s****r Sucks Best pt.1

"I'll get it for you," Judy purred, staring hotly from wide
blue eyes at the customer.
She winked at the leering man and climbed the ladder, knowing
that as soon as she reached the top, he would be looking up her
skirt. It made her hot virgin pussy tingle.
Paul Holmes stood at the bottom of the ladder, his eyes
darting up the slim legs of the sexy blonde teenager. A hot jolt
caromed through his gut as he saw the crotch of her panties and
the swell of her tight ass.
Judy spread her legs and reached for the small fan. She was
quivering. She could feel his eyes burning into her crotch and it
made her pussy seep. She waited, giving him a good long look at
her panty-clad ass and crotch before descending the ladder.
"Here you are, Mr. Holmes," she cooed, handing him the small
fan. "You can pay Tommy at the counter." Her pink tongue flicked
across her lips.
Paul leered at her plump tits under her tight summer top and
his prick thickened in his pants. "Thanks, Judy," he said, his
voice husky. He gave her a lewd grin. "Maybe I should have two
Judy giggled, catching a glimpse of the bulge in his pants.
"You only need one," she said as she brushed by him in the narrow
aisle, making sure her tits rubbed against his arm. "I hope you
come back real soon."
"I will," Paul said, watching her ass swing seductively as
she walked away.
Judy heaved a deep sigh. She leaned against the wall, her
body quivering with desire. "Ooooooo, God," she whispered as she
squeezed her thighs together. "I'm so fuckin' hot!"
She heard the store door close and her b*****r's footsteps.
Quickly, she pulled off her panties and dropped them on a shelf.
With her heart racing, she hurried back to the ladder and climbed
to the top, her legs spread and her silky blonde cunt fully
Tommy came down the aisle and saw her. "I know what the fuck
you were doin'," he said, stopping at the ladder.
"What, Tommy?" she giggled.
"The same thing you always do. You're nothin' but a fuckin'
little prick-teaser. That guy's hand was shaking when he paid me
for the fan."
Judy laughed. "I can't help it if they look up my skirt,"
she cooed.
"If dad catches you he'll beat your damn ass."
"Daddy won't be back till this afternoon," she said. "I only
do it when he's not around."
Tommy glanced up, his eyes popping. "Holy shit, Judy. You
don't have any panties on!" He stared up her legs and ogled her
bare pussy, his cock growing quickly into a hard-on.
"I know," she said. "You like what you see?"
Tommy groaned and his mouth watered. "Did that guy see you
like this?"
"No, silly. I did it just for you." Balancing herself, she
lifted her skirt around her waist, baring her heart-shaped ass.
"Maybe I should have done this for him. I'll bet he would've cum
in his pants."
"You're a damn prick-teasing little bitch," Tommy grumbled,
his hand rubbing the bulge in his crotch.
Judy dropped her skirt and climbed down the ladder. "Did you
like looking at my pussy?" she sighed breathlessly.
"Cut the shit, Judy," Tommy groaned, his eyes riveted to her
nipples outlined under her tight-fitting top. "I'm tired of your
"Maybe I'm not teasing anymore," she said, her desire to be
touched and fondled overwhelming her. "Maybe I want you, Tommy."
"Sure," he mumbled, his prick aching for his k** s****r.
"I'll touch you and you'll run away like you always do." He
turned to leave. "I don't need your shit."
Judy grabbed his arm, stopping him. "Why don't you try,
Tommy? You might get lucky."
Tommy spun around, his palms sweaty as he drooled over her
plump tits hiding beneath her top. "Why not?" he said, expecting
her to laugh and run down the aisle. He brought his hands to her
tits and spanned the plump globes. She didn't move and he
"Ooooooo, Tommy," Judy moaned. "Ummmm." She quivered with
joy as his fingers squeezed her plump, sensitive tits through her
top. "Mmmmm, it feels good."
Tommy's breath caught in his chest. "Jeez, s*s," he groaned.
He kneaded her tits, his cock throbbing in his pants.
"I'm not a prick-teaser anymore," she sighed. His pawing
hands were driving her crazy.
"Take off your clothes," Tommy rasped. "Lemme see you
Judy giggled. "I will if you lock up the store. I don't
want anybody walking in and seeing me."
"Yeah," Tommy rasped. Reluctantly, he pulled his hands away.
"Don't move. I'll be right back." He spun around and hurried to
the front of the store to lock up.
Shivering with pleasure, Judy pulled off her top, her creamy
tits free, the pink nipples swollen and aching for her b*****r's
mouth. She tore off her skirt, leaving it on the floor as she
hurried through the aisle, her tits bouncing and the firm cheeks
of her ass jiggling. She jumped up on the counter and spread her
legs just as her b*****r returned.
"Well?" she giggled as goose-bumps dotted her creamy flesh.
"How do I look?"
"Jesus Christ!" Tommy groaned as he leered at his naked
s****r. "I'll bet that Mr. Holmes would sure like to see you
He walked toward his s****r, his eyes darting from the
glistening gash of her virgin pussy to the round pink nipples that
capped her pert, pulpy tits.
"I don't give a shit about Mr. Holmes," Judy panted. "But, I
sure would like Daddy to see me like this." She spread her legs
wide. "I'd give him my pussy and fuck him just like Mommy does."
She worked her body lewdly, as if a cock were stuffed up inside
her pussy.
Tommy's head was reeling. He came to the counter where his
s****r was sprawled out on her back. "Dad would kick the shit out
of you." He brought his hands to her plump tits and began
squeezing the pliant meat. "Unnnn, God."
"I don't care," Judy moaned as she writhed on her back. "As
long as he fucked me." She reached for the bulge in her b*****r's
pants and gave it a squeeze. "God, you're hard as a rock."
"Unnnn," Tommy moaned as her fingers dug into his crotch.
He mauled her tits with one hand, his other hand kneading her
thigh flesh as he brought it to the hot sizzling vee of her
outstretched legs.
"Touch my pussy, Tommy," Judy whimpered, her hips rolling
lazily. "Oooo, feel how wet and juicy I am."
Tommy smoothed his hand over her thighs and dipped it between
her legs, his fingers gliding up through the wet, slippery slit of
her virgin pussy.
"Damn, Judy. You're soaked."
"I know," she gasped, humping her hips. "I'm always soaked."
She began to pant as Tommy stroked his finger back and forth
through the wet, frothy gash of her virgin pussy. "Oooo, Tommy
... you're driving me crazy."
Tommy jabbed his finger into her cunt and hit her cherry.
"Jeez, Judy. You gonna let me fuck you?"
Judy was out of her mind. "Not now," she gasped, her hand
still mauling his cock through his jeans.
Tommy shot his s****r a dirty look. "You're still a prick-
teaser," he groaned, yanking his hand away from her pussy. "Maybe
I should punch your fuckin' face in!"
"Oooo, Tommy," she moaned. "Don't get mad." She writhed on
her back. "Play with my pussy again." She squirmed her hips.
"It makes me cream."
Tommy was drawn back to his s****r's naked body like a
magnet. "You little bitch," he groaned, pawing her tits and
caressing her hot, virgin pussy.
"I'll take good care of you," she panted as he drove her wild
with his hands. "I promise." She licked her lips and moaned as
his fingers brushed over her pulsing clit.
"How?" he grunted, his fingers soaked with pussy-cream. He
stared at her, drooling, his cock throbbing as she mauled him
through his jeans.
"Ummmm, you'll see," she hummed. "Oooo, I wish you were
"I'm not," he grunted, his hips jerking as she squeezed his
cock. "You keep doin' that and I'll cum in my pants." He grit
his teeth. "Is that how you're gonna take care of me?"
With her hips rolling, Judy moaned. "Ooo, Tommy. I'm gonna
suck you off."
Tommy's mouth dropped open. He didn't believe her. She had
been teasing and lying to him for months. "You're full of shit,"
he said.
Judy squirmed. "You stop playing with me and I'll prove it."
Tommy pulled his fingers from her seeping pussy and stepped
back. "I'm waitin'."
Judy sat up, her tits bouncing, her blue eyes glowing with
lust. She grabbed his hand and licked his fingers clean. "Mmmmm,
my juice sure tastes good."
"You're supposed to be suckin' my cock, not my fingers,"
Tommy grumbled, still not believing her.
Judy jumped off the counter and dropped to her knees. She
rubbed his bulging crotch. "I'll bet your cock is nice and big,"
she sighed, her fingers trembling as she pulled down his zipper.
"Big enough for you," Tommy moaned as her fingers groped in
his jeans. "Unnnn."
Judy's fingers wrapped around her b*****r's stiff prick and
she hauled it out of his pants. "Oooo, it's beautiful, Tommy,"
she gasped, leering at the bloated head of his cock. "Delicious-
lookin' too."
"Suck it, s*s," he moaned. "Christ!" He jerked his hips,
his cock gliding through her gripping fingers. "Suck it."
Judy's mouth was watering as she ogled her b*****r's cock.
"Lemme get your damn pants off," she moaned, struggling with his
She shoved his pants and shorts down around his ankles and
heaved a ragged sigh as she gazed at his long throbbing prick and
cum-filled balls.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It looks better this way." He stepped out of
his pants and shorts, kicking them away.
"It would look and feel a lot better stuffed up your pussy,"
he groaned as she fondled his nuts and caressed his aching cock.
"Lemme fuck you, Judy. Christ!"
"Later, Tommy," she said, glancing up at him. "First, I
wanna suck you off." She squeezed his meaty cock-shaft and a drop
of cum seeped from his pisser.
"Unnnn," Tommy groaned deep in his throat as Judy's tongue
flashed across the head of his cock and swiped up the gooey drop
of cum. "Put it in your mouth."
"When I'm ready," Judy gasped. She licked her lips. "Your
cum tastes better than my pussy-juice." She cradled his balls and
lapped her tongue up and down the length of his prick-shaft.
"Ummmm, it's so hard. So nice and hard."
"Jesus Christ, Judy," Tommy growled. His hips jerked, his
cock jabbing at her face as she soaked his cock-shaft with her
warm spit.
Judy was in heaven. "This is so much better than just
teasing," she purred.
She licked her tongue over his balls, enjoying the rough
texture of his nut-sac. Her tongue slithered up his prick-shaft,
her lips clinging to his throbbing meat.
"You're still a prick-teaser." He jabbed at her face, his
cock swollen with bl**d and aching painfully. "Suck it, Judy.
Judy wasn't about to rush. She had been wanting his cock for
months, but she had always been too chicken until now. With his
cock in her hand she intended to enjoy every second of his hard,
throbbing cock-meat before she sucked out his balls. She used her
teeth, nibbling up and down his shaft as his cock throbbed against
her wet sucking lips.
"I'm gonna blast my fuckin' load if you keep messing around,"
he grumbled. He jabbed, his legs stiff, his hands holding the
edge of the counter.
Judy gazed up at her horny b*****r. "Do you think Daddy
would like me to do this to his cock?"
She caressed his hard-on with the tips of her fingers.
Watching his prick twitch excited her and made the insides of her
virgin pussy pulse.
"Anybody would," Tommy moaned. "But you'll never get to
Dad's cock."
"Who knows?" she giggled. She parted her lips and slipped
the head of her b*****r's cock into her mouth.
"Oooo, s*s," he groaned, the heat of her mouth rumbling the
cum in his balls. "Unnnn, suck it! Unnnn!" He jerked, his cock
stabbing at her face.
Judy held his balls in one hand and wrapped her other hand
around the base of his swollen cock. With the bloated head
trapped between her clinging lips, she sucked. Her tongue swirled
around his cockhead and over his pisser. The tangy taste of jizz
seeping from his tiny slit was making her cream. She moaned deep
in her throat as she inched the head of his prick along her tongue
to the back of her mouth.
"Suck," Tommy growled. "Jesus, s*s. Suck!"
He reached down and grabbed her hair, his face twisted with
lust. He slammed her face hard, spearing her throat, his cock
buried, her gullet stretched.
Judy gagged, her eyes bulging and her face turning red. She
twisted her head and sank her teeth into his hard cock-meat,
choking as he released her hair. She pulled back, gasping for
"Dammit, Tommy," she choked, his cock pointing at her mouth.
"You trying to choke me to death?" Spit dribbled from her lips as
she caught her breath.
Tommy grinned down at his naked s****r. "What the fuck, s*s.
You got me crazy."
"I'll suck your cock but my way. You gotta remember, this is
my first time."
"Not your last," he said. "Now put my prick back in your
mouth and suck me off."
"Yes, Tommy," she cooed, grabbing his cock-shaft again.
She gulped the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked.
Stroking his long shaft and massaging his balls, she eased the
head of his prick toward the back of her mouth. It hit the
entrance to her throat and she relaxed, wanting to feel his prick
deep in her gullet.
"Unnn, yeah," Tommy groaned. He grabbed the counter, his
hips jerking. "Take it all, Judy. Unnnn."
Slowly, Judy pushed the head of her b*****r's prick into her
throat. She f***ed herself not to gag as the bloated head of his
cock stretched her throat. Relaxing her throat muscles, she took
almost his whole prick, her heart racing as his cock throbbed
wildly in her gullet.
"All of it, Judy," he groaned. He jabbed hard, but her hand
wrapped around the base of his cock kept him from plunging his
prick in to the root. "All of it!"
Judy pulled her hand away from his cock and grabbed his hips.
Gulping, she took him to his balls, his prick buried deep in her
throat. With her lips mashed into his groin, she fought the urge
to gag and gnawed on the base of his prick-shaft. His cock-hair
tickled her nose and his prick, throbbing and swelling, stretched
her throat to the limit.
"Yeahhh," he moaned. "Unnn, suck it! Chew it!" He jabbed,
his ass hitting the edge of the counter. "Unnn, suck it, Judy."
She felt his nuts against her chin and the head of his prick
in her gullet. She gurgled, her nails scratching at his hips and
She was overjoyed. His entire prick was buried in her throat
and she wondered if her mother could do the same thing. She eased
back, her lips clinging to his cock-shaft, her teeth scr****g
along the hard, throbbing meat. She slammed forward, piercing her
throat with his prick, his deep growl of pleasure making her
Tommy was out of his skull. He slammed at her face, his
balls slapping at her chin each time he drilled his prick into her
"Yeah, Judy," he roared. "Ahhh, yeah!"
He humped, skewering her throat, her gnawing teeth and
lashing tongue making his cock ache and his balls sore.
Judy absorbed his jabbing punches, wallowing in the hard
tasty meat of his cock. She chewed on his cock-shaft, her cheeks
drawing in tight as she tried sucking the cum up from his swinging
balls. She swiped her tongue over the sensitive underside of his
prick-shaft and sucked hard as he drew back and then chewed softly
as he slammed forward.
There was an urgency in his lunging fuck-stabs and she knew
that at any second he would start spraying her mouth with his cum.
It blew her mind.
Tommy, his hips lunging, his cock throbbing, curled his
fingers through his s****r's thick blonde hair. "Gonna cum, Judy.
Jesus Christ, I'm gonna cum in your mouth."
Judy gurgled on his stabbing cock. Her head was reeling and
the insides of her virgin pussy was on fire. She sucked hard, her
tongue a wet whip lashing across his cock as he pounded her mouth
with his cock. She chewed, her eyes wide as she watched his tight
groin mash into her nose and lips.
"Unnn, Judy," Tommy roared as his balls swelled to the point
of explosion. "Suck! Suck me, Judy!"
Judy slammed her face forward, his groin smashing into her
lips, his balls whacking against her chin. Spit drooled from her
mouth as she began to shake waiting for the first gooey wad to
fill her eager throat.
"I'm cuming," Tommy bellowed. "Oooo, Christ ... I'm cuming!"
He slammed hard, his balls bursting as a thick stream of white
thick jizz blasted from his pisser.
Judy gagged as her b*****r's cum sprayed the back of her
throat. She sucked, the taste of his tangy jizz making her dizzy.
Another squirting glob of cum gushed from the tip of his prick and
she gulped it down, her mouth flying up and down his cock-shaft as
she sucked and chewed on his exploding prick.
"Yeahhh!" he roared, punishing her face with hard, swift
fuck-jabs. "Suck it! Suck it!" His legs stiffened as his hips
lunged forward. "Unnnn, Judy, your mouth. Christ, suck out my
Judy's mouth filled with cum. She gulped at his stabbing
prick, his lust and throbbing cock making her crazy. She clawed
his hips and jammed her mouth forward, his cock piercing her
throat as another stream of stringy white cum splashed into her
Tommy, his chest heaving, stared down at his naked s****r as
he pounded her mouth with his squirting cock. He lunged hard,
spearing her throat, his hips pumping, his cock flooding her
cheeks with cum.
"Unnn, s*s!"
Judy's head was spinning, her cheeks filled with cum. It
gushed into her throat and oozed from her lips. She swallowed the
cum as fast as she could, gulping at his stabbing prick as he
plowed her gullet with hard plunging jabs. She used her teeth and
tongue, urging more cum up from his erupting balls as he groaned
and twisted in her mouth.
"Judy! Aghhhh!" His legs weakened, his balls still churning
out wad after wad of thick, white cum. "Unnnnn, don't stop!" He
slammed hard, piercing her throat as a glob of cum spurted from
his pisser.
Judy was overwhelmed. She gagged on the flowing cum, trying
to swallow every drop. It gushed from her mouth and drenched his
balls. She sensed it was almost over and she didn't want it to
stop. She smashed her face into his humping groin, her mouth
flying wildly up and down his shaft. She sucked maniacally on his
prick, chewing it frantically, trying to keep it hard and stiff.
Tommy's hands dropped to his side and he grunted. His balls
were just about drained. He grunted as his s****r refused to give
up his cock.
"No more, Judy," he panted as he twisted his hips, his prick
trapped between her teeth as she continued to suck on his cock.
Judy pounded her face into his groin, his cock shrinking in
her mouth. She sucked, drawing the last of his cum up from his
now empty nuts. It oozed out over her tongue.
"Mmmmm," she moaned, her mouth flipping off his cock.
"Mmmm." She savored the last wad, letting it slowly ooze down her
"Oooo, Tommy. I love suckin' your cock."
Tommy stared down at her. "Christ. I never creamed like
that in my life."
Judy licked her lips clean and stared at his limp prick.
"You like it better than jerkin' off, huh?"
"Shit, yeah!" he groaned. "You're great."
Judy began to tremble. Sucking her b*****r off had made her
crazy hot and very anxious to cum. "Now me, Tommy. You take care
of me and I'll give you my cherry."
It was an offer Tommy couldn't refuse.

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3 months ago
All of us guys would love to help turn our younger sisters into cocksucking cum lovers..!
3 years ago
Love the dialog!
3 years ago
I thought I was nasty but my younger sister always went one step further.
3 years ago
Taboo is so naughty it make so horny
3 years ago
4 years ago
You are one lucky bastard...I also have a nice sister
4 years ago