His story about me going to his house

You called me after a long day at work, and you decided to come down to my house, you were thinking of my mouth on your pussy for days now, your toys aren’t doing anything. You need someone to eat you, and eat you right. Luckily, I have my own entrance into my room from the outside where I can sneak people into my room. You come in, and immediately you’re already in sexy lingerie, you wore it the whole time in the car. You want me to take control of the whole night. first thing I do is I handcuff you to my pull up bar with back towards me, I can see that you have been touching yourself on the car ride down, but you said you didn’t cum yet. You are dripping down your leg on just touching your inner thing. I start rubbing on the outside of your panties, I rub around your clit ring a few times, and I can feel you quiver every time I do. I bend you over still handcuffed, and start licking your pussy with your panties still on, you let out a big moan, but you have to keep quiet cause my 3 other roommates might hear you, we have thin walls. So you keep your handover your mouth while moaning, you can’t help it. I finally push your panties to side and see that beautiful pink pussy all wet, your clit is so swollen. I finally slide a finger in; I see you’re already warmed up for 2. I start curling my fingers trying to arouse your g spot area; I want to make you squirt all over my floor without anyone hearing a word. Your moaning so load I had to hand cuff you to bed post so you can put a pillow over your face, I can hear you say you’re about to come, so I speed up just a little and you flood my mouth with cum, but I don’t let a drop leave its so sweet. Finally I hand cuff your ankles to the bedpost, lying on your stomach with your legs spread and your ass up in the air. You said you’ve been waiting all week to get it from me doggie, so I slowly slide my dick inside you, and you immediately grab a pillow because you know this is going to send you to climax almost instantly. I start grabbing your hips as I go deeper and deeper. I can feel you tighten around my dick so I start to pump faster, you’re about to cum and you can help it you scream so loud, plus the headboard is banging of the wall now, everyone can hear us. We both cum at the same time, we get up take a shower were finish tasting you, making you cum just one more time before you sneak back out, and nobody ever knew who it was..
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