You know I'm going to say what every single person out there is thinking but lack the testicular fortitude to say. I fucking hate Valentines Day. I'm not even sure if I hate it worse when I'm single or when I'm in a relationship. I mean sure when I'm in single I have to look around at all the happy couples, I have to watch girls go crazy as they get flowers delivered to the office. I have to watch guys nervously make last second arrangements and of course I have to face the fact that everybody but me is getting some goddamn pussy. If I'm in a relationship I'm just one of those guys scrambling to make a random day seem important. I feel guilty if her girlfriend got a bigger bouquet or better chocolates or a reservation someplace more expensive. It's fucking bullshit either way.

Actually the truth is that after three consecutive lonely Valentine's Day's I can say for sure it's better to feel guilty and get pussy than it is to be alone. That's what was going to happen if I didn't do something different this year. I know what I should have done; I should have gone to the bar, found me a pretty lady, told her a beautiful lie and taken her to bed. The reality is that on Valentines Day a single girl at a bar is a sitting duck. The only reason she could possibly be there is because she doesn't have anyplace better to be and she's hoping that a one night stand will cheer her up. I had that option, that's what I did last year though and really it didn't cheer me up. This year was going to be a little different.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to **** a girl. I know what kind of man that makes me and I've learned I can live with it. I love the extreme porn, stuff with girls gagging until spittle runs down their faces. The once where they are choked during anal are the best, especially when you can see the disgust in her eyes when they f***e her to suck them clean. It just gets my cock hard. The problem is as much as the idea turns me on I don't really want to hurt anybody and I really don't want to go to jail. I just want to play rough.

Well it turns out that there are lots of women who want to be victimized. I don't pretend to understand why; it doesn't really matter to me to be honest. Fortunately there are websites that set people up to fulfill their nasty fantasies. They take care of anything but apparently **** fantasies are amongst their most popular, so popular that they often have a hard time finding enough men to meet their demands. I was given a list of women, the one I chose looked a lot like the first girl I ever had crush on.

Her name was Fifi, and she was a petite Asian woman in her mid twenties. She wouldn't have stood out to most people in a crowd, she wasn't busty, didn't have fantastic legs. She was really rather plain but she reminded me of a girl named Crystal. I hadn't seen her since I was fifteen but she was the one that stuck with me. We never met face to face, the only thing she knew was that I was coming for her on Valentines Day. That was as much her idea as mine.

I admit that I feel a certain amount of shame that I enjoyed stalking her as much as I did. I wonder if all men derive a physical rush from hunting. That's what it felt like, it felt raw and predatory. It made me feel strong and somehow more than human. The best part was when she stopped by a local bar. I was close enough to smell her perfume. I even bought her, well all the ladies standing at the bar a round and toasted to all the singles on V Day. I didn't take my drink, I wanted to be sharp.

The bar was easy walking distance from her house so it didn't matter, or at least normally wouldn't have mattered that she was a little tipsy when she left. I wonder if lions get the same feeling when they spot a wounded gazelle hobbling along. It was painfully obvious how easy this was going to be. All my senses were kicked into overdrive as I closed for the strike. I had to be quick; the streets weren't entirely abandoned unfortunately. She was a willing victim, but that didn't mean I wanted to see if she'd testify to that in court.

Taking great care not to be seen I followed Fifi all the way back to her apartment. The moment she put the key into the lock I rushed her from behind wrapping my arm around her throat and lifting her up to the tips of her toes. "Don't make a sound, and open the door." She was trembling in my arms but she did as she was told and pushed her through into the apartment and shut the door behind me. "Are you alone?" She nodded and wriggled in my grasp trying get her feet planted. "That's it baby wiggle that ass, get me nice and hard." I pushed so she could feel my hard cock straining against my jeans.

"Please no." She whispered and froze in place. Taking her roughly by the shoulders I spun her around and shoved her up against the wall. Her eyes were wide with fright but just beneath her fear was an obvious look of lust. I slammed my mouth against hers in a savage kiss while I tore her blouse open and halfway down her slender body. With her shirt around her middle it held her hands in somewhat in place.

"If you wanted me to stop you'd scream." I snarled into her ear. At the same time I thrust my hand beneath her skirt. "And you wouldn't be so wet. You're just another little whore. You want this as bad as I do?" Yanking her panties to one side I hooked two fingers into her twat and lifted till she was back on the tips of her toes. "Such a whore." She didn't argue with me. Fifi turned her head away refusing to look at me, refusing to speak to me. Her body was doing all of the talking for her though. Fifi couldn't stop her hips from rolling against my hand. She couldn't stop her muscles from clenching down around my fingers. When I grabbed her chin and dragged her face back to face me her eyes told the same story. I brought Fifi to the very edge and then I stopped and smiled.

Fifi was so frustrated that her face was starting to twist. She was utterly trapped as I took a step back and undid my pants. She couldn't beg me to continue; she couldn't reach down and finish herself off. She couldn't admit that this wasn't a **** and she was enjoying every second of it. Instead she had to stand perfectly still as all the energy that had built up expecting to explode outward slowly ebbed out of her.

"Get on your knees." Fifi was staring at my cock. I'm admit that I'm a little on the big side just about eight inches long and it's got a nice girth to it as well. The way she was mesmerized by it was definitely an ego booster. You'd think I had an anaconda. "On your knees." I repeated. Slowly she shook her head. This wasn't a democracy though. She was going to do what I told her. I snatched her by the back of her head and yanked her forward jamming my cock against her lips. All it took to open her mouth was a quick slap on the ass and in I slipped.

"If you bite me I swear I'll make you regret it." I whispered. She was struggling almost from the get go. I thought she looked incredibly sexy with her lips stretched accept my cock. Holding onto her head I skull fucked her till tears ran down her cheeks and spittle frothed down to her chin and dripped onto breasts. Fifi was struggling to breathe around my cock frantically pushing her tongue against my cock to free up enough space for air then blowing bubbles and slurping down spittle. I could see her throat bulge slightly when my cock slid directly into her esophagus. I don't know how long I kept face fucking her. I wasn't timing it. What I do know is how she looked when I finished her eyes were red, slobber coated her smallish breasts down to her belly, her hair was totally disheveled. "Good girl."

I let her alone for a moment to catch her breath then I grabbed her around the waist and threw her over my shoulder. She beat against my shoulders with her tiny fists but otherwise behaved. "See you're still having fun. Why aren't you screaming for help?" I teased before dumping her on her couch face down ass up. Shoving my fingers back into her cunt I found she was even wetter than before. I thrust my fingers into her face spreading them so she could see her own juices hanging from my fingers. "You really enjoyed that? What a complete whore!"

Putting my foot on her face to hold her down I rammed my cock into Fifi. I think it's a safe bet to say she'd never had anybody as big as me. I've never felt a girl that tight before, it was like velvet vice locked around my cock. Even putting my weight behind it I had a hard time getting most of my cock into Fifi. And she was wriggling like a worm on a hook. I was listening carefully to all the words coming out of her mouth. It hurt. It was too big. It would split her in two. She never asked me to stop. She never screamed, she never even tried to get away. Fifi kept her pert little rump in the air as I violated her. "Tell me how much you love this." Fifi couldn't turn her head to face me with my foot pinning her but she could snarl an angry response. It got harder and harder for her to deny her body though. Her hips were pushing back against mine; her tight inner lips were clinging to my cock doing their best to keep my cock buried in her. Her muscles were squeezing down around my threatening to drain my balls at any moment. "You know you're loving it. This is how a whore like you should spend every Valentine's Day. Being fucked. Being ****d. "I snarled.

Fifi's fingers dug into her couch leaving deep gouges. She was struggling to keep her orgasm back, setting her jaw to keep from crying out. None of that did her any good. She couldn't hold it back. Her back arched suddenly and an erotic howl slipped between her lips. Her pussy was convulsing around my cock that combined with her sudden enthusiasm sent me into the biggest orgasm of my entire life. "You feel that tramp? You feel all my cum draining into your cunt?" I pushed farther in for a moment then pulled my cock out and wiped it clean on her ass.

"Don't do anything stupid like call the cops." I warned and started walking back to the door.

"Wait." I paused. I hadn't even gotten my pants back on. "Don't go. Nobody wants to be alone on Valentines Day. I'll be your little slut all night if you'll just hold me for a little while." Fifi smiled warmly extending her arms towards me.

She was right. Nobody wants to be alone on Valentines Day. So we spent the rest of the night on the couch. Most of the night we were talking. Most of it.
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