Fucking my s****r

I am 22 years old and my cousin who i did it with is 21.

This story is a real story and happened in the 1st week of march.

My cousin who is fair , hot and with perfect tits had come over to my house to stay coz her parents were not in town.

We stayed in the same room and shared the same bed.We were watching a movie which had a lot of sex scenes and i was not feeling ok so i switched off the TV. She immediately slept off and i acted like i slept off. an hour later i turned towards her and saw through the top of her shirt and her tits were beautiful.

I was scared to touch it so i put my legs on her and acted like i was sl**ping and was actually spooning her. suddenly she woke up and was pissed off with me. i still continued to act like as if i was sl**ping. She checked if i as sl**ping and slowly started rubbing my dick on top of my pants. I was too shocked to react. She suddenly said " I KNOW YOU ARE AWAKE, DO U WANT TO TOUCH MY PUSSY" ?

I dint know how to react , i said yeah sure , quickly got up locked the door and sat next to her. I removed my dress but she was still wearing her inner garments. I slowly started to remove her bra and she started to play around with my dick.This went on for 15 min and i was playing with her breasts.

I told her to remove her panties and she refused to do that. I started blackmailing her by saying she was too selfish. she played my dick and not allowing me to play with her pussy was selfish. she then felt bad and removed her panties. OMG that was the best pussy i've ever seen .

I first inserted my finger and she stared mourning and said it felt nice, so i inserted my dick and almost did it for 20 min. Then she said she wanted to try something.

She took some cold water in her mouth and gave me a blow job ! whoo , that was the best thing that happened to me.
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1 year ago
Don't write it's a real story if it's not.