My exGF's and their oral skills

This is a story about my former girlfriends who gave great BJ's. Carmen was a plain looking woman in her mid to late 20's. Her skin was somewhat fair and she had long black hair. She would wear her hair with bangs and it actually made her look very cute as it would frame her face nicely. She was about 5'4" and just right , not too skinny and not too fat. As I said she was plain looking but she had nice full lips and when I first met her we hit it off right away and as I kept talking to her I watched her lips and imagined them sliding on my cock. It took a few dates but she finally gave in. She was worth the wait. She was an obediant girl who seemed to wanna please you and she worked hard at it. She would work your cock nice and slow gliding her full Puerto Rican lips up and down your cock, then she would look up at you with her mouth full of cock, pull her mouth off and ask you, "am I doing ok." She would take instructions very well. I loved it when she would run her lips up and down the shaft of my cock then slide her mouth over my cockhead and take it right down to the base. then slowly work her way back up to the head, rub her lips on your cock head then go back down to the base. When I was cumming in her mouth with every spurt of cum she would moan, "Umm, Umm, Umm." Until she drained your balls dry, then she would swallow every drop and look up at you with that look of,"did I please you." I can tell you when I unloaded I would cum a huge load, lots of times she would say, "wow, you cum allot."

GladysI had met at a bar and found out that she worked with my best friend. She was short about 5'3", Shoulder length curly black hair, brown skin, and full brown lips. She had well proportioned hips and her ass was a bit big for her size but when she walked that brown ass rolled and called to you, "come bounce this brown Puero Rican ass, baby." She must not of had any cock in a long time because I took her home the night we met. I discovered and it gave me a rock hard erection, that she had a jungle of thick black pussy hair. I dived right in between her legs and it took my tongue awhile to work through all her coarse black cunt hair. It was worth the effort as her pussy was dripping wet and her cunt lips were dark brown and glistening from her pussy juice. I ate that Brown pussy for a long time and she came twice, when I finally slid my prick inside her, I quickly unloaded my first nut, that was such a relief and alloweed me to pound her hairy cunt long and hard. I had never had sex with a Puerto Rican woman or for that matter, I never had sex with anyone other than a white woman. God, I loved it. She would moan and talk to me in spanish as my cock pounded her hairy pussy. We fucked most of the night and before she left the next morning, I had to give that brown pussy one more load. She enjoyed "69" As I ate her Very Hairy brown pussy she would grab onto the base of my cock and slowly start at the head, she would engulf the head of my cock in her lips and I could feel her tongue licking the tip of my cock, then she would slowly, ever so slowly slide her full Puerto Rican lips and warm mouth down the length of me until she hit the bottom, she would then slide her mouth up and down maybe an inch or two and as I ate her soaking wet pussy I could hear her moaning and she would give my balls a little squeeze and quickly glide her mouth up my cock to the tip then work her tongue all over my cockhead licking all the precum that was leaking out then she would start all over again with her lips locked on my cockhead then slowly work her way down to the base. We would eat each other for what seemed like hours. Her Black pussy hair was thick and she had a full hairy pussy bush. It would be soo wet and matted my face was covered in her pussy juice, as she would pump her thick hips and ass on my face. She sucked cock as if she was worshipping your dick. She would pull her mouth off and look at it as if she was planning where was her skilled lips going to attack next. She was similar to my recent PR friend. She liked to take the load in her pussy. She really enjoyed doggy style alot and I loved watching her Round brown ass bouncing as I fed her pussy my cock. As I got closer to cumming, she would start talking spanish to me, "Dame, papi, dame, dame tu leche." When we finished she would say to me, "papi, you are potent today." I was, as I loved fucking her, She had a nice round ass and as I fucked her I could feel her pussy hair on my lower stomach and with her talking spanish to me I would unload large amounts of seed.

Abigail aka Abby, was a short woman, with thick thighs and a round bubble ass, She was perfectly proportioned in regards to her height to weight ratio and her thighs and ass were not fat, they fit her body perfectly. Abby had a voracious appetite for sex. Her skin was a light brown and her hair was black and kinda curly. She would come over my apartment and we would talk a little bit but she wanted to get in bed so she would sit next to me and rub my inner thigh and give me such a sexy look with her beautiful brown eyes and would say, "C'mon baby, let's get naked." You didn't have to invite me twice. What I liked about Abby is she was such a teaser, She would do a nice low striptease for me. I would lie in my bed and simply enjoy watching her slowly expose her perfectly proportioned body. when she was naked she would climb onto the bed and stand over me. Oh, how I loved looking up at her with her black haired pussy, she had dark brown inner pussy lips that would be just peeking out from her pubic hair. She would lie next to me and start kissing me and rubbing her warm brown body on me. God, I would get so damn hard and she knew how hot she would get me. then her hand would reach down and grab onto the base of my cock as she was kissing me then she'd stop and the next thing I knew I could feel her lips and mouth swallowing my cock. She had a small mouth and full lips so her mouth felt tight. Plus she would lock her lips on you and suck deep and hard and you could feel her tongue working the underside of your shaft. she was similar to Carmen in that she sucked you nice and slow, as if she was enjoying a lollipop. I remember one time when we were enjoying a Saturday Morning in bed when I had just finished about a 30 minute pussy eating session on her, Her pussy was dripping wet and she had cum at least once when she said,"c'mon baby, let me suck you." On my god, It felt fantastic and after about 2 minutes, I had to tell her that I wasn't going to last if she kept that up. So she stopped, opened her legs and said, "stick that cock in me." It was absolutely the best feeling. Her pussy was soo wet and hot like a fire. When I orgasmed, it felt like she turned my balls inside out. When we were done, she turned to me and said, "you are one fantastic lover." I was flattered as no other woman had said that to me before. I believe that she knew how to get my fire going and she knew how to please.
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Love a woman who knows how to orally arouse a cock
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