Asian Cum Slut

The night I met Mei in a London club, she was dressed the way you see in
Japanese anime. I told her, and she got all offended since she was Chinese,
and anyway she could not understand what I meant, or so she claimed.

She had on high heeled boots, knee high socks the kind you'll see matched
with schoolgirl uniforms, a chequered plaid skirt that barely covered her
ass, and a white shirt that could barely contain her immense 38E bust.
She looked obscene - breasts that size on a chink, especially one not more
than 5'1 or 5'2 that couldn't be a day over 18 just accentuated the
anime-girl-who-is-about-to-get-fucked-by-tentacles look.

I quickly won her over by just ignoring the offense she'd taken and just
launching into a story about my visit to Beijing, and lots of bullshit
that demonstrated quite clearly to her that she'd found herself an
experienced, worldly man. Not that she'd be able to tell. Nice too, or
so she probably thought from the way I spoke to her.

We kept talking for a bit before I convinced her to have a drink with
me. A drink turned into three, while I nipped on mine, and she got more
and more friendly, while I got nastier and nastier to the point where
she several times got seemingly angry. Each time she forgot quickly enough
when I just pressed on. Soon enough she didn't blink when I talked about
how I preferred my girls slutty, and enjoyed using them hard.

In fact, she was clearly getting aroused, helped by my wandering hands.
She asked if I'd ever fucked a Chinese girl

- Yes, I have fucked a chink, I told her, thinking of my previous
adventure (see Chinese Takeaway).

She put on her angry face again.

- She kept begging to be my little slant eyed whore.

I could tell my new prey was ready to explode. I grinned widely.

- She loved playing games like that, insisted on being called names and
begged for white cock... A bit racist, of her, don't you think?

At this point she looked at me confused.

- I mean, this woman was married to a chinese guy, but kept going on
about how his dick was too small and how she needed a White man to
take her properly. She kept talking about how much bigger I was all
through it.

My face was right up in hers, my eyes locked to hers.

- Have you ever been with a white man?
- No...
- Why not? Are you a bit racist too?
- No! Of course not!
- Then why?
- Uhm.. I dont know. I just haven't.

I took one of her hands and rested it in my lap, making it seem relatively
innocent, but still positioning it so she could feel my big bulge.

- You're curious aren't you? And I bet you found the way I treated that
woman a bit exciting.

I put my hand at the back of her neck, my thumb on her cheek, and held her
head so she had no choice but to stare right into my eyes. She was breathing

- Yes..., she whispered.

Before she knew it, I was kissing her deeply and she went wild, almost
sucking my tongue off. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off, then leant
into her hair.

- You're a naughty little chink, aren't you...
- Yesss...

I took her hand and dragged her out the door.

- Where are you taking me?

I ignored her and dragged her towards the underground. When she asked the
second time I told her:

- We're going for a walk in the park.

My grin made it clear that watching the trees was the last thing on my
mind. I pushed her up against the wall in the train carriage, and kissed
her hard while I felt her huge breasts against me. She tried to object
when I groped them, but not much, and she kept kissing back.

We got off a couple of stops later, and walked into the park. As soon as
we were out of sight of the street I grabbed her, and put a hand under her
skirt, right on top of her panties, and cupped her cunt in my hand. Her
panties were already wet and warm.

She squealed, and told me she wasn't "that kind of girl". I laughed, and
grabbed her big boobs. She didn't pull away, so I massaged them.

Slowly we were walking further into the park. I coaxed her to sit down,
on my lap, while I kept playing with her tits, and before she knew it I
had her nipples in my mouth and she was moaning.

I got up to her protests, but she quickly shut up when I put my coat
down, and pushed her down on the ground... My fingers found her dripping

- You are going to get fucked like a dirty little slant eyed whore, I
- Nooo, don't call me that!
- You know you want it, just feel how wet your cunt is, chink...

I pushed her hand down to her pussy... She blushed as she felt the
wetness of her cunt.

My thighs pushed hers out as I knelt between her legs. I pulled down my
pants, and grabbed her wrist, pulling it to my hard white cock. Her eyes
got bigger as she realized how thick it was. Slowly she started stroking

- Enough of that, bitch. Time for you to get fucked.

I grabbed her wrists and ushed her hands up above her head, and rammed
my cock in her in one swift motion. She screamed. I started fucking her
roughly while I told her to shut the fuck up like a good chink. She glared
at me, but didn't say anything, and soon started moaning.

Then the siren. And the lights. I looked up at a police car, and we both
quickly got up, and covered up.

What followed was a long lecture from a fucking annoying police officer
about how we shouldn't be doing this in public, and what if I'd been
dangerous, and who knew what could have happened.

Turned out I'd started fucking her less than 20 yards from the front of
the local police station. Fuck.

After we'd gotten let off with a warning we walked away, and I whispered
in her ear that I *was* dangerous, and still horny, and we should find
somewhere else to continue. Then I spanked her ass. Hard. She jumped

I led her to a shitty nearby hotel, and shoved her in, got a room while
the receptionist was openly eyeing up the disheveled girl dressed like a
slut in front of him and ignoring me completely... As he handed me the
key he was grinning, and clearly knew I was going to have a lot of fun.

The moment we were in the elevator I had her huge tits out and groped
them roughly. Leaned forward and bit her nipples.

She made motions to close her blouse, but I pushed her hands away, and
make her walk from the elevator to the room with her tits hanging out.
It wasn't far, but she was shivering, more from being nervous about
being seen than anything else.

As soon as I opened the door she darted in.

I slowly followed, took off my coat, walked over to her, grabbed her
hair, and pulled it down until she followed and kneeled in front of me
while swearing and complaining.

I slapped her face, and calmly told her she was my chink fucktoy now.
Then I pulled down my zipper.

Her eyes were burning with lust. I was getting through to her darker
side. She quietly whimpered, and took my cock in her mouth. She was
making motions to take my cock with her hands, so I quickly slapped them
away, and ordered her to put them behind her back, as I started fucking
her mouth hard.

Several times she started moving her hands towards my cock again, but
before I could hit them away she remembered and whimpered before putting
them where they belonged. I told her she was a good little slant eyed pet.

I took my cock out, and pushed her back on the bed, so I could mount the
chink again and finish our interrupted business, content that this time
I could at least be rougher without attracting the wrong attention.

I grabbed her throat at the moment I f***ed my cock in her bare. I
squeezed. Just enough that I could see a spark of fear mixed with the
burning lust.

My free hand roamed over her tits. Groping them. Slapping them. Pulling
on her nipples while I did my best to tear her cunt apart with my violent
thrusts. She was screaming; moaning; making faces like she was half in
pain, half craving more and more.

I slapped her face and told her what an inferior slant eyed cum dump she
was, and enjoyed the glare of hatred I got, followed by even more
enthusiastic hip movements from her trying to get my cock even deeper.

At that point I could do almost anything to her, and she'd beg for more.
I spat in her face, and she moaned. My cock was making her sore. I decided
to make her even more sore, so I pulled out, only for her to be whimpering
and pushing her hips up against me.

Then her whimpering turned to cries of pain when I rapidly pushed my cock
up her whore ass.

I started fucking her ass while her eyes were filling with tears, and I
grinned at her. She whimpered that nobody had fucked her ass before. I
laughed, and slapped her pussy.

She bucked underneath me, and I slapped her pussy again. Harder and harder.

- Please, don't! It hurts!
- Tell me you're a dirty slant eyed cum bucket, and I'll stop.

I slapped again.

- No! I can't do that! Please... I'll do anthing.
- Say it.

She whimpered and made excuses, but eventually...

- I'm a dirty slant eyed cum bucket...

She couldn't look me in the eyes as she said it.

I took my belt and used that on her cunt too.

- Again. Like you meant it.

My cock was still sliding in and out of her ass, and she seemed to have
almost forgotten about it apart from her now occasional movement to push
back on my cock as she'd started enjoying the assault.

Finally she relented and made an effort. She did sound like she meant it.

She did look in my eyes as she said it. And we both knew she was broken.
Ready to serve.

- That's a good little chink doll.

She almost cooed when I complimented her and patted her head.

I went back to focusing on fucking her tight virgin ass, until I was
on the verge of cumming, while I rubbed her cunt, and occasionally
sucked or bit on her nipples...

Then I pulled out and unceremoniously slid up and pushed my cock
into her mouth for a second before pulling it back out.

As I expected she was not pleased.

- It's dirty!
- So? It's your shit. That's what you get for not cleaning your ass
properly, monkey.

I laughed and pushed it back into her mouth.

- I can't push it back into your pussy like that now, can I, so you
better clean my cock properly.

I face fucked her for a while, and she was gagging even worse than before,
almost puking.

She clearly needed a drink, so I went faster, until I started filling her
mouth with my semen. I made it clear to her she better not swallow before
she'd shown it to me and let me inspect her.

She made a face, but complied - when I pulled out she kept her mouth open
and let me take a good look before she swallowed everything on my command.

- Do you really mean the things you said to me?

She said it quietly. Defeated.

- Of course.
- Do you hate asians?

She looked genuinely puzzled... Why did I fuck her if I thought those things?

- Look, have you ever had a pet?
- Yeah, I have a cat.
- You don't hate your cat, do you? Yet you don't think it's the same as
your friends.

She glared at me for a second; at the thought of being compared to an
a****l. Then lowered her eyes, and her demeanor changed. It was clearly
confusing her, yet she knew she'd been dripping wet throughout my rough
treatment and harsh words.

- I love my pets. But it's tough love. I need to teach them to obey, and
to serve, just like you'd train a dog.

She silently accepted this with no hint of opposition. At this I gently
pushed her face down to my cock.

- Now clean me up like a good chink.

She purred. She quite literally purred as she took my cock into her mouth
and licked the last residue of cum off it. Then she kept going until I was
hard again.

- Will you fuck me again? Please? I will be good for you, I promise!

I answered by flipping her around so she was on all fours in front of me.

She eagerly spread her legs and dig her hands down into the bed,
anticipating my onslaught.

I mounted her like my nasty little chink bitch in heat. Fucking her hard.

- You need it hard, don't you, slant eyes!
- Ohhh. Yes.... Make me your chink whore.

Sometimes it takes so little before the dark desires well up and they
accept their position with more enthusiasm than you'd expect.

I grinned, and spanked her ass while fucking her bare pussy harder. I
thought to myself that I quite liked the thought that perhaps she was
fertile; unprotected...

My cock got even harder, and I pounded her little chinese pussy with my
big babymaking white cock.

Her oversized tits were jiggling wildly. They made her look like a sex
doll. I reached around her and grabbed them. Groped them hard. I pulled
her nipples as if I was milking a cow. She cried out in pain, but didn't

I grabbd her long black hair and rolled it around my hand, and pulled
her head far back while I f***e my cock deeper, harder.

- Are you ready for my cum, you little yellow monkey?
- Noo.. You can't cum in me, I'm not on the pill..


- I'll do what I want, slant eyes. Are you ready for my cum.
- Ohh... Oh... Spray me full..... Cum in my pussy.

I fucked her relentlessly until I started pumping my fertile semen deep
into her unprotected chink cunt.

When I was getting ready to leave, she handed me my clothes and generally
waited on me like a well trained servant girl. Her eyes turned down, her
voice low.

Outside the hotel, as we were ready to part, I patted her head.

- Good little chink. See you around.

She beamed at me and thanked me before I turned and walked away.
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10 months ago
really luv verbal assault and guys degrading you verbally as they treat you rough
11 months ago
omg!!!!!! :P
3 years ago
Great story. I have witnessed it more often with Asian women than white women that the become cock hungry when they are assaulted.
3 years ago
mm.. i've always had a fantasy like this :P
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
hmmm, not pleased by the disrespect but strangely turned on by the content.
3 years ago
Awesome story
3 years ago
very good where do i find a slut like thet
3 years ago
wow, your story made me cum all over my computer!! i used to fuck my Korean ex-gf like a dog too
4 years ago
nice n naughty stroy !
4 years ago
great story