My love for Hairy pussy

I first got turned on to pussy hair when I was about 12 or 13. My f****y would go to the lake during the summer and we would have cookouts and go swimming. I remember there was a girl about my age who would always be there on the weekends we were there. Her name was Deborah Marquis. She was about 13-14 years old. I believe she was Brazilian and I thought she was the most beautiful girl there. She had a fantastic body, great curves and a bubble butt. Her hair was very black and very curly, her skin was a light brown. I thought she was sooo pretty. She would wear a bikini when she went swimming. Well, one day we were out on the dock talking, I was in the water and she was sitting on the dock with her feet dangling in the water. I'm a little fuzzy on the circumstances, but I remember that she was going to stand up and she pulled her one foot out of the water and placed it on the dock then stood up, This allowed me a long glimpse at her pussy as her bikini pulled away from her inner thigh. All I can say is I got an instant erection. She had a jungle of black pussy hair behind that bikini. As she walked away she turn to me and said, "are you coming with me." I knew I couldn't go with her as I had a rock hard erection, so I said to her, "Nah, I think I'll stay her for a while." From that day, I was hooked not only on her, but my love of hair on a pussy. I never saw her after that summer. I can tell you, I spent many a night in my room jerking off to that vision of her sweet jungle of black pussy hair, and imagining running my fingers through it and letting my fingers search for her pussy lips and clit.
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4 months ago
Good Story, I too am a huge fan of hairy beavers
1 year ago
You missed a good chance there bud. Don't be too embarrassed to show your erection to a woman. I am almost certain if you had gotten out of the lake and showed her what you got you would have gotten more than you expected.

Happened to me once..older woman invited me inside her house for a beer..i was about 12..too scared of pussy then..said no..what was i thinking...silly me.
1 year ago
Crackers, that was a dope flashback man. Sportspurt yours was good too! My hairy pussy origin story dates back to pre digital cable. I had to be in like 3rd or 4th grade at the time so that makes me what, 9, 10?Anyway, I'd wait for my family to fall asleep, then like around 2 am I'd creep up front to our den and flip the tv channel to 98, that was playboy or cinnemax back then and it was that warped coloration image you'd see when u weren't a channel subscriber. Well every now n then you'd get a few moments of clarity in the image. One such time they were showcasing these women off and one in particular was names Raven. Exotic decent to be sure. Nice tanned skin tone, neck length brown hair, perfect perky fits, curves, she didn't turn around so I saw no ass, but she was doing some sexy poses and moving suggestively, and had this red lingerie on that she was stripping off, then the top was off , then she took her right hand and with her thumb, pulled down the top center of her panties, I saw a jungle, instant boner, got so hard it was slightly uncomfortable, dont think I wore tighty whities anymore after that. And with that powerful arousal, thus birthed my love for hairy pussys. To this day I have never licked nor fucked a bald pussy, if it ain't hairy I don't want it. Its damn near retarded how serious I am with it, missed out on some good pussy being so picky lol
2 years ago
My first glimpse of pussy pubes -- my own own who was caring for me over a weekend. Saw a delicious mass of silvery gray pubes as she lay in the tub -- she called to me she need a wash cloth. When I opened the door she turned toward me in the tub giving me a clear full beaver shot. Also remember, how hard her downward pointing nipples got. And that SMILE, at the sight of my pre-teenboy bulge. She was 54 at the time.AND YES, WE DID NOOK JUST A FEW YEARS LATER WHEN SHE TOOK ME ON A CRUISE SHIP VACATION - WE BECAME LOVERS DISPITE (OR BECAUSE OF) OUR 40 YR AGE DIFF.