s****r Sucks Best pt.8: Deepthroat and Anal Stuffi

Judy scrambled off the bed. "Go to it, Tommy. Ream her
fuckin' asshole." She dropped to her knees in front of her father
and hauled out his cock.
Dolores leered at her son's prick. A lump clogged her
throat. She touched his cock, caressing it with the tip of her
"Your cock is gonna feel so good up my ass, Tommy," she
sighed as the trembling spasms finally left her body. "So damn
fuckin' good."
Tommy moaned, his prick aching. "Get on your knees, Mom."
Dolores stretched, bringing her mouth to her son's cock. She
flashed out her tongue and slobbered her spit over his balls.
"I'm gonna get your cock nice and wet first," she moaned.
She drenched his balls then brought her eager lips to his prick.
"Unnnn, Mom," Tommy moaned as her hot mouth saturated his
throbbing prick with spit. "Unnnnn, Christ!"
With her son's prick soaked, Dolores rolled over onto her
stomach. She hummed, imagining how her son's cock would feel
stuffed up her ass. She writhed, her hips rolling and her ass
Tommy crawled between his mother's outstretched legs and
gazed hotly at her squirming ass. "Get on your knees, Mom," he
groaned again, his prick jutting out from his tight groin,
throbbing like a toothache. "Lemme stick it in you."
"C'mon, Mommy," Judy urged as she fondled her father's cock.
"Let him fuck you."
Dolores hauled herself up on her hands and knees, her huge
tits swaying beneath her. "Gimme, Tommy. Gimme your cock."
Tommy groaned as he grabbed the flesh of her full hips. He
kneaded the smooth silky skin, his fingers digging into the firm
cheeks of her gorgeous ass.
"Unnnn, Mom, this is gonna be fantastic."
"I know," Dolores gasped. "Stick it in nice and slow so I
can feel every inch." She rocked back and forth, her asshole
twitching for her son's cock.
Tommy parted the cheeks of his mother's ass, his eyes bulging
as he stared at the wrinkled brown crack of her asshole. He
grabbed the base of his cock and dragged it up through her hot
bubbling pussy, coating the bloated head with sticky cuntjuice.
The contact made Dolores shudder. "Oooo, Tommy. Gimme an
enema." She began to twitch, her body hungry for her son's cock.
With his cockhead drenched in pussy-cream Tommy pressed the
head of his prick against the wrinkled crack of his mother's
asshole. He pushed, her ass quickly gobbling up the head of his
cock. He groaned as her hot, tight asshole muscles clamped around
his prick.
"It's tight," the boy groaned.
Dolores twisted her head and looked at her husband. "You
like seeing our son fuck my ass, Darin?"
Darin grunted, his head nodding. "I never thought I would,"
he said, his voice husky as Judy fondled his cock. "But, Christ
... it's a fantastic turn on."
Tommy caressed his mother's ass, his eyes glued to her
beautiful body. He inched the head of his cock into her hot tight
ass, stopping when it was only half-buried.
"Jesus, Mom," he groaned, seeing his cock stuffed up her
asshole. He swayed and lunged, driving the rest of his prick into
her ass.
Dolores shuddered, her ass stuffed with her son's cock.
"Oooo, Tommy. Don't move. Let me enjoy it." She rocked on her
hands and knees, her asshole muscles massaging his buried
cockshaft. "Mmmmmm, I love it!"
Judy gasped, her fingers clenching her father's cock. "I
want it that way too, Daddy," she sighed, her bright blue eyes
glazed with desire as she stared at her father. "I want my
asshole reamed too."
"You'll get more than that," Darin said vaguely, his eyes
riveted on his wife and son.
Tommy's groin was flush with the cheeks of his mother's ass,
his cock buried to the root. Her ass muscles massaged his buried
shaft and his balls rumbled.
"Unnnn, Mom. I can feel your ass twitchin'."
Dolores swooned. "I can feel your cock throbbin' up in my
gut." She rocked forward then back, savoring her son's cock.
"Take it out and slam it back."
Tommy obeyed willingly. He eased his prick out until only
the head was still buried inside her tight ass. Gripping her
hips, he lunged forward, driving his cock balls-deep into his
mother's ass. When his groin whacked into her ass, he grunted,
his fingers sinking into the pliant meat of her wiggling hips.
"Ahhhh!" Dolores wailed as his cock filled her asshole. She
shivered with joy, her head dropping then snapping up with a jerk.
"Again, my handsome young fucker! Again!"
Tommy grinned maliciously and dragged his cock from the vise-
like grip of her ass. He drilled it back, groaning as her greedy
ass gobbled him up. "Like that?"
"Yeahhhh," Dolores squealed.
He gripped her swiveling hips and repeated the long, slow
devastating attack on his mother's ass. Her whimpering moans and
trembling body told him he was pleasing her and the knowledge blew
his mind.
"It's torture!" Dolores gasped, wallowing in the long
penetrating stabs of her son's cock. "Beautiful torture!" She
worked her hips in a slow tormenting circle, her ass cheeks
jiggling each time Tommy's groin slammed into her.
"Ooooo, keep it slow, Tommy. It's heaven."
Judy, holding her father's cock, was mesmerized by what was
happening on the bed. Her own asshole began to twitch as she
rubbed and squeezed her father's cock.
"Oooo, do I wanna get fucked in my ass," she whimpered. "I
know I'll love it just like Mommy does."
Tommy continued to spear his mother's ass with long,
demanding stabs. From the tip of his prick to his balls, he
sliced into her asshole. His balls ached, the cum churning and
rumbling. He groaned, watching her ass rock on his cock as he
stabbed her.
"Unnnn, oh, Mom!"
"It feels so good, Tommy," Dolores gasped. "So fuckin' good.
Go deeper. Deeper, Tommy!" Her hips rolled and she slammed back
at him, skewering her own ass with his prick. "Ahhhh!"
Tommy jerked back and stopped moving. His cockhead was the
only thing inside her ass. He stretched her ass cheeks apart then
drilled his prick to the root. His hips jerked from side to side,
the head of his cock gouging at the tight, gripping walls of her
"You like this?" he panted.
"Yessss," she hissed, her eyes bulging as his cock skewered
her ass. "I love it!"
With his cock swelling to the point of bursting, Tommy eased
it out. "Ride it, Mom. Lemme watch." He waited, his body tense,
his prick throbbing. "Fuck my cock!"
Gurgling on her own spit, Dolores slammed back at her son,
impaling herself on his hard, meaty cock. She rolled her hips and
used her ass-muscles on his cockshaft as she rocked back and forth
on his prick.
"Oooooo, Darin. His cock is wonderful."
Darin grabbed his daughter's hair and slammed her face down
on his prick. With his eyes glued to his wife, he pounded Judy's
face, his prick stabbing in and out of her mouth.
"Fuck her, Son. Fuck the shit out of her."
Judy couldn't watch. Her mouth was stuffed with her father's
cock. All she could do was suck and listen to her mother's moans
and her b*****r's grunts.
Dolores fucked herself blindly on her son's prick. Back and
forth she rocked, her ass gobbling on his cockmeat, her milking
his prickshaft and rumbling the cum in his nuts.
"Faster, Mom," Tommy roared as he remained rigid, his hands
gripping her hips. "Ride it faster!" For a second, he glanced
over at his father. "It's great, Dad. Christ, is it great!"
Dolores squirmed on her hands and knees. She crashed back
into her son, her ass stuffed as her jiggling asscheeks smashed
into his groin. She picked up speed, her ass gliding rapidly up
and down the length of her son's ass-stuffing cock.
"Fuck me! Fuck me, Tommy," she begged.
Dolores began to tremble. Tommy wasn't moving. She lunged
back, her hips jerking, her ass pulsing against his cock.
"Oooo, God, Tommy. Fuck me! Split me open!"
Tommy's chest swelled. The power he commanded over his
mother made his prick thicken inside her ass. He stabbed her
hard, driving his prick in to the root. He kept the pace slow,
drilling her ass with the same measured strokes he had used
before. Long, punishing fuck-stabs, from the tip of his prick to
the thick base, had his mother wailing and begging for more.
"Faster, Tommy!" his mother begged. "Faster!" She slammed
back into him, her tits swinging beneath her. Her head snapping
around, she begged, "Fuck me, Tommy. I can't stand the torture!"
Tommy lunged hard, picking up the pace as he shortened his
fuck-strokes. "Is this what you want, Mom?"
"Yeahhhhh," she squealed. "Ooooooooo, yeahhhhhh ... just
like that!"
"You got it, Mom," he grunted, pounding his prick into her
Saliva dribbled from her lips and her eyes dilated. Her hips
jerked frantically as she met each lunge. "Ooooo, it's so deep.
So nice and deep!"
With his prick stuffed in to his balls, he ground his groin
into her ass, his prick throbbing violently inside her tight ass
canal. He stared down at her twitching asscrack and pulled back.
Slamming forward, he watched her ass hungrily swallow up his
"Fuck me!" Dolores wailed, "Fuck me!" Her body bucked wildly
as she rolled her hips, absorbing his quick, punching fuck-stabs.
She jammed her ass on his prick, her head dropping, her glazed
eyes fascinated with her own swinging tits.
"Make me cum, Tommy. Fuck me faster!"
Mauling her fleshy hips, Tommy pounded his mother's ass with
hard lunging stabs. His groin was like cement, crashing into the
creamy cheeks of her ass with each plunging jab.
"Unnnn, Mom. Your ass is fantastic!"
Dolores crashed forward, her face smashing into the bed. She
clawed her nails under her twitching body and pinched her clit.
Cuntjuice flowed over her fingers as she mutilated her own clit.
"Oooooo, I'm gonna cream, Tommy! It feels ... so good!
Drive your cock up into my belly!"
"Cream, Mom!" Tommy shouted. "Cream while I fuck you!"
The pleasure from his drilling cock and the pain she was
inflicting on her clit brought Dolores to the peak. "Oh! Oh!
Oh! I'm there! I'm there!"
Humping his daughter's mouth with quick lunging fuck-thrusts,
Darin watched his wife and son. "Cum, Dolores. Fuck her, Tommy!
Fuck the hell out of her!"
Judy could only hear, and their voices were driving her
crazy. She gurgled on her father's prick, wanting him to cream
her mouth at the same time Tommy creamed their mother's asshole.
She sucked and used her teeth, feeling his cock throbbing and
swelling in her throat.
"Cum!" Tommy roared as he lashed his prick in and out of his
mother's ass. "Cum!"
Dolores bucked her hips, her ass perched high, her face
smashed into the bed. She squealed as Tommy pounded her asshole
with his cock. She shoved her ass back, taking his prick deep
into her ass as she pinched and scratched her pulsing clit.
"Ahhhhh, I'm cuming, Tommy! Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm
As Tommy lunged his prick into her ass, orgasms bombarded
her. She wallowed in the brutal stabs of her son's cock. Pussy-
muscles contracted, the hot, buttery cuntcum gushing from her
empty pussyhole as she used her ass-muscles to milk her son's
plunging prick.
"Ohhh, I'm cuming. Cuming ..."
Savagely, Tommy speared his mother's asshole. He leered at
her twisting hips and jerking ass. He plunged deep with feverish
fuck-stabs, his own cock ready to explode.
"Unnnn, Mom," he roared as he drilled her tight asshole with
one brutal stab after another. "Unnn, Mom ... I'm getting ready!"
"Cum, Son," Dolores shrieked. "Fill my asshole!"
Her muscles stiffened as another wave of orgasms swept
through her body. She quivered, the violent eruptions in her cunt
driving her insane. She pulled on her clit, the hot creamy cum
flowing out over her fingers.
"Cum! Cum!"
Tommy hacked away at his mother's ass as his father speared
Judy's throat with his cock. He felt his load of cum rumble in
his balls. He plowed her asshole, his speed blinding, his jabs
violent and demanding.
"Aghhhhh ... I'm ready! I'm gonna cream your ass, Mom!"
His balls erupted and his cock spewed out thick wads of
white-hot jizz. It spurted into her tightly gripping asshole.
"I'm cuming. I'm cuming," he bellowed, his hips a blur as he
drilled her ass. "I'm cuming!"
"Oooo, God, I feel it, Tommy! I feel it!" Dolores cried as
she went into spasms as the hot jet streams of her son's cum
filled her asshole. "Fuck me. Faster, Tommy. Cream me!" The
hot cum squirting into her ass triggered another explosive orgasm
in her empty cunt. "Ahhhhh ... I'm cuming again!"
With his mother's asshole pulsing rapidly around his drilling
cock, Tommy lunged hard, his prick spurting out thick gooey wads
as his groin smashed into her ass.
"I am, Mom!" he shouted. "I'm creaming my fuckin' brains
With Tommy flooding his mother's asshole with cum, Darin
emptied his load of jizz into his daughter's mouth.
"Unnnn, suck it, Judy. Suck out my balls!" he spat.
Listening to her mother and b*****r howl, Judy gagged on her
father's cum, gulping it down as fast as she could. She sucked
and used her teeth, the cum gushing from her lips and down her
chin as her father rammed her mouth with his cock.
Dolores shouted at the top of her lungs. She stared from
glazed eyes and saw Judy sucking on Darin's cock. It sent her
swirling into another orgasm.
"Ooooo, here I cum again!" she screamed.
Tommy plowed her ass, his cum greasing her asshole for faster
action. He cut through her cum-filled hole, pounding her
mercilessly with powerful fuck-jabs. His head was spinning. He
could hear his father yelling and he looked over for a second to
watch as his father creamed his s****r's mouth.
"Drown her, Dad," Tommy yelled as he pounded his mother's
ass. "Drown her!"
Dolores battled with her son on the bed. She felt his cock
rip into her ass. She gurgled, her body convulsing. She rolled
her hips, her ass gulping at her son's prick as he squirted cum
into her stomach.
"More, Tommy. More!" Dolores cried.
Tommy gave her everything he had. He drilled her ass as she
screeched and her husband roared. "Yeahhhh!" he shouted, adding
to the frenzied noise in the bedroom.
Dolores went limp, her body trembling. She released her clit
and began clawing at the sheets. "Tommy! Tommy!" she cried, her
mouth open as she shuddered and her eyes rolled into her skull.
Tommy emptied the last of his cum in his mother's ass at the
same time his father emptied his balls in Judy's mouth. Tommy
jerked hard, a drop oozing from his pisser as he yanked his cock
from her ass. He grunted, falling back on the bed, his prick
spent and his strength drained.
"God!" he gasped.
Dolores melted to the bed, cum oozing from her ass. She
caught her breath, watching as Judy finished off her father.
"God, whatta night," she moaned. "Whatta fuckin' night."
Having sucked the last of her father's cum from his balls,
Judy popped her mouth off his cock. Cum dribbled from her lips as
she turned her attention to her mother. Like an a****l, she
jumped on the bed and sucked out her mother's ass until every drop
of Tommy's cum was in her stomach.
"Now," Judy moaned, lifting her face from her mother's ass.
"What surprise do you have for me, Daddy?"
Darin groaned and smiled. "First, we'll have something to
eat to get back our strength. Then you'll get your surprise."
Judy leaped off the bed and grabbed her father's hand.
"We'll make the sandwiches while they rest," she said, tugging on
her father's hand they left, leaving Tommy and Dolores on the bed.
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My best friend Ken loved to fuck my wife's ass, but he was kinda big and she never did get used to it. Only on special occasions did he get her ass. My cock being somewhat smaller I never had any restrictions.
Thanks for stirring up some great memories.
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awesome. can't wait to read more
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