d***ken Times

It was way past midnight, and Nika had just left a big party at her friend's house. She lived nearby and d***kenly reasoned that she didn't need to be e****ted home, so she kindly refused any offers made to her by the horny, and equally d***k boys at the party. Nika wasn't a wild girl, on the contrary, she was 18 and change, and still a virgin. Her looks weren't the problem - she had silky smooth blonde hair that rolled lazily past her shoulders, and brilliant green eyes. Her delicate skin was pale and without blemish, and she looked gorgeous despite being a tad unproportionate at 5'10, 110 pounds, with a well endowed size of 34 C that practically stuck out of her shirt. No, her looks definitely weren't the problem, it was just that she was a little bit shy.

"I didn't drink more than I should have," she lied to herself as she started slowly towards her home. Back at the party, she wasn't as responsible as she usually was after drinking too much and striking up a conversation with the handsome boy that she's had a crush on for a few months already. He was a typical player, he had enough girls on his hands to not mind this one especially, which just made her want him more. It quickly rolled to more than just talking; he surprised her with a kiss on her beautiful lips and she eagerly kissed him back, which he took as a sign she wanted more. They got themselves a room upstairs and were making out for a long hour, before he finally slipped his hand into her panties and slowly slid it inside of her. She was feeling horny and was already wet for him, but it turned on a red light for her, the responsible side of her, that f***ed her to stop him. She didn't want to be around him then, so she excused herself from the party and was now busy walking home and second-guessing her choice.

As she walked down the dark streets of the night she began hearing some weird scuffing noises from up ahead. She figured they were coming from an alley just 'round the bend, and was more curious than careful as she walked up to it and peeked into the alley.

They were just a couple of stray dogs, one mounted on the other, nothing suspicious or interesting. He was pumping his bitch furiously, grazing her lightly against the wall in front of them, which Nika at the moment thought was funny. she giggled noisily, making the dog turn his head to her, and growl in a low tone. She didn't get the message, and tilted her head curiously at the dog as she asked him, "Funny doggy, why'd you stop?".

The mutt was bigger than average, a little intimidating even. He dismounted from his bitch and started plodding on his paws towards Nika, looking aggressive for her intrusion. And Nika would have walked back if she wasn't d***k and a bit shocked about the huge, red dog cock she briefly saw when he dismounted his bitch. Still, a sudden bark snapped her back to reality and she took a scared, failed step backwards, tripping down on her butt, "Ow!". She was laying on the cold alley floor as the dog approached her, and maybe a little too d***k, or a little too scared to get up now that he was this close to her.

The bark and trip had jolted her senses, making her more aware, more attuned to her situation, and she was afraid he would bite her. He crouched low at her feet, which made her immediately close her eyes and whimper softly in fear. but he didn't bite her, thankfully, he just sniffed at her. He took the few extra steps to her face and she sensed he was very close to her, cracking an eye open to glance at him. The dog's erection hadn't gone away yet and it was dripping a large amount of pre-cum down on the floor, right next to Nika's face really, and it was the first thing that caught Nika's eye, causing her to gasp.

"Oh my god, that thing is HUGE!" she thought. The dog was still horny, after just having stopped pounding his bitch (which by now has simply gone away), and he wasn't sure if this intruder on his territory was really worth the trouble. He sat there in front of her, breathing warmly in her face as he considered her.

She felt absolutely mesmerized by the size of the thing, and the copious amounts of precum it was leaking, she simply couldn't take her eyes off of it. As she lay there on the floor, under the dog's gaze, she found her hand slowly reaching for it. "Aw god, I shouldn't be doing this. but it's so big, I want to touch it." briefly touching it with the tips of her fingers. It felt warm and soft to her touch, but the dog immediately barked in response, making her curl up and close her eyes again. She was sure that what she just did was wrong, that she just did something to upset the dog, and was frozen in fear and praying to god he won't bite her.

She was shocked to find out differently as the dog started humping her clenched fist. It took her a few seconds before she opened up her hand, letting his warm cock grind against the soft skin of her palm. A pleasant shiver ran up her back as this dog was humping her hand, dripping precum all over it, making it slick and wet for himself.

Nika's responsible side suddenly kicked in. She wasn't sure what she was doing, whether she should be letting him do this or stop him. Quietly she said "No, doggy, please don't. just leave me alone, go away doggy." but the dog was oblivious to her pleading and just kept humping away.

She slowly, carefully, pulled her hand away from him, accompanying her movement with a long "No, doggy, noooo.". First, the dog tried to move along with her hand but it was pulled too far away and f***ed him to stop in the middle of his happy stupor. He looks at her, confused, and pounced on the first obvious hole, mounting her face and shoving his cock right inside of her mouth, muffling up her whimpers of protest. He immediately started pumping it in and out of her mouth, his huge red cock leaking precum from the slit in her mouth and threatening to choke her, and she was desperately trying to push him away from her - just stopping him from gagging her with his long, 9" cock, keeping the knot away from her lips.

A sudden, warm tingling in her tummy made her unsure. she was getting turned on by this! She was getting turned on when a dog was using her mouth to get himself off, pumping her face full of his doggy cock like she were his bitch. Her hand found its way to her wet pussy, slowly rubbing it, even though it was all wet and slick with the doggy precum. She stopped pushing the dog away too, letting him in deeper gradually - making adorable gagging sounds as the cock slipped into her throat.

She was lying in the middle of an alley, underneath a dog, getting her mouth filled with his doggy meat and rubbing her pussy with a hand sticky from his precum, whimpering softly around the thick shaft stretching out her lips. The dog was getting furious with his pumping, going deeper and deeper into poor virgin Nika's mouth, about to cum. She's never had a dick in her mouth before, and now she's being facefucked by a dog. She moaned and pushed a finger inside her warm, wet pussy.

Howling, the dog pushed all the way inside Nika's mouth, down her throat, pressing his knot (which was too big to fit) against her face, and his dick started shooting out hot salty cum straight into her tummy, load after load, seeming like it would never stop. Nearing the end, he started to pull out, dripping the last drops of cum on her tongue but still not pulling out completely. They were both panting heavily now. Nika was swallowing his warm load, and catching her breath, looking up at the b**st with its cock still in her mouth. The feeling in her stomach was getting stronger, her orgasm slowly building up, her pussy getting more sensitive. She got a little braver, and figured since he won't pull away, she could suck on it. "I bet he's never had a blowjob before."

She wrapped her lips tightly around the shaft and gave it a hard suck. The dog whimpered and pulled out, walking away from her to the corner of the alley and curling up, nurturing his poor over-sensitive dick. "Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you, c'mere." she said to the dog, who still needed a minute's rest before having a second round.

She wasn't in the mood to get up and go to him, she was only in the mood now to slowly slide her finger in and out of her wet hole and concentrate on that wonderful feeling it gives her, thinking how dirty it is to fingerfuck herself with dog precum. thinking how good it made her feel, to be under him, to get her mouth fucked deep and hard by this dog's cock, to be his bitch until he came inside her. She shivered again and it sent her into a powerful exploding orgasm, biting her lip to stop from moaning too loud.

By the time she cooled off, so has the dog, and he came back for seconds. She was hoping he would fuck her pussy this time but he went right for the hole he knew, getting on top of her face and trying to slide his cock into her mouth. She had her lips closed so the dog was just rubbing against them, humping at her mouth, and streaking precum on her cheeks. She soon gave up trying to teach the dog better, and opened her lips for him, instead using her fingers for herself again. He wasted no time getting inside her tight, wet mouth, thrusting his cock up and down into his new bitch, using her hole to make himself cum. She was more cooperative this time, sucking on the hard shaft, giving her first blowjob to a dog.

Before long she was having another orgasm, whimpering helplessly, muffledly around his huge cock, and it spurred the dog into his own orgasm, thrusting deep inside Nika's mouth, forcing her to deepthroat him as he started cumming inside her again, squirting shot after shot of hot sticky doggy cum into her waiting mouth, nearly gagging her with the amount. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful of his cum, some of it spilling out from the corners of her mouth and deecorating her face. when he finished, the dog went to the corner again to lick at his cock and ignored Nika once more.

She suddenly felt an urge to piss, and quickly scurried up, remembering she has to get home. She wiped her face clean and took a quick glance at her watch - it was getting early. She turned out of the alley, but gave the dog one last look before she left. Satisfied, Nika started walking home, after she got exactly what she needed tonight, and was planning in her mind the next time she'll come around this alley . . .
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4 years ago
Well I thought you could not do dog stories on here? I think it needs to come off!