich dont compare to. These people are just as you would expect them to be if you met them - pushy, snide, demanding, dominating and as CHEAP as they can possibly get when asking for the moon and paying for an astroid. I love their money and despise their being but dont we all. In my pursuits i've also realized another thing about these "richies" is that nearly every client is male with a power trip sporting a very UNhappy wife at home pushing for any kind of attention from their husbands - good or bad. Most husbands find it "cheaper to keep'er" and pass the buck as you'll learn from this story.
I scored a very large job that took me on-sight for nearly 5 months this summer. The guy that hired me was the main lacky for my new client - a f****y that owned a well-known beverage brand, a mid-level recording label, a limo franchise and a chain of high profile themed bars in major venues - so stupid rich. I began a long and still going relationship there starting with 8 themed limo's to be built on sight at there huge estate. A ultra-huge four story monster of a house sporting 2 theaters (one with a custom 22' wide LCD screen & one projected) yeah that kinda rich like i said. At the back of the property was a large car building complete with too many cars we all want. Many were doubles in different colors. Note the red and black floor with ferrari in my pics, some of the car building custom i did. The shop area had nearly everything id require and suited me. Not long into my days there, the lacky pissed me off so much i demanded to talk to someone over him or me and my crew, who are all feverishly cranking out one-off limo's will walk. Within minutes a mini hummer golf cart was speeding to the back of the property down the long winding portland cement driveway from hell. As it approached i see a decent delight - changing my grrrr into a bit of a purrrrr. She was a milky skinned, 5'3" tall & early 40's milf; astonishing blue eyes, dark hair, about 1450lbs in a flowing shape with no apparent rolls. She seemed pissed as well, riding up in a fury but she also changed her facial tone abit when she seen me. We hashed out that im the only asshole on my job site and her lacky was gonna get hurt the next time i felt the urge arise, blah blah blah within 10 minutes its all settled and shes off with lacky in-tow leaving us to work.
Days go by and i receive a txt one day from the lady of manor, casually chatting about progress and whats my vision for this and that blah blah. Odd but ok. It became a routine thing about the same time everyday. Chatting soon became more about any old topic than work. My guys joked alot about her pussy lined with platinum and it wanted my golden touch blah blah. This phase was finished and i set-up an oppointment to see her for the final paperwork. Her office was insane. Very large room split in two by dramatic contrasts in themes, colors & design. Her's on one side, her husband's on the other side. As we discussed the next phase my very sensitive ears picked up a noticable buzzing sound seemingly coming from her as she sat behind her desk. She seemed almost lucid in her talking and eye motions - I began to hear it change tone, like when a vibrator is pulled out of juicy hole. As we talked she got very uneasy in an odd way and started giving me the lets wrap this up notion so i stood up to leave and she stood to shake my hand. I not only heard the buzzing become louder but i heard a thud on the floor and felt something bump my shoe from under the desk - a shiny chrome vibrator just rattling off my work boot. Her face was of absolute horror. She froze for what seemed like forever in a terrified stance then began profusely apologizing and excusing herself as sick and a host of other things including offering money not to sue her for sexual harrassment. WHAT?! Well i calmed her down by picking it up, turning it off and joking "these things eat batteries bad enough, dont want them wasting away on my steel toe now do ya?" She laughed and soon was explaining she has this ""terrible condition"" Where she makes too much fluids to a point it leaks all day. Causing her belly, back and crotch to hurt most of the time. Only sex really helps and her husband hadnt touched her in 8 yrs leaving it to her and the only way she gets turned-on to a point she can shoot this extra liquid is to be bad around ppl. Hence the hidden vibrator while i was there. I informed her she's just a squirter, its no rare thing when guys know how to do it and that alot of women doit. Also that if it's causing those problems it means shes quite the squirter with a large reservoir. She informed me everytime we chatted on txts she was using it to drain her tank. NOW the perv in me kicked up as usual and i offered my services just because. Astonished she smiled and said when do we start?
We made our way to the main room of the house, themed like roman gardens with several large flat screens layed into cement ornamentation mimicing ruins of ancient rome. The wall retreated with a vocal command from her as the inside became the outside - the theme carried into the pool area just outside. She laid down on a large daybed, complete with wind-swept canopy. Her legs dangling over the edge stopping short of reaching the floor - i sat beside her bottom half, hip to hip and raised her leg. Removing her left then her right shoe i noticed she had the cutest feet on women over 40 i've seen. Tiny size 5, milky white, with pink overtones and tiny little curl-under toes with dark red nail polish. No rough spots, no fansy shoe destruction - very nice. To recap shes cute, milfy, plump, squirts, cute feet and SHE'S BIG RICH....its like i mail-ordered this women. Still sitting hip to hip as her upper body lay on the large outdoor bed I message her upper thighs through the skirt of her suit, pushing the bl**d up into her torso. Her face was turning pink around the nose, cheeks and her ear edges. She looked at me and said "im not too fat am i?" I laughed and ran both hands down to her ankles and litely d**g my fingers up both calves and right up to her underwear. She gasped and i joked "you didnt tell me you were fat, im outta here" with a smile i stood up a little and bent down to chew on her plump upper thigh a bit - making her squeal and squirm. I sit back down beside her and lift her left leg over my right leg and push her other leg over - spreading her open. After a few minutes of enjoying her lucious extra-soft legs and feet i target both hands to her mound covered in cute pink undies poking past her bunched up suit bottom. As i rub and play i listen to her moans and feel her body move behind me on the rest of the bed - tuning her up by bringing her close, and taking it away repeatedly. When her panties became soaked with slippery fluid i knew she was leaking pretty good. Grabbing both sides i inch the wet pink panties to floor and respread her legs. Her pussy was soft and milky white just like the rest of her. No visible lips, just a cute little sideways butt until i spread it wide while running my fingers up and down to reveal a very pink inner pussy simular to girls 25 yrs her junior. Her gasps and moans became frantic now, nearly hyper ventilating as i held her at her edge for over a minute before increasing my speed and pressure on her clit until she shot a long solid mass of fluid onto the large slate tiles flooring the pool area. Her upper body turned side ways into me and her hands found my back and dug into my little love handles. A coo came from her and i let her lay there heaving breaths as her waves passed. I stroked her legs, tummy and sides, casually glancing her bra ridge for effect but never reaching her nipples. She sat up and quickly kissed my cheek and said "thanks that was f-f-f-fantastic" I flashed her my 'prime eyebrow' im infamous for and laid her backward. "dont u wanna doit or a blowjob or somethin?" she asked. I replied "next time" and bent down and started tonguing her clit. The angle left little for technique but she wailed out "shit shit shit" i could feel her belly swell below my armpit and seen her entrance extend outward - amazing muscles to not release that pressure long before she finally pushed out a large amount of oozing white liquid simular to mens cum. I kept licking straight through sending her into another small oozer before i sat up for a full breath of air. Oozer was my official new name for what she was. The first fired out like any normal squirter but the rest oozed in a fast flow. The white fluid was coving my knuckles from holding her legs apart - upon tasting it i was hooked. I informed her next time she's dinner & desert. She sat up and opened my fly to release a mostly stiff cock that she did a damn fine job pulling alot of cum out of in a short amount of time. I blew my load and left graciously. We still have meetings 2 or 3 times a month - in every fantastic place she dreams up. She keeps me paid well by constantly keeping me or my crews busy doing something exotic for one of their businesses with many bonuses of money, event seats, and even a rolex handed down by the husband for "work surpassing excellence" and requesting my e****ting his wife to many high-end functions in his place. I've never even met this guy i nick named "charlie" as in charlie's angels since i get only envelopes and recorded messages from him via a lacky or her. Ha Ha if he only knew how much work i do draining his wife and refilling her back with my cum. Remember the OOZER for future stories as we are always doing it somewhere and somehow better than the time before.
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3 years ago
LOL... Charlie...
3 years ago
Hot lonely rich milf.....nice!
4 years ago
Keep checkin back, i have many stories from these women. Oozer has brought me a few other sugarmammas and some of the scenarios were wild. Just need time to write them down. Ty for the comment
4 years ago
lucky dude excellent met some of them more money than sense