Be careful what you dream about

Author’s note: This is purely a work of bad science-fiction. In no way does the author claim that the following events took place on this plane of consciousness. However, dreams are but the reflections of reality….

Copyright 2011 prairieFreak13

Gene woke up that morning as he had for the past three months, with a rock-hard raging hard-on brought on by the dim memories of phantom dreams. He went to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of strong black coffee and by the time he swallowed the first acrid sip, the dreams were gone but the hard-on remained.
After he relieved his bladder, he returned to the bedroom and looked at that man-made instrument that cursed his life, the alarm clock. It was buzzing obnoxiously and he shut it off. He debated returning to the bed for a couple of more hours before he slid off his bikini briefs and opened the cedar chest he kept high in the closet, buried beneath hunting gear using the key he kept on a chain around his neck.
He felt like a pink day and picked a thin, lacey g-string and slid the thong up his shaved legs until his package was encapsulated with lace, savoring the satin feeling on the garment on his skin.
Next came the wispy black mini skirt and he found the black satin chemise and he slid his torso into it, thrilling as his tender nipples rose into the fabric and jutted out like little pencil erasers. He found the 6” size 12 spaghetti-strapped sandals and slipped then on, deciding against the thigh-high hosiery that lay so temptingly in the chest.
He sucked in his slight paunch and looked in the full-length mirror on the back of the door and he brushed his semi-long hair behind his neck, loving the feel of it on the tips of his shoulders. He shook his head in pleasure then giggled at the absurd apparition in front of him.
“A blind man wouldn’t pass me,” he sighed, remembering to falsetto his voice at the last second. Damn.
Gene did a pretty good saunter back into the kitchen, remember to place one foot directly in front of the other and swing his hips a little as he walked. He gulped the cool coffee down and poured himself anther cup of the dark brew. Pulling on the terry-cloth robe he carefully sauntered out to the patio for a cigarette; remember to keep his shoulders back to the nipples jammed into the terry cloth.
With coffee cup in hand Jean, as he thought of himself when dressed, lit her first smoke of the day and enjoyed the pinks and blues that splashed across the eastern sky, chasing away the bight starry dots that clung to the fading indigo blue of the night.
She loved this time of the day when dressed and alone in the out of doors. Jean was confident that no one could see her on the patio as she lived in a secluded wood about ten miles out of town, She took another drag from her smoke, sipped the coffee and slipped out of the robe stretching towards the sun.
The cool fall breeze blew up her skirt and caressed her lace-clad genitals and her nipples hardened even harder, aching against the silky satin chemise. Jean stretched as hard as she could, watching the stars fade into the pale blue of the morning sky when she noticed that one blazed a bit brighter and suddenly winked out instead of just fading into the azure canopy.
Jean finished her cigarette and coffee and shrugged back into the robe and went into the house. She refilled her mug then sat down at her desk and re-booted her computer, checking the news first and the markets before clearing everything and opening a private browser.
The mascot of her favorite porn site, a cute furry cartoon a****l, stared at her from the browser as she hurriedly headed for the log-in page. After logging in, she checked her messages, deleting the would-be spammers and answered the appropriate requests.
Jean was in a hurry so she picked a favorite video and started it, adjusting the monitor so she could watch as she went outside to smoke again. From the window, Jean watched as she-male after she-male was rammed in their ass, the girls stroking their rock hard man-clitties until they came in a shower of spunk.
Jean noticed that she was stroking herself beneath her skirt, her hand caressing her own throbbing man-clitty through the lace of her pink g-string. She could feel her heart pounding and her nipples were hard, aching and erect through the satin. She left the cigarette in her mouth and used her other hand to feel her nipples through the fabric.
She finished her smoke as the video ended, and she sauntered back into the house and headed for the bedroom, turning on all the fans so that they blew across the bed. Jean took the two full size body pillows and folded them into one another. Then she took a thick, plump pillow and placed it on top to “hold” the stack together. Jean found the 6” round cylinder pillow and placed it on top of the stack perpendicular to the stack.
She then selected a thinner pillow and rolled it tightly until it was cylinder shaped. Jean carefully eased on the bed, holding the stack together and was careful not to catch her heels in the sheets.
Placing the rolled-up pillow perpendicular on top, so that it had lots of support, Jean lowered her groin on the stack, pushing her man-clitty behind her and forcing her balls deep inside her body cavity. She fell forward onto the bed and the man-clitty seemed to push itself towards her boi-pussy.
Jean moved the head of the cock towards the hole ... slipping the member beneath the thong and then pushed her hips down on the pillow, forcing the head into her pussy. Moaning, she raised her top above her boobs and supported herself with her elbows. Her left hand went to the right nipple and her right hand began to tweak and pull at the left one as she began to bounce on the pillows, the head of the cock sliding in and out of her ass.
Jean began to moan in her practiced falsetto, flicking and stimulating her nipples as the cock rammed her ass, the pillow stack a firm point between her legs and her nipples began to seep a fluid as she felt the cock stiffen as it plunged like a piston inside her hole.
She was moaning and grinding on the pillow, the images of the she-males playing in her head when she thought she heard an electronic “beep-beep-beep” and she stopped, lifted her head, shook back her hair and looked around.
Nothing was there except the alarm clock.
The hard cock was demanding inside her hole and Jean resumed her position on her elbows as the member began to ram her harder. Jean writhed as the dick shot its load in her ass and she sighed, continuing to ram the rod into herself until it grew soft. She could feel the cum run down her thighs and inner legs.
Jean rolled of the pillows and stood panting beside the bed. She felt much better and began to think about the long workday … in fact, she was late again looking at the clock. She vaguely wondered why it was blinking and hit the reset button. She loved the feel of the cum as it dripped down her legs.
Jean waltzed into the bathroom, swinging her legs and began to take off her girl-clothes for the long day as a man.

On the dark side of Jupiter, inside the inner ring, the two beings watched the recording of Jean as she masturbated. The being at the console looked up.
“What did I tell you?” he said.
“Yes, a good find,” said the blue-skinned being standing behind him. “Send that recording to the bridge. I think we will take her.”

To be continued …if there is a good response that is…
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2 years ago
Wow need to see and read more what a start
2 years ago
This was very hot got me all hot and veery hard almost came in my panties
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice start
3 years ago
Thisis the start of someting really erotic thanks