s****r Sucks Best pt.3: Major Throat Fucking

Judy stated down at her b*****r's cock. "Mmmm, it's hard
again." She jumped off the counter and grabbed it, stroking the
thick, throbbing cock-shaft. "Oooo, God, Tommy," she gasped,
rubbing her naked body into him, his hard cock pressed against her
belly. "Mmmm, lemme lick my pussy-juice off your face."
Tommy's arms circled his s****r's slim body. He cupped the
cheeks of her ass as she licked his face and rubbed her stomach
against his aching cock.
"Christ, you're a horny little bitch! All this time I
thought you were just a damn little prick-teaser."
"I've always been a horny prick-teaser," she giggled, pulling
off his shirt and rubbing her tits into his bare chest. "Only now
I wanna suck and fuck instead of just tease." She gave him her
mouth and fed on his tongue as he plunged it into her throat.
"Damn," Tommy groaned. "You can't fuck all the men who come
in here, s*s. Christ."
"I don't want them," she moaned, pulling his shirt off. "I
only want your cock--and Daddy's." She reached down and jerked
his cock. "Mmmmm, I'll bet you'd like Mommy to suck you like I
Tommy thought of his mother and moaned. "Yeah, but shit ...
you're dreamin'."
Judy pressed against him, her tits mashed into his chest, her
face tilted up to his. "Wouldn't you like to suck on Mommy's tits
and fuck her pussy?"
Tommy groaned, his s****r's hot breath caressing his face as
her nipples burned into his chest. "Sure, but I'm satisfied with
"I'm never gonna be satisfied until I have Daddy's cock
stuffed up my pussy." She melted to the floor and licked the head
of her b*****r's cock.
"You're crazy," he groaned, the heat of her mouth churning
the cum crammed in his balls.
"I don't care," she purred. "Maybe I'll get lucky." She
sprawled out on the floor, her legs spread, her virgin cunt wet
and ready for her b*****r's cock. "Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck the shit
out of me."
"Boy, s*s, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you
say that."
He dropped to the floor between his s****r's legs. His cock
jutted out from his groin, the bl**d-swollen tip aimed at her
juicy cunt. He grabbed the thick base and dragged it up through
her glistening cunt-slit. Hot buttery pussy-cream flowed over his
"Unnn," he groaned, pushing his prick-head between the puffy
folds of her pussy. "I'm gonna give it to you nice and hard."
"Yessss," she hissed, the head of his cock pressing against
her cherry. "Just go easy for a minute until I get used to it."
She began to shake, her pussy pulsing for his prick. "Do it. Do
Balancing himself on stiff arms, Tommy lunged his hips. His
cock ripped through her cherry and as she shuddered, he jammed
again, burying his cock to his balls.
"Unnnn, you're so fuckin' tight!" he panted.
"Oooo, Christ," Judy gasped as her b*****r's cock filled her
tight cunt-hole. "Ooooo! You're stretching me!" Pain spread for
a moment as she trembled. "Unnnnn, ease it out, Tommy." She
gulped, her pussy feeling as if someone had just stabbed it with a
red-hot poker.
Tommy groaned and pulled back until only the head of his
prick was still buried inside his teenaged s****r's pussy. He
ogled her tits and face, his prick throbbing, his balls aching.
"You ready?" he asked.
Panting, her hands gripping his arms, she nodded. "Yessss.
Only do it slow, nice and slow." She began to quiver as she
waited for him to stuff her pussy with his cock.
Leering into her flushed face, Tommy inched his prick back
into the scalding heat of her cunt. He groaned as the hot spongy
muscles of her cunt clamped around his prick-shaft. He groaned
again, his groin flush with hers, his prick balls deep.
"Feel better?"
"Oooo, yes," she sighed, twitching on her back. "A lot
She rotated her hips and moaned as the juices in her pussy
washed over her b*****r's buried prick, greasing it for speed.
Tommy felt the hot syrupy juices of her cunt and the heat
swelled his buried cock. "You're creamin' again," he moaned,
easing back then pushing forward. "Creamin' all over my cock."
"Oooo, Tommy." She lifted her ass, meeting his long, slow
steady pumps. "Ooooo, it's driving me crazy." She wriggled her
hips, his prick throbbing deep in her cunt-hole. "Oooooo, it's
Tommy's balls ached. The slow pace was driving him nuts.
"Christ, Judy," he grunted. He eased back then slammed hard, his
cock jabbing into her pussy. "Unnnn, damn!"
The hard, demanding thrusts made Judy's eyes pop. "Do it
again! Do it again!"
A wide horny smile spread over his face. He pulled his cock
out and waited, watching her tremble beneath him. "Whatta you
want, s*s? Tell me." He jabbed an inch of his cock into her
pussy-hole and then jerked back. "Tell me."
"Oooo, Tommy. I want you to ram it in hard like you just
did!" She began to shake, her cunt contracting, trying to suck
his cock back into her spongy cunt-hole. "Do it! Please!"
Tommy waited, paying her back for all the times she had
tormented him. "When I'm ready," he groaned.
"You fuckin' bastard!" she gasped. She lifted her ass off
the floor, trying to gobble his cock into her cunt. "Do it, you
bastard. Do it!"
Tommy plowed his cock into her pussy, mashing her wriggling
ass back into the floor. He twisted his hips as she squealed with
delight, his cock-head gouging at the cushiony walls of her
overheated cunt. He pulled back quickly, slamming his prick into
her pussy again.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It's wonderful!" She went into spasms,
thrashing under him, his cock buried to the hilt. "It's so deep.
So fuckin' deep!" She humped up and twisted, her clit grinding
into his hard groin. "Again! Again!"
Tommy lunged hard, pounding her with long powerful jabs, from
the tip of his cock to his balls. Each thrusting stab mashed his
writhing s****r into the floor as the muscles of her pussy pulsed
against his cock-shaft and drenched it in warm sudsy pussy-cream.
"Jesus, Judy," he groaned, easing back again. "You're
"Unnnn, Tommy." She looked up into his face, her blue eyes
bright with lust. "Fuck me hard and fast now."
She began to quiver, her pussy on fire, needing the hard
stabbing jabs of her b*****r's cock to put out the flames. She
lunged up, swiveled her hips, her cunt greedily milking his buried
"Fuck the shit out of me!"
Tommy's balls were aching. He jerked back, watching her face
fill with shock. Gritting his teeth, he was using all of his will
power to keep from emptying his nuts in his s****r's pussy.
"You want it, you fuck it!" he said as he eased his prick
halfway into her bubbling cunt and grinned.
"Oooo, you're torturing me, you bastard," she hissed as she
thrashed on the floor. She arched her back, her hips jerking.
"Ummmm. But I love it!"
Tommy kept his lean body stiff as his s****r fucked herself
blind on his cock. He watched her face twist with passion, saw
her tits jiggle, and felt the sizzling heat of her pussy as she
rammed her cunt onto his prick at a frenzied pace.
"You're gonna cream, if you keep this up," he said, his voice
strained, his jaw tight.
"I know," she squealed, wriggling under him, her ass thumping
on the floor, her pussy gobbling on his cock. "I'm gonna cream my
fuckin' brains out." She lunged up and twisted her hips, her clit
grinding into his hard groin. "Ooooo, Christ!"
Tommy couldn't take it any longer. He slammed his prick into
her pussy and smashed her back to the floor. He pounded her, his
stroking fuck-jabs short and powerful.
"This is what you want," he grunted, slamming into her body
at blinding speed.
Yessss," she howled, absorbing his deep penetrating fuck-
stabs. "Ooooo, you're in so deep. I can feel your cock
throbbing!" She went crazy, her body contorting beneath him as
she raced wildly toward an explosive orgasm.
Tommy pounded her, his cock slicing through her hot, sizzling
pussy. "Unnn, Judy ... my fuckin' nuts are gonna bust." He
slammed her hard and grunted as his cock pierced the scalding
depths of her clinging pussy.
"Faster, Tommy," she begged, thrashing under him, her ass
lifting to meet each powerful stab of his prick. "Faster and
harder. I gotta cum. Gotta cum!"
Tommy wanted exactly the same thing. He pierced her pussy
with hard, drilling fuck-stabs, his hips a blur as he pounded her
squirming body back into the floor.
"Cream, Judy," he roared. "Cream my fuckin' cock!"
Judy was gurgling on her own spit. She humped up, slamming
her clit into his groin as he hammered his prick into her cunt.
She clawed his shoulders, her tits flopping, her hips gyrating
frantically as she raced madly toward an orgasm.
"Oooo, I'm there, Tommy. Gonna cum! Gonna cum all over your
"Yeah," he shouted. "Cream!" He picked up speed, lashing
his prick in and out of her pussy. "Cum, Judy. Cum!"
Judy went into spasms as her pussy exploded. "I'm cuming,
Tommy! I'm cuming!" She bucked beneath him like a wildcat,
orgasms ripping through her pussy like hot bolts of lightning.
"Ooooo, I'm cum ... ing, Tommy! Ahhhh!"
Tommy groaned, the heat of her climaxing pussy intensifying.
Hot bubbling pussy-cum bathed his stabbing cock, squashing out
over his ready-to-explode nuts every time he plunged into her
cunt-hole. "Unnnn, Judy. I'm gonna cum! Aghhhh!"
Thrashing and bucking beneath her b*****r, her legs stiffened
then curled around his jabbing hips, digging into the tight
muscles of his back.
"Cum, Tommy. Cream me! Cream my pussy!"
The cum in Tommy's nuts erupted. Hot thick jizz gushed from
his pisser, splashing deep into his s****r's hot, sizzling pussy.
"I'm cuming," he howled. "I'm cuming!"
The hot cum squirting up into her pussy triggered another
orgasm deep in Judy's pussy. "I feel it. It's making cum again!"
She lunged up, her hips jerking, her tits flopping. She clung to
him, pounding her clit into his driving groin. "Ooooo, I'm cuming
... cuming!"
Tommy pounded his s****r, his cock cutting through her gooey
cum-filled pussy. The sizzling heat rumbled the cum in his balls
and they erupted again, spewing out a river of jizz that
overflowed and gushed out over his swinging balls.
"Judy," he bellowed. "Jesus Christ!"
Judy was out of her skull. Everything was spinning. She
worked her hips in tight frenzied circles, her clit mashing into
his groin, the action keeping her creaming. She clawed his
heaving chest and banged her heels into his back.
"Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Ooooo, Christ! Don't ever
stop, Tommy!"
Tommy knew he wouldn't stop until he collapsed. He drilled
his squirting prick into her pussy, crushing her writhing body
into the floor each time she lunged up to meet his powerful
thrusts. Hot cum poured from his pisser as his balls continued to
churn out the thick, gooey wads. His face tightened, his hips
working like a jackhammer as he sliced in and out of her climaxing
Judy arched her back, her spine almost snapping as she
wrenched her shoulders at the same time. With her ass off the
floor, she rolled her hips, her clit grinding into his frame.
"Oooooo! Tommy!" she moaned, her head snapping from side to
side as he pounded her twisting body back into the floor.
Tommy's arms shook. His climaxing cock was draining him of
his strength. He groaned as his arms gave out and he crashed
down, crushing his squealing s****r beneath him. His hips never
stopped, his cock still piercing her pussy maniacally.
"Unnn, Judy!"
Judy gasped, the wind knocked out of her. Her body acted on
its own, thrashing and churning as she climaxed over and over
again on his stabbing cock. She circled his back with her arms,
holding him tight as she fused her body to his and shuddered in
bliss as the last of her orgasms washed over her and left her weak
as a kitten.
Tommy lunged hard, the last of his cum squirting into her
cunt. He grunted as he ground to a halt. He lay there, his prick
spent, his balls empty, her pussy still twitching against his
shrinking cock.
Judy moaned. With her passion gone, being pressed into the
floor was uncomfortable as hell. "Get off me, Tommy," she moaned.
Tommy rolled off, his prick popping from the gooey tightness
of her pussy. "You're some fuck, s*s!" he said as he stood up.
He leaned against the counter, his prick hanging, droplets of cum
oozing down his limp cock-meat.
Judy sat up. "You ever been fucked better?"
"Hell no," he laughed.
Judy giggled. "You won't be the best once I get Daddy
between my legs."
"Stop dreamin' Judy," he said. "You got as much chance of
fuckin' Dad as I got of getting into Mom's pussy."
Judy stroked his limp, sticky cock. "Maybe we can come up
with an idea to make both our dreams come true."
She licked his prick and balls, savoring blend of her own cum
mixed with the tangy taste of his.
"When we gonna fuck again?"
"Maybe tonight," he said. "Right now, I think we should get
dressed and open the store before Mom and Dad come back."
Judy tossed him his clothes. "Maybe I'll wait on the
customers naked," she giggled as she stood up. "We'd make a
Tommy slapped her across the ass. "Get your ass dressed."
Judy scampered through the store and found her clothes. Her
body was tingling. It had been a fantastic morning and she knew
as long as she wanted, she would have Tommy to take care of all
her needs. But then she frowned. All of her needs but one--she
still wanted her father's cock.
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Two things I remember most of being with my sister almost 50 years later, the intense heat in her pussy and the sweetness of her cum.
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