b*****r In-Laws Whore pt.2

Christie tried to get up. But tom only slapped her across the ass and told her not to move. Nora pulled the chair directly behind Christie. Then Christie felt slim, gentle fingers begin to stroke her cheeks. Tom held his hand in the small of her back as Nora pried her cheeks apart. "No Tom! Please?" When she felt the woman's tongue slid down her ass crack, Christie stiffened and tried to squeeze her cheeks tight. Nora laughed and taking her middle finger pushed hard between the mounds of soft ass meat. "Now Senoretta Christie, you are not the first woman that Nora has loved. Senor Tom lets me taste many of the women he fucks." Christie struggled, even as she felt Nora's finger pushing between her cheeks. Then she cried out as it found her puckered hole and pushed in. Tom had come around the table and was now standing directly in front of Christie. "Stop struggling slut! Nora is gonna lick that pussy, even if I have to tie you up for her to do it." The threat of being tied helpless, scared Christie even more than Nora's touching her did. She stopped struggling and tried to relax.

Tom looked pass Christie's ass to Nora's face. Nora didn't need a lot of makeup to look beautiful. And Tom still couldn't believe how deliciously nasty the woman was. Since the first time he fucked her, she had been a slave to his dick. She let him do anything he wanted to her and she always came back for more. Nora was one of the few women who could take every one of his 9 inches down her throat. And he loved to hear her scream in Spanish as he fucked her up the ass.

Nora was a total slut and she loved it. With a soft moan, she dipped her head and began to give Christie her first rimming. Christie had seen it done in the videos but had thought it too nasty to ever try. But the shock that went thru her, as Nora's practiced tongue dipped into her tight hole, almost made her come up off the table. She had always slapped Tony's hand away whenever he tried to rub her asshole while he fucked her. She said it made her feel dirty. Christie's eyes were squeezed shut as the woman assaulted her asshole. But feeling Tom's dick pushing against her lips, and his command to open them, made her look at him.

"Get used to it, slut! There are a few other women around here that like the taste of pussy. And you're gonna meet all of them, sooner or later." Knowing she had no choice, Christie began to suck on the dick that was pushed into her mouth. And to her surprise, she felt herself pushing back to give Nora more of her asshole. The woman's tongue felt just like a small, wet dick as it worked in and out of her forbidden treasure. And as she felt the woman lick further down her crack, towards her cunt, she lifted up on her tiptoes to give her room. Christie's mind was reeling so hard, she thought she was going to black out. But just as her body began to tremble, announcing her coming climax, both her assailants stopped. Christie screamed in frustration. "NO! Don't stop! Oh please! I'm gonna cum! Don't stop!" She reached back and pried her own ass cheeks apart. "Nora, please put your tongue back on my cunt. Tom! Shove your dick in my mouth. I've gotta cum! I gotta cum, now!"

Tom looked down at his s****r-in-law. Just like some of his other neighbors, she was begging for it now. But he needed to make sure she was his. He had perfected his seductions down to an art. First he f***ed the woman to take him. Then when she was hot beyond thinking, he put her in a situation to be blackmailed. "How bad do you want it, Christie?" he slapped his dick across her mouth. She looked up at him and her eyes were glazed with lust.

"Fuck me! Oh please, fuck me! I'll let Nora lick my cunt. She can tongue fuck my ass, anything. Just don't leave me like this." Christie had tried to push her hand down between her thighs, but Nora grabbed it and held it. Tom smiled down at her. "Now you're ready to go into the bedroom." Tom stepped back and Nora helped Christie stand. Then Christie was led into the bedroom. Nora stripped while Tom led Christie to the bed. Her dress was now thrown over a chair. Nora climbed up on the bed and began to kiss Christie all over her body. Christie turned to look at Tom and screamed. He was holding a camcorder taping her.

This time, Christie struggled up and almost managed to get off the bed. But Tom and Nora wrestled her back down. Tom tied her wrist to the bedpost with two scarves. He didn't bother to tie her legs. Nora smiled as she climbed back between the woman's thighs. Even as she struggled, Christie could feel the effects of Nora's talented tongue. And even as she cursed her self for allowing things to get this far, Christie began to respond. "Oh! Ahh! Oh fuck! Damn, Nora! Your tongue feels so good. How can you push it so deep in my cunt?" Just as Christie felt herself ready to cum again, Nora stopped. Christie begged the woman to continue. Her head thrashed back and forth in frustration. Nora, no stranger to what Tom wanted, worked her tongue up Christie's body until her lips touched Christie's. The hungry kiss Christie gave her would make anyone viewing the video think that Christie was a willing participant. And when Nora stuck one of her nipples into Christie's mouth, the woman sucked it like a starving c***d sucking a momma's tit.

Tom stroked his hard dick as he viewed the scene thru his camera. Nora had turned around and as she worked her tongue back down Christie's body, was positioning herself over Christie. Then as she lowered her head and once again began to give Christie's cunt the attention she craved, she lowered her hips. Christie didn't think, as the hairy cunt came lower to her mouth. If Nora's cunt could make her feel anything like the woman's tongue had made her feel, she wanted it. Christie did to Nora just as the woman had done to her. She gave Nora's pussy long swipes with her tongue. She was surprised at the sweet taste of the cunt juice. Tom reached out and untied Christie's hands. Christie placed her hands on Nora's hips and pulled the woman down even more. Like a nympho in a boy's locker room, she attacked the woman. Soon both women were moaning and groaning as they ate each other's cunts. Tom put the camera down. He had enough to blackmail Christie with if she didn't go along with him. With hard dick in hand, he climbed up on the bed behind Nora.

Christie felt Tom's dick as he slid it pass her lips and into Nora's cunt. She opened he eyes and watched as the woman's pussy swallowed the whole thing. Then, tom's balls slapped against her chin as he fucked into Nora. Christie licked out and Tom groaned. Tom fucked Nora with such f***e; Christie winced each time he plowed into the woman. But Nora only groaned as she licked Christie's cunt even more frantically. Suddenly, Nora cried out. "Now Senor Tom! Shove it in my ass." Tom pulled back and big gobs of thick crème dropped down onto Christie's face. With eyes wide, Christie saw Tom's enormous dickhead press into Nora's pink puckered hole. Then with a shove, he buried it deep. Caught up in the sheer lust of the nasty scene, Christie grabbed Nora's hips and pulled her down. Nora screamed into her pussy as Tom plowed into Nora's ass. Christie was licking and sucking the Spanish cunt like she would die if she stopped. Then with a hard lunge and a muffled scream, Christie's mouth was flooded. At the same time, the long needed cum she had been denied arrived. She screamed into Nora's cunt as the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced hit her.

Minutes passed by as Christie lay on her back. When she opened her eyes and looked over, she could see Tom still humping into Nora's ass. If only Tony could last half as long? Christie reached out and cupped one of Nora's swinging tits. She grasped the nipple and pinched hard. Nora moaned and humped her ass back at Tom even faster. Christie turned until she was alongside the woman. Then she turned Nora's head until their lips met. Nora's tongue snaked into her mouth as Tom brought the woman t another crying climax. Nora sighed as Tom, his dick shriveling in size, pulled out of her tight, abused asshole.

She smiled at Christie. "So I guess you will come back to wrestle with my boa constrictor again?" Christie kissed her on the lips. "And to taste the sweet juice of your cunt. I can't wait to see if my tongue can drive your asshole crazy like you did mine." Later after they had showered, and Nora showed Christie a special douche to use to tighten up her stretched pussy; Christie looked at her b*****r-in-law. "Maybe I'll keep the money and open a secret bank account. I got a feeling I'm gonna need some new clothes to wear whenever I come over."
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