The French Whore

He walked over to her, stroking his cock, while he eyed her luscious, young body. She had gorgeous, all-natural D-cup breasts, with big, round nipples. She was tall, about 5'11" with long, shapely legs. Her ass was firm and her waist tight. She had the sexy, thin arms of a model and she was tanned from modeling in the sun. Her face was round and cute like a c***d but she was 26 years old. Her neck was long and slender, her lips full, her eyes green. He loved how her long, curly brown hair cascaded from her head. He looked at her lips and slender throat again. He was going to really enjoy fucking that mouth. He stood next to her for some time and told her to stroke her wet pussy. He reached down with his free hand and fingered her ass while she did so. 'I'm going to enjoy fucking your throat you little whore' he told her. She just giggled in response and stuck out her tongue. 'God damn,' he thought.

He crawled onto the bed and placed himself above his bitch. He slowly lowered his erect cock into her hot, wet mouth. He didn't wait for her to get used to it, he just slammed his cock directly down her throat caring little for her comfort. Of course being the good slut that she is she did not complain. She didn't even gag. She just accepted his erect penis into her throat. He left his cock lodged deep in her facecunt while he steadied himself with his hands on either side of her hips, his feet stretched out above her head, his cock in her tight, willing throat. She played with her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other. She was so horny right now. She loved getting her face fucked, it reminded her of her uncle who used to face fuck her when she was just a little girl. Of course it scared her then but she had come to love it over the years - she loved the feeling of her man being in control of her, of dominating her, and using her as his little sex toy. She knew her throat was nothing more than a warm, wet hole he used to jack off his cock, and she loved every minute of it.

Once he steadied himself he began to move his cock in and out of her tight throat. The feeling of her throat muscles milking his cock was almost unbearable. He tried not to think about how glorious her throat felt massaging his penis so that he could last longer. She of course had to breathe from her nose and only when he pulled out of her sucking throat. He moved in and out, fucking his cock deep into her hot, wet throat canal. He started moving faster in and out of her throat. He drilled his cock into her throat mercilessly, seesawing in and out, while saliva poured from her facecunt around her lips and onto the bed. She was gagging and occasionally some puke came out of her throat, mouth, and onto the bed.

She was just laying there submissively while he pounded his erect cock into her throat. He couldn't believe he'd met this girl online and now here he was jacking his cock into her tight throat, past her windpipe, and deep into her warm esophagus. She just accepted it without protest. He looked down at her face and watched as his cock disappeared each time it went into her facehole and down her beautiful throat. He could even see the contours of his cock working its way past her tonsils and into her sexy neck. She gagged and puked repeatedly, the mixed goo of saliva and puke running out her mouth, as he pleasured himself with her facecunt.

He couldn't take any more, if he kept pounding her throat like this he was going to cum directly into her stomach, which was fun, but he wanted to sodomize her. Finally he pulled out of her throat, saliva and puke strands dripping from her face and his cock. She breathed in deeply when he did this happy to finally get oxygen! Her lips were raw and her throat sore. Still, she felt fantastically used. It was so naughty and she loved it.

'Turn over bitch' he said as he slapped her face. she looked up at him like a submissive a****l and meekly flipped over. He patted her buttcheeks and then slapped them hard several times. He told her to spread her butt cheeks apart so he could see her little asshole. She pulled her tight cheeeks apart and her pink, little rosebud stared up at him just begging to get plowed with his cock. He pushed his finger into her mouth to get it lubricated. She sucked on his finger voraciously covering it with spit. He pulled his finger out of her wet mouth and gently pushed it into her puckered butthole. She squirmed in anticipation. He wiggled his finger around and slowly pushed his entire digit into her rectum. He pumped his finger in and out of her tight hole while she played with her clit and moaned in pleasure. He pushed a second finger into her ass and moved his fingers in and out of her tight little ass. She was in heaven having her ass played with like this.

He pushed a third finger into her tight ass and it barely fit. He gently pushed all three fingers into her asshole until they were in her up to the hilt. He wiggled his fingers around in her ass while she moaned even louder. He pumped his fingers in and out of her asshole as some brownish-white goo started spilling out of her sweet ass onto the bed. Nasty! He pulled his fingers out of her ass and made her suck his fingers clean. She loved it! When he was all cleaned he put his entire hand up her ass. At first it wouldn't fit, he could only fit the tips of his five fingers in it, but he pushed, and lubricated as it was with her ass juice he eventually managed to get his entire fist up her rectal canal. She screamed in pleasure!

He just kept his fist in her butt. It looked so amazing lodged in her tight ass. He flexed his fingers, radiating pleasure throughout her body. She just lay there completely beside herself as he flexed. She was in another world of pleasure.

After some time however he decided to take his own pleasure in her ass. So he removed his fist with a squishy *pop* and wiped his hand on the bed sheets. He commanded her to play with her pussy while he got himself erect again. He stroked his cock and admired her lithe upper body and tight shoulders. She just lay there on the bed on her knees with her face on the sheets, playing with herself and moaning in pleasure.

When he was hard again he pushed his cock deep into her ass. She cried out in pleasure as he worked his cock in and out of her tight asshole. He could feel her ass tunnel contracting around his cock as he pushed in and out of her. She gasped and said hoarsely 'oh daddy please, please fuck your little girl's sweet asshole...'

Who was he to deny such a request? He steadied himself with her ass and pumped his hard, erect cock deep into her bowels and she moaned incoherently. He pumped her with his cock for a long while until he exploded and emptied his seed into her ass. After they lay there for about a 1/2 hour with his shrinking cock still lodged deep in her ass they kissed passionately and fell asl**p together. He dreamed about his beautiful new french whore and her amazing throat and asshole.
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