His s****r

Julie knelt there, naked and worried, in the shower for nearly four hours before she heard the front door slam and Paul enter. Julie was going to call out to him, tell him she wanted to end this, she didn't want this any more but just as she opened her mouth to speak she heard both Paul and a female voice laughing and giggling as they came up the stairs. Julie just shut up and listened, the aches of her bondage now quite forgotten.

The voices moved into their parents bedroom but as Julie strained to hear more her eyes were suddenly dazzled by the overhead light in the bathroom bursting into life. Her b*****r came in looking and smelling pretty d***k, the misogynist bully of earlier replaced by a bemused smile as he saw his older s****r naked, collared and chained in the shower.

"Paul! Where have you been?" Julie hissed under her breath, desperate not to be found like this by whoever her b*****r had brought back.

"The pub, I told you bitch."

He semi snarled his disdain for her from earlier quickly returning. He turned away and unzipped his dick and tried to aim at the toilet bowl.

"Let me out of here. I ...."

Julie broke off as her younger b*****r smirked then staggered over to her, dick still in hand and with a grunt started to piss on her!

He managed to hit her open mouth straight away before she had the chance to close it and a dose of the foul, yellow warm liquid shot down her throat. It smelled and tasted awful from the beer Paul had obviously been drinking and as it flowed freely over Julie's face and hair she was stunned by the depravity of it yet deep down she knew that this humiliation was also the most thrilling thing she had ever done. It was a prodigious piss, lasting over a minute all the time flooding Julie's face and body with urine, she blinked and coughed but determined not to make too much noise she could not afford to be caught like this by anybody. Paul finally finished and shook out the last drips into his s****rs saturated hair before slapping her in the face a few times with his wet dick.

"Now you be a good cunt and stay here while I go and give this slut a good hard fucking, after all it's not as if I can fuck this, is it?"

He prodded his foot into Julie's pussy as he said this. Julie just looked up at him, her face gleaming and balefully shook her head.

"Once I've seen to her I'll think about letting you go?"

Julie nodded obediently, his tone and treatment of her unlocking something in her mind that was almost addictive. She had thought of this in the dark awaiting his return, thought of all the things he had done to her and called her earlier upon discovering her enjoying his hardcore porn stash. And the worse he had treated her the more excited and aroused she seemed to be getting. So she knelt there on the hard shower floor, piss dripping from her and listened hard as she heard first giggling then the noises of a rough coupling next door from her b*****r's room. Grunting and moaning and exclamations from both male and female followed by a squeal of pleasure as the girl came then he came deep inside her.

Then the house descended into silence and Julie knelt there worrying that Paul had fallen asl**p and she would be left like this all night. But she was wrong, ten minutes later her padded through, naked into the bathroom. She instinctively glanced at his flaccid dick, obviously sticky with a long trail of cum hanging down. He stood over her.

"Lick that up s*s. Give me a good clean and I'll let you go for your next job."

She didn't think twice about it, she leaned her head forward and licked at his slick cock before accepting it inside her mouth and sucking and cleaning it further. He just stood over her smugly.

"Got a real taste for my cum don't you bitch?"

Julie just looked at him but that got her a slap in the cheek.

"I said don't you bitch!? Answer me!"

"Y-Yes Master, I do."

He smirked and ruffled her hair.

"You are starting to learn bitch. You might be my big s****r but from now on you do whatever I tell you. Now let's see if we can't get you some more cum shall we?"

Paul finally undid the handcuffs restraining her to the shower and Julie felt some blessed relief in her wrists. Before she could recover too much though he had grabbed her by her piss soaked hair and dragged her on all fours into their parents bedroom where Paul's conquest for the night lay u*********s on top of the bed, naked.

"I'm sure if you suck hard enough s*s you can get some of my juice out of her. I did her in the cunt by they way, might do her ass later. Or you."

Julie looked up at him a little in disbelief at the depths of depravity her younger b*****r was sinking to. Worse, she was aroused by this, her body was hot at the humiliation of being treated like a pet by him. Paul looked down at her and suddenly grabbed her piss soaked hair.

"Wait a second s*s! I can't let you in there in that state, we'd better clean you up some!"

With that he hauled Julie back to the bathroom and over to the toilet bowl. There he released Julie and looked expectantly at her. She looked at him blankly.

"Well? What are you waiting for you dumb cunt? Get your head in there and flush, that will clean up the fucking mess you are in!"

Julie had a moment as that instruction set in before her b*****r grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head forward and past the rim of the toilet bowl. Then he grabbed her right wrist and pulled it up to the silver handle.

"Get your face right in there and flush yourself bitch."

Unseen to Paul her left hand reached between her legs and rubbed furtively at her clit as she f***ed her head down until it was in the cold water then pulled the handle to send her head spinning in a maelstrom of water.

It was cold and miserable and deeply humiliating, like she was a pathetic schoolgirl being bullied rather than an adult doing this to herself but it was also turning her on immensely and it took all her self control not to rub even harder at her pussy as she knelt there being flushed away. Finally the flush subsided and she opened her eyes to look down at the saturated tangles of her brown hair that hung, lankly into the bowl. Paul pulled her head up by the hair and deliberately spat right on her nose.

"Don't want you too clean bitch. Now hurry up and get in there and see how much of my cum you can reclaim from that whore's filthy cunt."

With her hair saturated and plastered to her head Julie crawled through the dark house back to their parents bedroom. From where a low drone of snoring could be heard. The girl in there was in a deep sl**p. She had d***k quite a bit before Paul had picked her up, Paul didn't even know her name. She was a trashy blonde with big tits, that was enough for him. He looked down on her laying naked on top of the big bed and prodded his big s****r with his foot.

"Get going bitch, I don't have all night."

Julie gabbed onto the bed and pulled herself up on her knees and found herself between the young blonde's thighs. She was shaven neatly and Julie could see some of Paul's cum glistening on the girl's wet lips. Paul prodded his s****r's head, hurrying her up and she dipped her head forward and down and extended her tongue and began to lick, tentatively at her slit.

Paul took a step back and slowly stroked his cock as he watched his s****r get to work between the girls legs. Looking at the prone figure on the bed she really wasn't that great looking. She was a bit over weight, her boobs drooped a little but Paul had enjoyed the fuck and was enjoying this too. Apparently Julie was getting into it as well as the pace of her licking was picking up and her head was moving up and down between those thighs.

Truth was Julie was enjoying this, despite what her 'good' side was telling her this was. The humiliation of being talked to and treated like a piece of shit by her little b*****r was arousing her far more than she dared acknowledge. She knew it was wrong on so many levels but on the basest level it felt so good and her body and mind seemed incapable of getting past that fact. Again her hand was dropping down to her own sopping wet pussy to play with it as she increased the speed of her licks into the girls used cunt. She tasted Paul's cum and sucked it out and with a start the sl**ping girl suddenly stirred and pushed herself up onto her arms. She seemed nonplussed by the fact she was being eaten out by a young woman and she looked across at Paul as if looking for an explanation. He proffered it simply.

"My s****r. I told her to."

The girl did not react more than a wily smile.

"And does she do everything you tell her to?"

"Pretty much yeah. She's a very obedient bitch."

He was trying for a reaction from her but got none other than for her to reach down, grab Julie's hair and push Julie's face right into her wet cunt.

"Well big s****r get licking harder because I want to cum all over your fucking face!"

Julie obliged and minutes later all three were in various states of excitement as the girl sitting on the bed gripped her thighs tight on Julie's head and came in a gasping, squealing, squirting climax all over her face and in her mouth. The girl collapsed back exhausted and just as Julie started to really play with herself Paul hauled her to her feet then pushed her face down on the bed beside the girl. With strong hands he pried Julie's ass cheeks apart and slid his hard cock in between and grunted as he f***ed it forward into her tight anus. She gave a cry as he penetrated her like this while the girl could not keep her eyes off the kinky siblings. Paul mounted her like an a****l would and began to roughly ass fuck her, slapping her ass and her tits, pulling her hair and miscalling her with every vital stroke and plunge into her.

He fucked her like that for five minutes before he erupted inside her spraying his warm seed deep within her bowels. But he gave her little time to recover or get off herself. Instead he pulled her up and turned her over and had her suck his dick, fresh from her own asshole, clean. As she was doing this she realised her own feelings were past the point of no return and the merest touch to her clit sent her over the edge and she came too, whilst cleaning her b*****rs shit stained cock.

All three lay there on the bed afterward, recovering before Paul pushed himself up and spoke.

"I'm going to sl**p now. s*s, pay this bitch what she's due and see her out and wake me up at nine with a blow job."

At that he wandered out of their parents bedroom and into his own. Julie was surprised and looked at the other girl for explanation.

"I'm a working girl love, that's £200."

She was a whore! Julie was stunned and couldn't believe she had just paid to eat out a whore. She used the cash from her holiday fund to pay her off and saw the girl out before heading to bed and setting her alarm for 8.45.

Julie had only a fitful, disturbed sl**p that night. She could not quite believe all she had done and had done to her. She tried somehow to justify all her actions to herself, to find some crumb of comfort that allowed her to justify this depravity but in the end she couldn't. She had to face the truth that she not only enjoyed being treated so badly by her younger b*****r, being used like a piece of meat, but that it actually aroused and excited her. At various points during the night she determined that she would put an end to this once and for all but then why did she set her alarm clock for quarter to nine?

At eight fifty Julie was stood in the corridor outside Paul's bedroom trying once again to convince herself not to do this. But she did, she turned the door handle and entered his dark room. She moved on shaking legs towards his bed and dropped to her knees at the side of the bed Paul was lying at. She grabbed his duvet and wormed her head under it and located his naked body beneath. He stirred slightly and Julie thought of withdrawing but did not. Instead she opened her lips and began to slowly lap at her b*****r's flaccid dick. It sprang to life moments later and Julie slowly opened her mouth wider and started to take the whole head into it and began to gently bath it in her tongue and saliva, probing her tongue at his foreskin and piss hole.

He came to with a start but quickly realised what had woken him and seconds later Julie found her hair being pulled by his hand. He flung back the covers and smirked as he saw his big s****r with his dick half way in her mouth. He pulled her off him.

"Morning slave."

"Good Morning Master."

He pushed her face back roughly back onto his dick and started to play with her long hair.

"You know s*s you've always been so fucking proud of this hair. It's always been your thing hasn't it? Your long, silky hair. Well I've decided you need to shave it all off as a display of your obedience."

As Julie gagged on her b*****rs cock the words hit her hard and despite her utter repulsion at the thought deep down she just knew that she would end up doing his bidding. She was stuck now, she was his own personal bitch.
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