Dark Prince (fav)

"Relax" I hear you say. I had just awoken from a deep sl**p and when I opened my eyes I was shocked to find myself blinded. Something was covering my eyes. At the same moment of realizing that, I also realize I can't move, I'm restrained.

"Relax, love" you say, but that doesn't ease my nerves. Your voice sounds unfamiliar. I want to scream, fight, but the fear keeps me frozen. I feel your fingers slowly wrap around my ankle and you give a tight squeeze, briefly, and then slide up my legs to my thigh where you slide back and forth teasing me. My heart is racing and I can feel myself getting hot. How did I get here? Who is this man? And even though I'm scared for my life, why am I so turned on? Your fingers lightly graze my pussy. Slowly at first, you rub up and down and I'm breathing hard, when finally I let out a whisper.

"who are you?"

You laugh. I'm feeling uneasy and now make it verbally apparent.

"Who the fuck are you?" I scream.

With that you shove two fingers up my pussy, hard. Your fingers are instantly coated with my juices and you keep going perfectly in and out without skipping a beat. At some point I feel your breath on my neck and I ask you to please stop this. You kiss my neck and then bite it so hard I can feel the bruise form. I scream in pain and beg you to stop, please stop.

"Not until Im done with you, bitch"

You take my blindfold off. I look straight into your eyes. They're beautiful, but I can see the pain behind them.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask.

"I need to make you mine, all mine" you reply.

You lean in and kiss me. Your lips are soft and you leave me feeling breathless. What is this feeling I'm feeling? I mustn't let him know he's winning. I fight. I try to get my arms free and my legs. I can feel the rope digging into my skin, cutting me. You jump on top of me and before I can even let out a scream I feel your dick enter me. My body trembles and my eyes roll back. This feeling is so exotic but I must fight it, I scream.

"Get off me, please you're hurting me. Somebody, anybody please, please help"

You laugh again, the same laugh as earlier. Your face, now visible to me, and your expression is frightening. My pussy is dripping and your cock is masterly executing this position. I'm close to cumming but I'm trying to fight it not knowing what you might do if you feel me enjoying this. With each thrust your beating my pussy walls making me cry out in pain. Then you stop. You look me right in the eyes and tell me youre going to let me free, that if I want to go I can go. You untie my hands and then my feet. I can't bring myself to leave. I want to cum, to feel your dick inside of me, to feel your kisses and feel the pain. You have won.
You realize this and kiss me.

"You're mine, you filthy slut. Now do as I say."

I submit.

"Now suck my dick. Get it all in your mouth, taste your own juices."

I'm sucking you off, and you're forcing yourself deeper and deeper down my throat. I'm gagging but you're loving it and just won't quit you feel yourself cum a little and pull to the back of my throat. The taste is sweet and i want more. You pull yourself out of my mouth and I go to get up but you push me back down. Then you order me to listen. I sit on my knees and stare at your eyes in fear.

"Now turn around and put your hands on the ground, whore. You need to be taught a lesson."

I do as I'm told and feel your hands grip the sides of my body. My pussy hasn't calmed down this whole time so you make yet another perfect entrance. Youre going in and out, in and out and you're smacking my ass harder than hell and pulling my hair and I'm feeling my orgasm peaking and I'm screaming now begging you not to stop, please no don't ever stop this feels so good I want it forever. You beat it up fast and hard and finally I feel myself cum all over your dick and down our legs in a puddle. I try to catch my breath but I can even see straight, cant even part from you. I can feel your dick pulsing in me and every pulse sends shivers all over my body. You lean over my back and grab a chunk of my hair in your hand and twist my head to the side. You kiss me, passionately, your tongue playfully tracing my lips and then meeting with my tongue. You tell me I did good and we have to do this again sometime. This time I laugh.

"Same time tomorrow, dark prince of mine?"

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7 days ago
The really hot fantasies women (& men) have, when acted on, land you in prison, where there are no women :(
7 months ago
I will show you fear, in a handful of dust
8 months ago
very hot story, kept me hard throughout ;)
8 months ago
you can write too! Wow, you are a girl of many talents. Good story.
9 months ago
Great story
10 months ago
interesting .. also the kitty kate's are my passion
10 months ago
hot just hot. perfect story
10 months ago
That. was. so. hot.
11 months ago
very erotic