Daddys Problem

Daddy has this problem. He drinks a lot sometimes. I have a problem,
too. I've always wanted to touch his dick. I don't know why, but since I
was about 7 or so I've watched to touch it. I've been able to check it out
sometimes, like when he comes out of the shower, or we change together at
the pool. As I've gotten older (I'm 10 now) I've also wondered what it
might taste like. I've looked up stuff on the Internet, and it's only made
we want to do it more. In fact, just last night I was looking for pictures
and found some where a guy is on his back, and the other guy is sitting
down on him, pushing his hard dick up his butt! I couldn't imagine that
would feel good, but the look on his face was enough to have me doing a
search for videos. I finally found some and wow! A lot of guys seem to
like doing this!

I did some experimenting with putting my finger in my butt, but that was
just okay. So I got a hold of a candle and tried that. That felt really
good surprisingly, although it was hard to get it to slide back and forth
even using that lube stuff.

And here we were, another night with Dad passed out in his underwear on the
couch. I carefully removed the beer bottle from his hand and put it in the
kitchen. Like I've done so many times, I played with the hairs on his chest
and belly. Usually he snorts and moves a little, but tonight he was so
d***k he barely moved at all. It was then I got an idea. I grabbed a
flashlight, turned it on, and held it against the opening in his boxers. I
could see his thick meat lying there. I swallowed as my mouth suddenly
felt dry. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I ran my hand over
his muscular thigh and watched his face closely or any signs of waking. He
didn't even stir.

I got a little more brave now. I reached inside the fly and touched his
soft penis briefly, yanking my hand quickly away and almost running into
the hallway. Nothing. I came back and this time rubbed his dick a little
bit. He smacked his lips together a little, but that was the only response
I got. Feeling more bold, I actually gently lifted his dick out through
the opening and lay it outside his underwear. It seemed bigger than it had
been earlier. I ran my finger over the fleshy shaft and then rubbed a bit
at the head of his dick. He stirred a bit, but not enough to make me
panic. At least not completely. When I looked back down at his dick, I
noticed it was growing and getting hard. I reached in and pulled his balls
carefully out, too. They were covered in black, curly hairs. His nuts
seemed so big to me.

I watched as his dick swelled and got stiff. It seemed to slowly unfurl
like a flag until it was standing straight up. I ran my fingers up and
down the hard shaft until I couldn't resist it anymore. That's right! I
opened my mouth and put his cock inside it. I was surprised my heartbeat
didn't wake him up it seemed so loud. It tasted slightly salty but felt so
good sliding against my tongue. After a bit I stopped and decided to taste
his nut sac, too. The hairs felt funny in my mouth, but I enjoyed their
taste and how he moaned when I did it.

I returned to sucking his cock for a bit longer. He mumbled things and
smiled, but mostly he stayed asl**p. I decided there was no better time
than the present to take this all the way. I wanted the whole experience
while I could get it. He didn't always get THIS d***k! I got up, went to
my room, stripped out of all my clothes, and grabbed the lube. I put some
on my fingers and then rubbed it on the outside and inside of my hole
before going back to Daddy's sl**ping body.

He was on the couch exactly as I had left him, his dick still shiny from my
spit. I climbed onto the couch, straddled his body with my legs, and then
I took hold of his dick and pushed it against my butthole. Then I slowly
started sitting backward. It felt good when the tip entered me, but as I
continued to f***e more his thick dick inside my hole, it started to hurt
more. It felt like a mop handle or small branch going up my butt! I
almost stopped, but then I saw the look on his face, and I thought about
how his dick was finally inside me. I couldn't stop now! So I put my arm
up to my mouth and bit down as I shoved my butt downward.

As his pole continued filling my ass, I felt his fingers grab my hips. I
was so scared now, but his eyes hadn't opened. I could feel him moving
beneath me, his dick sliding up and down. In spite of the pain, it felt so
good! Remembering one of the videos where one of the guys told the other
one to "ride that fucking cock!" I started doing the same. I used my legs
to lift and lower my body. Daddy started moaning more loudly, so I sped
up. Soon I wanted all of him inside me, and so I f***ed myself to sit all
the way. My butt felt like it was on fire, but once I was sitting on him,
I reached back and could feel where his dick had gone inside me. I pushed
myself down more feeling more of him enter me. My fingers could feel the
hairs from his balls as well.

I started riding him harder then. It felt so good, and Daddy moaned so
loudly I just kept going. Soon I found myself sitting down hard each time
thrusting him deep inside me. That felt even more amazing, and soon Daddy
cried out. I stopped thinking I had hurt him, but I could feel his dick
moving inside me. I remembered seeing the dicks on the videos twitching a
lot when they shot that white stuff out. I think it's called coming. I
squeezed my butt muscles and felt his dick jerking inside my ass again, so
I figured he was for sure coming. That put a real big smile on my face!

I leaned down and kissed his chest as his dick kept moving inside me. When
I figured it was finally time to get off him, I was almost sad, but his
dick had started shrinking after a bit. I went to the bathroom and got one
of those wet wipes you use on your butt after you poop and cleaned Daddy's
dick off. I could see a little bl**d on his penis, and when I wiped my
butt I saw it came from me so I stopped freaking out that I had hurt him.
Then I carefully tucked his dick and balls back inside his underwear,
kissed him on the lips and went to bed. Even though my butt ached, I had
never been so happy. I fell asl**p so fast.

In the morning Daddy was in the same spot on the couch, only his dick was
standing straight up out of his underwear. I went over to him and gently
shook him, but he didn't move. So I decided to take care of things. I was
afraid to put it in my butt again since I figured he'd wake up, so instead
I stroked it for a bit before sucking it. My mouth moved up and down his
cock enjoying the feel of his thick dick until he came again. The salty
stuff shot inside my mouth surprising me and making me cough, but I
swallowed what I could. When I was done, I licked any of the white stuff
that had streamed down his dick so that it was all clean. When it had
softened again, I tucked it back inside his underwear and then got

Dad eventually woke up about 3 hours later, after I had given him another
blowjob. I couldn't help myself! I loved getting his dick hard and feeling
him inside me. He obviously didn't feel too well, so he let me help him to
his room. I helped him undress, which was really fun, although I couldn't
touch anything I really wanted to. I got his shower ready and helped him
into it.

He struggled the rest of the day. I could tell he was real hung-over. Kind
of scared me a bit, though, when he mentioned some really "fucked up
dreams" he had last night, but he wouldn't tell me what they were. I asked
him if the dreams were fun, and he said "Fuck yes!" which made me feel

I had thought he might not drink tonight because he felt so bad, but sure
enough he started in right before dinner. I started bringing him drinks to
make it easier. As he got more d***k, I began shedding my clothes. He
didn't seem to notice when I was standing there in nothing but my
underwear. "You're being sssuch a good helpah tonight, Sssammy," he
slurred, patting me on the head. "Come shit down next to me." Then he
started laughing "Shit! Hahahaha!"

I cuddled up against him, resting my hand on one of his hairy thighs. He
talked nonsense while I stroked his leg. When I was moving my fingertips
up and down his thigh, he slurred "You better quit that, Shammy."

"Why?" I asked.

"Cuz you'll make things get hard," he replied and then started laughing

"I don't mind," I replied which only made him laugh harder.

For whatever reason I was feeling awfully brave. I got up, went to my room,
got naked, lubed my butt and returned to the couch. Dad looked at me weird
this time. His eyes followed me as I came and sat down next to
him. "Shammy, where are your clothes?"

"In my bedroom."

"Shmart ash. Why aren't they on you?" he asked.

I began rubbing his thigh. "For fun."

His head seemed to make a circle, and then he tried to focus on me as my
hand went inside his boxers. "Shammy. . . " he began as he tried to make
sense out of what was going on. I had his dick out of his boxers, though,
and my lips were around his meat by the time he got the next word out:
"Shtop." I sucked like crazy trying to make him so hard he wouldn't stop
me. I loved feeling his meat grow and stiffen inside my mouth. "Shammy,"
he said again, his fingers on my head. Afraid he was going to make me
stop, I f***ed more of his dick into my mouth. I gagged as it went down my
throat, but I kept sucking. "Oh sshhiitt!" he said. I looked up to see his
head laying back, his mouth wide open, and his eyes closed.

He had stopped resisting me, or had passed out, and so I took a quick
gamble. I stopped blowing him, grabbed his boxers, and then I pulled them
off so that he was completely naked. God I loved seeing him naked, his cock
standing straight up! I went down on him and continued sucking. "Oh
Shammy! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"Okay, Daddy," I said thinking he wanted to fuck me. Now I was REALLY
excited! I straddled him again and kissed his chest and neck.

"Shammy. . . " he slurred again, and then "SHAMMY!" when he felt his meat
push inside my ass. "SHAMMY!" he said again as I f***ed more of it into
me. I figured he would put an end to this if he got his wits, and so I
went a little faster than I probably should. I f***ed my butt down until
almost all of his dick was inside me. I ignored the burning and pain as
his thick cock filled me. Then I kissed his neck and cheek as I started
moving back and forth. Suddenly his lips parted, and I kissed him on his
mouth. He slid his tongue into my mouth and grabbed the back of my head
crushing me against his lips as he kissed me deeply. It scared me

"You really like shish?" he asked. "Daddy's dick in your assh?"

"Yes, Daddy! I love it!"

He squeezed my ass cheeks hard, and I f***ed the rest of his meat inside
me. I felt his knees rise, and then he started pushing up with his hips.
I leaned back against his muscular legs. "Mother fuckin' sonofabitch!"
Daddy cried out as I started moving up and down on his hard cock faster.
After a bit, I heard him say "Get off, Sammy." Suddenly he sounded more

"Please don't make me stop, Daddy."

He laughed a quick, short, almost snort. "We ain't stopping Sammy Boy. I'm
fuck that tight hole of yours something good." He helped me as I moved off
his lap, his hard dick withdrawing out of me. It hurt a bit more right when
it popped out of me. Dad moved from the couch and guided me onto my back.
He grabbed my legs and shoved them backwards until my ankles were against
the arm of the couch. Then he was on top of me. I felt his dick go in
slowly at first, and then he pushed forward before I was prepared. I
gasped as he sank his pole deep inside me. "That's what I'm fuckin'
talking about!" he said.

His fingers gripped my calves as he started moving up and down rapidly,
ramming his thick cock into my aching hole. Soon he was pounding against
me so hard that I was grunting, and I could hear our bodies slapping
together. "That's some seriously tight ass!" Daddy said apparently to no
one. He shoved my legs apart, and I saw his face moving toward mine
quickly. His lips crushed against mine, and his tongue thrust into my
mouth as he picked up speed. "Anyone been in that ass before?" he asked.

"No! Daddy!" I f***ed out between gasps.

"Let's keep it that way. I want it all to myself." He had slowed down now,
and I could feel his dick moving inside me as he moved his hips in wide
circles. "Open your eyes. I want to do this again when I'm completely
sober." I nodded my head. "That's a good boy." He kissed me again
briefly, and then I felt him pull out of me.

The next thing I knew he had grabbed my legs and yanked me off the couch.
I was on my knees and being spun around before I could react. Dad's hand
positioned me, and my chest was f***ed over the couch. Then his cock was
buried inside me again. I looked back and could see he was standing up
with his knees bent, and he really shoved that dick in deep. I moaned
loudly as he drove it completely in and then pushed it even deeper. I felt
his long meat pull backward and pop out. Then he inserted just the tip
before ramming the full length back inside making me cry out. "You like the
fucking dick?"

"Yes, Daddy!"

"Damn right you do, Sammy! And you're gonna get lots of it, boy!" I smiled
as he continued pounding my hole. "You know what you're doing after I fuck

"No," I grunted.

"You're gonna suck my dick until it's hard, and then you're going to blow
me until I shoot my jizz down your throat. I wanna feel you swallow my
seed." I knew what blowing meant from the Internet but had no clue what
jizz was. If he wanted it though, and it involved his big dick, I didn't
care. Suddenly I felt his fingers dig into my shoulders as he picked up
speed, and soon I heard him cry out and then felt his dick twitching inside
my butt again. My dad seemed frozen for several seconds as his meat moved
inside me. Then I felt him slowly pulling out of me. When he was standing
back up, he said "God. Fucking. Damn."

"Can I get up now, Daddy?" He nodded as he grabbed his boxers off the floor
and used them to wipe the sweat off his face. I was standing up when he
came over to me with a huge grin. His thumb moved along my bottom lip, and
he pulled me to him. My face was crushed against his belly button. I
could smell his sweat and sex. I moved my hand to the black bush of hair
between his legs and felt the dampness there before taking my fingers and
rubbing his semihard dick. I looked up into his brown eyes and saw him
smiling at me.

"I don't know how or why, and I don't really fucking care. Just keep doing
what you've been doing," he said. I smiled and kissed the base of his
dick. I could feel it swelling already. "I can't fucking believe it." I
kissed it again and then bent down so that I could put it in my mouth, and
then I began blowing him. He let me do it like this as his cock grew in my
mouth, and then he stopped me. He lay back down on the couch, one of his
feet resting on the floor and his other leg up on the top of the couch.
"Get to work, son," he said smiling. I rushed to get between his legs and
started sucking him again.

It was so much better doing it while he was awake. I could hear him moan,
and I loved it when he put his hand on my head. Somehow the weight just
made it all feel better. After a while he started pushing my head down,
though, and when he did this I could feel his dick pushing at the back of
my throat. I coughed when he did it, and when she shoved it down even more
I thought I might throw up, but I didn't.

Mostly Dad let me blow him how I wanted, but every so often he would take
charge and really shove it in deep, pulling my head down further. "Swallow
that cock, Sammy!" he said a few times when I tried to resist. I loved the
feel of his dick in my mouth, the way it felt against my tongue, the smell
from that bush of hair. I continued sucking for what seemed like forever
until he started going faster. I could hear him moaning. "Suck it, boy!
Yes! Get that cum!"

Cum I knew. Was it the same as jizz? All I knew from the movies I had seen
was that it shot out of the dick. It was white and wasn't piss, but the
guys always shot it on the other guy or girl. I didn't know you were
supposed to swallow it. I was really getting into it now. The way he
f***ed it down my throat made me want to do better each time, and soon I
wasn't gagging near as much.

Daddy continued to kind of fuck my throat for a while longer. I could feel
slobber running out of my mouth. My hair was now in his fist, and he was
moving more urgently. His dick seemed to swell just a bit more, and after
a while longer, just when I thought I couldn't take his thrusting anymore,
his dick lodged deep in my throat. I held my breath because it was too
hard to breathe, and then I tasted and felt a flood of stuff in my throat
and mouth. I was afraid I couldn't hold my breath much longer, and so I
began swallowing. "YES, Sammy! YES! Swallow that shit mother fucker!" I
moved my head up a little so I could at least breathe, but I continued
swallowing the salty liquid that gushed into my mouth.

When his dick pumping had slowed down, I felt him let go of my hair. I
went back to sucking him making sure to continue to swallow any of the cum
that escaped from his dick. When I looked up at Daddy, he was wiping his
forehead with his forearm and softly saying "Fucking hell." I went back to
sucking, and he stopped me. I still wanted to have fun, so instead I
focused on sucking his sweaty balls. Daddy moaned as he spread his legs
further apart. "Fuck, Sammy!" he said, his fingers running through my
sweat-dampened hair.

After a bit he pulled me away from his groin, and I got to lay on top of
his naked body with my head resting on his chest. I could hear him
breathing, and his heart was beating pretty fast. One of his hands rested
on my lower back. After he had fallen asl**p once and snored himself
awake, we got up and turned out all the lights. He tucked me in, said
goodnight, and then he went to his room. I lay in my dark room smiling. I
couldn't believe this was all happening, and mostly I couldn't believe he
was going to do this without being d***k. Although since he was d***k,
would he forget? I wondered.

I must've been exhausted because the next thing I knew I was waking up in
my room, and it was daylight. I got up, went potty, and then went looking
for Daddy. Since he wasn't in any of the other rooms, I finally checked
his bedroom. He was still asl**p, and I carefully climbed into bed with
him and snuggled against him. He began to stir as I played with his chest
hairs. "Morning," he said after a bit.

"Morning, Daddy!" He looked at me, and I moved up to kiss him. I could
feel his dick was hard when my knee lightly touched it. I kissed him on
the lips and began playing with his cock. I felt his rough hand slide down
my bare back until it was squeezing my ass cheek.

"So last night wasn't a dream?" he asked. I smiled and shook my head no.
I felt his tongue in my mouth as his finger moved into my crack. I had put
more of that lube stuff in it when I went to the bathroom, so his finger
slid right into my hole. I moaned softly. "Time to give me that ass
again, Sammy." I giggled and slid over as he moved from underneath me. I
felt his body go over mine, and then his hand guided his stiff dick into my

"Oh Daddy!" I purred as I felt his meat slowly sliding into me.

He kissed my shoulder, and I heard him say "We're going to take this one
nice and slow at first. Gonna make this fucking last." His dick slowly
moved deeper inside me. He kissed my cheek and then said: "And then when
I'm hard again I'm going to fuck your ass good and hard, boy. Gonna make
you scream." In response I pushed my butt against him making it swallow
more of his meat. "That's my good little boy."

Yeah, this was a LOT better when he wasn't d***k, but d***k and sober or I
was going to get his dick in me every chance I got. That I knew for sure.
89% (23/3)
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2 years ago
i love that storie
3 years ago
I agree with jankyt. Very nice.
3 years ago
Long and hot just the way I like it!
3 years ago
this story is so fucking hot
3 years ago
3 years ago
sick shit