Big Sloppy Black Cock

"You know, Honey, I don't know if I told you about my daughter's school play a few years ago. I took my parents to watch her perform in the annual Christmas play. Big surprise, she played an angel!

"I'd gotten to know my way around the school and some of the people working there as a lunchroom monitor. Anyway, there was this guy there, the janitor. He'd been there maybe 5 or 6 years and as far as I know, he still is. He's a big guy, maybe 6-3 or so and about 240 pounds. Not real muscular or anything, but you could tell by looking at him he was a strong and powerful man. By the way, I don't think I mentioned he was black.

"His name is Big Dog, at least that's what he goes by. He'd always been a nice guy really. Kind of quiet, and he always had a quick smile and friendly nod of his head whenever I passed by. I'm not sure how old he was, maybe 35 or so, I guess.

"After awhile I started to flirt some with him. You know those short skirts I wear, the ones that show off my long, slender legs. I started wearing those to school. Maybe it wasn't appropriate for a lunchroom monitor, but I justed wanted to brighten his day some, that's all. It was kind of exciting for me, too.

"Anyway, I was just playing really. After I finished up in the lunchroom, I used to walk around the halls looking for Big Dog. Sometimes when I saw him, I'd say hi, but other times I'd stand a ways away from him and find some excuse, with my back to him, to bend down to pick something up. Ususally I'd drop something, but I think after awhile it became obvious to him what I was doing. When I'd raise back up, I'd turn and look over toward him and smile. He always smiled back. It was always just meant to be harmless fun.

"I guess I got a little more bold as time went passed. I stopped wearing panties and started wearing low-cut tops. I really wanted to figure out a way for him to see my shaven pussy and maybe catch a glimpse of my ass. I can tell you, whenever I'd see Big Dog mopping or doing other work, he always stopped what he was doing when I was around.

"I remember one day walking by the boiler room, I guess they still call it that, and saw Big Dog inside. I walked in and asked him if it was okay to smoke in there. He didn't say anything, just smiled and nodded. I looked around the room and saw an old stuffed chair and plopped down, sinking right into it.

"The chair was so old and worn my butt dropped down so low my knees lifted up pretty high. I figured now was my chance. It seemed pretty safe with the door open and all, so I spread my legs a little. I could see his eyes trying not to stare at the little hole between my legs, but I knew he was. I know he probably thought I was some kind of brazen cock slut, but I didn't care. It was just all fun for me really and I hoped for him, too. I know it made my pussy feel like it was on fire to know he was looking and when my eyes would catch his, I could see the lust in his eyes before he would quickly turn them away.

"When I finished my cigarette, I tried to get up, but my ass was buried so deep in the old, worn cushion, I could hardly lift myself out of the chair. I asked him for some help and he obliged me walking over and offering his hand. His grip was firm and his hand was like one big callous. No doubt from working hard at the school and probably at home. He jerked me to my feet kind of roughly. I guess until then I didn't realize how much bigger than me he was. Actually, it kind of scared me a little.

"I told him I had to leave and he walked close behind me as I made my way to the door. I could feel his eyes on my pear-shaped ass as I moved ahead of him. I was still having what I thought was harmless fun and thought, what the heck, one more little game before leaving. I stopped abruptly and turned to face him. He walked right into me, my tits pushing into his lower chest. He just kept moving forward forcing me against the wall and all of sudden kissed me and reached up under my skirt with his huge paw at the same time.

"This isn't what I wanted at all. I struggled against him as he pushed against me finally telling him I would scream if he didn't leave me alone. I think it really pissed him off. He called me a rich bitch slut and I thought for a second he was going to hit me, but then he backed away. 'Get your white ass outta here,' he said in a low, growling voice. 'Go home and play your slut games with somebody else!'

"I didn't know what to do or say. I laughed kind of nervously telling him I was sorry and then made some little joke about him moving a little to fast. 'Maybe another time,' I lied to him. I don't know why I said that, but I did. He said 'yeah' and told me again to get out and leave him alone.

"I stopped wearing the short skirts and tried hard not to make eye contact with Big Dog when I saw him after that. Maybe I was a bit of cock tease, but that was as far as it went for me. I felt kind of bad, but for the next few weeks, I did my best to avoid him.

"Well, the day of the play came. My daughter looked so cute in her little angel costume. My parents came to pick us up to go to the school. We had to get my daughter there early so the teacher could give last minute instructions and make sure all the k**s knew their lines.

"We took our seats in the auditorium waiting for the show to start. For refreshments they served coffee, pop, and some cookies. I must have had a ton of coffee waiting for the play to start.

"It was maybe 10 minutes before it was supposed to start when I excused myself telling my parents I had to go to the restroom. They told me to hurry because the play would be starting soon.

"I walked briskly through the door and turned the corner to walk down the hallway to the restroom. As I moved down the hall, almost to the restroom, a door opened and out stepped Big Dog. I froze in my tracks as I looked up at him. He had a broom in his hand and seemed to have a scowl on his face when he saw me. 'What's a matter, the little white bitch gotta pee or you looking to tease ol' Big Dog some more?' he asked. He didn't seem to pleasant, but I guess I couldn't blame him. I remembered my last words to him leaving the impression something might happen someday, then went out of my to avoid him after that.

"'Listen, I just have to use the restroom and get back. My daughter's in the play and it starts in a few minutes.'

"'Well, you can't use that one, the toilets are all plugged up,' he told me. 'You can either hold it, use the one upstairs, or the one in the room I just came outta.'

"I was in a hurry so I figured the one he just came out of was fine. I thought it was the boys' restroom as I walked to the open door. The room had a small light on but something didn't seem right. I started to turn around, but I felt his hand push hard against my back tossing me into the room.

"Honey, it wasn't a restroom at all. More like a utility closet. The door closed quickly behind us and I was in the room alone with him. His large frame blocked the only exit I had. 'Listen, Big Dog, please let me out,' I begged, now desperately afraid of what might happen.

"I could see the rage in his eyes. 'You said you gotta pee, so pee!' he said angrily.

"'Big Dog, come on, let me out, please let me out,' I said almost in tears. 'I'm sorry about all that stuff earlier in the year, I was just fooling around. I didn't mean anything by it.'

"'I ain't nobody's fool, bitch. You play your little whore games and think it's all fun, don't you?'

"'Really, Big Dog, I'm so sorry, please, you've made your point.'

"His large black hand moved slowly to my stomach pushing on it. My bladder was full and the pressure from his hand made it worse. It was winter, but I had decided to wear a dress that night. His hand pushed even harder on my stomach and little yellow droplets of pee started to trickle out into my panties. I squeezed hard to stop it.

"'Take off your dress!' he commanded me. I wanted to scream out but I was afraid to.

"'Big Dog, please, this has gone far enough,' I pleaded with him. My whimpers fell on deaf ears. He started to grab my dress like he was going to rip it off if I didn't do what he said. I slowly took off the dress letting it drop to the floor. I was standing in front of him in my bra and panties. With one fell swoop of his large hand he ripped my bra completely off. Reaching down to my crotch, he laughed, a sick laugh really, telling me my panties felt wet.

"'So, you little white whore, you hot for ol' Big Dog or did you piss your pants,' he laughed. 'Take 'em off now and give 'em to me!'

"I took off my panties and handed them to Big Dog. I knew he could see the terror in my eyes, but I also knew at that point he didn't care. There was a half-crazed look of lust in his eyes. He took my pee-soaked panties and pushed them into my face just under my nose rubbing them around my face and mouth.

"My eyes opened wide with fear when he pulled me over so my feet were straddling my dress laying on the floor. 'Go on, bitch, finish pissing, that's what you came in here to do.'

"His hand moved back pushing on my stomach again. Tears ran down my cheeks as my pee started, lightly at first, then harder and more steady, raining down on my dress bunched up on the floor. It was embarrassing and humiliating standing there. The flow finally slowed to a trickle and stopped. Handing me my panties, he told me to wipe myself.

"At least it was over. I knew he couldn't keep me locked in the closet forever. I knew I'd have to put on my wet dress, but figured the play had started by now and the auditorium would be dark enough that I could walk in and put on my coat. Maybe nobody would notice. I started to bend down to pick up my dress but was stopped in a stooped over position by his strong hands and arms.

"'What the fuck you doing?' he asked in a menacing tone.

"'Getting dressed to get outta here.'

"'I don't think so, not yet. Maybe ol' Big Dog has to take a piss too.'

"I wasn't sure what he was talking about and I didn't want to know. I stood quietly, completely naked in front of him as he started to unfasten his belt.

"'Big Dog, no, please, I'll do anything, give you money, whatever you want, just please, please just let me go,' I said to him, this time trying to be as calm as possible.

"'You'll do anything I say anyway. I'm gonna fuck you, then you're gonna suck my big ol' black cock. If you wanna give me money, that's okay too; but dammit bitch, this ain't about money!'

"Unzipping his pants and pulling them down, along with his white underwear, his big black dick came popping out. It wasn't so much that it was long, but it was so thick and already hard. Looking down at the head, I could see a drop of slick precum spreading out over the top of it.

"'Touch it,' he told me.

"I didn't know what to do. I was so scared. I wanted to run, but where? I didn't have any clothes on. I reached down with my hand taking his rigid black cock in my small white hand. His coal black cock was so hot it felt like it was on fire. Looking up at him with my pleading eyes, his burned right through me. The precum started to flow until it emptied like drool spilling down on my hand. I started to pull my hand away to get the slimey stuff off, but he grabbed my wrist holding my hand on his thick ebony cock.

"Lifting me with his powerful arms, my bare back pushed against the cinder blocks behind me. I could hear him laugh as he spread my legs apart and rubbed the tip of his dick against my clit and pussy. I could feel the head of cock against the opening of my shaved pussy. All of sudden he pulled me down, his big cock shoving right inside of me.

"I pushed my hands down on his shoulders trying to free myself but with my legs and feet lifted off the floor I didn't have the leverage to break free. He moved my body up and down sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. He seemed to sink deeper and deeper with each thrust.

"With one hand gripping my ass tightly, he was strong enough to f***e me up and down the length of his cock. With his other hand, he grabbed one of my tits taking the nipple between his fingertips and squeezing lightly at first, he started pulling and twisting it. My nipple felt like it had been set aflame, but he just kept twisting, pulling and pinching while his cock ran in and out of my pussy at a feverish pace.

"Without warning, he lifted me high in the air scr****g my back against the rough wall and pulled my wet pussy off of his cock. The f***e not only threw me back, but when he released his hold on my ass, my body crumpled to the floor. As I fell, my nipple ripped free of the vice-like grip of his fingers. The pain I felt in my tattered and bruised nipple was unbearable. I didn't know if he'd come or what. I guess I was hoping so it would be over and I could get out of there.

"I guess I was wrong, about him coming I mean. He grabbed me by the hair pulling me up. It hurt, Honey, it really did. I guess the pain caused my mouth to open and my jaws to kind of hang open. I could feel him stuffing his big hunk of dark meat in my mouth.

"I tried to twist my head away, but he tightened the grip on my hair. He started pushing that fat black dick in and out of my mouth. I could hear him yelling out to suck it, but I fought him. He held my head tightly in front of him impaling his dick in my mouth pushing it against the back of my throat. It felt like it was growing and lengthening in my mouth. I could feel his cock quivering in my mouth. I knew from fucking my pussy and now my mouth he had to be close to coming. I tried again to pull my head away but couldn't move it.

"He made one final stab deep into my mouth and held his cock in place. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to bite down, but his cock was so big and thick I couldn't even close my jaws down over it.

"I could hear a muffled groan and then what I knew was going to happen I could feel. The first blast of hot cum raced across the back of my tongue striking the back of my throat filling it. Then came the second eruption. I was almost gagging now and didn't have any choice but to start swallowing to keep from choking. He held my head tight against him, my eyes pushed right into his belly. He erupted for a third time, still holding my head, his hands still entangled in my hair. He wouldn't take his dick out until I had stopped swallowing and his black cock was sucked dry.

"Pulling me by the hair he jerked my mouth off of his cock. 'I think my b*****r would like you,' he said, laughing again. 'You be here every Thursday at five for me and Marcus. You don't show, we'll come to your house and get you, understand bitch!' He was almost screaming. I hoped somebody could hear, but nobody did.

"'Now get your pissy dress on and get the fuck outta here!' he ordered. 'You be here Thursday or else!'

"I grabbed the dress off the floor and quickly put it on. It was still wet. He kept my panties. I knew I looked like shit, I had to. I raced out of the room as soon as I was dressed, braless and without panties now. I wanted to go to the restroom across the hall to clean up a little, but I was afraid he'd follow me. I just wanted to get out of there.

"With my stain soaked dress I stood in the back watching the rest of the play. I was hoping somehow it would dry some before the play ended or maybe if someone else walked out I could follow them and fix my face and hair. My mind wouldn't focus on the play though. I kept thinking about next Thursday. Surely Big Dog and his b*****r wouldn't really come to my home."

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3 years ago
Just wrong on every level! Not sexy or erotic! I mean if one is overpowered and/or overwhelmed by another, but through the circumstances of the experience, comes to embrace and even enjoy it, that's one thing.

Because these circumstances could be part of something else, such as role playing, fantasies, unrequited or repressed feelings, or the overcoming of the fear of possible rejection or embarrassment. What's right and wrong sexually is between consenting people.

But in order to give consent, their has to be trust and an understanding, of some kind, of what will and can happen between them.

This story doesn't even come close. You should be ashamed. Because if this was a familial relative of yours, such as a mother, sister, daughter, cousin, etc., I can't believe you'd be able to stomach this happening to them.
3 years ago
good one too
4 years ago
brilliant man! check out some of my stories too.but this is genius