I was eating lunch on a bench in park downtown. It was a warm, late spring day and the world was out enjoying their lunch. Sitting there feeling pretty good in my crisp dark suit and power tie, I noticed a stunning woman, a bit overburdened with her handbag and salad. I offered her to share the bench, and with a blushing smile she thanked me and sat down. She was beautiful. Medium length dark hair. Tan complexion. And eyes, only matched by her full red lips in their ability to melt a man. We shared a comment or two about the beautiful day and ate our lunches. All the while our eyes never parted. This was a serious connection. I was shocked when she finished her lunch, and with a sudden look of confusion, said she had to go and left.

A few days went by and I was once again eating my lunch alone in the park. I began to feel as if there were someone behind me and turned my head. There she was, as captivating as ever. Her suit was 40% business and 60% "I'm not afraid to be sexy". And she definitely was sexy. She looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry I ran off so suddenly the other day", she said haltingly. "It's just that..." I cut her off with a smile and told her I felt it too. She sat down next to me and we started to get to know each other. When it was time to go we stared at each other for a moment, then..suddenly she reached out and pulled me in for a deep, passionate kiss. And she left. It was like minutes before I regained my composure enough to realize that Tara was out of sight, and I had forgotten to get her number.

I spent a week straight having lunch at that very same bench, but no Tara. I was despondent.

It must have been two weeks later that I was pushing the limits of happy hour on a Friday night, when out of the crowd at the bar came Tara. Before I could say anything she had my lips engaged in one seriously knee buckling kiss. I could not reconcile the shyness of her demeanor and the unbridled passion of her kisses. She whispered something in my ear but all I could comprehend was her warm moist breath on my ear and the smell of her hair.

She took my hand and led me out of the bar and onto the the Friday night street. It was a warm night but I knew the dampness of our clasped hands had nothing to do with the weather. We made out in the park on the way out of the financial district. As we kissed I felt for the first time her full breasts. She was perfect in every way. As we walked arm in arm down the side streets towards my condo she put her head on my shoulder and stared up at my face with those heart melting eyes. I knew right then that I loved her.

We reached the granite steps of my brownstone building and I placed a foot on the first step and looked at her. She looked at me seriously, and did the same. We walked slowly, without a word, upstairs to my door, all the while looking deeply at each other. We went inside. Again we started kissing, when she stopped and pulled back. "Do you feel about me the way I do about you?", she said. I said Yes. "I'm not...so...normal", she said. I assumed she meant about the awkwardness before and allowed my heart to open to her. "No" I said, "You got me, I'm yours, no explanations, no exceptions." She melted into my arms and pushed me back toward the couch. Her hands fumbled with my belt and mine with the buttons of her silk blouse. My finger tips brushed the black lace of her bra, glimpses of which I had seen down her shirt while we walked. She loosened my trousers and pushed my suit jacket back over my shoulders leaving my arms constrained. The next push left me sitting on the couch and she proceeded to pull my trousers towards her. I watched in amazement as this woman became like an a****l as she pulled my boxers over my knees and devoured my cock, not yet hard thanks to the surprise of the events. But her soft mouth and swirling tongue recovered my attention in seconds. I could not keep my eyes open, such was the mind blowing sensation she was drawing from within me. When I came she swallowed me whole along with the long pent up seed which seemed to pump fully til my very last contraction. I passed into a daze, not even really noticing as I saw her removing one item of clothing at a time on her way to my bedroom. She was as beautiful from the back as from the front. She passed through the door and out of sight just as her skirt fell to the floor.

Seeing this, I regained a level of buzzed composure and followed her, stepping out of half of clothing and stripping naked as I walked toward my room. There she was, in my bed, naked, lit only by the streetlight in the window, my white sheets pulled up modestly, just far enough so as to only show her perfect tan cleavage. I stood in the door for a moment and admired her. I walked toward the bed and she rolled onto her stomach. I pulled back the sheets, sat down next to her, and ran my hands, for the first time unfettered over her naked body. Her every muscle was toned, but just toned. Her skin was so soft and warm I could feel my cock begin to swell even as its latest performance still dripped from its mouth. Tara looked back at me and smiled softly, once again seeming demure. I leaned over to her face and kissed her. She raised herself up on her elbows. Her breasts pendulous and her hair a little mussed, she looked like a mid 1960's pinup. Softly she said once again, "I told you I'm not...normal?" With a hint of question, and a hint of fear. I assured her warmly without reservation. She put a hand on my neck and kissed me. As she rolled onto her back our lips locked in the sweetest kiss I'll ever know. All I could think of was her. And then I felt something I could not comprehend. Skin. Her. But not her. It could not be. Her lips sensed something and kissed me deeper. Her hand took my cock, and her eyes looked deeply into mine. She said again, "I told you. I'm not normal."

I did not know what to think, but her lips, her hand, her body, pulled me into her. And at that moment in my dimly lit bedroom, Tara rolled me onto my back. Her lips electrifying my body from my face, to my neck, to my stomach to my cock. Her wet mouth and tongue worked me hypnotically. My body and her mouth melded. Her arms slipping under my legs parting them. Her mouth journeyed on, my genitals, and finally and most extremely tantalizingly, my ass. Her saliva laden tong circled and then dipped. I had never felt anything like it.. Tara was like a d**g..Her tongue swirled around me and into me. Any initial tension or even intelligent thought were gone. My body was captured in the moment, only able to move to each new sensation. Soon we were kissing again. Time was passing, but I was lost in it. My body felt tied to her as we writhed passionately together on my bed. Her skin became my skin until at once I felt her breath quicken and a soft gasp in my hear. I felt a pulsing deep within me and my semen spilled between us. We kept moving together, gradually, slowly coming to a rest in each others arms. My body felt warm and full. Our souls intertwined in a way I never imagined. I would never be the same.
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