davids lucky day ( be kind its my first attempt )

David’s lucky day; part one

David was alone in the house, and as both his parents worked and wouldn’t be home until six o’clock that evening he knew he had at least an hour and a half before he started preparing the evening meal to help his mother; it was a hot summer’s day and his body felt all clammy and sticky, he had got out of his school uniform and lay naked on his bed feeling the warmth of the sun against his skin as it radiated through the bedroom window.
He lay there leafing through his mum’s catalogue; he was only 13 and never had much money, only the little he had saved from his pocket money, but he was looking for ideas on what to get for his mums birthday, only a week away.
His eyes lingered on the ladies lingerie page, admiring the beautiful models, some were scantily dressed and he could feel himself getting aroused by the pictures of all the bras and panties on the pages as he slowly began to stroke his young hardening cock.
On an impulse he lay the catalogue down and wandered into his parents’ bedroom, wanting to see the type of lingerie his mother wore, not because he was buying her any, he was just curious, he found a black lacy pair of panties by the side of his mother’s bed, sniffing them he made his way back into his own room, his cock dribbling pre cum as he smelt the soiled panties and lay back on his bed, closed his eyes and enjoyed the smell of his mother.
He never heard the front door opening or anyone climbing the stairs, he was engrossed in the thought of his mother wearing such panties and wondering if he would get away with wanking into them?
“Hello David”
He opened his eyes with a start, the black panties still under his nose. He mother stood there by the side of his bed, legs slightly apart and her hands firmly on her hips.
“I see you have been in my bedroom” she said, nodding her head towards the incriminating black underwear. “Do you like the smell of mummy’s dirty knickers?”
David nodded his head, unable to speak, and turning a bright scarlet, scared of his mother’s reaction, why had she come home early ?, he felt guilty at being caught sniffing those panties and naked with a hard on that was dribbling pre cum.
Her eyes drifted down to his young hard cock, already; at the tender age of 13 his cock was thicker than his fathers, she smiled, and run her tongue around her lips.
“Would you like to smell mummy’s freshly soiled knickers?” she asked, slowly lifting her dress and revealing stocking tops and a flash of white panty.” Would you like mummy to take them off so you could get the true smell of mummy?” a wet patch was already forming on the white lace, darkening the material.
David nodded and watched as his mother unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then undo her white blouse, shrugging it off her shoulders then slipping out of her ample filled bra, before sliding her panties down, revealing a clean shaven pussy that seemed to glisten in the sunlight shining through the window. He felt even more scared now, sure he had seen pussy in magazines, but this was his first real one so to speak and it was his mothers, the woman he loved most in all the world, he couldn’t draw his eyes away from her naked body, and now his hard cock was throbbing, it seemed to have a mind of its own.
“You like mummy’s pussy? Would you like to taste it? Would you like to fuck it David? His mother smiled, spreading her pink lips pussy with her fingers.
David’s hand involuntary went to his throbbing cock, nodding dumbly at his mother “yes mummy, I would so love to taste and fuck your pussy” he nervously uttered.
Leaning over him she removed his hand from his hard cock and slowly run it between her legs, letting him feel how wet she was, as she licked the pre cum off of his firm erection and gently taking the head into her mouth, wrapping her lip-sticked lips around his shaft and straddled over him before lowering herself onto his warm tongue, pinching the base of David’s cock so he wouldn’t cum, she squirmed on his face, she was wet and hot, so hot.
“Does mummy taste good David?” she whispered, feeling him nodding and delving his tongue into her, with her free hand she reached for his young hands, placing one on each of her tits, her nipples firm and sensitive to his uneducated, inexperienced fondling, she rocked as he lapped at her dripping pussy “oh yes David” she sighed “mummy wants to feel your cock inside her”.
Manoeuvring herself so she was squatting over David’s cock she smiled at her son, it had been difficult making sure David never shot his young load as she adjusted her position, slowly she lowered herself feeling him stretch her like his father never had as her pussy swallowed his eager cock, “oh David, mummy loves your thick strong cock inside her” she rocked enthusiastically on him wanting to feel his cum in her pussy, wanting the moment to never end as David tried to match his mother’s thrusts, her tits bouncing in gay abandon, suddenly she threw her head back, released the base of his cock and felt him shoot his load of spunk into her as she collapsed on top of him, kissing him and tasting her own pussy juices on his lips.
“mummy will teach you” she whispered, “ maybe you will be mummy’s birthday treat”

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1 year ago
Great Story... MCock Grew increasingly Longer, Stiifer and Harder as I was reading and both envisioning myself in the scenario as well as reflecting upon the First Tim that Mom creped into my room waking as she sat at thside of my bed Rubbing my legs, Cock & Body through thin cotton pajama pbottoms and then....
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1 year ago
Excellent, very sexy.
2 years ago
Mummy is so sexy
2 years ago
Excellent! Looking forward to reading the next chapter...
2 years ago
Now thats the way to enter manhood, by god!!!
2 years ago
great 1st
2 years ago
Xhamster seems to be renovating the site-first message disappeared.
A first attempt that's better than some by regular writers. Mommy's are the source of a great deal of our pleasures eh?
2 years ago
Whatever happens while we're away, we run home to mummy. She's the source of a lot of our pleasures. Thanks. It's better than most by some who write regularly.
2 years ago
Very nicely done and SUPER HOT! You got me hard! Please give us more.
2 years ago
This was great. Please do more.
2 years ago
A very good first attempt. I'm looking forward to reading more from you.