Suck My Tits Daddy pt.2!

Finally, we collapsed together, our bodies trembling and soaked with the sweat of our passion. I held my daughter close, her heavy milk-filled tits pressing hard against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist and stood up, then walked to the center of the room and gently laid her on the carpeted floor. We lay side by side for a long while without speaking, our hands touching and exploring, and our eyes locked together.

"That was incredible," she said finally.

"I'll second that opinion," I smiled.

Callie paused for a moment, then said in a soft, hesitant voice, "You have no idea how long I've waited for you to make love to me."


"Yes. I used to masturbate and imagine how it would feel to hold your cock and how it would feel to have you deep inside of my pussy."

"And now?"

She smiled. "I don't ever want another man but you, daddy."

"Well...someday you'll change your mind, baby."

"I doubt it."

We were lying on our sides, facing each other. Callie placed one soft hand on my chest and pushed lightly until I rolled onto my back. She rolled on top of me and slid down until her face was even with my chest. Then, while I watched, she began to lick my nipples, something I had never had done to me before. Her tongue and lips, as she licked and sucked, brought a low groan of pleasure from my mouth. I closed my eyes and reveled in this new and wonderful sensation.

It wasn't long before my cock was hard again. It had been years since I was able to become aroused so soon after making love. But my sexy daughter was more than able to make it happen. Her teeth lightly nibbled on my sensitive nipples sending shock waves rippling through my body. I groaned and took her head in my hands, feeling the softness of her long red hair.

Her mouth traveled softly, kissing and licking me as she worked her way around my chest and stomach. The tip of her pink tongue dipped into my navel, causing me to shudder deliciously. This was the first time a woman had ever made love to me this way and made me feel so hot that I felt like I had the stamina to go all night.

"MMMMM!" she hissed softly as she scooted down further and took my cock in one hand. "It looks to me like my daddy still wants to practice making his little girl pregnant!"

"Take me in your mouth, Callie!" I gasped. "Suck my cock!"

I groaned and nearly cried out with pleasure as she took several inches of my hard, throbbing cock deep into her mouth. One soft hand grasped the base of my cock while her mouth sucked up and down on the fat shaft. Her head made corkscrew motions as she bobbed her pretty head up and down. Callie's other hand crept down between her velvety thighs and began rubbing her sex-swollen clit.

"Don't cum in my mouth, daddy," she warned. "As much as I want to taste your seed, I want it in my pussy even more."

"Ok, baby."

"Remember, we have a baby to make."

Then her mouth was on my cock again. I loved the way her lips looked wrapped around the shaft of my cock. Her green eyes rose occasionally to lock onto mine and I could see the glazed look of lust in them. She not only enjoyed sucking my cock, but she truly wanted it in her mouth. I took her pretty head in my hands again, arched my back a little and began to fuck her sweet mouth.

"That's it, baby," I gasped. "Suck daddy's cock! Take my cock deep in your sweet little mouth!"


"You look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth!"

I've never been one to last long with a blowjob. Maybe it's because Janet hates sucking cock and I seldom get one. I knew, as I watched Callie suck my cock while I fucked her mouth, that it wouldn't be long. I tried to make it last, tried to think of anything that would hold off the inevitable, but it was useless. I wasn't going to last.

"I'm gonna cum soon, baby!"


Callie let go of my cock with a loud PLOP and moved up until her pussy was just above the bulbous head, then lowered her sweet ass until I was all the way inside of her again. Her face had taken on that feral look again; her eyes were burning with an intense fire and her mouth twisted into an a****l snarl as she began to wildly ride my cock. Up and down she pumped my cock while I met each of her violent thrusts.

For the second time that night I exploded deep inside of my daughter. Her fingers, soaked with her slick juices, rubbed her clit furiously until she began to buck and writhe on me. Her orgasm came about ten seconds after mine, and it seemed more intense, more passionate this time. The patch of pubic hair above my cock was matted and soaked with Callie's pussy juice and cum.

We lay together for another thirty minutes while I feasted on her milk. The sweet, warm liquid was a taste that I didn't think I could get used to being without. But, as her slender fingers gently combed through my hair and I sucked her nipples, I wondered if I would have to do without her milk for long. I knew at that moment that if my daughter had her way, she would again be pregnant. And it looked as though she was going to get her way.
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2 years ago
keep adding on to this
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great story
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3 years ago
This makes me want to drive up north to visit my daddy. It's the weekend, maybe i will.
3 years ago
good story made me soak right thru
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great story made me so hard