slut VS stud didnt know what group to put this on

Why is it that when a man has many sex partners, that hes a stud, hero hes the man, ladies man and etc, if a woman has lots of sex partners, Oh she a slut, town pump, whore, pig etc. Yea I know this is a sex site, so why is being able to express yourself make you a bad woman? I dont know why there are mean people on this site but there is, Men pretending to be woman. woman pretnding to be men, married people pretending to be someone their not. all i want is a friend ,a lover, etc, Yes I like to cyber, talk dirty, make friends and have a good time, If you say I am a slut then i am one to you. I love myself and care about those who talk to me. if you like to fuck with me and hurt my feeling, I get hurt, but the few people I am friends with thank you. For all of you who wish bad things on others. i feel sorry for you. Life is short you can have it all without hurting people.
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1 year ago
You have the right to do or say anything you like. if some don't get you, then they can wander on down the road.
1 year ago
mmmh yeah I agree with you ! I think women have as much right as men have to have sex with sveral partener without being called names !
As I said to you I hope we could get on well together :) you seem to be a nice perso as much as a sexy naughty girl hihi :D
1 year ago
very well put
1 year ago
i agree completely
4 years ago
I couldn't have put better myself young lady. Well done! xx
4 years ago
totaly agree with you on the double standard , have never understood why some concider it wrong for a women to express herself in a sexual way
4 years ago
i agree baby girl