His Favorite Class pt.2

With deadly accuracy, his cockhead found her g-spot and attacked it in full f***e. She shrieked with each thrust, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she realized her orgasm was upon her. No sooner had she resigned herself to be ravaged by his tireless thrusting with his throbbing tool than the earthquake began in her cunt. Her mouth tried to form words of warning to let Jason know she was coming, but all that came out were yells that reverberated around the room as her orgasm broke upon her like a tidal wave. Her whole body shook, her back arched in total pleasure, and her pussy convulsed around Jason's dick. His thrusts grew shorter and faster, prolonging her pleasure for minutes as the climax rolled over and dominated her every feeling and pore. He fucked her mouth with his tongue as well, and dropped his hands to her ass. He spread her cheeks, kneading her perfect ass, and one finger dropped to her tight asshole, rubbing across it and circling its rim. She screamed in wild pleasure as her orgasm slammed her pussy harder than any cock ever could. The waves of sexual satisfaction peaked and subsided after countless minutes that felt like hours, leaving her exhausted and gasping. But Jason wasn't done.

He had physically restrained himself from coming with her, wanting her tired and weak like this so she could feel his orgasm over her own abated pleasure. She did nothing but whimper and suck his tongue as he kept plowing her, his cock hard as a rock and every muscle in his core tight as a bowstring. His hands pressed her to him, holding them together as one in his final seconds.

With a final thrust, he bottomed out in her exhausted twat, drawing a faint moan from Carmen. His dick pulsated time after time as he yelled loud enough to echo in the halls. His back arched, his chest heaved, and he shot rope after rope of hot seed into her soaked pussy. An entire year of sexual frustration was released in this one moment, and he made sure she felt it.

He finished finally, after pumping what seemed like a gallon of jizz into Carmen's newly deflowered snatch. With an authority that said "I own you and you will never tease me again" Jason rolled her off into the floor and stood. She looked up at him weakly, but totally satisfied, feeling his cum roll out of her pussy and onto the floor, feeling grateful she was on birth control. He smirked at her, dick softening to its more manageable form, pleased that he had finally got what he wanted and could get it anytime.

In a final victorious display Jason fished his phone out of his jeans as he put them on and snapped a quick picture of her used, dripping, prostrate body on the floor. He then put his shirt and shoes back on, shoved her sopping panties into his pocket as a souvenir, and left without a word. She left soon after, not bothering to clean up or do anything about the smell that permeated the room. She felt his jizz squish inside her all the way back to her dorm. She couldn't wait for their next class together.
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