Where did I begin

Last night was a late one, as I surfed through Xhamster, finally falling asl**p in the middle of a hot video. I woke up this morning sporting a bit of wood left over from the night before, and as I lay there in the still coolness, stroking my cock, my mind began to wander. I began to think, trying to remember all those years back to the first time I played with my dick. It seems like I have always been in tune to things sexual, like playing doctor with the neighborhood girls. I still remember at an early age sitting across from Sue down the street. She was in her nightgown with no panties, sitting in Indian style with her legs crossed. That was my first full blown beaver shot. I can still see it, nearly 60 years later. The lips of her little pink cunt were spread wide. I could see it all, and it was beautiful. She had little bits of what looked like cottage cheese in the folds of that pussy. Sadly, that’s as close as I ever got to her.
I was probably nine or ten when my b*****r, 3 years younger than me, and I began to sneak into each others bed at night and explore each other. We were young, had no idea what it was about, but new it was forbidden, and therefore we had to do it! Then came the night my dad walked in and caught us. I was scared shitless. It actually became a turning point for me. Dad took me out into the other room, and gave me “the talk” He must have heard me and my b*****r before, because he was ready for me. He had a book on sex, and what it was all about. He told me it was nothing to be ashamed of that all k**s eventually play with themselves. He explained that eventually, I would end up with a hand full of goo if I persisted in my night time endeavors. That pretty much killed the activity between me and my b*****r. But for me, things began to get better. On of my neighbors, Anton, was about a year younger than me, and we were inseparable. We lived in a tract home that had sprung up in an agricultural area, with open fields and orchards all around us. Anton and I during the summer months would hike all over the countryside. It wasn’t long before he invited me to his house for a sl**p over. His mom told us we could sl**p out in the backyard if we wanted, so we rolled our sl**ping bags out on the lawn, and laid on top, watching the stars begin to peek out in the failing light. Once it was dark, I began to suggest to Anton that we check out each others equipment, and he was okay with that. I turned my sl**ping bag over, so the zipper to my bag and the zipper to his where facing. We crawled into the bags, and left the zippers open. I reached over and began feeling his prick with my hand. After a few minutes, I guess he decided it felt pretty good, and the next thing I new he was playing with my dick. I don’t recall if we actually got a hard on at that point, but what I do remember was the exquisite sensation he produced when he ran his hands over my cock and belly. His touch was very light, and it was electric! Every time he touched me, my intestines and belly would twitch uncontrollably. God it felt great. I did the same for him, and he liked it as much as I did. From then on, we would plot to have sl**povers whenever possible, and they became quite frequent, two or three times a week. We developed a game that we played called sneak attack, where we would both lie on our backs and try to grab the other guys cock by surprise. Not much of a surprise, because you new it was coming, but anticipation would make the games more enjoyable.
In addition to our night time escapades, both our parents worked so we had some quality time together during the weekdays as well. We also had a couple of larger sl**povers due to birthday parties, and eventually, we introduced a few more of the neighborhood guys to our games, and we had the opportunity to play with some new cocks. It was during this time period that I began to notice not all cocks were the same. I’d like to tell you that I have a 12 inch cock, as big around as my forearm, but in all honesty, I’m at best just average, at about 6 inches. Anton, was a bit bigger, maybe 7 ½ inches and a little thicker than me. The rest of the guys in the neighborhood landed somewhere in the middle.
But for the most part, it was Anton and me. Eventually, we both began to get erections whenever we played with each other, but no orgasms, just that tickly feeling that I never would get tired of. By now, we had also begun to collect a few girly magazines, like Playboy. These would help get Anton and me going even more, and that was what finally led to me actually getting my rocks off for the first time. I was probably 10 years old at the time, and I was lying in bed at home, trying to see my mom in her bra and panties as she got her evening shower, playing with my cock. I still had my underpants on, I had my feet on the bed with my knees up and my shorts were partway down my legs. As I played with my cock, the underside near the tip rubbed against the elastic band in my shorts, producing a really pleasant sensation. It felt so nice, I remember holding my cock at the base and waving it from left to right, while it contacted the elastic. The sensation continued, and so did I. All of a sudden, I began to feel a brand new sensation, as my first ever load of cum began to shoot out of my balls up my cock and all over me and my bed. I just lay there, stunned by what had just happened. For lack of a better description, that was the best fucking thing I had ever done. The nice thing about being young is how quickly a cock can go again! I got hard again in a matter of minutes and began flipping my dick against my shorts again. It took longer on the second try, but again, I was able to produce that beautiful feeling, although not as much cum. By the time I got to my fourth try, I was pretty much spent as far as cum. In addition to that, I had rubbed the end of my dick raw, which resulted in no jacking off for nearly a week.
The next time I got Anton alone, I told him what had happened, and we tried to produce the same feeling, without the raw dick results. After a few experimental sessions, we found that if we would rub our hands up and down the shaft of the cock, we would come. I’m proud to say that I was the first one to jack Anton off into a full orgasm, and he loved it. At this point, much to my disappointment, the jumping intestine feeling began to fade. I don’t know if it was because we played with our cocks more and bellies less or what, but eventually, I totally lost that sensation. I still miss it.
By the time we were 12 or 13, f****y commitments began to reduce our sl**povers. One night Anton spent the night at my house. He had been up to his f****y’s property in the mountains for a reunion of some sort. We had not slept together in a couple of months, so I was looking forward to it. While we were laying there rubbing our dicks Anton began to tell me about some of the stuff he and his cousin had been doing, and I was intrigued. It seems his cousin also had a network of friends that got together for mutual jack off sessions too. Anton said one of the things they did was to put their cock between the other guy’s ass checks and hump each other until they came. I’m always up for something new, so I said okay. Anton asked me if I wanted to hump or be humped first. I was not sure of how it was done, so I told him to hump me. I rolled over on my stomach, and he got on top of me. He told me to spread my cheeks and I did. The next thing I knew, he had that 7 ½ dick of his laid out in the crack of my ass, and he started humping me. It was kind of a weird sensation, I didn’t really get much out of it, other than a tickle in my asshole as his meat rubbed over it, Anton finally shot a load of slimy cum all over and in the crack of my ass. When he was done, I wiped myself clean with one of my socks. Anton rolled over on his belly and spread his cheeks. I I took my little 6 incher, and laid it in his crack and started to hump. It’s a funny thing about having a little dick. It will go where a big one might not. Anton’s big dick was like a big slab of meat laying in my crack, and it just slid back and forth until he came. My little dick on the other hand was able to move around somewhat and even change angles as I humped. With the precum seeping out, I managed to actually slip my cock up into Anton’s poop chute. It didn’t go in all the way, just kind of got his attention, enough for him to say I was hurting him. I pulled back, and kept hammering his ass. Try as I might, my little dick kept snagging his asshole. I finally came all over his ass. I think he may have like it, because we did this many more times, but I never really got full penetration.
A few weeks later, I was invited to spend the night at his house, and again as we lay there in our sl**ping bags beating each others meat, he told me more about him and his cousin.
It turns out that his cousin had actually let Anton put his dick in his mouth. I couldn’t believe it. That just seemed like too much! So I kind of blew it off (pardon the pun) and we did our usual routine of butt fucking and jacking each other off. But the seed had been planted. School let out a short while later, and Anton rode his bike over to visit. Everyone was at work, so we had the place to ourselves. We went into my bedroom and started to look through my porn mags, and eventually we began to rub our cocks. While we were playing around with each other, I began to question him about having his dick in his cousin’s mouth. Did he like it, did it feel good? The answer was of course yes. After some discussion and some really serious cock rubbing, we agreed to put our cocks in each others mouth. I stuck mine in Anton’s and it was warm and wet. It was also very exciting, because it was something new. Finally, I pulled out of his mouth. Then it was Anton’s turn. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and he stood in front of me. I leaned forward and slipped the tip of his dick into my mouth, and got a little scared and backed off. Right away, Anton says no fair, he had my cock in his mouth longer. So, I leaned forward and let his cock slip into my mouth again, and again I backed off. Before Anton could object, I slipped his cock tip back in again. I could taste the precum on his dick, and I kind of rolled my tongue around in my mouth to avoid it. That little movement of my tongue really got his attention and he wanted to know what I had done, and would I do it again? So again, I slid his meat into my mouth, this time I licked the end of his dick and either side of the head. Anton was loving it. I could tell because his cock was kind of twitching in my mouth. I kept it up, and after a while Anton said he felt like he was going to come, so I pull off of him, and he finished by jerking himself off. When he was done, I asked him if he liked it, and all he could do was smile. He asked me if I liked it, and I told him he needed to do me like I did him. So, Anton sits on the bed and I stood in front of him with my pecker as hard as a rock. He let me slide my dick into his mouth, and I told him to lick the end of it like I did to his. Holy Shit! That felt good. My dick pops out of his mouth and he asked me how it was. I told him don’t stop now, and shoved the head of my dick back in his mouth. Lick it! I told him, Lick it! I started pushing against his lips, and he took more of my cock in his mouth. We kept this up for quite a while. Anton may have a bigger dick than me, but I can out last him any day of the week. Finally, I can feel the onslaught of a tremendous blast of come. I yelled look out, and pulled away from his face. It took about two strokes of my hand to come, and it seemed like I was going to come forever.
We started meeting the rest of the summer to give each other blow jobs. After the third or fourth session, I just kept on his cock until he shot his load in my mouth. I had already tasted his precum, so there was no shock to me at the flavor of his load. It was thick, it was kind of salty, and there was a shit load of it. Anton returned the favor immediately, taking the full load in his mouth. We continued to give each other blow jobs for a couple more years, until we hit high school, and we began to get involved in new activities and just kind of drifted apart. I haven’t had sexual contact with a guy since.
Man those were the days

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