s****r Sucks Best pt.4: Cum Guzzling

Judy stood at the top of the ladder and looked down at the
aisle, hoping to spot her b*****r. It had been two days since
Tommy had broken her cherry and she was going out of her mind.
She spotted him at last and shivered as she waved.
Tommy saw her and glanced around, looking for his father. He
heard him at the cash register, then hurried down the aisle to his
"Whatta you want?" he whispered.
"Look up my skirt, Tommy," she whimpered. "I don't have any
panties on and my pussy is drippin'."
"Christ, Judy. Dad's in the store." His mouth dried up and
he glanced up at Judy as she spread her legs.
"He's up front waiting on a customer," she sighed. "Please,
Tommy. I've been so hot since you fucked me. I don't think I can
wait any longer. Look at my pussy."
Tommy groaned and stood under the ladder, his eyes feasting
on the seeping slit of his s****r's cunt. "Christ ... I'll sneak
in your room tonight."
Judy was quivering. "You said that yesterday and I waited up
half the night for you. I wound up playing with myself." She
shuddered, her hands gripping the ladder, her legs wide apart.
"God, I wish you could suck me off while I'm standing up here."
"I'll be there tonight." He rubbed his crotch, the ache
growing worse as he ogled his s****r's bare cunt and ass cheeks.
"I promise."
"Let's go in the back room," she whispered. "I'll give you a
fast blow-job."
"No," Tommy groaned, although he was tempted. "Dad'll catch
us and kick our asses."
"I don't give a shit anymore," she moaned, pressing her body
against the ladder. "If you don't fuck me soon I'll attack you
right, in front of Daddy. Maybe that'll give him an idea." She
giggled, squeezed her thighs together and moaned. "Ummmm."
Darin Lawes, their father, had finished waiting on the
customer and was now standing at the end of the aisle watching his
c***dren. He couldn't hear what the youngsters were saying, but
he had an idea. His face filled with rage when he saw Tommy
looking up Judy's skirt.
"Little bitch!" he muttered. "Teasing the boy like that." He
stormed down the aisle. "What's goin' on here?"
"Nothin', Dad," Tommy mumbled, quickly moving away from the
A lump clogged Judy's throat. She tried a smile, but it
didn't work.
"Hi, Daddy," she said weakly. "I was just asking Tommy to
help me fix the boxes on these shelves."
"Go up front, Tommy, and take care of the store."
Tommy nodded. "Yeah, Dad," he said, hurrying away.
"Get your ass down off that ladder!" he snapped, his gut tied
in knots.
"Yes, Daddy," Judy quaked as she came down the ladder.
Darin grabbed her arm, noticing the jiggle of her tits
beneath her top. "Little slut," he snarled, pulling her to the
back of the store toward the door leading to the stockroom.
"Whatta you gonna do, Daddy?" she asked.
He shoved her inside and closed the door. "I saw you teasing
Tommy," he said, glaring at her.
"I wasn't doin' anything," she said, her body trembling.
"You're a liar. You were letting him look up your skirt. I
saw it! You're always flaunting yourself in front of him. You
don't even wear a bra."
Judy was scared. She blinked back the tears that welled up
in her eyes. "None of my girlfriends wear bras, Daddy," she said
Darin was filled with rage. "You're turning into a little
"No I'm not, Daddy. I'm a good girl." She saw the way he
was looking at her tits and even though she was scared out of her
wits a sexual excitement began to fill her.
"You're a slut!" He grabbed her, dragging her over to a
crate. "I'm gonna beat your Goddamn ass."
"No, Daddy," she sobbed as he roughly pulled her over his
lap. "Don't hit me. Please!"
She struggled on his lap, her young body tensing as she
waited for the first hard whack of his hand.
Darin brought his hand down with a crash, walloping it across
his daughter's ass. "Maybe this'll teach you to stop acting like
a little tramp." He whacked her ass again as she cried and
struggled on his lap.
"Owwww! Owwww!" she wailed as he lashed his big hand over
her ass. "Stop, Daddy! It hurts! Stop!"
Darin paid no intention to his daughter's pleas. Beating her
ass, he let his eyes flow over her twisting body and the smooth
skin of her thrashing legs as her skirt began to ride up. He
paused for a moment to catch his breath. Her struggling was
having an effect on him and his insides began to churn.
"No more, Daddy," she gasped. "Please." She tried rolling
off his lap, afraid he was going to beat her again.
Darin grabbed for her, his fingers latching into her top. It
ripped as she rolled off. "You little bitch! I'm not through
with you yet."
Judy fell to the floor. With her top ripped, one of her
plump, creamy tits became exposed, the nipple swollen and pink.
She gasped glancing down at her exposed tit and then up at her
"I'll be good," she sobbed. "Don't whip me again." She was
breathing hard, her bare tit rising and falling with each jagged
Darin couldn't tear his eyes away from her tit. A lump
clogged his throat as he grabbed her arm, yanking her back up on
his lap.
"I'm gonna teach you a lesson!"
He pulled up her skirt, expecting to see a panty-clad ass.
Instead, his eyes popped as he gazed at the pink cheeks of her
naked ass.
"You fuckin' little tramp," he roared. "You don't even wear
Judy shook uncontrollably. She bit her bottom lip, her hips
jerking as she tried to get off his lap. "I forgot to put them
on," she lied. "Don't hit me again."
Darin leered at her ass. It was pink from his beating, the
cheeks jiggling. He smacked his hand down on the bare flesh, the
cracking sound echoing in the storeroom. He did it again and
again, turning her pink flesh to a hot glowing red.
"Owwwwww!" Judy screamed as she thrashed in his lap. Her ass
burned as she struggled. She twisted her hips, her body grinding
into him. "No! Stop! Stop!"
"You little whore," he rasped. He pushed her legs apart.
"I'll bet you're not even a virgin." To prove his point, he
jammed his finger into her pussy.
"Aaaaah," Judy gasped as hot tingling spasms raced through
her cunt. "Aaaah!"
She squirmed on her father's finger, the juices inside her
cunt flowing as the spongy muscles clamped tightly around his
Darin was stunned. His groin churned and his prick
thickened. He couldn't move. His eyes were glued to his
daughter's red ass and the pulsing muscles of her pussy beating
around his finger had his balls aching.
"You're not a virgin," he rasped. "You're a whore!"
Inexperienced though she was, Judy sensed a change in her
father's mood and she began to quiver. She squirmed lewdly on his
lap, milking his finger with her pussy.
"Oooo, Daddy. I couldn't help myself."
Anger and lust raged through Darin's body. He yanked his
finger from her pussy and shoved her off his lap.
"Slut!" he spat.
Judy rolled to the floor, her skirt around her waist, her
pussy, wet and pink, openly displayed. She looked up at her
father from hot glazed eyes and saw the change coming over him.
This was her chance and she didn't intend to mess it up.
Darin stared at his sexy daughter, his eyes darting from her
hot seeping pussy to her bare tit. His cock ached in his pants
and he could still feel the heat of her cunt on his finger.
"Get up," he said, his voice laced more with lust than with
anger. "Get up and cover yourself."
Judy stood, her skirt falling down into place. She licked
her lips and ripped her top off, baring both her plump creamy
"I've only been fucked once," she said softly, her sweet
innocent voice keeping her father spellbound.
She unhooked her skirt and it melted to the floor, her long
slender legs and blonde pussy bare. She stood naked in front of
him, her hips swaying, her legs spread.
Darin couldn't speak. He could only stare at his naked
daughter. His nuts rumbled and he tried to bring his lust under
"What are you doing?"
Judy quivered with passion, her pulpy tits swollen with
desire. "I want you, Daddy." Her voice was laced with lust. "I
want your cock and I'll do anything to get it. Anything, just let
me have your cock."
His daughter's words echoed in his skull. He couldn't take
his eyes off her naked flesh. "No," he said. He was losing the
battle to keep his lust controlled.
Judy knew it and pressed. She skimmed her hand up her
sizzling flesh and cupped her tits. "Tommy sucked my titties,
Daddy," she said, her voice quaking. "He ate my pussy and broke
my cherry."
Darin's head was spinning. He gulped back the lump that was
clogging his throat as he watched her fondle her soft creamy tits.
"How many others?" he rasped.
"None, Daddy," she said, knowing deep inside she was at last
going to have her father. "Just once with Tommy."
She brought her hands down her tingling body and stroked her
fingers through her pussy. Hot cream flowed.
"You felt my pussy. It's always like that. Always wet and
itching to be fucked."
"You don't know what you're saying," he groaned, hypnotized
by what she was doing.
"Yes I do, Daddy," she sighed breathlessly. She turned
around, displaying her red ass. "Did you like beating me?" She
wiggled her hips and bent over, her hands slipping around and
parting the cheeks of her ass.
"Jesus Christ," he groaned, feasting his eyes on the crack of
her ass and the puffy folds of her hot wet pussy. "Stop it, Judy.
I'm your father."
Judy turned around and dropped to her knees. She crawled
between his legs and rubbed his crotch. She fumbled with his
zipper as he sat in a trance and watched.
"I can't help myself," she said. "I want you."
She hauled out her father's prick and gasped. It was twice
as thick as Tommy's and much longer.
"Ooooo, Daddy. It's so big and beautiful." she swooned, her
mouth watering to suck it.
Darin leered down at his naked daughter, his prick throbbing
violently in her hot clinging hands. "You're gorgeous, baby," he
moaned, giving in to his lust. "So gorgeous and sexy."
She looked up at him, her eyes bright with desire. "Can I
suck your cock?" She brought her body close and rubbed his hard
throbbing prick over the heated flesh of her tits. "Ummmm, Daddy.
Your prick feels so good against my titties."
"Suck it, baby. Suck it all you want." He no longer cared.
His lust and desire for his beautiful c***d had taken control.
"Ummmm, Daddy." She pressed his cock between her tits and
stroked his cock-shaft. "When I sucked Tommy's cock all I could
think about was you. When he creamed in my mouth I pretended it
was your cum squirting into my throat."
His daughter's words were driving Darin insane. He touched
her face, his prick throbbing between her plump tits.
"Baby," he gasped.
Judy twisted her head and sucked his fingers into her mouth.
She stared at him and saw the lust fill his face as she rubbed her
tits against his rock-hard dick.
She hummed, taking her mouth away. "I'm gonna do that to
your cock."
"Do it," he said huskily. "Do it, baby."
Judy was in her glory. She pulled at his pants, yanking them
down and off. She purred, caressing his huge balls and long thick
"It looks so delicious, Daddy."
"Eat me, Judy. Eat me."
Judy brought her wet, eager mouth to his cock-shaft. Her
moist lips glided up and down the length of his prick, her tongue
flicking out, teasing at his throbbing meat. She sucked and
nibbled, her mouth working effortlessly up his thick prick-shaft
to his bloated cockhead.
"Nnnnn, baby," Darin groaned, not yet believing he was
actually allowing his young daughter to suck his prick. "Nnnn,
Judy, this is crazy."
"No, Daddy," she gasped, lifting her head. "This is what I
want and the way your cock is throbbin' you want it too."
Darin couldn't argue with her simple logic. He wanted her,
wanted her as badly as he had ever wanted her mother, even on
their wedding night.
"Suck it, baby. Make Daddy happy."
Judy brought her mouth back to her father's thick prick. She
flashed out her tongue and swiped it over his cum-crammed balls.
She coated his nut-sac with her spit then clamped her mouth to his
prick-shaft and nibbled her way up to the bell-shaped head of his
towering cock.
She moaned as she grabbed the thick base. "Ummmmm, so
Darin twisted on the crate, his prick trapped in her
clutching hand, his cock-head drenched with her warm spit. "Put
it in your mouth, baby," he groaned. "Put it in your mouth."
"Yesss, Daddy," she sighed, his words thrilling her.
A shuddering spasm swept through her pussy as she parted her
lips and enveloped the fat spongy head of his cock with her mouth.
"Unnn, baby," Darin groaned, the heat of her mouth searing
his cock-shaft and caroming down to his cum-filled balls. "Unnnn,
suck it, Judy. Suck me!"
With his cock-head in her mouth, she sucked easily, savoring
his prick as she gently stroked his prick-shaft and balls with her
hand. She used her tongue, swirling it around the head of his
dick and through the small slit of his pisser. Hot flashes of joy
bombarded her as she eased the head of his cock along the roof of
her mouth toward the entrance of her throat.
Darin gawked at his naked daughter. His head was throbbing,
his groin churning. He jerked up, the head of his cock clogging
her gullet.
"Unnn, Judy. Your mouth is fantastic! Suck me, baby!"
Judy heard and swooned. Her head swirled in a cloud of lust.
She was sucking her father's cock and it blew her young mind!
Tremors swept through her cunt and she sucked deeper, allowing the
head of his fat prick to spear her tight throat.
The cum in Darin's balls rumbled and he lunged up, humping at
her face, his cock jabbing in and out of her mouth. His prick
swelled, her swiping tongue and deep sucks churning his cum-laden
"Unnnn, Judy!"
Judy sensed that her father was going to cum. She pulled her
mouth off his prick, her blue eyes glowing with fire. She gripped
his prick in both hands, squeezing it rhythmically.
"Oooo, Daddy. When you cum in my mouth I'm gonna go crazy!"
she said as she flashed her tongue over his bloated cockhead,
swiping up a thick glob of cum that had oozed out from his pisser.
"Ummmm, it's so delicious!"
"Eat it, baby. Don't talk." He jabbed up at her face, his
cock-head banging against her lips. "Put it back in your sweet
Judy was d***k with lust. She wanted each second to last an
eternity and talking prolonged it, making it even more exciting
and erotic.
"I like talking about it, Daddy," she moaned. "Don't you
like it, too?"
Darin nodded. "Yeah," he rasped, finding that her voice and
the things she was saying added to his lust. "Talk all you want,
baby, as long as my cum winds up in your mouth and not all over
your face."
"Ooooo, Daddy," she moaned, massaging his balls and squeezing
his prick. "I wanna suck out every drop of your cum and then I
want you to fuck me till I faint!"
"Unnn," Darin moaned, his hips twitching as his daughter's
fingers rhythmically squeezed his prick. He reached for her. "No
more talk. Suck! Suck me off!"
Judy looked at his prick. It made her dizzy. She brought
her lips to his cock and gobbled it into her mouth. In one
downward lunge she took him to his balls, his cock-hair flush with
her lips, his fat prick buried to the hilt, throbbing wildly in
her stretched throat.
"Unnnn, baby," Darin groaned, his prick swelling in the
wetness of her throat. "Suck! Suck it!"
Judy swooned, her body spasming as his prick filled her mouth
and gullet. She dragged her teeth along his prick-shaft, her
tongue slashing at his cock until her gnawing teeth caught the
ridge of his bloated cockhead. She slammed her head down hard,
mashing her lips into his groin as his prick speared her throat.
Darin growled, her teeth making his cock twitch. He lifted
his ass off the crate, plowing her throat. He dropped back with a
thud then humped up, plowing her face with quick, powerful jabs.
With her mouth stuffed with his cock, she used her tongue,
whipping it across his throbbing cock-shaft as he drilled her
throat. She gnawed on his hard cock-meat, her mouth sucking as he
lunged up. She brought her hands to his balls and held them,
feeling the heaviness of them. It made her cream just knowing
that soon all his jizz would be flooding her mouth.
"Baby," Darin gasped as he fucked her face with hard punching
stabs. "Unnn, suck it. Chew it. Lemme feel your teeth."
Judy plunged her head down, catching the rhythm of his quick,
lunging fuck-stabs. His cock pierced her throat, her lips mangled
against his groin. She sank her teeth into his prick-shaft and
heard him growl with pleasure. She chewed, her head bobbing
frantically up and down as he pounded her faster with his ready-
to-explode cock.
"I'm ready, baby," he grunted, humping up into her hot
sucking mouth. "I'm ready."
Judy knew it. His frenzied jabs had her crazy. She sucked
in her cheeks, anxious to have his cum squirting into her mouth.
She whipped her tongue over his plowing prick-shaft, chewing and
sucking her father's prick with wild abandonment.
"I'm cuming," he roared, plowing his cock balls deep into her
throat. "I'm cuming!"
His balls erupted, a thick river of jizz blasting from his
piss-hole and squirting into his daughter's throat.
"I'm cuming, baby! Aghhhh!" he bellowed.
There wasn't time to gulp the first thick wad. She gulped as
another stream of jizz spurted from his cock. Her eyes bulged,
her mouth flying rapidly up and down his exploding prick. She met
his hard thrusts, smashing her face into his groin, his cock
exploding in her mouth and throat. She gulped on his prick, the
cum filling her cheeks and gagging her. It was nothing like
Tommy's climax and it overwhelmed her.
Darin hammered his climaxing prick into his daughter's
sucking mouth. "Unnnn, baby. Suck it! Suck it!" He lunged up,
his groin colliding with her face. "Unnnn, I'm creamin', baby.
Christ, my fuckin' balls are busting!"
Cum gushed into her throat, flooding her mouth and oozing out
from her nose and clinging to her lips. It drooled over his nuts
and soaked the curly hair around his cock. Her head bobbed, her
teeth gnawing, her tongue lashing. She swallowed his jizz almost
as fast as it squirted from his prick. She gagged, choking on the
deluge of cum that erupted from his balls. She felt as if she
were drowning and it made her cream.
Darin couldn't stop. His balls churned out wad after wad as
quickly as his daughter sucked it into her mouth. He grabbed the
crate, his cock drilling her face, his balls aching as they
churned out more thick gooey clumps of jism that quickly spurred
into her throat. Harder and-harder he lunged into her face, her
gurgling gags caroming around in his lust-sopped brain.
His prick was squirting like a river. Cum, instead of
dribbling from her clinging lips, gushed. She sucked, choking and
swallowing as fast as possible as she tried to capture every drop
of his hot gooey load.
Her head bobbed in rhythm to his lunging stabs. She used her
tongue, teeth, and deep sucks to keep him pounding her face. Her
Hand gripped his cock-shaft and she jerked it frantically up and
down, her lips meeting her fingers as the cum continued to flow
out over her hot clinging lips.
"Unnnn, baby," he bellowed, his balls just about drained.
"Unnnnn ... get it all!" He lunged up then crashed back to the
crate, his breathing loud and raspy as he let his daughter finish
him off.
Judy worked like a wildcat on her father's cock. Sucking and
chewing, she jerked his prick-shaft, finally draining his nuts of
the last precious drop of cum. She kept him in her mouth, sucking
lazily, her fingers now caressing his spent cock.
Darin groaned, lunging up one last time. He twisted on the
crate, her mouth still working its magic on his prick.
"Unnnn, Judy," he moaned.
Judy felt his cock begin to shrink in her mouth. She popped
her mouth off and leered up at him from glazed eyes. Cum stained
her lips and dribbled down his chin.
"Tommy didn't cream me that much," she whispered as she
swallowed some of the cum still in her mouth. "God. There was so
much of it."
Darin caught his breath. "Tommy's still a k**," he said
Judy bent her head and licked him clean then dropped back on
the floor, her naked body writhing. "Now me, Daddy. Fuck me!
Fuck me!"
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3 years ago
Never tried anything with parents. Sister screwed a friend in his forties,he was a bit rough.She didn't like that at the time, she liked being loved not just fucked. Many years later she would become a total sub slut for her husband.
4 years ago
Very good, but a bit of a repitition with her brother? Maybe tommy should fuck his mother next?
4 years ago