I am yours

The morning was a cold one. I stand outside waiting your arrival. The sun barely peaking up over the mountains out east. I breathe in deep and it sends shivers up and down my body, goosebumps rise and nipples harden. I had missed you. The thoughts of our previous encounters race through my head, making me wet, increasing the urge to just take you over the second I see you, but I must resist. You told me just before I came outside to meet you that I wasn't to speak a word or move until I was commanded to. I move my fingers over my pussy, slowly grazing my clit and then I see your car pulling up. There's a glare right on the windshield so I can't see you just yet but I feel like a little girl jumping with excitement on the inside, as to not start off the wrong way by disobeying you. You step out and walk up to me really smooth-like. Your gait like that of a boss - a sir, my sir. You're dressed in a suit and tie, hair combed fashionably to the side, stuck in place perfectly with just a slight bounce as you move. You sent me an outfit by mail the prior week. A dress of exquisite taste, thin and red, and it hugged the curves on my petite body perfectly. You stand in front of me and stare into my eyes, screwing me in that second, and I nearly faint from such an orgasmic mind fuck. I giggle as I feel wetness break through my panties and begin to drip down my thighs. Your grab me by the back of my head and pull me in close and kiss me soft on the lips. Then as you pull away you grab my arm and interlock it in yours and lead me to the passenger side of your car. You open the door, guide me in, and then you lean in and whisper lightly in my ear,

"You're mine love. All mine today."

I immediately stare down at my feet, as if to admit my submission, but you already knew I was yours. You've known since the beginning. You own me.

We are on our way somewhere, I'm not allowed to ask, but I know we are heading north. I start to sigh, wanting to touch you, wanting to taste you, wanting you in every way. There's music playing in the background but I don't hear what's being said, all I hear is your breathing. Then, as if you read my mind, you unzip your pants and pull out your dick and tell me to suck on it.
I lean over and start rubbing it with my hands up and down, pulling it softly up into my mouth just a tease, and then back down until you get hard as a rock. I start getting down on your dick, twirling my tongue on the tip, then diving deep trying to take you all in. I feel your hand grabbing on my ass and then I feel your fingers enter my soaking wet pussy with ease and that pumps me up even harder, making me crave the taste of your cum so unbelievably hard that I suck your dick in perfect rhythm until I taste your sweet and warm cum fill my mouth, over and over just as I cum all over your fingers. When I pull off, I look at you and smile and then you shove your cum covered fingers in my mouth.

"I didn't tell you you were done yet, did I?" You ask.

You shoved your fingers far down my throat so I'm choking so j didn't expect you to really want an answer from me.

"Did I tell you we were done yet?" You ask again, but in the same calm voice you used before.

"No," I say choking and gagging on your fingers still, feeling you push them even further until you feel like I've had enough. Tears roll down my face as you look at me and then you smile sweetly and brush my hair out of my face and tell me to sit down. I do as I'm told and wait quietly for your next move.

We come to an empty rest stop about 2 hours in and you tell me to go clean my face up in the restroom and meet you in the front of the male side after. I go without question and do my bit of cleaning up and make my way over to you. As soon as I get close to you, you tell me "after you," and gesture me into one of the stalls. You walk in after me and close the stall and lift my dress up. I feel the head of your cock glide up my thigh and push my panties to the side as you just slide right in. I hold myself up on the wall of the stall and kick my legs around you as you start getting harder and faster with the motions. I'm moaning and moaning and I'm getting louder and louder as you push me closer to my limit and then we hear a car pulling up. We're both close and don't wanna stop so you get rough with me, slamming your cock into my walls left and right and pulling hard on my hair and biting my back and shoulders and neck I'm cumming all over you by this point and then keep my dress held up as you pull out and cum on my back and then smear it in with your dick and tell me how now you marked me and I'm not allowed to clean it up and I have to wear it the rest of the day.

We finally leave and walk past this car full of people who stare at us curiously, as our outfits are rather classy, and share a giggle because we know they know what we just got done doing. We get back in the car and are on our way to wherever it is you're taking me. We engage in simple chatter for a bit before I fall asl**p and awaken to us pulling up to this mansion.

"Where are we?" I finally can't help but to ask.

"Follow me." You tell me as you walk in front of me, leading the way.

You open the door to an exotically decorated front room of the house and I can see people throughout the whole place, dressed just like us, a formal party of some sort. We are greeted by a woman who gives us both a glass of champagne.

"Welcome to the party, I'm Linda and if you have any questions feel free to find me and ask. Have fun you two," she says with a wink and a smile. I feel myself tense up after realizing what this was. A free for all. A sex party.

When I finally focused on to the other people in the house, I noticed people kissing each other intimately, groups of three or four people engaging in sexual acts, and some people just sitting and watching. You take me to a couch and sit me down and introduce me to a bunch of people. I shyly say hi and keep a steady stare at the ground. You leave briefly to get more drinks, and my heart flutters as I look around quickly, growing more and more curious of your plans. Upon your return, you come to me and kiss me softly, then proceed to tie a blindfold around me and tell me to relax and to trust you. I begin to whine.

"I'm not ready for something like this. I want you and only you," I plead.

"My love, you have to trust me" I hear you say.

Someone grabs my hands and brings them together above my head and ties them with some kind of rope. I then feel small and soft hands, a females for sure, run up my thighs to my panties, slowly taking them off. I feel someone f***e my legs apart and feel the warm breath of someone over my exposed pussy, breathing in and breathing out. Then I feel fingers enter me and a tongue flicking my clit back and forth. The style is familiar, I'm praying its you playing with me, but as I am not sure, I try to fight this giving me pleasure. But after a bit I can't take it any more, I feel my pussy spasming and my orgasm drawing close as this unknown person fingers me over and over while licking my clit furiously, stubble from a mans face tickling my lips as it passes over it in the mix.

I lick my lips and let out a solid moan and forgot everything that was outside of my blindfold and just let the feelings of extreme satisfaction take over. I start cumming hard and I can feel someone eating me, but it feels feminine now. The tongue smaller, the face smooth against me. I don't even care at this point. My adrenaline is pumping and I'm high on this orgasm. My blindfold is untied and I see you instantly. Behind you was quite the audience and I started to feel embarrassed so I crossed my hands and crossed my legs and asked of you quietly.

"Who just played with me right now?" I inquire.

"Do you really want to know?" You fire back.

I thought about it for a brief second. Regardless it was pleasurable but if another man had done this I would feel guilty in a sense. But I had to know.

"Yes" I tell you.

You tell me the lady who greeted us, Linda, had taken a special interest in me right away and asked if she could join in some sex play with me. As my Master, I do as you wish, so you wanted me to have some fun while you did too.

"Thank you for trusting me" you tell me.

I bow my head to you bashfully.

"You have earned a reward."

We stick around a while longer, making talk with people around the place, watching people be freaky with each other. Once we were ready to leave, we bid our farewells and thanks for the fun. Linda slips me her number just before we walked out and kissed us both goodbye.

We get in the car and drive even further up north. Once again I fall asl**p in the car and we arrive to our destination. This time it's a hotel. You check us in and we walk to the elevator, our hotel is on the 15th floor. There's no one in the elevator when we get in and you just can't keep your hands off me so you push me up against the wall and pull my dress up and unzip your pants and pull your dick out and slide it in. You get going like that for a bit and then decide to turn me around and fuck me face to face, holding me up. The feeling is so extreme, the feeling of lust as I stare into your eyes while feeling your dick push deep up in me and slowly pull back out. We start kissing and you bite my lip and fade down to my neck where you start sucking on me. You know this is my favorite thing and I start forcing myself on you back and forth, harder and faster. I look over at the elevator floor display and it reads 14 by this point and we both are so close we just can't stop so we work it harder and harder, your cock beating my walls raw when all of a sudden the door dings and opens. No one is around so you don't stop and I feel your dick get raging hard and start pulsing in spurts as you cum in me, and at the same time I cum all on you. We clean up and then you press for the door to open since it had closed by that time and we walk down the hall to our hotel room. Once we get in, we both lay on the bed, exhausted from the sextivities that today has brought. But it's barely mid afternoon. You tell me we will take a brief nap before the crazier fun begins. You say this nap is my reward. I look at you and tell you how much I love you and kiss you and with that, I was off. Dreaming of what was to come, but I couldn't have been anymore wrong. You were more twisted than I ever knew.

97% (33/1)
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3 months ago
Outstanding story!
3 months ago
Wish i was there to see you n linda
5 months ago
great story, true Dominance is of the mind, ownership of the emotional being
7 months ago
dreamy hotwife
8 months ago
Hot story! And well written, too. I hope there's a sequel!
1 year ago
reading your stories are better than watching videos , i would love to get to know this awesome slutty writer
1 year ago
Truly great story.
1 year ago
i feel like i've been in this story before, awesome.
1 year ago
Beautifully written, you'd make a great property!
1 year ago
1 year ago
your stories are honestly the best!!
1 year ago
Nice erotic story :)