It had been a long night of partying. I was over at my friend Tim's apartment, drinking beer and smoking pot for most of the day. He had decided to call some girls over, which I had no objection to. Being only 19 at the time and hanging out with a 28 year old definately had its benefits, especially when I saw the two girls arrive.

Lisa was a petite Spanish girl, with full lips, sexy hips, and a nice, juicy ass. Her friend, Carol, was not quite as attractive but very slutty, with a big round ass and full bust. After some more partying, and a lot of flirting, Tim decided to take his dog for a walk outside and asked Lisa to come with him, giving me a wink on his way out. Lisa didn't waste any time.

"Why don't you come sit over here?" she asked.

"Ah, s-sure," I stammered, feeling very fucked up and nervous.

She immediately dropped her hand onto my leg, tracing up my thigh. My cock responded in kind, springing to life. She kind of giggled as she saw my jeans tent up.

"How old are you?" she asked, continuing to tease me.

"Twenty-one" I lied. "How about you?"

"Oh, you're just a baby...I'm twenty-six. Have you ever been with a freak?"

Before I could answer, she had my jeans unzipped and my hard cock between her lips. I looked down in shock as she wasted no time swallowing my member down her throat. Instinctively, my left hand went to her head, which she seemed to enjoy, while my right hand found her sweet ass. She moaned around my cock, God what a great feeling that was, as I squeezed and rubbed that fattie.

Soon enough she had decided to straddle me, rubbing her tight sweat-shorts against my cock as we made out. She giggled at the responses of my cock as she did things I didn't know were possible with a tongue. She gave me a mini-blowjob on my tongue as we kissed, and soon I was ripping her clothes off like a mad-man.

It didn't take long before we were both completely naked and I had her bent over the couch. I was ramming my cock into her hot cunt, and she was screaming so loud I expected the neighbors to be banging on the door any minute. Her pussy tightened around my cock as my hairy balls rested against her clit. I was squeezing her tits, smacking her ass, pulling her hair, just completely having my way with her and she seemed to love it.

Her cunt was getting so wet that I slipped right out of her. I went to get right back in but in a flash, Carol had turned around and gotten on her knees on the floor. Now I found myself fucking her mouth, while she was digging her nails into my ass to keep me from stopping. With my balls bouncing off her chin at full speed, I knew it wouldn't be long until I came down her throat.

Then the door opened.

"Oh!" Lisa cried, getting an eyeful.

"Oh. Hey," Carol said nonchalantly, looking over her shoulder while stroking my cock. "Where's Tim?"

"He's still downstairs," Lisa said with what I could have sworn was slowly becoming a smile.

I on the other hand was mortified. I tried to get away, but Carol increased the tightness of her grip on my cock.

"Where do you think YOU'RE going?" she asked in an evil tone?

"I...your friend..." but before I could finish, Lisa was standing there, kissing me!

Now I knew I was really fucked up, there was no way that the girl I had been fucking was still sucking my cock while her best friend's ass was in my hand, with her tongue down my throat. Then Lisa too was down on her knees, but behind me. I didn't know what she was doing when I suddenly felt her tongue snake it's way into my ass!

I had never felt that before, and although it had freaked me out, combined with Carol continuing to deepthroat me further, wrapping her full red lips around the base of my throbbing cock, I soon felt my balls tense up.

"Ohhhhhh, shit, shit, SHIT!" I cried.

With that, Lisa stuck a finger up my asshole, and Carol began stroking my cock in her face. My back arched, my cock springing forward, and I dropped a huge load of come right onto Carol's face and outreached tongue. Wobbky-legged, I sat down on the couch, as Lisa leaned over and sucked whatever cum was still left out of my cock. Then she turned and began licking my cum off of Carol's face and out of her mouth. I closed my eyes, tired as hell, not believing what had happened, when I heard a groan and felt something on my still-hard cock.

I opened my eyes to see that Lisa had pulled up her skirt, and held her panties to the side as she straddled my cock. I started to protest, as my cock really was kind of sore, but to my shock, she grabbed me around the throat and growled into my face.

"Shut the fuck up! I need some cock and it might take your friend all night to get it up! So just shut the fuck up!"

And that was right about when Tim walked back in...

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