Virgin no More

It was a cool, fall full-moon night and I danced in the glen beside my home, wearing my sheer white negligee and waving one of those florescent green glowsticks as I danced, giving the truckers a show.

Maybe. I doubted if they could really see anything but a white-female looking form dancing half-a-mile-away in the moonlight. Yes, I was being a cocktease.

(Isn’t a gurl supposed to flirt? Jeeeezzzzzz.)

I returned to my computer and signed off for the night, relishing in my dance as a gurl in the out-of-doors, my boobies jiggling and nipples hardening. The sheer fabric of the negligee caressed my skin like silken fingers and my little cockette was leaking, tucked into its tight thong.

I drifted off to sl**p and dreamed…(Okay I don’t remember all my dreams….or maybe I just don’t want to share them)

A week later, I slide into a clean pair of silky thong panties, pulled on my pink chemise, tied up my hair and lit a Misty 120 as I stumbled outside.

The sunrise was stunning and I was rapt in awe when I heard someone behind me and vice-like huge hairy hands clamp me on the wrists.

“Got you,” he whispered harshly into my ear. “Don’t struggle.”

Of course, I did and before I knew it, I was face down in the wet dew of the grass, my arms behind me, my boi-pussy in the air and my wrists bound in wire-ties.

The fall knocked the wind out of me, and I lay gasping for breath. Finally filling my lungs with sweet air, I prepared to scream, but he grabbed my shoulder-length hair, yanked, and popped a ball-gag in my pink-painted mouth.

My green eye-shadowed eyes must have been round as saucers as I stared up at my captor. He was big, red-headed and huge. I mean American National Football-huge. He grinned, pleased at my expression of fear.

Inside I could feel the stirring of desire, bound and gagged at his feet, suddenly understanding that his will was supreme to mine and somewhat curious as to the upcoming events…it felt damn sexy and I sighed involuntarily.

(Mhnmmmm this is kind of hot….I squirmed, wantng.)

His grin widened, almost splitting his face.

“Yes my pretty, you really want this don’t you,” he murmured.

Again I moaned, a shiver running up my twitching boi-pussy through my spine and into the tips of my sensitive, leaking nipples.

He flipped me over effortlessly, which shocked and amazed me, since I’m not really a small person and still have a lot of toned muscle.

I felt that rough, calloused hand slip up my stomach and onto my breast, roughly kneeding it, then lightly pinching my aching nipples.

I squirted milk onto his finger and he immediately stuck it in his mouth and smiled, seeming to enjoy the taste.

“So your profile is true,” he said wonderingly.

I wailed beneath my gag, realizing that my gurl-life had been exposed, the nice safe closet exploding around me and in my mind and I submitted to the realization that all things had changed.

He kicked my legs apart, lubed his finger well with some oil from a small plastic vial in his pocket and smoothed my puckered virgin hole.

He expertly massaged my rosebud and I felt my boi-pussy open. He slid his finger into me, not fast like I had feared, but almost gently, and wriggled it around until my hips began to gyrate.

“Yep, a virgin too, So rare a find,” he muttered into the label of his jacket. “Shall we take her here or in the cab?”

“The cab,“ was the reply. He picked me up effortlessly and pushed me forward, up the long driveway. I stumbled on my shoes, trying desperately to keep up, as heels aren’t for anything but hard, smooth surfaces.

At the end of the drive an 18-wheeler was parked, its big diesel engine thumping in the morning. My e****t let go of my arm.

I whirled

(Thrilled that I could do it in heels, those hours of practice had really paid off!!!!)
and got about two steps before his huge palm slapped itself on my bound wrist and pulled me roughly making my third step come up short. He caught me as I fell.

“Now, now princess, don’t you want to ride up in the cab?” he leered.

I had no choice so I submitted, reveling in his rough hands as they pawed my chest and boi-cunt as he lifted me up into the rig.

I was shoved head first into the sl**per, onto a mattress covered with sheets. I twisted as I fell, catching the fall on my shoulder and ending up on my back, with my legs spread.

(Imagine that!)

The b**st didn’t even take off his trousers, just opened up his fly and dropped them over his ass, exposing a thick, 9” cut cock slathered in precum.

(Like Pavlov’s dogs, I drooled around my ball gag. Those sissy hypno vids really work!)

I watched fascinated as he lubed that monster and then moved it into position at the entryway of my boi-pussy.

Then he plunged, the shaft slowly but surely stretching the walls of my cunt to meet its girth and length. My body instinctively tried to reject it, but it was hard and would not be denied. The shaft sank deeper and deeper, filling me up and splitting me in two.

I screamed into the ball gag.

“That’s it slut, take it like you know you want it,” he hissed. “Oh you are sooo tight” and he rammed me extra hard to emphasis his point.

(Oh yes, now THAT felt good. MMMMmmm pain is subsiding and yes, yes I’m building.)

I wriggled my ass and moaned, screaming no more. It was if it was a cue, for Nine Incher’s partner was removing my ball gag with his Seven Inch thin cock waving in my face.

I left my mouth open and rolled my tongue out to greet my new oral fixation, remembering to look up at him as I kissed his cock.

I got to kiss it only a couple of times, barely savoring the pre-cum before he pushed it into my mouth and down my throat.

I gagged twice, but he kept it in and soon both my face and my cunt were being hammered, with me sucking and fucking as hard as I could.

My little cockette exploded, shooting cum all over us. That excited both the men and they increased their penetrations, using my holes for all they were worth as I came.

I could feel each dick harden and suddenly my boi-pussy received its first load of sperm and my mouth and throat were filled with the salty, tasty nectar of cum.

(Still in the throes of my first gurl orgasim, I managed to look up at Seven Inch and flutter my eyes as I opened my mouth and showed him his seed, before I greedily swallowed.)

They each bent over me and grabbed a nipple in their mouths, sucking me dry of my limited supply of milk, making my boobs ache as they tried to manufacture more for the greedy, horny truckers.

Nine Inch grabbed me by my hair again pulled me into an upright position and turned my head to see a video screen mounted on the ceiling of the sl**per.

I was being stuffed in both holes and it was obvious that I was enjoying it.

“Look, if you don’t want this on your slutty website, along with your name and social security number, then you will do as we say, got it?” he tossed me back and then threw a cheap cell phone at me.

“When you get a text on this, you will have two hours to meet us in the next rest stop west of here on the super-slab. No excuses. We will tell you how to dress and in fact, probably send you outfits, slut.”
“Remember bitch, we have all your information. You belong to us now, to do with you as we wish. I’m sure a lot of our friends from the website are dying to meet you too. We just might take you on the road,” he grinned.

He opened the door and I fell into the road. The truck engine roared as my new maters pulled away.

My lingerie was cum-stained and torn and my hair was a mess. I bounced back up the lane and into the house, my ass a bit sore from the fucking and my mouth a bit tender too.

(I booted up my computer, wiggled my leaking sore boi-pussy in my chair, sighed contentedly and then smiled. My plan had worked perfectly.)

Virgin no more.
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4 months ago
4 months ago
what a hot stroy
6 months ago
6 months ago
thanks baby!
6 months ago
great story
6 months ago
wow after seeing the size of that thang I'm flattered it could move that much manhood!
6 months ago
This story made my black dick so hard
6 months ago
thanks for the comment sweetie!
6 months ago
i was cumming alongside you in that sleeper just like 7incher was.

6 months ago
Thanks baby glad you liked it!
6 months ago
thanks baby, I appreciate the compliment!
6 months ago
thanks so much! LOL
6 months ago
beautiful sissy story
6 months ago
7 months ago
lol perfect ending :)