Daddy's Girl pt.3: All Night Blowjobs

I can't believe how this day turned out. This morning my daughter was my precious virgin girl. I allowed my 18-year-old girl to skip school and stay home with her old man. She confessed her love for me. She has loved me her whole life, but the last few years her love has grown more then usual. I have fantasized about my little girl for years but never acted, being the good father that I am. But when she seduced me this morning, I wasn't going to argue. We had sex all day long. Oral sex, anal sex, sex, sex sex!! Now night has come, our first night as lovers. Heather asked me if she could sl**p in my bed tonight. Hmmmm.

"Of course you can sl**p in daddy's bed tonight baby, and every night after that. You are my little girl now, we either sl**p in my bed or yours."

"Oh thank you daddy!" She jumped into my bed, her boobs bouncing and jiggling. She was naked and looked sooooo fine! Heather slipped under the covers, pulling them up to her neck. I took off my clothes as she watched, her eyes getting wider when my hard manhood popped out of my boxers as I pulled them down.

"Daddy! You are hard all the time! Do all boys get hard like that all the time?"

"Only boys that love their girlfriends very much. But I won't be hard ALL the time baby. Sometimes it takes a little while. But I want you to know that when I am not hard it doesn't mean I don't love you. In fact, I want you to suck on daddy's cock even when it is soft okay? I love it sucked when it's soft."

"Oh daddy, I will kiss and suck and lick your cock all the time! Soft, hard or in the middle. I promise! I love sucking your penis daddy. Mmmmm It makes me feel all fuzzy inside."

I crawled into bed with my little girl, cuddling up behind her, spooning her. I fell asl**p smelling her sweet scented hair. I fell asl**p with her small buttcheeks pressed against my cock, her butt pushing back into me getting nice and comfy. We fell asl**p for the first time as lovers, father and daughter.

When I woke up, Heather was getting ready for school. I could see into the bathroom where she was putting her long dark hair into ponytails. Her little schoolgirl skirt was pleated and short. She had on a little half shirt, tight and pink, showing her bellybutton to the world. Knee high socks with cute black shoes. My cock was hard. I started to masturbate as I stared at my little girl.

I was on the verge of cumming as she came out of the bathroom. I took my hand away from my cock so she didn't know I was stroking it.

"Come here and suck on daddy's cock before you go to school baby." I said trying to control my breathing. She smiled and walked over to the side of the bed and grasped my cock in her tiny fingers. I almost came. She put her mouth on my dick and sucked in. Her cute little ponytails were rubbing my balls as she sucked on me. I held onto her head.

I started cumming ten seconds after her mouth sucked me in. It caught her by surprise. My cum squirted into her mouth, filling it and making her gag as she kept on sucking. Heather was trying hard to swallow my load, but her head came up and my last squirt of cum landed across her young teen face. She was coughing, gagging on my cum as she looked up at me, hoping I wasn't mad. I wasn't. She looked so cute with my cum streak along her cheek there was no way I could be mad. She finally swallowed the last of my cum that was in her mouth.

"I'm sorry daddy... I didn't know you were gonna cum so fast! I choked on your cum! I'm so sorry... are you mad?" Heather took her finger and wiped my sperm off her cheek and sucked it off her finger, swallowing it.

"Not at all babylove, you did a great job." She smiled and kneeled down, sucked in one of my balls into her mouth and moaned as if she was being fucked hard. She let it pop out of her mouth and stood up, straightened her skirt, flung her hair back and picked up her backpack.

"Daddy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure baby, what is it?"

"You remember my friend Alexis don't you?"

"Yes I do. She's the blonde girl right?" Not just blonde, but a skinny blonde with light blue eyes that just turned 18 as well. She was very hot, I always got a hard-on when she was visiting.

"Yes daddy! She's blonde. Well, can she come over after school today?" She asked with her beautiful green puppy dog eyes. I said 'no problem' and off she went.

I spent the day with porn playing on the bigscreen, music on the stereo blaring out tunes. I danced around the house playing air guitar and thinking how fucking lucky I was to have such a wonderful girl. I was very happy. I was rocking out in my boxers and must have lost track of time, because I looked up after rounding a corner and saw my babygirl with her friend Alexis standing there smiling at me.

I stopped in mid stride, my mouth open and at a loss for words. They both giggled and then ran into Heather's room. I walked back into the livingroom and turned down the tunes. I noticed the dirty movie was still playing and assumed they must have seen it on the screen.

I didn't bother to get dressed. Fuck it, boxers are fine. I sat on the couch and flipped through the channels thinking how gorgeous those two girls were standing next to each other. Alexis, the little blonde girl had small perky boobs and a short skirt just like my daughters. She had big blue eyes that, now that I look back on it, looked very flirty at me.

I was sitting in the livingroom watching the TV when the girls came into the room in their skimpy two-piece bikinis. Heather had on her cute little red bikini with the thong bottoms. Alexis had on a white bikini and couldn't tell yet if hers was thong style. She had small boobs, maybe A-cups I thought. But her nipples were hard and I couldn't help staring.

She caught me looking and I averted my eyes immediately.

"Daddy? We have a question for you."


They sat across from me in the big chair, together. They had they're legs touching and it turned me on. I had to cross my legs in order to hide my hardening cock.

"Daddy, Alexis wants to move out of her house. Her parents are being really mean to her."

"Awww, That's to bad Alexis. Do you want me to talk to them?"

"No daddy, she wants to know if you would let her stay with us." Heather stated as I looked at Alexis, she looked down, embarrassed.

"Well, I don't know. We don't really have an extra room. If we did I would say no problem." Alexis looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and bit her lower lip.

"She could sl**p in my room daddy." My little girl was trying to talk me into it. I was thinking the worst. 'If this girl moves in...what will happen to us?'. 'Would we be able to hide our love?'. I was skeptical as to how it would work. But at this point my daughter could have asked for anything and I would have said yes.

"Hmmm, well, I guess that would be okay. As long as it's okay with you baby." I looked at my little girl. She smiled and ran over to me and sat in my lap, giving me a big hug. She could feel my hard cock under her butt.

"Oh thank you daddy! You're the best dad in the whole world!" She wiggled her butt as I looked at Alexis, wondering if she would think it's weird that my daughter is sitting on her daddy's lap, when he's only wearing boxers. Alexis was smiling and said thank you over and over.

"Thank you Mr. M..." I stopped her in mid-sentence. "You can call me Andrew." I smiled to her as my daughter wiggled her little butt on my hard cock. My dick must have slipped through the hole in the front of my boxers 'cause all of a sudden I felt skin. Heather was teasingly grinding her butt on my hardness. She rubbed her hot bikini covered pussy against my raging hard-on. Suddenly she jumped up and off of my lap exposing my long thick 8 inches of cock.

I looked over at Alexis as I tried to put my dick back in my boxers. I don't know if she saw it or not. When I looked her eyes were just looking away. They hugged and then walked out to the pool. Oh my goodness. They both had on thongs as they walked away from me. Two sets of perky asscheeks swayed before my eyes. 'Maybe this wont be too bad' I thought to myself.

The day went by pretty fast, Alexis said she would go over to her house tomorrow to get her things. She wanted to stay over tonight and I said that would be ok. I was bummed because my daughter would be sl**ping in her own room tonight.

The three of us watched a movie and soon as it ended I told them I was going to bed. I got to my room and took off all my clothes and got into bed with a sigh. I lay there thinking about the night before and how much I enjoyed being with my little girl when I drifted off to sl**p.

A little while later I felt someone in the room and opened my eyes. I saw my daughter and Alexis standing in the room.

"What going on girls? Everything all right?"

"Yes daddy, we just got tired and decided to come to bed."

"I thought you and Alexis were going to stay in your room?"

"This is my room daddy."

My little girl lifted her nightshirt over her head and threw it to the floor. She was standing naked in front of Alexis and me. I wasn't sure how to react, so I just watched things unfold before me. Alexis unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing her bikini bottoms and slid those off as well. I could see her young teenager pussy clearly. She had some blonde peachfuzz on her cute tiny mound. I could see her clit sticking out, hard and wet.

She smiled at me, slightly embarrassed and took off her shirt and bra. The two naked young girls got into bed with me. Alexis and Heather lay next to each other as I slid to one side allowing more room for them. Heather was in the middle. The lights were dimmed as we cuddled together. My heart was pounding. I didn't want to ask questions. I just snuggled up against my daughter, spooning her butt, just like usual.

I guess I fell asl**p, because soon I was awakened with Heather's butt rubbing against my cock in the middle of the night. I looked over her shoulder I noticed that Alexis was asl**p. I reached down in between our bodies and pointed my hard cock at my young daughter's pussy, rubbing it against her already wet entrance. It slipped in easily. I was balls deep in my little girl's tight young cunt. She was moaning quietly as I pushed my dick deep inside her teen pussy.

I reached around her body and held her perky breasts with my hands as I pumped my thick cock in and out of my young daughter. I tried my best not to make a lot of movement, I didn't want to wake up Alexis. Who knows what she would think! I looked over at the little blonde girl in my bed... She was looking into my eyes!

I was pumping my hard thick cock slowly in and out of my daughters wet tight pussy as I stared into Alexis' big blue eyes. She smiled at me. She has such beautiful eyes. I think my cock got a little harder and bigger because my daughter let out a little yelp.

I watched as Alexis moved close to Heather's face and started to kiss her gently. My little girl was french kissing Alexis in my bed as I fucked her from behind. They were swirling their tongues together, my little girl moaning as they kissed.

I whispered into my daughter's ear "Get on your knees baby."

They broke the kiss "yes daddy"

I threw off the covers and mounted my lovergirl doggie-style. Alexis watched me closely as I penetrated my daughter's pussy. I reached over and touched Alexis for the first time, running my fingers along her naked leg. She smiled and moved closer. She got up on her knees next to my daughter. They started kissing again as I looked at the blonde beautiful ass.

I placed my hand on Ally's (Her new nickname) butt, and felt the smoothness. My fingers danced over to her hot young blonde muff. It was puffy and smooth, young and tight. Soft and wet. They were both moaning now. I was staring down at two of the finest asses I could have ever imagined. Two pussies looking at me. Two little puckering buttholes.

Heather reached back and put her hand on Ally's buttcheek, pulling it to the side. Her finger slid inside Ally's pussy. She was fingering her friend's pussy right in front of me as I started to fuck her harder then ever. Heather looked back at me and motioned to Alexis. I took the hint.

I pulled my hard cock out of Heather's tight wet young pussy and moved in behind Alexis. I rubbed my cock up and down Ally's young tiny blonde slit. Heather got up and knelt next to me, kissing me on the cheek "I love you daddy." She took my cock in her little hand and guided it inside her friend's twat.

Once it was inside, she put her hands on Ally's buttcheeks and spread them wide open for me. She smiled and placed her head on her friend's ass. Heather watched closely as my cock inched up her girlfriend's tight pussy. I felt her hymen. She was still a virgin!

"Fuck her daddy, she has never been with a boy. She always said she thought you were hot." I pushed in all the way, breaking Alexis's cherry. De-virginizing her young tender pussy.

"Oh my god! Oh YES!!" Alexis cried. "Oh Andrew, you're so big!" She started cumming immediately. Her virgin pussy was quivering with excitement. Heather started kissing her asshole as I started to pump in and out of yet another tight virgin pussy.

"Holy shit! I...I...I.. I'm CUMMING!! I'm CUMMING!!" Alexis screamed loudly as I pushed my hard thick dick deep into her young tight crevice.

I couldn't take much more as Heather leaned back up to me kissing me as I fucked her friend.

"I'm gonna cum pretty soon Heather." I warned her.

"Mmmmm, I want you to spray it in both of our mouths daddy. Please!!! Will you?"

I just smiled and she knew. She bounced back down beside Alexis. I started fucking Alexis hard and strong. My balls slapping her young clit. I spanked her butt and pulled her hair, making her head come up and look at me. Heather started kissing her again as I pulled my cock out of Ally's young wet virgin pussy that fit my cock like a glove.

They were kissing as I moved into position. I had my cock pointing right at their young mouths as they kissed. My first hot thick rope of cum landed on their lips as they french kissed. They simultaneously opened their mouths. Cheeks still touching as I pumped my cum into Heather's mouth, then I pointed it into Ally's mouth and exploded another long stream of hot cum into her young virgin teenager mouth.

They started to touch their tongues together as I unloaded the rest of my semen on their tongues as they kissed. I could see my hot juices being passed from tongue to tongue as they twirled their tongues together. They started french kissing again as I watched them start swallowing all the cum that I just sprayed in their mouths.

Gulp, gulp, gulp. I could hear it as they swallowed every last drop of my thick creamy white sperm. I lightly slapped each face with my wet cock. They both looked into my eyes and smiled. A pair of bright blue eyes and a pair of beautiful green eyes were looking into mine. I could see love in both of their expressions.

"Yummy! That tastes so good Andrew! I have never tasted cum before. I could swallow that stuff all the time!"

Heather moved down and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. Alexis saw this and sucked my other ball into her mouth. My cock was resting on my daughter's face as she sucked and licked my heavy ballsack. They were each tugging at one ball. It was the greatest feeling in the world. My cock dripped out another few drops of cum onto Heather's face. Alexis let my ball pop out of her young mouth to go and lick the cum off of Heather's face.

I collapsed on the bed in between the two girls. They put their heads on my chest and moaned together, smiling.

"Can Alexis call you 'daddy' too?" My daughter asked me.

"If it's okay with you it's okay with me baby."

Heather kissed the tip of my soft dick, then Alexis did the same, only she sucked my cock into her mouth for a second. They both rested their heads right next to my cock. I ran my fingers through their hair.

"Goodnight daddy," My daughter said, "Thanks for letting Alexis stay with us."

"Goodnight daddy," Alexis said to me, "Thank you for letting me stay here with you. You are the best daddy in the world, just like Heather told me you were."

"Awww, thanks girls. This is your house too now Alexis, you can stay as long as you like." She kissed my cock one more time before falling asl**p with her head right next to it. I could feel both of them breathing on my cock as they fell asl**p.

Throughout the night I felt my cock being sucked and licked by one or the other of them. Whenever they felt the urge they just slid my dick into their mouths. Once I felt them kissing with my cock in their mouths as they french kissed. I came again as they french kissed with my tip in their mouths. Two girls swallowing my cum at the same time.

"Suck it down girls."
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2 years ago
Fucking daddy doesn't waste one moment in starting a harem, the first day after fucking his eighteen year old virgin daughter, with whom he postponed fucking her for years. For sure she is now in the prime of her sexual proclivity.

Nothing wrong with anyone having a harem. It just seems that daddy has begun to overload his daughter with many advanced years of sexual and incest experience all within one day of taking her virginity.
2 years ago
Jeezzz! It's Heaven on earth. We're all better for it.
2 years ago
mexaa wooow nice Story> Thank For The Posting
2 years ago
fuck this was hot..
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
heather please suck my cock.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great! it's in four parts!!! yum yum! :)
3 years ago
Oh my god yes! i like this kind of story and situation and incest is one of my fave subjects. Liked the bit where they sucked him off all through the nite! Woooow! What a very lucky daddy.. Great work!.. sTaY cOoL!