Over Night

Well Monti Comes to pick me up from work and sees me outside with four hot boys from work are just chating..Rick is 22 brn hair and 5-9 lucas is a twink 18 black hair about 5'10 jons 19 black hair 5-3 and nick is 6ft black hair 21. So monti asks if i was ready to go home and i said no we are going to ricks house to throw back some bears and play a game or 2 so we left work and got going monti was telling me how he had my fav boxerbriefs on and his dirty black ankle socks on from the gym and they were ripe and ready for a massage and how he saved his load for three days and wanted me to swallow and then fill his ass with my load.. i told him lets just go relax and chill maybe he would like my freinds and we would party.little did i know monti had other plans.for those who dont know im pat 5'3 185 brown hair and eyes and i have a boxerbrief and ankle sock fetish and monti is my hook up whoo fufills me he is 22 5'4 black hair brown eyes and goate. so any way we get to ricks house pop open bears and chat for a bit then we start taking shots and monti was getting mad cause i was getting a little too freindly with nick andlucas.So about an hour goes bye monti is typse and notices me and rick going in to the kitchen, well rick kisses me and we make out then asks about monti and i tell him oh i think me and the other boys can fufill you better than monti can said rick i said oh really. so monti overhearing this tells the four boys to go and take off all there clothes except there shoes socks and underwear and come out with a towel around there undies.so every one was like were not gay and then ricky says guys its a game so lets just do it so they do. They all come out and i explain the game. monti saw me and ricky kiss and he want 2 of you to come home with us and fufill my fetishes and let me swallow your loads. Well nick jon and lucas were kinda hesitint on the idea and ricky said well im straight but i do like you pat so ill try anything once so then the rest of the crew went with it. so i went up to nick,jon,rick,and lucas and started the game and told them after the game was over i will play the game with monti after he watche me with you and the 2 that he likes the most will win so it was a interview lets say so i kissed all four guys jon sucked nick rick and lucas were great, then i told jon to take off his towel he was wearing boxers and white ankle socks so i was a little turned off and then i asked could he give me a hicky and he said no then i asked to see his dick so he did and i said thanks.so lucas was next boxers black socks and no hicky and dick was ok. then ricky came at me and made out with me again gave me a hicky on the right side of my neck then showed off his grey boxerbriefs and his 7 in dick and started to jerk off that turned me on the only thing was the socks were white and i like black and grey,then nick follwed ricks lead adn showed off his black briefs and his black socks and my left side of my neck has a hicky and he jerks as well. so i asked all the guys to jerk off and sit on the couch while i give them all foot massages and the first 2 to cumm will help me make my answere up. So Monti was getting horny at this point so i go to lucas take his shoe off sniff hiss sock oh how ripe and monti blows him,5 min latter bamm not heavy .then it was jons turn his feet were great and monti jaw was hurting cause it took 10 minutes for him to cumm. then we did rick clean feet uncut and 3 min to loading then nick oh i did his ffet longer and monti had him moaning and shoting in 2 minutes.so the test was over and jon was auto matically gone so i told everyone not to say anything about this at work... So i told nick,ricky,and lucas thats right all three to wear the same undies and and socks tommorow and we will go to my place and finish the deall.. So i worked all night with the guys and we closed all excited about what was going to happen and who was going first.We got to my house and and i told them me and monti would do a demo and which ever of the boys could do it better will win me over and monti will be gone... Monti knew that i would still do him on the side so he and i started kissing then touching then i took off his shirt and had him sit then i took off his shoes and started playing with his feet they were nice and ripe and made me hard monti then gave me a hicky and i massaged his black undies for a bit then went to town on his dick he started moaning and told me go faster and i did and bamm that load was mine so i thaught we were done so i can get to work on the boys but monti started to blow me this shocke rick,lucas and nic but turned then on so then monti started to jerk me off then i said i was close so he put his but near my dick and opend it and i shot right in it. So nick,rick, and lucas took off there shirts and i made out and touched each one wonderfull i was all ready hard then the boys each gave me a hicky and then got un dressed, to my surprise nick,ric,lucas all had blackboxerbriefs on and black ankle socks i was proud. so i said to nick your first,i massaged his ass and cock he got hard right away then i massaged his feet and smelled them nice and ripe then i blew him and got his load and he blew me and swallowed i was amazed.Lucas errend bonus points he wore boxers the night before and now had boxerbriefsso i sucked him and masseged him and feet plus hard plus and cum was great.then came ricky i said why then change in undies he said you like these the most i said cool,and i said the socks and he said these are my gym socks i called and talked to monti and found out every thing so rick and i made out and i masseged hid undies got him hard and then he took my pants off and massaged me wow then we smelled each others feet and i blew rick and he cam in my mouth and then i fucked rick and cam in his ass. well it was time to chose so lucas gave me his socks so i can remember him and so did nick i told nick our lunches at work make sure i can blow you and your feet are rip and he said no seat.So ricky and his girl broke up and ricky and i do our fetishes thing every nnight and cumm at least twice together and as for monti well he needs to pick his bike up and he gave ricky and i a pair of his fav socks each nice and ripe then he let us blow him and then he blew us so yeh he comes over for card every now and then but i really love that ricky and i have the same taste in cum,socks,and underwear. the end
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