The Prince and Maids

Prince grabbed Jenna around her waist and pulled her close to him. He could feel her bullet like nipples press hard against his chest. Their lips were locked in a mad dance of passion.

Jenna was grunting as she kissed him, a low guttural a****l grunt. He could feel her body bucking and humping him as she kissed. She wanted to be touched all over, to be ravaged, to be sexually satiated. There was a mad frenzy in her kiss and touch. As if she could not bear to lose the sexual high she was experiencing.

Jenna's mind was laced with lust and sexual hunger. Watching her friend Jill getting fucked had turned her on like a wild b**st. She needed her cunt and ass and every pore of her body fucked. None of that gentle "lets make love" shit! She wanted to FUCK! She wanted raw sex. And she would make sure Prince satisfied each and every sick perversion of hers.

She pulled away from his kiss. Prince could see her panting, eyes blazing with desire, a half crooked smile in place which held the promise of a thousand orgasms.

"Fuck me Prince. Fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt and ass till I can't take it anymore. I want to feed on your cum. FUCK ME!" she said.

Prince licked her lips and mouth saucily and groaned back, "Oh I will my sweet slut. I am going to fuck you till you froth from your slutty mouth. You want to get fucked hard? You want to feel like a dirty rotten cheap whore? I will make sure you get there, you slutty cunt! You are going to be my fuck doll till I want. You will do every disgusting thing that Jill and I want and then some more! You are our depraved meathole Jenna, and we are going to treat you like one. You will be our sick bitch and puke cum like a gutter slut when we finish with you. "

The dirty talk made Jenna weak in the knees. She wanted to be ravaged and fucked like never before. She wanted to feel used and abused like a street whore, a two dollar cunt. He wanted to feel plundered and humiliated and degraded. She knew that would make her cum. She knew that would make her cunt explode with an orgasm like she has never experienced before.

Prince looked at Jill and said"Get me the two cartons of milk and the funnel kept near the fridge". Jill ran out and was back in the room in less than half a minute.

"Turn around Jill and show us your nasty ass". Jill immediately turned around and bent over on all fours. She got her hands around the back and spread her ass cheeks wide. Prince could see her asshole winking at him and Jenna. The freshly fucked asshole was stretched only slightly from the finger fucking Jenna had given her a while ago.

Prince grabbed Jenna by the hair and pushed her face into Jill's asshole. "Lick that shithole you bitch. Lick it like you love it. COME ON LICK IT!"

Jenna felt her head and mouth being pushed into Jill's ass. Prince's hand pushing her mouth in and Jill pushing her own asshole out. She stuck her tongue out and felt it slide in deep into Jill's hot asshole. She felt Jill sigh loudly and grind her asshole into her mouth, wanting to feel the tongue go deeper. Prince pulled her face out and slammed in back again. He was thrusting her face in and out of Jill's ass, making Jenna's tongue slide in and out of Jill's wt and expanding asshole.

Jill loved the feeling of Jenna's tongue fucking her asshole. It felt so nasty and dirty and so fucking divine all at the same time. "Fuck me bitch" she squealed. "Fuck my asshole with your tongue. Oh god yes. Spit on it. Spit into my asshole That's it. Now suck it out. Oh my god! I can feel your mouth on my asshole sucking on it. You FUCKING DIRTY PIG WHORE. Eat my shit hole, you motherfucking bitch. God you are such a dirty slut. EAT IT! Fuck it harder. Let me feel your tongue go in deep. OHHHHHH YEAAAAAAHH!! FUCK That's it. Harder... Spit harder.. Now suck it out. That's a good whore! That's my little shit eating piggy slut!" Jill was loving it, and she wanted to make sure that Jenna knew exactly how dirty she was being.

Prince pulled Jenna's face out. It was covered in spit and ass juice. He spat on it hard and slapped her. Jenna laughed and opened her mouth wide. Jill turned around and spat into it again and slapped her harder. "You like eating my ass out you horny cunt" You like my asshole? Prince, lets give her some more."

Jill spread her asshole wide again. Prince slowly inserted the tip of the empty funnel into her wet and stretched out asshole. Then he carefully started to pour the milk in. Jenna watched in awe as the cold milk gurgled into her friend's asshole. Jill was grunting and moaning as the cold milk settled in. "More Prince. Fill me up. Fill me up more" she groaned. Prince kept pouring the milk from the large cartons into Jill's asshole. Every time it would fill up to the brim he would wait and let the liquid settle down. Jill was exercising every muscle in her body to control the urge to push the cold liquid out.

"Just a little bit more Jill, just a little bit more." Prince said. Finally the two large cartons of milk were empty. Jill's was still on all fours. Her ass was sticking up in the air, her stomach looked slightly bloated and thin streams of milk running down her ass cheeks. Prince carefully removed the funnel from her asshole, careful not to disturb the delicate balance that they had achieved. He could see her ass full of the milk.

Once the funnel was out of the way, he grabbed Jenna and held her face in front of the milk filled asshole. "You are a thirsty bitch aren't you Jenna? You want a drink? We have a nice drink for a whore like you. Push Jill PUSH! Push with all you got woman!" Prince screamed.

Jill le out a loud a****l grunt and pushed. The milk spurted out of her asshole into Jenna's open mouth. Prince saw the white liquid rush out like a stream and gush into Jenna's face and mouth which was at least a foot away.

Jill was bucking and spurting like an a****l and Jenna was gulping it down like a wanton sexual b**st. "Drink it, you nasty slut. You filthy shit whore. Look at you drinking milk out of her asshole like a pig. Fuck, you are a nasty cunt. A dirty rotten whore. I bet your mama never fed you milk like this! Drink it you fucking filthy slut."

He pushed her face closer to the milk spurting asshole. Jenna covered Jill's flowing asshole with her mouth and felt the cold milk rushing in. It felt like Jill was pushing her filthy straight into her mouth. The nastiness of the act made her cunt drip. Prince saw Jenna rubbing her cunt and slapped her ass. He pulled her face up and smeared the milk into it. Jenna moaned as he felt his palms run wild all across her face. Her face and hair was a mess from the milk. Her belly felt full and bloated. Jill had made her drink most of the milk from the two cartons. She sighed and belched at the same time.

Prince stood up and rammed his cock down her throat hard. The assault from the huge cock and the disgusting act of drinking milk from her friend's asshole made Jenna heave and throw up. Prince held her head down and fucked her throat as Jenna puked up around his cock and balls like a cheap ghetto whore. Prince could feel the rush of milk around his crotch as he plundered her throat. Abusing and cursing and slapping her as he brutally throat fucked his slut. Jenna had a firm grip on his hips and ass as she ensured his cock went as deep as possible. It made her empty the milk she had from her body.

Prince finally pulled out. His cock and balls coated in Jenna's puke and spit. Jenna's face was a mess. Her hair was matted and streaked, her lips swollen. Her eyes stained from the tears of the brutal throat fucking she just got. And her cunt was wetter than ever before. She knew she was being used like a whore. A piece of shit whore by Prince and her friend and she loved it.

She fell back on the bed and looked at Prince, rubbing the filth all over her body. "Fuck me you sick motherfucker. Fuck me HARD. Give me that donkey dick and take my slutty cunt and asshole. Can you do that? Can you fuck me like a bastard? COME ON FUCK ME!" she screamed

Prince held her legs wide apart and slammed his huge cock into her wet and waiting cunt in one hard shove. Jenna screamed from it and felt her body lurch as the cock invaded her. Prince held her shoulders down and bent low over her body and started to fuck her hard and deep and fast. His pace was furious! It was like a machine fucking her cunt.

Jill was goading him on. She was kneeling right next to Jenna and slapping her tits as they bounced about wildly from Prince's fucking. The sound of their bodies slapping against each other filled the room. It was like the sound of someone clapping to a very fast salsa beat!

Jenna was matching every thrust with her own hips lurching at him. Her eyes were blazing and her body was on fire. She could feel Prince's cock drill deep and hard and fast into her waiting cunt. She could feel it rub against the insides of her pussy and tingle her clit every time he slammed into her.

"UUUUUUUAAAAAARRRRRRR... oh god FUUUUCCCCCCCCKKK. Harder you motherfucking bastard. Fuck my cunt. FUCK IT. Fuck me wet slutty cunt. You bastard. Pound your cock into my pussy. Oh god, you are fucking my pussy. You are taking my cunt, you bastard. OH YEAHHHHHHHH... Fuck it.. Fuck my slutty cunt. Rip my cunt. Pound my cunt. Stretch it. Make me cum and piss all over, you motherfucking son of a bitch. You cunt lapping bastard. Fuck me with your puke covered dick." Jenna kept screaming and abusing. She was blabbering in lust. Every filthy thing crossing her mind was spewed out. Her trash talk only intensified Prince's efforts.

Prince was bent over her body, thrusting into her cunt. He could see Jill slap and spit on Jenna and hear Jenna scream out the filthiest things possible. He loved it. He loved how trashy and dirty his sweet slut was. He spat into her open mouth. Jenna laughed and opened her mouth wide again. This time Jill and Prince both spat hard into her mouth. She licked that filthy mix up.

He saw Jill move behind him and felt her pushing and thrusting his hips harder from behind. It was like Jill was fucking Jenna through Prince. He felt her body pressing into his and she was grunting with him on every thrust. He felt her hands move down on his balls and caress them. Smearing the cunt juice and puke and spit mix all over. Jill pulled out her hands and it was covered in a filthy slime.

She quickly moved in front of Prince and rubbed it roughly into his face and mouth, laughing and cursing and spitting all the while. She loved it as nasty and rough as her friend.

Prince pulled his cunt juice coated cock out of Jenna's fucked pussy. In one motion he grabbed Jill's head and pushed her down and shoved his cock into her mouth. Jill gagged and retched around it and then came up gasping for air and laughing.

"Oh that bitch has coated your cock with her sweet cunt juice! I love that bitch's cheap cunt. Fuck her asshole Prince. Fuck your whore's asshole. Fuck the shit out of her. Make her cum you dirty bastard. FUCK HER." Jill said.

She quickly straddled Jenna's face and pulled her legs upto her chest, exposing her asshole to Prince. Prince did not waste a minute. He SLAMMED his cock into Jenna's tight asshole in one swift motion. Jenna's scream of lust and pain was muffled by Jill pushing her cunt down firmly on her mouth. She could feel her friend scream into her cunt as Prince plunged his cock deep into the tight ass.

"Take that you gutter slut. Take that cock into your asshole. TAKE IT ALL! Oh god yeah! I love your dirty tight asshole. I am going to fuck the shit out of you today you filthy whore. Oh my god you sweet slut. My sweet fucking slut. I am taking you ass! I AM FUCKING YOUR ASS, you nasty whore. Look at this Jill, I am fucking the slut's asshole. And she loves it. Look at her cunt spurt the juice. Come on slap her bitch cunt. Slap that slut's wet and horny cunt while I take her ass!" Prince said.

Jill leaned forward, her cunt only slightly above Jenna's face. She slapped Jenna's cunt hard, making it spurt cum all over. She slapped it again, this time closer to the clit. She could feel Jenna jump and buck every time her palm landed on her freshly fucked cunt. She knew that Jenna was loving it. She was loving the feel of Prince's hard thick cock r****g her asshole, gaping it, while her slutty horny cunt was being slapped into sexual ecstasy.

Prince could feel the cum boiling up in his balls. He was grunting hard. His sweat drenched body pounding away into Jenna's asshole. Jill leaned forward and gave him her tits to suck on. She held his face in close and mashed it into her boobs. Prince gave her nipples a bite and nibble making her squeal. She raised her arms and pressed his face into her sweat drenched shaved armpits. She loved the way he hungrily lapped up her sweet scented sweaty armpits. He pulled his face out. Jill spat on his face and lips and kissed him deep.

Prince could not hold on to his cum anymore. He groaned into Jill's mouth and mumbled "I am cummming... Fucccckkkk.. I am coming in your ass you fucking whore!!"

At the same time Jill pushed her cunt firmly over Jenna's mouth and plunge four fingers into Jenna's upturned wet cunt. Jenna's orgasm hit her like a tsunami wave. Prince's cock was spurting thick cum into her asshole and Jill was frigging her cunt while grinding her own pussy over her lips.

Jenna heaved and bucked and lifted her ass off the bed as the orgasm hit her. Her cunt spurted cum and then piss all over. She had lost control of all her senses. All that mattered was the sweet waves of orgasm thrashing through her body.

"Oh yes, you dirty fucking bitch. PISS ALL OVER! Squirt that piss, FUCK YEAH."

Prince leant forward to catch some of the cum and piss gushing out in his mouth. He filled it and spit sprayed it over Jill. Jill was grinding her cunt into Jena's body and having an orgasm of her own. She frigged Jenna's cunt noisily and messily, making sure the cum and piss sprayed all over.

Prince felt the cum spurts from his cock subside. He knew he had deposited a huge load into Jenna's asshole. He pulled his cock out slowly. The cum was already trickling down the sides of her ass cheeks.

"Jill, lick up that cum" he said. "Suck that hot creamy cum out of her freshly fucked asshole." Jill immediately bent over and hungrily sucked the cum out. She felt Jenna push and spurt and fart it into her mouth. An a****l display of raw sexuality.

She did not want to be left behind. Jill relaxed her iron grip over Jenna's face and lifted her cunt off her mouth a little. As Jenna gasped to breathe in fresh air with her mouth, Jill let go a stream of hot piss straight into her mouth.

Prince could not believe the nasty scene in front of his eyes. Jenna was spurting and pushing his cum out of her asshole into Jill's mouth and Jill was pissing into Jenna's mouth, choking and making her gurgle hot piss.

As they finished they settled down on their knees, facing Prince. They both had satiated smile on their faces. One's mouth full of cum and the other dripping with piss.

"You are the nastiest sluts in the world." Prince said.

They both moved close to him and spat the filthy mix straight on his face, body and mouth. "And you are the horniest bastard ever!" they said laughing.

"And we", said Prince laughing and kissing them, "are the luckiest people alive!"

They all kissed and held each other closely, letting the sexual heat slowly lose its fiery temperature.
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