Dressed in holiday style II

I was up by 1 p.m., showered, changed into some fresh panties and donned some hated boy clothes to hit the streets. I stopped by a local coffee shop (not the national chain-brand type) and over a mocha latte the barrista was kind enough to give me a few pointers about where she thought the best holiday lights in the city could be found.
I tipped her handily for the information and then went to my fave camera shop, where I chatted with the proprietor a bit and bought a couple of new high speed, high definition sim cards. He also gave me some tips abut possible locations so I spent the balance of the afternoon scouting the sites before deciding how and where to do the shoots.
I found a good Chinese restaurant and while I was eating, I received a call from my editor telling me that I had better plan to stay another day and night, that yet another client wanted some shots. I called the hotel and made arrangements and then called home to leave a message for my spouse.
By that time it was growing dusk, and I hurried to catch the lights and the glorious sunset in the background for the first shoot. I shoot extremely fast, going by instinct as opposed to setting shots up and by 11 p.m., I had three if my four sim cards filled and enough good pics to cover all three clients.
I stopped by the coffee shop for another mocha latte and shot the cute barrista as she was finishing her shift. I tipped her well again.
I was a bit tired, but the strong coffee and the thought of Sandy and Dean waiting for me picked me up as I strode through the hotel lobby. I entered my room and put my equipment to bed and as I finished, I heard a soft knock on the adjoining room’s door.
I flew to open it up and Sandy stood framed in the doorway, wearing a sheer pink robe. Beneath that was a black lace body dress that was mini-dress short, barely reaching below her pink lacy g-string and about three inches above her thigh high stockings.
Her short-bobbed red hair matched the color of her nipples, those wonderful nipples that jutted through the lace fabric and tipped her small, firm mounds. I could the patch of her landing strip that traced down her pelvic mound and almost pointed to her smooth shaven pussy. I was hard immediately.
“Hello lover,” she said in her husky voice, “Are you ready to play?”
“Wow,” I said. “You look good enough to eat.”
“And you shall,” she said laughing. Behind her, Dean called out from the lavatory.
“Is he here?”
“Yes, and he looks yummy,” Sandy said. “Much better than those pics he sent.”
Dean came out of the lavatory drying his hands and extended his right one to shake hands.
“Great to finally meet you!” he said. “We’ve both been looking forward to this for a long time.” He reached down and played with the hard package that was bulging through his chino trousers. Dean was slender, slightly balding, with piercing blue eyes and stood about 6’.
“I took the liberty of ordering from room service…are you hungry?” he asked gesturing towards a small table filled with food.
“Starved,” I said. Which was true in more ways than one. I tend to forget about eating while I’m shooting.
We ate like ravenous wolves, with Sandy’s stockinged foot rubbing up and down my leg and into my crotch as we fueled up. I leaned over and ****d her juicy mouth toward the end of the meal and instinctively slide a hand into her robe, found one of those perfect nipples and it sprang to life under my touch.
“Wait,” Dean said. “Let me get the camcorder.” He went to a suitcase an pulled out a little cancorder and began to record Sandy and I and we kissed and I played with her titties. Soon I was sucking on them, pulling her robe off and the dress top down, my fingers finding my way to her wet, hot slit as I sucked her nipples and neck.
I really don’t remember how we got to the bed, but I do remember Sandy feverishly pulling of my shirt and pulling down my pants.
“Oh my,” Dean said, zooming in on my hard cock that was straining the fabric of the pink-trimmed, black lace panties and oozing pre-cum.
“Nice,” he said.
Sandy shot him a look.
“He’s mine tonight,” she said. “You promised.” Then she took my cock out of the panties, ripping them in her haste, and took the head of my pulsing dick in her mouth.
“OHHHHHHHHH,” I groaned and I lay back and enjoyed her expert work, as she slurped up and down the length of my shaft and took one of my shaven balls in her mouth.
I reached down, found a leg and pulled her pussy over my face, savoring the pungent aroma of her sex and then stabbed my tongue into her dripping cunt. She moaned with my dick deep down her throat and the vibration made me even harder.
I knew I was going to cum if we kept that up for long so I flipped Sandy on her back, pulled her down to the edge of the bed and then plunged into her with a swift thrust, her warm wet pussy enveloping my cock and we began to hump in earnest.
Out of my peripheral vision, I could see Dean setting in a chair, capturing the whole thing on the camera with one hand and stroking his now unleashed long, hard cock with the other. Sandy bucked and squirmed beneath me yelping as the first orgasim overtook her and I concentrated, trying not to cum as I kept ploughing her.
Somehow I held back and I felt her quiver beneath me as she came again, gasping and moaning. I felt a hand on my butt and Dean pushed, rolling us over until I was on my back, with my rod impaling Sandy, whose weight was on top of me.
I saw that Dean had placed the camera on a tripod and was now naked, his long cock ramrod straight as he moved towards Sandy’s splayed legs and open ass.
It was wonderful. I felt Dean’s cock enter her and I held her tight as he eased into her rectum, Sandy was yelping in a mixture and pleasure and pain and Dean slowly, centimeter by centimeter eased his long dick into her butt-hole. I lay still, allowing Dean to get his shaft into her and waited until I could feel his balls begin to bounce against mine before I began to gyrate my dick deep into Sandy’s pussy.
It wasn’t long until Sandy was moaning and screaming and I could fell her shudder as she came again, Dean’s thrusts ramming her hard and swollen clitty against the base of my rod and I felt her juices on my dick and then the orgasim took over and I released deep inside of her. I felt Dean give a mighty push and hold himself in her ass and seconds later, his jism was dripping down on my balls as it squirted out her hole.
We lay there panting and exhausted, the tree of us entwined together for a while. We dozed off, woke up and repeated the threesome a couple of time that night. The last thing I remember as I fell asl**p was Dean’s hand on my ass.
“Tomorrow, this is mine,” he said. I cuddled into them.
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2 years ago
wow i came all over myself
2 years ago
wow i'm so hard i almost casme again looking forward to the next installment
3 years ago
story is getting better and better! Waiting for part 3 and more?