Wake Up

"Wake up guy." I cracked open one eye and looked up. Larry was standing over me nude, a lit joint in his hand extended to me. I reached up and took it and hit it hard, pulling the THC laden smoke deep into my lungs and held it. I handed the joint back to him idly noting that his cock was about half-hard. I released the toke with a whoosh as Larry took another hit and handed the joint back. I sucked in another lung full of smoke and handed it back and began to fight a cough. I held the cough at bay for about 10 seconds then exploded in wracking hacks, my whole body bouncing with the effort. "Quit coughing, I’m trying to sl**p." Muttered the naked young blonde beauty that lay sprawled half across me, my chest her pillow. Larry reached out and tapped her twice on the forehead bringing one eye open. "Mmmmm morning daddy." Sherri said to him as she reached up and took the joint and hit it before handing it to me. Sherri started rubbing her top leg back and forth across my morning erection and purred. The purr turned to a moan as I wrapped my hand around her breast and rolled her eraser-sized nipple between my knuckles. Reaching her hand out she grasped her father’s hardening cock and flashed an impish grin at him saying, "Yummy. Breakfast in bed. What a great way to start off my 14th birthday." Raising her hungry mouth, she engulfed his manhood with her tender moist lips.

Larry bent slightly at the waist to take the roach of the mostly smoked joint from my finger and ran the fingers of his other hand through his daughter’s hair and wrapped them over the back of her head as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her eager suctioning lips. Sherri slid her leg the rest of the way over me as I pulled her on top of me; my now throbbing cock slipping easily into the young girls’ wet pussy. Sherri moaned around her father’s cock as I began to thrust slowly into her. "Oh baby, your mouth feels so good on daddy’s cock. Suck it honey, suck daddy’s cum right out of my balls." Larry began to grind his cock harder against his daughter’s face pounding it deeper into her throat. Sherri grunted each time his cockhead slammed into the back of her throat. The girl began to take longer strokes on my cock; riding me like a jockey racing for the finish line. I began to buck my hips up at her just as she would have Larry’s cock at its deepest in her throat. Sherri’s eyes bugged out as she gagged on cock but fought it off and swallowed. I watched in amazement as Her throat visibly swelled with the invasion of hard cock sliding deeply into it. I began to slam my cock hard up into the young girl in sync with her father’s thrusts. Tears formed in the corners of Sherri’s eyes at her father’s cock bounced off the back of her throat as the head of mine bounced off the opening of her cervix. Her father and I in perfect rhythm filling the young teen girl with all the cock she could take of us at the same time. "Oh yeah, that’s it sweetie, swallow my cock. Suck me hard baby." Larry moaned. I lifted my head and clamped my lips around one of Sherri’s hard nipples and sucked it in and out of my closely held teeth dragging the tender nub back and forth over their sharp edges. Sherri squealed around her mouthful of cock and came hard; her whole body wracked by spasms of pleasure.

The sight of his daughter in the throws of her orgasm sent Larry over the edge, "Oh God. I’m cumming baby, cumming right down your little throat. Eat it baby, eat daddy’s sperm!" I watched as Larry’s cock jerked and throbbed and spewed out hot seed. The sight of Sherri’s throat muscles swallowing rapidly to keep from drowning in semen sent me over the edge. I groaned and slammed my cock into her hot wet tight cunt one last time as my load burst from my cock deep inside her. My vision blurred, everything went red, then dark as I passed out from the intensity.

I woke alone, the house silent. I crawled out of bed and staggered to the bathroom to pee passing the steps leading up to the Master bedroom and deck on the way. I finished in the bathroom with a quick gargle of mouthwash to take the fuzziness from my tongue. I headed back to the stairs and decided to see if anyone was above. The Master bedroom and bath were empty and the bed was made. I noticed that the sliding glass door to the deck was open. I stepped outside into the bright sunlight and stepped around the corner of the wall to reach the enclosed part of the deck that was usually used for nude sunbathing on the south side of the house. I found Sharon stretched out on a large towel laid upon the picnic table. Her eyes closed, her nude body glistening with suntan oil. I stood silently and stared at the gorgeous woman before me, watching the slow rise and fall of her breasts and chest as she dozed in the hot afternoon sun.

Sharon was Sherri’s mother, Larry’s wife. At 34, she still looked to be in her early 20’s; even after 2 k**s. I leaned over and touched her foot and said, "Time to turn the meat so it can cook on the other side." Sharon raised a hand to shield her eyes and said, "So baste me baby." And turned over to lie on her stomach. I grabbed her bottle of oil and poured an "X" on her back; shoulder to hip then hip to shoulder. I sat the bottle down and quickly began to smear the oil around her back to keep it from dripping down her sides. As I finished spreading the oil, I began to massage it into her warm skin. Starting at her shoulders and slowly moving down as Sharon moaned and made happy purring noises as I worked out stiff muscles and kinks in her spine. I grabbed the oil again and dribbled it down her calves and heels then set the bottle back down and began to massage her feet. I worked my thumbs down the center of her foot causing her to quiver on the border of tickle and arousal. Sharon slid her far leg outward and hooked her toes over the edge of the table as I finished working the oil into her near leg. Turning her head to the side, Sharon looked up at me out of the corner of her eye and said, "Now get up on the table with me and oil up my ass real good." And turned back around and rested her chin on her hands. I got on the table between her widespread legs. The afternoon sun giving her a warm golden glow, pussy juice glistening on the lips of her aroused vagina. I grabbed the oil and dribbled it in a spiral on each cheek of her butt and sent a trickle down the center of her crack to coat her anus. I turned the bottle around and gave my cock a quick squirt and dropped the bottle to the table. As I began to work the oil into the cheeks of her ass, Sharon began to moan and roll her hips. I worked slowly inward towards her anus causing her moan louder and louder as I got closer and closer to the puckered brown bud. I drew one finger down the center of her crack and as I touched her brown wrinkled hole she gasped and said, "Yesss…That’s where I want it. Mmmm." I pressed the tip of my finger into her; her hips surged upward to meet it. Slowly I twisted my finger back and forth pushing it ever deeper into her bowels to a running commentary by her about how good it felt. Sharon started humping back at my hand begging for more with her every movement. I backed my finger nearly out and pressed a second finger in. As soon as the tip passed her sphincter, I rammed my hand in hard forcing my fingers fully into her rectum and began to finger fuck her hard and fast. Sharon’s head jerked up and back as she gasped out in pleasure/pain; her back arched like the center span of the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge. "Yess. Fuck my ass hard with your fingers. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh." She wailed and grunted as my fingers slammed into her ass and the knuckles of my other fingers banged into her clit with each thrust.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I glance into the bedroom through the window and saw Larry watching me pleasure his wife. The top of Sherri’s head just visible bobbing up and down as she sucked her father’s cock as he watched us. Sharon began to push back harder and faster onto my hand as her orgasm approached, her breathing becoming ragged gasps. I looked again at Larry questioningly and saw him nod. I grabbed the oil again and squirted more on my thrusting fingers then shot a blast of the oil on my throbbing cock. I dropped the bottle and grabbed my member smearing the oil over it. "I’ve stretched you enough baby, it’s time to do the deed." I said as I pulled my fingers from her butt and grabbed my rigid pole and leaned forward pressing it against her anus. "Oh God, do it, slam it into me hard." She wailed as she felt the head of my cock press firmly against her slippery wrinkled anal bud and begin to sink in. I looked at the window again. Sherri was now standing looking out, her arms on the windowsill. Larry, behind her, obviously pumping his daughter’s tight teen twat as they watched Sharon and I on the table. I grabbed Sharon’s hips and drove my hardened member fully into her ass in one powerful lunge. Sharon screamed in pain/pleasure. I held her tightly as I began to pound my cock into her in long deep strokes. I watched Larry as he obviously came; filling Sherri’s little pussy with his i****tuous load. I turned my attention back to Sharon. The pain had passed and she was grinding her buttocks back against me as hard as I was thrusting into her. "Oh fuck that feels so good. More baby give it to me harder." Sharon said. "You love getting fucked in the ass don’t you baby? You like feeling my cock stirring your turds." I gasped out as I continued putting the meat to her buttery smooth rectum.

Larry came out on the deck, his spent member hanging limp covered in cunt slime and streaks of semen. He walked to the end of the table and grabbed Sharon by the hair and yanked her head up. Her eyes popped open wide as she saw her husband’s dripping wet penis in front of her face and heard him say, "Suck me clean bitch. I just fucked a big load of cum into our daughter’s tiny twat as we watched you getting ass-fucked." He pressed his hips forward smearing the slimey head of his cock across her lips. Sharon’s mouth dropped open and she slurped his tool into her mouth all the way to his pubic hair and sucked hard. "You bastard." She gasped from between clenched teeth when she lifted her mouth free of him. "You did, you really fucked our baby. I can taste her sweet pussy juices on you." Then sucked him in again. My orgasm hit me like a truck as I gasped and blew my wad into her as I realized that she had been unaware of her daughter’s sexual activities. I groaned and gasped between blasts of cum. "I’ve fucked her too. Ahhhh." Larry pulled his now hardened cock from between her lips and I pulled my softening cock from her ass and moved off the table. Sharon laid on the table twitching in the throws of her lust as Larry moved behind her to my position and pressed his cock into her widely stretched anus. I shifted to the end of the table. Sharon opened her mouth in a silent scream of pleasure and I slipped my shit streaked cock into her mouth. Sharon moaned around my cockhead and began to frantically slurp up the obscene mixture if shit and semen from it. Sharon’s tongue swirled around my cockhead lapping up the obscene goo that covered it. Larry drove his cock hard and fast into her semen and shit lubricated bunghole, each thrust forcing Sharon’s mouth further down the rapidly hardening shaft of my cock. " That’s it Sharon, suck your shit from my pecker you filthy bitch. Polish it up nice and clean so I can ram it back in your little slut daughter’s Tight young cunt." I said as I grabbed the back of her head and f***ed my meat down her throat. Sharon’s eyes bugged out as she gagged on my cock then, I felt her throat open as she overcame the gag reflex and swallowed my cock. I closed my eyes and groaned as I reveled in the feeling of her throat muscles rippling up and down my shaft drawing it deeper as she buried her nose in my pubic hair. Larry groaned and gasped out; "Her it comes baby!" I opened my eyes and watched him as his orgasm washed over him like a tsunami. His face a mix of pleasure and agony, his back arched as he drove into Sharon’s buttery soft rectum one last time and began to fire stream after stream of scalding cum deep into her ass. I was f***ed to pull out of her mouth to keep from cumming myself. Larry groaned as he pulled his now deflating cock from Sharon’s ass with an obscene slurp. I watched silently as Sherri slipped from the bedroom where she had been watching and dropped to her knees before her father. Opening her mouth, she Hoovered his shit and semen glazed cock into her mouth and sucked at it frantically, scr****g lumps of shit from it with her teeth then scrubbing it clean with her tongue.

As Sharon slowly gathered herself together after her powerful orgasm, her head suddenly snapped around to look over her shoulder to see her daughter vigorously pistoning her mouth up and down her daddy’s semi-hard cock. "Oh my God." Sharon whispered as she watched. When Sherri had her daddy’s cock shining clean, she rose and moved to the table and crawled between her momma’s legs and said," Your turn now mother. I’m gonna suck every drop of Daddy’s and Paul’s slimy cum from your butt. Sharon’s eyes opened wide at this proclamation but when Sherri spread her mother’s cheeks with her hands and drove her stiffened tongue into her asshole, Sharon cried out and surrendered herself to her daughter’s depravity. Burying her face into her arms, she hunched her ass upwards attempting to f***e her c***d’s tongue deeper into her nether passage. Sloppy, slurping sounds rose from their joining and my cock started throbbing as I watched this scene of i****tuous debauchery. I decided it was time to bury my bone back in Sherri’s snatch. Reaching out, I grasped the girl around her waist and pulled her from her mother to the edge of the table. I pressed my rock hard cock against her oozing slit and began to work it into her tight teen tunnel. Sharon groaned at the loss of her daughter’s anal stimulation and scooted back on the table trying to regain contact. Sherri cried out, "No, not in my pussy. I want your fat cock in my ass. I was thrilled at the idea and lost no time shifting my aim upward to her tightly closed shithole and began to f***e the head of my cock past the tight ring of her anus. The head of my cock popped into her and she gasped as it started pressing past her sphincter. Sherri groaned as I rammed my hot throbbing cock deep into her shit chute and leaned forward allowing me better access to her anus. Sharon had finally managed to get her butt back under her daughter and hunched her ass upward towards the girl. Sherri’s eyes were closed and so she was unaware of her mothers’ proximity so I decided to help out and put my hand on Sherri’s shoulders and pushed her down to meet her mothers’ upturned ass. I grabbed the girls’ hips and began to slam every inch I had into her. Suddenly, I noticed Larry smearing oil from the bottle on his cock as he stood grinning at me. I knew what was coming and leaned forward as he walked behind me and slid his hard slippery cock between the cheeks of my ass and rammed the whole 8 inches into me. I screamed in pain. Larry’s cock pressed tightly against my prostate and I began to spew cum into his daughters’ butt. As my orgasm began to fade, my knees collapsed and I slipped to the deck; my own cock rudely pulled from Sherri’s ass and d**g across the rough edge of the wooden table bringing yet another scream of pain as Larry’s cock was f***ed out of me at the same time. Sherri looked back over her shoulder and whimpered, "Oh daddy, fuck my ass please, I need to cum so bad." I crawled out of Larry’s way, my ass burning. I managed to pull myself up to my feet and staggered my way back downstairs, the sounds of i****tuous sex following me down. I grabbed a quick shower and dressed and left a note that I would be back the next day.
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