The Best Face Fucking Slut part.2

"Yes, play with that big clit. Look how aroused you are. Stick two fingers in your pussy. Fingerfuck yourself. Imagine my cock driving between your legs." Her mouth seemed to take a renewed interest, her lips so tight that it was getting difficult to drive it back and forth. And her tongue seemed to be everywhere, lathering up his cock from the tip down the shaft, the raspy surface of her tongue bringing such pleasures to his cock. He couldn't help himself any longer, his cock continually leaked into her hot mouth, his balls tingling as they banged against her chin with each thrust.

She was going crazy with lust, finger fucking herself brazenly as he fucked her face, his hands pinning her head to the pillow, driving his hips back and forth. She had never been taken so ruthlessly before, her mouth serving to please him, her hands having to derive her own pleasure. She took a deep breath as he drove into her mouth, gagging as he breached her throat. She knew it was time as he held his cock in the breach, his hands gripping her head until Cindy felt like it was in a vice. "GGGHH," she gagged again, her throat opening as she choked her stomach turning as she fought the urge to vomit. He yanked off the blindfold, tears streaming from her eyes, but she knew that there would be no turning back. He was determined to f***e her to take his cock in her throat and she was unwilling to stop him. She jammed three fingers in her pussy, two fingers twisting her clit harshly, hoping the pain in her loins would take away the fear she felt.

It was time, his cock poised in her throat, her body clenched and tight. He shoved, feeling her choke, the muscles of her throat opening up and then clenching down on his rigid cockhead as he began the gradual ascent into her throat. It felt like a warm gloved hand gripping his cock. "God, your throat is eating my cock alive." He pushed deeper, another gag coming from her muffled mouth, tears running down from her wide open eyes, searching for some relief. "Take it deep Cindy. Take my cock in your throat." He gave her a couple of staccotto jerks of his cock, harshly pushing in and out of her throat, her muscles beginning to spasm on his hard flesh. He placed a hand under her chin, pulling her head up so he could see the look on her face as he throat fucked her. The mask no longer hid her from what was happening her eyes only inches from his stomach, feeling his balls on her chin, as she was slowly pulled onto the hard cock, the thick member sliding deeper and deeper into her clenching throat.

"Such a good cocksucker. Can you cum for me Cindy? Play with that sweet pussy and cum for me. If you do, I'll pull my cock from your throat. Then I'm going to empty my balls in your mouth, filling you with my cum."

He was using her throat as if it were her pussy, pulling her on and off of his raging cock. She felt her throat rubbed raw, the choking making her stomach turn. She rubbed her pussy faster, running three fingers in and out, spreading her fingers when they were inside her, feeling her insides stretching. Her other hand pinched her clit, her ass raising up from the bed, the pain and pleasure mixing together, Cindy not even able to comprehend what was happening. All she knew was she had an urgent need to cum. Even worse, she was looking forward to Bill cumming in her mouth, wanting to experience the complete surrender of her body to him. It came on her quickly, her pussy clenching uncontrollably on her fingers, yanking hard on her clit, stretching it out. It hit her like a freight train, her body shuddering and shaking as she came, her fingers drenched in her own juices. She took a deep breath, long enough to fill her lungs before Bill blasted a thick load of cum into her mouth. It wasn't anything like the last one. This one seemed to make her cheeks bulge out with the thick crème as he unloaded gallons of cum into her willing mouth. It seemed like gallons, cum dripping from the corner of her mouth as she attempted to swallow the thick cum. She coughed, choking on the thick crème as she tried to swallow the abundant crème bulging out her cheeks. As soon as she swallowed, a second load spilled from his cock into her waiting mouth, his hips pumping in and out of her tightly clenched lips, her tongue lapping at the head like a cat.

Bill couldn't wait any longer. He saw her cumming, her fingers moving so fast as she fingerfucked herself into an orgasmic frenzy, her hips moving up and down as her fingers raced over her pussy. He pulled his cock from her throat, her eyes open in relief at being able to breathe. He let her tongue run over the head as he felt the tingling race up from his balls to shoot a load of cum into her waiting mouth. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as she scrambled to contain the copious fluid that bulged her cheeks out. He let his hand rest on her neck, feeling her beginning to swallow, another load of cum shooting out before she could finish, her choking exciting him. One more load filled her mouth as he watched her hand slow down her masturbation, her fingers glistening from her juices, her throat swallowing, a river of cum dripping from the corner of her mouth.

She almost hated for his cock to leave, tightening her lips on his shrinking cock as he pulled it out, her body exhausted from the orgasm that raced through her body. She had never been so completely taken by one individual, her body used solely for the purpose of pleasuring him, her mouth taken as a substitute for her pussy, f***ed to orally satisfy him until he discharged his semen deep into her stomach. He pushed her hair from her face as he got up.

"Go back to sl**p. I have to go to work. There is no hurry for you to leave. I hope to see you again soon. I enjoyed taking you so completely." He looked down at her naked body. "And a beautiful creature you are." He got up and left, but not before he left some money on the table.

"I've never been so sexually overcome by one person before," she responded. "You saw that I enjoyed it," looking down at her naked body, not even ashamed of him seeing her that way.

She sat up on the bed when she heard the door close. She leaned over the table and counted the money he left. She smiled, pleased. It was exactly the same amount that he always paid her. She was glad.
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