f***ed Black Bitch

I'd seen her around. She was 16, about 5'4". A plump nigger with
straightened hair, fat lips and probably about 36DD udders. She lived
somewhere on the nearby estate. At one point I'd asked around, and
found out her name was Tameeka. She lived with her mom, who worked a
lot, and was well known as a bit of a tease.

Whenever I saw here she was flaunting her curvy black teenage body.
Prancing around in short skirts and high heels, and tanks tops leaving
her huge black tits bouncing all over the place.

One day I decided to follow her home. I walked behind her, careful not
to be too obvious. Letting her put more distance between us, but not
enough to lose her. I watched her big nigger ass swaying from side to
side, and started getting hard just from the thought of what I was about
to do to her.

I'm not extremely big, but at 6'2" and a fairly muscular physique I'd
easily restrain the bitch.

She entered one of the apartment complexes, and I ran and just got the
entrance door before it slammed shut, and went into the elevator with
her. I could smell her... A sweet, spicy smell of her perfume and the
chemicals and crap she'd used to relax her nappy hair.

I smiled and looked her straight in the eye. She asked me what floor I
wanted, and I quickly glanced at the indicator to see what she'd pressed,
and told her 15, the floor below hers.

I took a step back, so I could enjoy the sight of the nigger bitch fully
without her seeing how I stared...

When we reached "my" floor, I quickly got up and headed for the stairs.
As I could hear the elevator moving again I was sprinting up, and I heard
the "ding" as the door opened just as I got up the last steps. I was
hiding in the shadows until she had her door open. Then I quickly walked
up. She just noticed and turned her head as I gave her a big shove and
pushed her inside before slamming her door shut.

The fear was all over her face, and I grinned as I grabbed her... I could
see she was about to scream, but before she could I slapped her face hard
and put a hand over her mouth.

- Keep your mouth shut, nigger, or I'll kill you...

I pulled out a knife, and she looked even more afraid - I almost burst out

- This won't be so bad as long as you cooperate, nigger. I'm just here to
teach you your rightful place as a pet for White men. If you're a good
student, you won't end up in hospital. Have I made myself clear?

She whimpered and tried to nod, though I could see she didn't really
understand. Not yet.

- First lesson is that niggers don't wear clothes indoor. Have you ever
seen a dressed up cow? What makes you think you're any better?

The hateful look in her eyes just made my cock harder. Made me look
forward to break her in properly.

- You can choose. Either you undress yourself, or I cut the clothes off
you with my knife. I can't promise I'll be careful, though, I might
cut you. Will you be a good little nigger and undress yourself?

She was shivering in my arms by now. I slowly took my hand off her mouth,
and repeated my question. She slowly nodded. In response I grabbed her
greasy hair and slapped her face hard. First she looked bewildered, then I
could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

- Good little niggers give proper answers. They don't just nod, they
anticipate what answer is wanted and give it with respect", I told her.

I could feel her try to pull away, but she finally opened her mouth as I
raised my hand again and the words came out stammering and coated in fear:

- I-I-I'll be a good nigger and undress maself, s-sir....

It was almost a whisper, and her eyes made it perfectly clear she'd stab
me in the back if I'd given her the chance at that very moment. I grinned
back at her and petted her head.

- Get started then, little nigger.

I took a step back, and watched as she very slowly started pulling her
top off, her eyes cast down as she was standing her with only her bra
holding her big black tits in.

It took a while, but I enjoyed the show and so didn't hurry her... Her
hands were shaking as she took her tiny skirt off, letting it fall and
reveal a tiny pair of black panties. Then she started on her bra, letting
the big udders hang free at last. She started moving like she wanted to
hide them with her hands, but I shook my head and she got my message
right away.

She had fairly small nipples. Nice and pointed. I was starting to look
forward to hurting them.

Her hands moved down towards her panties, and finally she started tugging
on them, moving them down over her round nigger ass. Her cunt was
completely bare, and she seemed even more embarrassed when she saw how
much it made me grin.

- Hands by your side, NIGGER, I told her, and she quietly complied.

I took a step towards her, lifted my hands and grabbed her fat tits. She
winced under my touch, but she didn't dare move. I enjoyed the feel of
the big nigger breasts; squeezed them; pinched her nipples hard until I
made her whimper in pain. Slowly I moved one of my hands down her body,
until it was resting over her cunt. I grabbed it firmly in the palm of
my hand, and pushed two fingers inside her.

I could feel the juices. I know a female body can't help it, no matter
how much she doesn't want it, but that doesn't stop them from getting
humiliated when it happens when they least want it to. Of course I was
going to point it out to the cunt.

- You're getting wet, nigger. Your body knows what it was made for

I grinned and looked at her downturned face.

- LOOK AT ME, nigger. You know deep down this is what you were born for;
bred for.

If she could get red, I'm sure she'd been lighting up like a neon light
with shame, but she slowly lifted her head and looked at me.

- Tell me you're a dirty nigger whore, monkey.

My hands were still groping her roughly.

- I'm a dirty nigger whore, sir, she replied... A lot quicker than last
time, and louder too, but her eyes still showed anger.

I pushed her legs wider apart, and slapped her nigger cunt hard. Then I
told the bitch to put her arms behind her back, and as soon as she had
I tied her wrists together before I went back to her big juicy tits and
her soft nigger pussy.

If you haven't seen a nigger cunt up close before, you'd be surprised
with how bright pink it is on the inside, despite the dark creamy
chocolate color on the outside. And believe me I've never seen anyone
cream up so fast or so much as a horny nigger.

The monkey was still whimpering when I pushed her to her knees. I grabbed
her nappy hair again, and started taking out my cock. It's not huge, but
it's above average, and very thick, and the teenage nigger stared at it
with fear in her eyes.

At about 8" long and thick enough that she wouldn't have gotten her
fingers to meet around it, she knew right away she'd gag and choke...

I didn't let her wait, but slapped her face, and shoved it straight down
her throat when she gasped in surprise. The gasp turned into violent
gagging, and I laughed before sternly telling her that if I felt any
teeth I'd knock them out.

Her tits were bouncing as I yanked her back and forth and brutally ****d
the hot nigger mouth, enjoying the feel of her fat lips around my shaft.
As I shoved my dick back down, I spit in her face and told her exactly
what a dumb cocksucking monkey she was..

She tried pulling back, but I kept relentlessly pounding her mouth,
getting close to cumming. But I didn't want to fill her mouth just
yet... Not before sampling the niggers other holes.

The dumb cunt had clearly resigned to her fate already, and didn't resist
at all when I pushed her face down to the floor, leaving her fat nigger
ass in the air. I grabbed her hips, and started pushing my thick cock
into her pussy. It was dripping.

- You really like serving White men, don't you nigger, your cunt is
soaking wet, I told her, and laughed.

She whimpered, but didn't say anything, so I grabbed her hair and slapped
her face hard.

- Answer when I talk to you, jungle bunny

- Yes, sir, I like serving White men, sir, she whispered, her voice
still shaking with rage, but getting a lot meeker, like she was
starting to realize her fate.

I laughed and kept fucking the nigger as hard as I could, trying my best
to tear her wet little black teen pussy. She was clearly no virgin, but it
was still hard holding back - her cunt was so fucking tight it was as if
I had a pump attached to my dick.

She was whimpering every time I trust my cock in here, thought I thought
I detected a hint of moaning... Her cunt was certainly juicy enough, and
I knew the feelings from her roughly fucked nigger cunt would be of
pleasure. I also knew she'd hate that; hated that her body betrayed her
so easily, and surrendered to her White master even while she was still
looking for a way to escape.

Under me the nigger started wiggling her body, and even push back on my
cock now and again, unable to withstand the pleasure from her dripping
cunt no matter what she was thining. Though she stopped as soon as she
realised, only to start again a bit later..

To make things more interesting, I pulled her ass cheeks apart and spit
on her asshole... It startled her good, and I could tell she got nervous.
But before she got the courage to say anything I'd rammed two fingers up
her ass.

She screamed so loudly I had to gag her with my free hand. She begged,
and sobbed when I removed my hand; told me she'd never had anything in
her ass before, and she started crying when I told her I better teach
her then...

I kept stretching her ass with my fingers while I fucked her cunt, and I
could tell from how she was moving she wasn't sure whether she hated it
or loved it.

Soon her cunt was getting used to my thick cock and was expanding enough
that I decided it was time to try her ass...

The little nigger slut obviously realized, because she pushed back on my
cock and begged me to stick to her pussy; told me she'd make it real good
for me.

- You better make it real good for me regardless, you dumb nigger, I
told her, just as I positioned my cock and started pushing it into
the virgin nigger ass.

I'll never get tired of hearing them scream. And I'm sure it hurt a lot
given that her ass felt like a damn vice. It took me ages to get my dick
all the way in, but I finally managed, and started slowly pumping her ass
to get it to stretch before I fucked her as roughly as I could.

I kept pulling her hair and slapping her fat nigger tits while I drove
my thick White cock into her nigger ass. I just love pulling a sluts
nipples hard; see how they stretch, and hear how it makes her squeal.

Her breathing was heavy and as I moved a hand to her cunt I could feel
the nigger was even wetter than before... I taunted her bout it - told
her I knew she loved having white cock in her teenage nigger ass. I
started rubbing her cunt, and when when I touched her clit she couldn't
help moaning.

I pulled my hand slowly away, but the nigger stretched towards it. So I
told her she'd have to be for it if she wanted me to keep rubbing her

After a little while she whispered: 'Please rub mah clit'. It was almost

I touched it a little bit and pulled away again

- You have to do better, nigger slut

- Please touch mah nigger clit, sir, she whispered, a little bit louder

I started rubbing the monkey while r****g her ass, and she wiggled
underneath me, moaning more and more.

- Are you my nigger slave, bitch? I asked

- Yes, sir, I am your nigger slave, please don't stop, she whimpered.

I pulled out, and ordered her to turn around on her knees and play with
her pussy for me...

She looked so humiliated and ashamed of how she'd reacted.

I grinned and told her to suck my White cock clean and make me cum.

The broken nigger obediently took my cock into her mouth, almost retching
when she tasted her ass on me. She tried pulling back, but I grabbed her
head again and ordered her to take it all.

When she gagged I let go of her head and started fucking her face hard,
making it clear she was not allowed to pull back.

She fingered her cunt furiously as I was getting closer to cumming.

I started filling her mouth with cum, and pulled out, spraying her black
face, before getting up and just leaving.

As I closed the door she was still on the floor, fingering her cunt with
her face covered in white cum. I think I'll come back for more.

78% (30/9)
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9 days ago
3 years ago
I don't condon racial slurrs, no matter what color you are. However, it seems accepted by white women and black men. Many women on this site refer to "jungle fever" and the like. And I've seen several black mens profiles belittle white woman.

Why not just say you'r into blackmen or white women?

I'm a white male and have been with woman of several diffrent races. I don't think any of which would like being called a racial name.

I don't understand why someone that's racist would want to have sex with those they hate. If you hate them, you hate them right? I mean, if I hate someone or something..,I want nothing to do with them or it.

I write alot of Erotic stories about alot of taboo subjects. Not all of which I would actually be into or fantasize about. Some of my stories are written by request. However, I draw the line when it comes to racism!

3 years ago
i agree with libra 4646 this story is crap shame on the author
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
rape,underage sex and nigger all in the same story,for shame xhamster for publishing these bullshit.
3 years ago
wow made me cum
4 years ago
very good