nans halloween party

Last night was a WOW, my grandmother had organised a Halloween party for f****y and friends.
My parents had spent all day trying to decide what costume to wear, eventually dad decided that he was going as count Dracula and mum chose a morticia outfit from the Addams f****y.
Dad still looked like dad which I found funny, but mum looked amazing in her long black wig, a long black, not to flowing, gown and heavily white powered face and bright red lips.
“What are you wearing?” my mother asked as I came down from my bedroom in jeans and a t-shirt.
“Not sure yet”, I knew exactly what I was going to be wearing, but I had a plan that would, I hope work.
“Ok “my father huffed “but don’t be late, young Tina Green is going and I know you would like to see her “ he gave me wink as they left to help nan get organised
When I could hear the loud music and gay abandoned laughter from nans, two doors away, I went and got changed into my outfit, looked in the full length mirror and was satisfied with the result the outfit concealed my body shape and the mask covered my entire face, for me it was perfect. The front door was open and I let myself in and mingled quietly with the crowd of costumed guests, looking for my father, I saw him talking to a court jester by the drinks table, no surprise there I thought, then glanced around for my mother, she was dancing with Tina green and her mum all three gyrating to the loud music and laughing, now all I had to do was wait.
I had a couple of dances and kept an eye on my father, smiling as I see he was the worse for wear and before long would need to have a lie down. The party was now in full swing. I had danced with the greens and my mother for a few records before my mother wanted to sit out as her feet were aching, I could see she was talking to Mrs Green and both kept glancing towards me, maybe wondering who I was beneath the costume.
A slow record came on I grabbed my mother’s hand and led her to the small dance area in the living room, not a word was spoken as I turned towards her and grabbing her hips pulled her closer towards me, she was about to speak so I put a finger on her lips to stop her from saying anything, pulled her closer and smooched to the music, feeling the firmness of her arse cheeks beneath the material of her dress and knowing she could feel my bulging erection through my costume, glancing across to where my father was I saw him passed out in nans favourite chair so I kissed my mother on the cheek, she looked nervously over her shoulder, see my father and turned back towards me smiling.
We danced to a few slow smoochy records before she whispered she needed the ladies room, and untangling herself disappeared through the crowd.
As she made her way back through the throng I walked towards her, grabbed her arm gently and went out onto the patio and into the star lit night, I pulled her towards me and danced closely with her, feeling the curves of her body beneath her robe, daringly I slide a hand up the inside of her dress feeling the nylon of her stockings, reaching the top so I could feel the warmth of her bare inner thigh, she tried, not to hard, to pull away, I held her close and run a finger teasingly against the naked flesh, to my surprise she had discarded her panties and I felt the wet warmth of her trimmed pussy in my cupped hand, she swayed back and forth, rubbing herself against my probing fingers as she reached for my hard, firm cock, “not here” she whispered, leading me towards the garden shed.
Once inside she dropped to her knees, took my cock in her hand and lovingly caressed the shaft, “a beautiful cock”, she sighed,” be such a shame to waste it” and slide her ruby red lips over the glistening head as she cupped my balls.
“Suck it slut” I moaned, her mouth took my entire shaft and her head bobbed enthusiastically on my swollen member, suddenly she stopped, reached into her handbag and slipped something over my cock “ a cock ring, now you won’t cum to soon” she smiled
She discarded her dress and kissed me passionately on the lips, holding my cock in the soft warm hands she bent down and kissed the head “now fuck me like a dirty bitch, ram that wonderful cock deep into my wet wanting cunt, fuck I need you inside me” she cried
I gently pushed her to the back wall and she guided me between her legs, rubbing the head of my cock against her clit, sighing and rocking as she rubbed it between her pussy lips, I had never been so hard, as I slid my throbbing cock into her and slapping her arse hard, she sobbed “fuck me hard and fast, make me cream all over your hard cock, use and abuse me before filling me with your spunk, my cunt so wants to be filled by your cock”
I rammed into her, thrusting long and deep, slowly at first as I rubbed her clit, then quickening the pace as she threw her head back, moaning with each powerful thrust” that’s it fuck my whores cunt” she screamed “ fill me with your hot spunk, cum inside me, oh yes, oh yes,”
I shot my load deep into her cunt, seeing her smile as I fired her full of my young spunk, “ now lick it out of your mothers cunt” she said, pushing my head between her long slender legs, “ lick mummy clean, and son, you are going to be my fuck buddy from now on “
well who am i to refuse his mother ?
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