Let's go Rounds

I get a call from you asking me if its safe to come over yet. You know my parents go to sl**p early, but you were excited and just couldn't wait. I told you that they just went to sl**p and to hurry and come over so we can have a few nice hours to be as freaky as we want. You roll up and I walk over to meet you at your car door. As you open it ,I jump right on your lap and I'm wearing a skirt with no panties as to make for easy access. I slowly unzip your pants and pause with my hand over your boxer opening so I can feel you get harder as I kiss you on your neck softly. I can feel your dick pulsing, getting thicker and longer with every kiss I give you and once I feel you're hard enough, I pull back a little, stare deep into your eyes which are lightly illuminated by the moonlight and then kiss you on your lips, coming off with a little biting and then tell you I'm gonna fuck your brains out. I shove my hand into your pants and whip your dick out like it owes me something. You're hard as a rock and I glide over the tip with my pussy, my wetness teasing your cock and you just can't wait and push it up in me. Instantly all the bl**d in my body goes haywire and I grab a hold on you for support. I start riding you hard, popping my body up and down, coming up to the tip slowly and slamming down on you hard. We go like this for a few minutes before I tell you I'm about to cum all over your cock. As I'm cumming, I'm kissing you over and over on your lips and caressing your body until I shiver meaning my orgasm has ended. You laugh and ask "it was that easy?" And I just look at you and tell you to fuck me from behind. I want pain. We get out of your car and you bend me over your driver seat and smack my ass over and over till I beg you to just fuck me. With that, you pull back a bit and then shove your raging hard dick into my tight pussy and begin to tear it up. You have one hand in my hair while the other is on my hip as to give added thrust when pushing back in and I'm holding on to the edge of the seat, trying to stay as still as possible, moaning and screaming for you to fuck me harder, smack my ass. You pull me up by my hair as to arch my body and cut my breathing down a bit giving me an intense moment of near asphyxiation. You handle me solidly and I can feel I'm about to cum again so I tell you and you say you are too and so with a few hard and fast pumps you end with your dick deep up in me, your cum just pumping in me, the warmth of it just coating my insides, dripping past your dick and going down my legs. I'm breathing hard as fuck, trying to catch my breath. My legs shaking from the mind blowing orgasm you just gave me. You pull out an clean yourself up and once I'm cleaned up with shut your door and begin to giggle a little when we hear distant chatter and much to our surprise we had an audience watching us. They started clapping once they noticed we noticed and told you good job, you sure know how to make a bitch scream. We laughed and then you pushed me up against your car and we started kissing once again and I felt your fingers trace up my thighs to my pussy and you ask if I'm ready for round 3.

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13 days ago
Never had anyone cheer my first gf and I on. The few times we were seen, the on-lookers were either women (some with kids) appalled by our fuck displays or men whose instinct compelled them to join-in but social obligations constrained them to a mere voyeurs. Note: doing this sort of thing in the cold hurts your dick, ouch!
21 days ago
i could go four rounds with you. ")
2 months ago
id love seeing cum drip out of your sexy body
6 months ago
I'm ready for round 3! :o)
6 months ago
I'm ready for round 3!
7 months ago
god you need to write more stories
11 months ago