Drink Daddy's Piss

As the light began to filter in through the blinds, Daddy's Princess began to stir. She was sl**ping as she always slept, with her cheek on Daddy's chest, her leg d****d over his and her shaven cunt pressed warmly against his thigh. His arm was wrapped around her, holding her firmly and protectively to him. As was normally the case, she could feel his morning erection pressing against her and the warmth and the strength of his hard cock never failed to get her little cunt starting to flow, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings when he didn't have to leave her for work. On the weekends, they would stay in bed for most all of the morning playing any of hundreds of their little games, just she and "Daddy", before taking their escapades to the living room or even the outside world.

This morning however, his cock was pressing uncomfortably against her bladder as Daddy had insisted that they each drink a large cup of water before going to bed the night before. "Daddy, let me up, I have to pee."

"Mmm, not yet sugar," he said sl**pily. "You stay here with me."

"But Daddy, I have to pee," she insisted.

"I know you do Angel, and you are going to, but not yet. Just let Daddy sl**p a little longer."

She reached down and began to massage his cock with her soft hands, knowing there was one sure way to get him to wake up in the morning and his eyes began to open. "Daddy, I have to pee pee," she said and slid down further and quickly gobbled up the head of his cock in her sweet mouth, anxious for him to let her go so she could get out of bed and was surprised to hear him tell her to stop. "Princess, I want you to get up and bring me my sweats and then I want you to put on your little red cotton panties, your blue jeans that I like and your T-shirt."

"And then I can pee?" she asked sweetly.

"Pretty soon Princess." She didn't know just what he had in mind, and even when she didn't understand where he was going with an idea she quickly did what he asked because she knew she always enjoyed it in the end and knew it would make him happy. Making Daddy happy was the most important thing in the world her. Their love for each other was like nothing else either of them had ever experienced.

His little Angel brought Daddy his sweats and then bent over playfully at the edge of the bed where he lay while she pulled on her panties. "Last chance to spank it Daddy before I put it away," she teased. But before she could cover it up, Daddy pulled her on to the bed and gave her two quick smacks on her little ass that her left her squirming and giggling while she wiggled to get away. "You're bad Daddy, you almost made me pee right here!"

When she was dressed, Daddy walked her into the living room and smiled at the puppy eyes she was giving. "OK princess, you've waited long enough, let's go," he said and walked her to the bathroom. "You have to let me pull down your jeans and panties though."

"Yes Daddy, anything, just hurry," she said now squirming and starting to dance. He slowly unbuttoned her 501's, pulled them down and then pulled her red cotton briefs down to her knees even more slowly and lowered her onto the toilet. Just as she looked up at him, he quickly lifted her by her armpits and stood her up. "Daddy, what are you doing?" she pleaded. "I have to go!"

"You know, thinking about it, it's a little too early," he said pulling up her pants and panties. "Come back in to the living room with me," he said, taking her by the hand. "I'm thirsty. Why don't you get us each a nice big glass of water? And," he said with a promising smile, "if you are a very good girl and drink it all up for me, I'll let you pee then. Okay?"

"No," she whined. "I have to pee so bad it hurts."

"I know Princess, but just think how good it is going to feel once you do."

Obediently she brought them each a big cup of water and sat on his lap while she slowly managed to drink hers down. Not taking any chances, she straddled his lap facing him and hunched her cunt against his now hard cock. With her arms wrapped around his shoulders she nuzzled her face into his neck and whispered as sweetly as she could, "Please let me pee pee Daddy. If you do, I'll let you cum all over my face and take pictures," she offered.

"You'll let me do that anyway Sugar."

"I'll let you tie up my tits and cunt and paddle me as hard as you want," she re-countered, now really grinding her hot cunt against her love.

"You drive a hard bargain Princess, but I think you've convinced me. Let's go." He walked her down the hallway to the bathroom and just as they reached the door, he stopped. "What time is it Princess?"

"Time me for me to pee Daddy," she squirmed, now with the beginning of tears of frustration in her pretty green eyes.

"You're right Angel," he smiled. And then, as if on cue, someone knocked on the door and they both turned to look. "Uh oh, let's see who's here and then I'll let you pee. I promise you."

"Daddy!" But it was no use. Daddy took her by the hand and half dragged her to see just who was interrupting their morning. Much to her surprise, the door opened up and in walked Troy, Mark and John. Three good friends of her Daddy's and of hers as well, as long as she'd known them.

"Piss herself yet?" Troy asked with a big smile on his face. He walked in and took a seat on the couch with the other two in the living room.

"Not yet, but if I don't let her soon, this poor little girl is going to explode. Aren't you Princess?"

"Yes Daddy, I am," she said, now exasperated. "Did you tell them you were going to do this to me?"

"Don't worry Princess, I promised you I'd let you pee as soon as we saw who was at the door and now you can. John, give me a hand with this." Her Daddy and John picked up the coffee table and set it out of the way. He then led her to the center of the room where she stood barefoot on the warm hardwood floor.

"Alright Princess, two things," he stated in a serious manner. "One, this is where you are going to pee, no ifs and or buts. That is final."

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, completely shocked at what he was asking her to do.

"Wait," he said, holding up a hand. "You do get a choice though, and that is my second point. You get to choose how you want to do it. You can either strip off all of your clothes and stand there and piss for us or you can stay clothed and wet your pants while we watch. It's up to you."

It was clear she didn't know what to think at all. She was normally a very modest girl around anyone other than her Daddy and she couldn't picture letting them all see her completely exposed, especially with her freshly shaven cunt. There was literally nothing to hide her inner cunt lips, which were always pouting out just a little bit, as if in a state of perpetual arousal. But the thought of wetting her pants! That was even more embarrassing. In the end, it was her bladder that made the decision. With all the water he had insisted she drink and with the situation he put her in

"Oh God Daddy, I'm pissing!" she screamed out. And slowly, a dark patch began to spread out from around her crotch.

"Good girl!" said Daddy. "That's it, let it go." With that, she finally relaxed her control and a great gush of piss started to jet from her. The sound of it hitting her jeans was audible even above the cheers of the three men on the couch.

"Yes Baby, that's it, piss for us!" Even as embarrassed as she was, she couldn't help the almost d**gged look that came over her face as she felt the hot piss she had been holding all night run down her thighs and calves to form a large pool at her bare feet. The men watching got up and were cheering their approval and waiting for what had been promised next.

"Now that's my good, good girl," Daddy said proudly. "Now don't you feel better? You had to pee so badly Angel."

"Oh my God Daddy, I can't believe I just did that. I'm soaked," she said while her face turned bright crimson.

"Yes, you are Kitten. Let us help you with those wet clothes." Daddy picked her up by the waist from behind while three sets of hands stripped her of her shirt, pants and panties in less than 5 seconds. As he held her up naked for his buddies, they stared at the sweetest, thickest cunt lips they had ever seen, now glistening with piss.

"Daddy! What are you planning on doing with your little girl?" she asked, looking into his eyes. Her earlier nervous and embarrassed tone was changing. Having her Daddy control her had always had a way of getting her cunt wet, but the fact the she just pissed herself in front of and to the approval of three of her Daddy's closest friends, was having quite an effect on her. She found herself with a very wet cunt for the second time this morning, but for a very different reason now.

"Princess, you did such a good job," he said, placing her back on her feet, "you've given me an idea." With a slight pressure on her shoulders, she new exactly what he wanted and quickly got to her knees. She looked up at him expectantly, waiting for his cock. The idea of blowing her Daddy in front of his friends was causing her stomach to tremble and she had goose bumps all over her body. "I'm going to piss in your mouth Angel and then we're going to piss all over you!"

The idea of even her Daddy, pissing in her mouth came as quite a shock, but there wasn't anything she wouldn't try at least once her him. "Do I have to drink it all Daddy?"

"No, just a mouthful from each of us and the rest is going all over wherever we see fit. Now stick out your tongue you sweet little cunt and let me rest my cock there." As always, she did what her Daddy asked and opened her mouth with a smile for him. "It's a good thing I've been holding it all night," he said to his friends, who were now pulling out there cocks and finishing off the large bottles of Gatorade that had been drinking, "cuz I haven't cum yet and there's no way I could keep from getting hard with my cock in front of this little whore's mouth. Isn't that right Angel?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Now tell me what to do."

"Piss in my mouth Daddy," she mumbled around his cock.

"Tell me again cunt."

"Please piss in my mouth Daddy!"

"Good girl. Here it comes Baby. Drink it for Daddy."

Daddy released a stream of piss that quickly filled his Angel's mouth and good to her word she swallowed it all. As the rest came out she allowed it to run out of her mouth and down her chin, where it splashed on her tits. "Don't forget Daddy's friends Angel."

She opened her mouth and let them piss in there too. All four of them began pissing all over her body and much to her surprise, she found herself loving the feeling of all this hot wetness covering her body and running down her in streams. When they bent her over and took turns pissing into her cunt and against her asshole, it was just too much for her and she reached between her legs to rub her clit with one hand while she felt the hot strong streams pulsing against her sensitive little asshole and cunt. Before they had even stopped pissing, a tremendous orgasm shook her entire petite body and she came harder than she had in the last few months.

As excited as she was, when Daddy told her to lick his cock clean for him, she responded with an urgency and stuffed as much cock in her mouth as she could. When Daddy reminded her that they had guests; that was okay too. She held each of their cocks in turn and began to lick the last drops of piss from the head. She looked up to her Daddy from her knees and waited for his approval. With a nod he let her know and with that, John found his cock quickly swallowed and Daddy's Little Angel was bobbing her pretty head up and down like the whore she longed to be. In just a few minutes he again gave her something to swallow and this was much more to her liking. John came again and again and it didn't seem like Princess could get enough cum in her mouth to wash out the strong taste of the piss. Mark and Troy followed suit and each took their turns holding the back of her head and giving her a good face fucking. What wasn't shot down her throat was quickly wiped from her chin and lips and then swallowed as well. It was a wonderful performance that left Daddy's cunt with a dazed look and her heart pounding.

After letting her recover a bit, Daddy looked down at his messy girl and asked her softly, "Well what do you think Princess?" The four of them leaned in to get her reaction.

Princess leaned back against the couch, spread her legs for all to see and answered, "It's only Saturday morning Daddy and we've got all weekend."

The End
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3 months ago
awesome story , i loved watching my gf pee , as well as my buddies in college , i loved holding there cock as they peed , i would never drink there pee but i would lick there cock clean after get them hard and suck there cum and swallow there cum miss those days
2 years ago
nice story, wish my girl was as good ;-)
3 years ago
Nice one.
3 years ago
Well told story,very horny now after reading it
3 years ago
very good & kinky