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Her mind was reeling with the need to cum and cum hard. Before she could ride the wave of orgasm she noticed she was just outside the entrance to the farm house and slid her skirt back down. Turning off the dirt track she pulled the car up the gradual slope to the property and came to a stop just outside the barn where another car was sitting with a light covering of dust over the windows and hood.

Getting out of her car she noticed by the light film of dust the other car seemed to have been here for awhile and assumed it belonged to MS Richard's the client she was supposed to go over the details of the sale of the property with.

Karen began calling out to MS Richard's but after a couple minutes of this she still hadn't seen or heard her client and began to wonder if the car parked here was MS Richard's afterall.Karen decided she would check out the barn first since she was already outside it and then move on to the farm house if she didn't find her client within.

The weathered wooden door stood slightly ajar and Karen stepped into the darkness within the barn somewhat afraid of the deep shadows that covered the interior.Upon entering her eyes began to adjust to the darkness and Karen heard a deep groaning coming from the back of the barn.Easing herself toward the sound she wondered if MS Richard's or perhaps someone else were injured and in need of help.

As Karen's shoes slid thru the beaten and dry straw on the floor she approached the rear of the barn and the sight before her eyes made her reel with dizziness and shock.From the light coming thru an old broken window she saw MS Richard's laying nude sprawled on a large faded patchwork quilt.Laying beside her on the multicolored old quilt was a huge Bull Mastiff, the dog having to be upwards of ninety lbs or better.

MS Richard's had her fist wrapped around the dog's iron hard prick jacking it furiously till a frothy slime was covering the bl**d red shaft.Karen shuddered and felt faint as she watched the bizarre tableau unfold before her.A part of her felt as if she wanted to throw up and run crying back to her car but another part made her begin to feel a deep ache and throb within her own cunt.

Leaning against the side of an old horse stall she watched MS Richard's or Susan as she knew her to be slide her one hand up and down the dog's cock while her other hand cupped and fondled his massive balls.The brutes balls were huge, the size of tennis balls and covered with coarse dark hair.Susan had knelt closer and began to tongue and suck each of the b**st's balls, her warm pink tongue lapping at them, kissing the cum filled sacks as she held them covering each with her saliva.

Susan groaned in ecstasy as her mouth covered the massive balls sucking them, her lips peeled back to take them into her mouth as she fisted the brute's penis twisting at the tip of it.A fine mist sprayed from the dog's cock slit with each upward stroke. Susan's hands were slick with dog juice soaking it's prick and balls and making her delirious with lust.

Karen shuddered as she watched the woman grab the dog's pulsing cock and bury her mouth over it, holding it's balls as she fed as much prick into her mouth as she could hold.Her lips pulled and pursed about the huge prick and Karen could actually hear the woman gag as the cock lodged itself into Susan's throat.Susan whimpered as she lapped the massive shaft feeling her mouth fill with the b**sts watery juices knowing she would receive a delicious mouthful of steaming dog cum to soon devour.

Susan's head was a blur of motion as her vivid red hair fell over the dog's belly and her mouth worked hungrily on it's jerking cock.She would pull her lips up to the tip and bite down lightly on the arrow shaped head squeezing the throbbing veins of his penis with her fingertips.The b**st lay shaking and groaning, deep whimpers coming from it's chest as it's hips thrust up to meet Susan's wetly sucking mouth.

Karen hand slid between her legs as she lifted her skirt enough to finger her cunt while she watched the woman.Transfixed with the depravity of what she was seeing she could only think of getting herself off and to feel the bliss of her cum spill down her inner thighs.Her fingers slid up and down the slick folds of her cunt, soaked with her own juices as she bit her lip to stifle a moan.She thrust two fingers deep into herself rubbing the warm slick cunt walls as she watched Susan feast on the dogs glorious cock.

Susan knew her dog's climax was fast approaching and her mind was reeling with desire to taste all his hot thick sperm.She jammed her mouth hard over his bulbous dick till she felt the point tickle the back of her throat.Fine mists of thin dog slime began running down her gullet into her belly.She continued to work her lips, pulling them, sucking and lapping at the dog's erection till she felt it's balls tense in her hands and grow tight with his cum load.

Susan knew that her dog was right at the edge of his climax.She could feel the cum begin to race up his hot red meat and fill the knot at it's base.Her lips touched the huge knot and her tongue flashed out to soak it, to kiss and lap at it.She gripped the huge slick ball of flesh kneading the knot as the first stream of dog cum raced up the throbbing shaft.Susan closed her eyes and just sucked and waited for the scalding cream to burst out of the slit and she was rewarded oh so well.

The dog jerked it's massive hips releasing a bl**d chilling howl as it's orgasm hit full f***e.Susan's mouth was flooded with thick streams of cum, filling her mouth to overflowing.Jetting and pulsing down the back of her throat as he held tight with her mouth not wanting to spill one precious drop of the dogs sweet sticky juice.The streams spiraled out of the b**st's cock slit flooding her tongue and teeth with thick grew.Like strands of molten sugar his spunk spiraled out into her mouth as she milked the trembling knot with her hands and fingers.

Susan was gagging and choking on dog slime as she fought to swallow all he could pour into her hungry lusting mouth.She was d***k on dog cum, her eyes rolling in her head as she drank the hot sticky fluid and felt her cunt throb and explode with her own orgasm.As the b**st's flow begin to subside Susan wrapped her lips tighter over the hot jerking shaft letting the dog drain his thick meat fully.Her thighs were awash with her own cum as she felt her throat milk the last drops of hot sperm into her belly.Susan pulled the prick free with a resounding pop created by the vacuum of her mouth and smeared the spit and cum soaked cock over her face kissing it as she moaned against the slippery meat.

Karen let out a yelp as her own cum reached her and nearly stumbled as she felt her pussy flood her fingers.She was trembling like a leaf in a violent storm and feeling the warm juices spill down her thighs as she watched transfixed.Her legs felt like rubber bands stretched to the breaking point and her knees barely supported her as the tingling of her orgasm raced thru her body.Karen plunged both her slick fingers into her mouth and sucked the sweet sticky cunt cream off them as she saw the woman turn and stare right at her.

"Who the fuck are you?" Susan said glaring at Karen with both shock and anger.I'm Karen Spencer she gulped pushing her skirt down and hoping the woman hadn't seen what she'd been doing.Susan stood up on the quilt her breasts firm and full, nipples jutting out bl**d engorged and hot."How dare you creep in here like some sick peeping pervert trying to get yourself off"Karen was stunned but managed a quick retort by saying "You should know about perverts, you sick fucking bitch."Before Karen could utter another word the woman raced across to her and openhanded her hard across the face slapping her near senseless as her teeth cut into her lips.

Karen was dazed and in shock as she drooped and felt bl**d flowing over her lips and down her chin.Susan kicked out and caught Karen in the stomach hard with her knee as a rush of air exploded from her chest.Fighting the swirling blackness of passing out Karen dropped to the dusty straw covered floor in a fetal position gasping for air.

"Get up you fucking bitch, get up so I can knock the shit out of you all over again" screamed Susan.Karen began to whimper and choked on her own tears as she put up her hands to plead with the woman to stop. Karen sobbed openly and moaned for Susan to let her alone as she cried out her apology for peeping as she had.

Susan glowered down at Karen her anger rising within her to the boiling point."I know who you are sweet stuff, your supposed to show me this fuckin place for your company, NOT spy on me" yelled Susan.Susan continued to screech at Karen as she writhed on the dirt floor of the barn."You want to cum bitch, then I'll show you just how to cum but you'll learn it with some respect."Susan kicked out at Karen once more this time catching her square in the ass as the impact sent a surge of shock up her spine and shoulders.She rolled Karen over with her foot till her face was pressed hard on the dusty straw and she was barely conscious.Karen's face lay in the dust, dirt and straw muddy with tears and her own bl**d.

Karen was on he verge of blacking out as she tried to rise and saw Susan standing over her, legs splayed wide apart and looking up into her clean shaven cunt slit.Suddenly she felt a torrent of warm liquid spill over her face and hair and realized that Susan was pissing all over her.Susan spread her pussy lips open with her fingers as she let her hot yellow piss wash over Karen. Laughing lewdly as she soaked the fallen woman, aiming her burning piss stream over Karen's body.The spray gushed out hot and stinging over Karen soaking her from head to toe.Karen gagged and sputtered as the piss rained down into her gasping mouth and burned her eyes.She fought to rise but Susan kept her foot planted squarely on her chest soaking her face, and body with the pungent urine."This is how I mark my territory you little shit, how me and Butch mark what belongs to us." yelled Susan.

Suddenly everything went dark and Karen felt herself falling as if into a deep dark hole.The next time she opened her eyes Karen was feeling weak and chilled and felt her hands tied behind her back with thick coarse rope.She realized she was naked and shivering and laying on the old quilt and she raised her head to look around her.She saw Susan sitting on her ass across from her kissing her dog Butch with her tongue snaking into the a****l's mouth as she smiled wickedly at Karen."Glad your awake cunt, we've been waiting for you to join us back in the land of the living." sneered Susan.

"Let me go, please God, let me go, I'm sorry MS Richard's I'm begging you." pleaded Karen. Susan just smirked down at Karen and continued to tongue kiss her dog."Like what you see, I bet you do you nasty little whore." Susan answered herself."You liked watching me suck off Butch so much, now your gonna get to taste his sweet meat too.""You'd better suck him good too or we'll both be pissed off at ya and that's much worse than being pissed on." she giggled.

Karen sobbed and tears rolled down her filthy face as she pleaded for Susan to release her but her pleas fell on nothing more than rude laughter.Susan began fondling her dogs prick as she spoke to Karen.Jacking the furry sheath back on forth as the dogs red tip began to crawl out."Please MS Richard's, I'll never say a word, I swear to Christ I won't, just let me go, let me leave." sobbed Karen.

Karen's eyes grew with shock as Susan worked her magic on the dog's penis.Her fingers feathering over the furry sheath till already seven inches of dog meat jutted out, the tip glistening with clear juice.Butch's mouth gaped open and thick drool spilled down on the straw floor as his prick was getting the luxury of another impending cum.

Susan teased Karen with her description of what she had planned for her."Look at that prick on him bitch, just see how hot and red that fucker is.""He can't wait to feel your tight slut mouth nursing on that dick till he spills his load right down your fucking throat."Karen tried to turn her head but Susan crossed over to her and grabbed a handful of hair twisting her head up to face Butch's throbbing meat stick.

With one hand Susan jerked and twisted Karen's hair till the roots nearly tore free as she continued to fist up and down Butch's throbbing prick shaft with her other hand."God Damn he's gettin a big fuckin boner now, he just can't wait to have you eat his sweet prick right up." laughed Susan.Karen screamed as she saw the dogs jutting penis just inches from her face.A full twelve inches of cock shook and bobbed in front of her as Susan twisted her hand up and down it.

Susan kept right on jacking her dog as the thin juices begin to fly out the tip spurting into Karen's face and eyes.The clear thin liquid dripping over her lips as she fought to keep her face from the brutes engorged penis.The more Karen fought the more her face became covered in the dog's misty spray.She tried to scream again but her mouth was flooded with the clear liquid.Karen gagged and sputtered but the watery seed kept flying into her mouth and then she began to taste it for the first time.

Karen was trembling and heaving but in her mind she heard herself say that the taste wasn't all that bad, not nearly as vile or disgusting as she'd imagined it would be.Karen let her tongue savor the taste and began to let it fill her mouth so she could swallow it all down to see how it felt.It felt slick and oily and warm as it wormed it's way down her throat into her belly and she let out a low purr of content that Susan quickly picked up on.

"I see your not so high and mighty now with a dog dick in your face and loving every damn minute of it too you pathetic little shit." laughed Susan."Just look at that hot red meat waiting to plug your bitch mouth, makes my mouth water just looking at it but this ones all for you hon."With that Susan brushed the dogs pointed tip over Karen's lips and told her to suck it.

Karen tried hard to turn her head away but Susan's grip on her hair was pure agony.She felt as if her scalp were being torn out and she opened her mouth to scream again but felt a hot slab of dog prick buried quickly in it.Karen couldn't breathe, her mouth filled with the b**sts throbbing cock.She tried to wrestle her lips free of it but Susan kept a steady pressure on her head till she had no choice but to have the dog's swelling prick locked tight in her mouth.

Susan began to pump Karen's head back and forth over her dog's cock slowly at first and then gained speed."Suck it you bitch, suck his fucking cock good and hard so he can blow a huge load out for ya." Susan yelled.Karen tried to resist but it was pointless, she felt her tongue curl over the pulsing shaft and began to suck and bathe the dog's meat with her warm wet mouth.

In spite of her denial she knew she wanted to cum and was being turned-on like hell by what was being done to her.Karen gave in to her base desires and hoped it would all be over soon.She began to lap the arrow tip of Butch's dick with her tongue feeling the slick spray leek out and fill her mouth.The more she sucked and pulled the more Butch's dick began to throb and pulse and the more clear juice leaked out.She could feel the hot swollen veins on his prick course with bl**d as he surged with power and desire to spill his seed in her mouth.

"Yes, baby, YESSSSSSSSS, eat my doggie's dick right up." Susan hissed."Be a good girl and I'll make you feel good too."Susan pushed Butch down on the quilt on to his back and pulled Karen into a kneeling position so her mouth was still locked on Butch as she hunkered over him.His massive penis still jammed into the back of her throat."Yummy yummy, drag every last drop of cream out of those bastard big balls, suck him fuckin dry." Susan urged.

Karen became aware that Susan had let go of her hair and felt her fingers spreading her legs apart but for some reason she didn't try to fight against her.She didn't want to stop sucking off Butch, she actually wanted to drain the brute and taste his cum just as Susan had.Karen felt Susan's fingers sliding up and down her cunt folds making them slick and wet.Her cunt was on fire and her own juices were flowing thickly out of her as the woman stroked her clit and cunt lips with her fingertips.

Karen was intoxicated with her lust for dog prick.She could smell Butch's sex and lust growing by the second just as her own desires were spiraling out of control.Karen wanted to please Butch, to worship his glorious dog cock, to devour it and drink his scalding cum till she and he both were satisfied.

She wanted so badly for her hands to be untied, how she wanted to wrap her arms about the dog and just choke on his thick slab of meat.Feel his coarse fur against her naked body.To fondle his ballooning balls as she nursed and sucked his huge trembling prick.Karen felt something rough and hard run between her cunt folds and realized that Susan had an old dried corn cob teasing her with it.She felt the dried hard kernels on the cob rasp against her clit and wanted to have Susan jam the fucker right up her.Her pussy was aching for a good fucking and God how she wanted to cum.

Karen gulped greedily at Butch's cock, savoring the hot meat and flowing juices that was spilling out of his slit.Her lips pulled at the base of his meat brushing his swollen knot and then she opened wider to try and lap at the knot with her tongue.Karen couldn't wait to be flooded with a heavy creamy load of dog spunk and was going to swallow every drop of it.Butch was shaking and bucking like mad as Karen licked and nursed his swollen meat.

Karen pulled her mouth from Butch just long enough to scream at Susan to untie her hands."God damn it please untie me, I want to eat your dogs prick like the whore I am.""Let me milk that big bastard knot dry, PLEASSSSSSE I beg you."Susan stopped her teasing of Karen and untied her hands and in a flash Karen began fisting Butch's prick up and down with one hand and cupping the massive balls with her other.

"Go get it Karen, get Butch's load hot from the pipe bitch." Susan urged.Susan had the corn cob back between Karen's folds and began twisting the now slick cob into her gaping cunt hole.Karen beat on Butch's prick shaft and kneaded his knot and balls pulling the cum load up his shaft and ready to drink all he had to offer her.

Butch's glowing red penis was dripping in thick strands of Karen's saliva as it pulsed with power and cum raced up to flare open the stinging tip of it.Karen gulped and moaned over the meaty slab of flesh as she felt the corn cob rub her cunt walls with the nubby hard kernels.Susan's hand was slick in cunt juices as she plunged the cob deeper in and out of Karen's sucking wet hole.

Susan thrust the cob harder up Karen and screamed to her "He's there bitch, suck it, suck it all out of him.""Choke on it, drink that doggie cum right up slut."Karen's cunt muscles gripped the cob as her orgasm raced thru her belly and down toward her pussy.She felt the sweet warm rush of her cum spew down over the cob and Susan's hands as she reamed her hole wide open.Driving the hard rough shaft in and out of her now foaming slit.
Karen felt a huge surge as Butch yelped loudly and a massive burst of the dog's cum jetted out of his penis sliding down her throat.Her mouth buried over his cock and her tongue whipped the frothy cream back and forth in her mouth as it erupted from his thick point.Butch howled as Karen milked his throbbing knot, spurt after gooey spurt of his seed spraying the woman's hungry mouth.

Susan was sawing the dried cob in and out of Karen's pussy and could feel the woman's entire body shudder with the fierceness of her climax.Susan's hands were awash in cunt cream as she fucked the dried husk into Karen, each thrust producing a wet squishing sound.Susan began smearing Karen's pussy juices over the woman's breasts and nipples with one hand as she continued to assault her burning pussy.

Karen was over-the-top now, lost in a delicious mix of lust and perversion and she didn't care.Didn't give a fuck about anything other than her cum and draining this brute of a dog's dick dry of potent seed.Karen was choking as more and more sperm flew up his dick tube and flooded her throat.Retching with her desire to choke on his cum and prick meat.She gagged and puked up nothing but pure hot dog spume that came out and poured over his prick shaft and knot.Karen kept sucking, eating the foamy frothy slime mix over again as the last of the b**st's load spewed out. The ebbs of his seed leaked out and Karen continued to gobble and drink up his precious tangy nectar.Her hands gathered under Butch's swollen balls as his prick wilted in her mouth where she nursed and lathed the rubbery meat.Her nose pressed into his belly she collapsed on the dog her knees giving out from under her.

Susan leered down at Karen squeezing the woman's ass cheeks as she held the cob inside her."You fuckin bitch you, your a God Damn whore if ever there was one and your our whore now hon".Karen's eyes were glazed over with fuck lust only the whites now showing.She felt Susan's hot breath on her neck and the warmth of her lips kiss her as she whispered to her of all the fun that was still in store for her, for all of them.Karen just smiled and drifted off into the blackness once again.

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14 days ago
very hot and sticky great story !!!!
26 days ago
what a wicked scene told!
1 month ago
Very sexy and erotic story, well written
1 month ago
Fucking wild story. Thx.
1 month ago
Sexiest story iv read in a while x)
1 month ago
Fantastic story
1 month ago
I love it and hope we can read an other part of it!? :D
1 month ago
just nice? ;)
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nice. :)
6 months ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Well-written, but isn't there a stipulation on the post page that says you can't write about bestiality? Not trying to be rude or anything, just FYI.
3 years ago
different but very good