This is for the man i call daddy

All I could do is sit there and wish I could have you touch me at that very moment. Feel your hands paint my body with your touch. My whole body, my toes, my legs, my knees, my thighs, not missing any curve or any flesh. Leaving kisses behind my knee. Just drowning me in ecstasy. Your hands spreading my legs open, and just seeing the look on your face. The look of hunger, desire, crave, and need. All written on your face…the expression turning me on even more. The room filling with our scents together. comingling in the air. The natural scent making my nipples perk up harder than before. I feel your lips on my inner thigh then your tongue run across my leg. I shutter and grab the bed throwing my head back arching my back. The fact you haven’t even touched me, where I so need you badly, and it’s bringing me on the brink of an orgasm is making my mind trip out. My eyes closed and my shallow heavy breathing coming off my lips…my chest rising and falling. I look down at your head in between my legs. You grab my ankles pushing them up to my head…I squeal from the rush of adrenaline I get from how strong you are, how you just take me, and do as you please, to my pleasure. You growl a deep growl and just like that, the wave of desire and ecstasy rolls off of me. I feel your tongue in the place I needed most. Running over my swollen clit, mmMmm I almost can’t control myself. I start shaking and sweating even harder…my moans coming quicker my breathing way more rapid. You look at me and tell me, “say my name…” I say your name in deep shallow breaths… you stop licking and start to rub my clit slowly now, you back up at me. Soaking in my beauty and my body. The face expressions I make, my toes curling the same times my eyes squeeze tighter. “say my name, say what you’ve been wanting to say” I open my eyes when feel you insert one finger pressing right up against my spot. (You know that spot, the one that makes dreams come true). I feel my eyes cross and my back arch up higher. You put one more finger in and press even harder. I grab the pillow, feeling like I’m going to rip it in legs struggling to be free of your masculine grasp. I pound my hand on the bed. and move my head side to side. When I feel it coming, I bite my bottom lip and squeeze my eyes tighter. Controlling myself, I know you don’t want me to yet. In that moment, that exact moment, my eyes open so wide and a loud Ohhhhh coming from my mouth! Did he just, really did he. Ugh I feel your tongue circling the tight skin, that spot that no man has go (no-mans land I call it) right between my asshole and pussy. That tough region that just when touched, and teased perfectly can bring me on the brink of no return. I grab your head and massage it as u circle around it with your tongue. I feel your fingers slip back in me…this time not just pressing but pounding…My moans come faster, practically screaming, you lift your head up “say it baby, say it now..” Not in a demanding voice but reassuring really, reassuring that when I say it, it will be perfect. “Daddy!” It just comes out and just like that…my body collapses, sending me in a whirl wind of emotions, pleasure, ecstasy, my head falling back my elbows dropping. My pussy deep in your face, My knees start buckling and I fall..falling like Alice down the rabbit hole…it never ended. Wave after wave after wave of desire and pleasure coming from my….your body. I was taken. I was his. At that moment…I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop, never, I wanted it to last forever.
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1 year ago
two very lucky people
1 year ago
Damn, that was so hot. Made me hard.
1 year ago
Wow what wonderful writing you have done.
1 year ago
please keep writing these short stories are so hot