My Dirty Ex-Girlfriend

Zoe opened her eyes, but all she could see was darkness, something was pressing against her eyelashes. She tried to feel around her eyes, but she couldn't move her hands from where they were above her head. It took her a few moments of waking up to sense the soft, heavy material wrapped tightly around her wrists and pressing against the bridge of her nose and into her eyelashes.

She tried to move her legs, realising quickly that her ankles were also encased in the same material, and she couldn't move. Her legs were spread wide apart, her ankles tied to something cold she could feel when she tried to move about. Her arms were pulled tightly above her head, tied together at the wrists and attached to the cold thing also. At that moment, she heard something move and creak, a draft swept over her body, making her realise she wasn't wearing any clothes, except from knickers.

Zoe started to panic then, trying desperately to remember what had happened for her to end up in this situation. She could here footsteps coming closer to her, and she tried to move again, trying harder and harder the closer the footsteps came. The footsteps slowed, but she kept struggling, trying to get out of the bonds, but it didn't work – she only made the knots tighter, and she could feel the bonds getting tighter around her wrists and ankles. The footsteps started up again, much faster this time, whoever it was was taking longer strides this time. She opened her mouth, took in a breath and was about to scream loudly when she felt something pushed into her mouth.

It was slightly elongated and rounded, maybe an inch long and the same around. Whoever put it in her mouth was lifting her head and fastening a strap behind her. The bastard has gagged me, she thought, what is he planning to do to me?

The blindfold was removed, the light from the room stinging her eyes. As her eyes adjusted, someone moved into her view. She relaxed, realising it was her boyfriend. He must just be acting out some fantasy, I'll just make some sort of signal that I don't want to do this. He'll stop then, surely.

"So then, Zoe, how does it feel? All tied up? You can't move to get away from me now can you? Can't slap my hand away when I do this," he taunted. Zoe felt his hand on her, just above the knee, slowly moving up the inside, getting closer to her pussy than she had ever allowed him before. She screamed behind the gag, hardly any noise coming from her, pulled again on her bonds, trying to close her legs first, then after having no luck trying to free her arms again, anything to get his hand off her.

She had only been with James for a few months, and although she was no virgin, still liked to wait a while before having sex with new boyfriends. She had thought that James understood this, but he had been trying harder recently to try and get any further than kissing, and she had held her ground. Obviously he wasn't happy with her not putting out for him. His hand was right up at the top of her leg now; she could feel his thumb against her clit through her knickers. She twisted her body about under his hand, trying to get him away, but she could hardly move an inch, let alone get away from his hand.

James watched Zoe trying to get away from him, he smiled at her, moved his thumb slightly, sending her crazy again, unfortunately not crazy in the way he would have liked for their first time. He had wanted to be gentle the first time, slowly build up to dominating her, but she hadn't allowed for that. Three months was just too long a time to go without getting even a glimpse of what her body held for him. She had sent him over the edge just last night; she knew she was teasing him when she kissed him for over an hour, grinding against his cock. Making him rock hard under his jeans. He had thought that last night was the night, and then she had stopped, kissed him once on the cheek and said goodnight, turned over in bed and fell asl**p almost instantaneously. He had decided there and then that maybe she wanted him to take charge; she wanted him to f***e her. So he had tied her to the bed using her own dressing gown cords, making sure the knots were tight, that they'd only get tighter if she struggled, and waited on her waking up, leaving the room to sl**p on the couch, leaving her uncomfortably spread eagled on the bed.

James sat on the bed next to her, her eyes grew wide as he bent in closer to her, whispering in her ear, "I'm going to take from you, what is rightfully mine, and you will learn to enjoy it eventually. Or maybe you won't, but I'm still going to do whatever I want to you." He put his hand against her cheek, she closed her eyes moving her head to the side away from him. He could tell she had resigned herself to the fact she couldn't get free, but she still didn't want him to touch her.

James stood and moved to the foot of the bed, pulling off his t-shirt, pushing his boxers down to the ground. Zoe's eyes widened again, she was shocked by the size of his cock. She had only felt it through the denim of his jeans before, never realised how big it was, especially how thick he was. He took his cock in his hand, stroking himself, enjoying watching Zoe trying even more frantically to free herself, tightening the knots even more, almost cutting off the circulation to her hands and feet. She stopped struggling again, realising how futile her attempts were.

He kneeled on the bed, in between her legs and moved right up until he was hovering over her, his hands and knees taking all his weight. He moved his weight onto one hand, and lightly touched her neck with his other hand, and lightly trailed his fingertips down her body, across her E-cup tits, down her stomach resting at the top of her knickers, he hooked one finger under the elastic and pulled it back, letting go suddenly, the elastic snapping back against the sensitive skin of her stomach; Zoe jumped as much as she could at the sudden sting it caused, yelping behind the gag. James smiled at her, enjoying the pain he caused her. He trailed his fingers back up across her stomach again, cupping his hand around her left tit, stroking it lightly, rubbing over her nipple with his thumb, making it hard, blowing lightly on it, making it even harder. He pinched her nipple then, between his thumb and forefinger, pulling hard on it, making her arch her back off the bed, pulling uncomfortably on her bonds until she couldn't move any more off the bed. He kept pulling on her nipple, letting her rest back on the bed before pulling again, pulling higher each time, enjoying the noises Zoe was making.

He let go of her nipple, leaning back on his hand, instead ducking his head down to her right nipple. He licked her nipple that was already slightly hard from the coolness of the room, and blew on it making it almost as hard as the left. He took her nipple between his teeth, imitating what he had done to her left but with his teeth. Her muffled yelps were louder and more hysterical than before. His teeth cut into her nipple, and he pulled on it, again causing her to arch her back off the bed. He gave one last tug and got up off the bed, he reached under the bed, pulling out a duffel bag which he reached into.

Zoe heard him putting things at the bottom of the bed, but she couldn't see from the position she was lying in. He came up to her head again, and replaced the blindfold he'd taken off her earlier, causing more muffled sounds from her. She could now only hear him again.

James picked up some metal nipple clamps, moving beside her. He pinched her right nipple again, making sure it was hard enough before placing the clamp on and tightening it, then he repeated with the left. Zoe was screaming now behind the gag, clenching her hands into fists. He laughed then, and flicked them one at a time making the clamps pulling on her nipples even more than his teeth had.

"I'm going to untie you now, Zoe. Don't try and run. I have locked the door and I have the key hidden away. Nod your head if you understand." Zoe nodded. "Good girl." James reached up above her head and untied her hands from the bed, but when he sat up he decided to keep her wrists firmly tied together. Zoe moved her arms about, only just realising how stretched her shoulders had been in that position, trying to struggle away from him when he grabbed her wrist and pulled it behind her back, tying it to her other wrist once again. Now her wrists were behind her back, and her tits were pushed out forward with the strain. She lay still, I won't move, maybe this will be over soon and he'll let me go. If I do as I'm told it'll hopefully go quicker, she thought to herself. Before untying her ankles, James d****d a length of rope around her neck, pulling one end of it through a loop in the other end and tightened it until it was loosely tied around her neck; he tugged on it making it difficult for her to breathe for a second, before letting it go again. She was frightened now; she definitely understood that she had to do as she was told.

James untied her ankles form the bed posts, and Zoe instinctively closed her legs, but a warning slap on her clamped nipples made her reopen them a few inches. Pulling on the rope around her neck he f***ed her off the bed, and into a standing position. When she closed her legs, James slapped her ass, "Open them you bitch, when you are standing in front of me, I should be able to take you then and there. I shouldn't have to ask you to open your legs for me. This is how you ended up in this position so soon." Zoe parted her feet, her cheeks blushing as he called her a bitch. His hand cupped her pussy then, her knickers thankfully still in the way, stopping him from actually putting his fingers inside her just yet. He started walking, and Zoe followed him, without much choice. He led her carefully down the stairs, and into the dining room. Stopping still, he turned to her, and she he saw that she had her legs closed again, he slapped her face. Zoe didn't quite understand why he had done that, but she was even more scared now. When she still didn't open her legs, James pulled on the nipple clamps, making her scream again. Her screams made his cock twitch with anticipation. He suddenly untwisted the clamps from her nipples, making her scream again. Oh how he loved that sound. Spit was starting to leak from around the gag form all the screaming she had been doing.

He massaged her nipples until the pain subsided, and then moved behind her. He pulled on the rope around her neck so it was snug around her neck. Reaching round in front he started to slap her tits, one at a time, still holding onto the end of the rope. Each slap made her jump forward to try to get away from him, but that just made her choke herself. Finally, after several more slaps on her tits James realised she had opened her legs again. Hmm, I wonder when she realised and did that. Maybe most of that slapping was unnecessary, he thought to himself. He pulled her closer to him using the rope and reached round the front of her knickers pulling at the elastic again and snapping it back against her skin. She yelped again, he could feel her hands, which were still tied tightly behind her back forming fists, trying to counteract the pain. He knelt in front of her and pulled her knickers down, when they were around her ankles he pulled at each ankle until she stood on one leg and took them off her.

He turned her round, and made her walk backwards until she was leaning against the dining table. Pushing her back further, he caused her to fall backwards onto the table, and he lifted her legs from the floor. He placed his hand between her legs and pulled on her thigh making her spread her legs further than they had been when she was tied up. It caused her knees to bend, and eventually her feet to come right off the table, the back of her thighs against the back of her calves. James took this opportunity to bind her legs together in this position, meaning it was impossible for her to close her legs properly without nipping her skin in the bonds he sat her up slightly to untie her hands, not wanting her to be in pain, merely uncomfortable. He watched her for a minute with untied hands to see what she would do.

Zoe did nothing. She lay her arms by her side. "Oh, so you think that by doing as you're told you'll get away faster? Think again slut. You are here until I have finished with you. And not a minute earlier. Besides I like it better when my sluts try and escape." With that, James grabbed her wrists and tied one to each leg. In this position, Zoe's pussy and ass were right at the edge of the table, and her head hung slightly off the other end. She just lay still, James decided to make her realise who was really boss now, that she was just his slut. She was just there to be used. She heard him lighting a match, swearing once, then chuckling to himself after the next. He came to stand next to her, and again stroked her nipples, pinching and twisting them until they were as hard as with the clamps on. He reached down to her pussy and found that she was soaking wet. "So you're enjoying this are you? You really are a slut. But why don't you see for yourself how wet you are." He slapped her tit again, brushing against her hard and sore nipple. He reached down and picked her knickers up off the floor, they were soaking wet. He reached behind her head and took the rope from around her neck and pulled it tight, fastening it to the table leg in the opposite side, not quite constricting her breath, but not allowing her to move too much. He then undid the gag from her mouth and replaced it with her pussy soaked knickers.

She tried to spit them out, hating the taste and smell of her own pussy, but he took some duct tape and fastened her knickers into her mouth as a make-shift gag. Zoe heard him then open the door, and leave the room, closing it behind him. She had no idea how much time passed, but she was getting uncomfortable. She couldn't believe how wet her pussy was from this torture she was getting from James. She wanted him back in the room, in her pussy, in her mouth, even in her ass, as long as he was inside her.

James hadn't left the room. He sat and watched her struggling to get out the bonds, and even to close her legs. She was trying to put pressure on her clit, she was so turned on, she just needed something. She heard something move, just as she felt something hot touching her skin, she screamed again from behind her knickers. Knowing it did nothing didn't stop her, the pain was unbearable. It seemed never ending, the hot liquid touching her skin every few seconds, not giving her time to breathe in between. The rope around her neck was keeping her down, not letting her away from the pain. When it finally stopped, she realised it was cooling already from where she had been burning, James was pealing something off her skin, "Candle wax, slut. Did you enjoy it?" He reached down between her legs, two fingers slipping very easily into her pussy, "Well, you're nasty slut cunt certainly did. Maybe it would enjoy some as well?" With that, Zoe felt more burning, much more painful than before on her sensitive pussy, not directly over her opening or clit, but on the shaved area around it. She couldn't take any more, but James kept going, with the candle wax, again taking sick pleasure form the way her body moved. He began dripping the wax all over her body again, moving away from her pussy, and up toward her tits, but he bypassed them, and dripped the wax on her neck, and back down, when he reached her pussy again, he slapped her tit again, slapping each one alternately, getting harder with each slap, making sure to slap upwards, over her sore nipples. Zoe fell quiet, exhausted from screaming so much.

James set the candle down, and moved to her head. He ripped the tape off her mouth and pulled her kickers out her mouth. She gasped for air, tried to sit up, but remembered just as the rope tugged her neck that she couldn't. James took advantage of her open mouth and thrust his cock deep into her mouth. She was shocked at first, never having had such a thick cock in her mouth. She tried feebly to move away from him, but was trapped between him and the table. His balls were sitting over her nose, making it harder still for her to breathe. "No biting or I'll fuck your ass first." Zoe complied, and made sure her teeth didn't graze his cock. It was so thick though, and every now and then, her teeth would sc**** his cock lightly, her punishment was a slap. He would alternate between slapping her face, her tits or her exposed pussy.

She lay on the table, taking his cock deep into her mouth trying to suck him hard so he came faster. She wanted this ordeal to be over with. He banged his cock into her mouth mercilessly, causing her to gag, but he didn't give her time to breathe. James thrust one last time deep into her mouth, reaching back, he positioned his balls so they were over her nose and he thrust hard, but barely moving out of her mouth as he pinched and twisted her nipples. Just as Zoe felt as though she was about to pass out, he released her nipples and withdrew his cock from her mouth.

He moved slightly further towards her, and this time it was his balls he placed above her mouth, when she didn't immediately suck on them, he reached back and pinched her nostrils together, making her open her mouth to breathe. He squatted down slightly over her open mouth and his balls went straight in "Suck my balls you dirty slut. Suck them as good as you did my cock." Zoe began sucking on them and he let go of her nose, letting her breathe again. She licked and sucked his balls as he finger-fucked her pussy, going as deep into her pussy as he could. He had three fingers inside her when he pulled them out and began playing with her ass, first just circling her asshole, before pushing a fingertip against it. He did this several times, each time, causing Zoe to jump and take his balls deep into her mouth. He enjoyed that so much, he kept teasing her ass, making her think he was going to put his finger right in.

Standing upright again, he pulled his balls out her mouth and replaced them with another gag, one this time shaped similar to an ass plug, but not as long. "Just so you don't forget what it feels like to have a cock in your mouth as I fuck your tight cunt." He moved around to her pussy, and stroked his thick cock, she tried to bring her head up to see what he was doing, but the rope around her neck stopped her when she couldn't breathe. James lined his cock up to her wet pussy and his entire 8 inch cock was deep inside her pussy in one thrust. She screamed out behind the gag, making his cock twitch as it had done earlier at her screams. He started thrusting in and out of her pussy, slowly at first, taking nearly his whole cock out before ramming it back in. He was getting harder and faster with his thrusts, holding onto her legs to hold himself to her, reaching up to her tits with some thrusts, pinching her nipples as he went in deep, or slapping her face as his pubic bone hit off her clit with each thrust. Her pussy just kept getting wetter, each thrust sending a wave of pleasure though her.

Each slap or pinch sending the room spinning. She couldn't believe she was enjoying being treated like such a slut so much, but she couldn't help it, it felt so good being used like this.

James was calling her names now, calling her a good for nothing slut, a whore who needed to be shown who was in charge. He kept thrusting into her pussy hard, "You dirty little whore, you're enjoying this aren't you?" Zoe tried to shake her head, but he slapped her cheek, "Don't lie to me, you're cunt it so wet from being abused by me." She blushed. "What, don't you like being called a whore? or me saying you're cunt is enjoying this?" he slapped her tits a few more times, pulling at her nipples again and calling her his slut over and over again. "After tonight, you will call me Sir. You will do whatever I tell you to do, and take whatever I give you. You know you will love it. You're a natural slut, and you're my slut. Are you going to come over my big cock now?"

Zoe couldn't take any more of his thrusting and slapping, it was sending her into orgasm with every movement, he kept pounding at her cunt, slapping her tits, watching them bounce around in front of him and turn red from the slaps, and he felt her come. Her cunt convulsed around his cock, her pussy juices flowing around his cock and out of her pussy, over her ass. James pulled out of her pussy and strode around to her head, he yanked the blindfold off her eyes, and allowed to adjust to the light. He was stroking his cock over her head, he put one hand under her head and undid the buckle for the gag, tearing it out her mouth, he grabbed a handful of hair from the back of her head and pulled her head up till it was right under the tip of his cock, this caused the rope to pull tightly on her neck, nearly choking her, he asked her, "Are you going to be my obedient slut?"

Zoe could hardly breathe for the rope around her neck, but she answered, "Yes, sir," as he shot his cum all over her face, reaching to her tits, before he let her hair go and she could breathe slightly better as he f***ed his cock into her mouth, "Lick my cock clean you dirty little cum slut. You realise that because you enjoyed yourself so much, your slutty cunt came so hard that your cum dripped out of you cunt and over your ass. You've lubed your own ass for me to fuck. I'm going to fuck your ass even harder than I did your pussy, and you're going to thank me for it because it's going to make you come again. Your slut mouth is also going to clean my cock just as it's doing now." As he said this he slapped her tits a few more times and thrust deep into her mouth where his cock started growing, getting harder each time he felt her tongue against him.
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