The White Hoe part.2

Alice took the first three hard jet's of the black guy's cum straight down her throat, then placing her hands against his hips, she shoved him back; not back so far that his cock would come completely out of her mouth, only far enough that the bulbous head would be still be captured by her pursed lips, so that he could finish emptying his big black balls on her tongue.

When the guy's hips were no longer jerking against her face and she couldn't coax any more cum from his balls with her sucking, Alice swirled what she had in her mouth round and round the withering cock a few times before swallowing all of it. She then took her own sweet time licking and sucking the remaining cum from both his now flaccid cock and empty balls, before falling back against the wall.

She didn't need to reach down between her legs to find how just how wet she was, she could feel it simply by flexing her swollen pussy lips against her sodden panties. She could almost hear her own cum seeping through her panties and dribbling down onto the gas station men's room cement floor under her ass.

After giving her cum-glazed lips a through licking, Alice smiled up at the big black guy who had face fucked her so well. "What did you say you name was, handsome?"

Artemus had promised to let this out-of-sight hellcat suck his big black cock till she couldn't suck no more, but he really had to get across town and collect on a bet, Next to having a black-cock addicted white chick going down on him, the sweetest thing in the world was the sound money jingling in his pocket.

So, he made her a deal; meet him around nine that night in the park, up on the hill overlooking the pond, and she could suck him off till the sun came up. And, if she still hadn't gotten enough black cock by then, he'd take her back to his place, lay her across the bed so her head hung over the side, and face fuck her until he couldn't nut no more.

This was just too sweet a deal to pass up and Alice quickly agreed to it. "I'll be there, Artemus," she vowed, "and on time, even if I have to run out of the house with my wimpy hubby feebly chasing after me."

Artemus' right eyebrow arched. So, this was a married black-cock addicted white chick. He thought he had caught her shoving something into her purse when she had gotten out of her car to join him in the men's room. It had to have been her wedding rings. "Well then, see you at the stroke of nine, Mrs..."

"Alice will do for now, Mr. Jones," she firmly, but politely informed him. "Alice, your personal black cock sucking white ho." The last thing she needed was for this guy, regardless of how great a cock he had, finding out who she was and someday come pounding on her front door. With her luck, Alan would be at home for a change and would also be the one to answer it.

Shortly after eight P M, tearfully telling Alan that she really did have to visit with a very sick dancer she had danced with a long time ago, then leaving him to babysit, Alice walked out of the house, got in her car, backed out and drove to the end of the block. When the light changed, she hit the gas and raced across town, swerved into the park and screeched to a stop underneath a giant weeping willow. Quickly applying some slutty red lip gloss, she jumped out of the car and ran up the hill.

Artemus was sitting right at the top, waiting for her wearing only a skin-tight black t-shirt and black running shoes. His big black cock, jutting straight up from his dark crotch, so proud and strong, shimmered like an unconquerable column of black onyx in the faint moonlight.

Alice, the fire that inviting black cock had ignited in her early in the day fully renewed, was immediately down on her knees, engulfing most of it with her hungry mouth. Cupping both of his balls, she kneaded them as she sucked deep and hard. She wanted to make Artemus cum quickly; first, because she had been craving the taste of his yummy cum since the moment the two of them had parted company at the gas station; and secondly, because, once he had busted a nut, she could settle into orally worshiping at this alter of undeniable black sexual dominance long and languidly.

Artemus' body stiffened and he threw his head back, mouth open in a silent groan. He grabbed Alice's head and held her face tight in his crotch as the first rush of hot cum shot up through his throbbing cock and out the peehole.

Alice swallowed the first two rapid-fire jets of hot cum, then wrapped a hand around the base of Artemus' great black cock and jerked it rapidly as he spurted another four wads of his slimy goodness into her voraciously sucking mouth. She continued to jerk Artemus' cock, slower now, but harder, forcibly drawing the dregs of his yummy cum from his balls to puddle on her tongue.

When no more cum seeped from the large peehole, Alice ducked her face into Artemus' lap, then laved the underneath of his great cock with the flat of her tongue as she very slowly d**g her mouth up its magnificent length. Pulling her mouth off it, she sighed, "Thank, baby, I really need that." She reverently kissed his sweaty balls and added, "But you really didn't have to hold my head down, I wasn't about to let your cock go without swallowing every last dribble of its hot cum."

"But you liked me doing it, didn't you?" Artemus chided her. "Admit it, Alice Whoever, it gave you that feeling that you didn't have any choice in the matter, that you were going to stay on my black cock and swallow my cum, like it or not."

After thinking about it for a long moment, Alice had to confess, "You're right, baby, your hands forcibly holding my white face in your black crotch made me so wet, I think I may have peed a little while you were giving me your delicious cum." She lowered her face and looked up as she kitty-lapped at his musky balls. "You want me to be any different for you; a trashy, married white ho wantonly hot for your irresistible black cock and sweet cum?'

"Not... just... yet," Artemus replied as if deep in thought, which he was. The gears of other possibilities for this slutty married white chick were already beginning to mesh in his mind. "Right now, I want you to do something else for me."

"Name it, baby," Alice cooed against his still firm cock.

"I want you to strip naked," Artemus instructed. "Then, I want you sit on my lap, facing me, and fully impale yourself on this black cock you're so wanton for. And I want you to do this all on your own, no assistance at all from me."

"You want me to show you just how much I really need your black cock, is what you mean." Alice sat up. "Okay."

She quickly pulled her tank top over her head and not wearing a bra, she felt her nipples harden even more in the light breeze. She hadn't bothered wearing any panties under her shorts either, for which she stood fully upright in order to seductively pull down for her demanding black stud. Stepping out of the shorts, Alice dropped them on the ground, took two paces forward so she was straddling his hips. Then, she squatted down and, her eyes never leaving his, reached down and back between her legs, took hold of his strong black cock and got it properly lined up with her married white cunt.

But, before she impaled herself on this near lethal black weapon, she had to know something. "You're cumming so soon after this last one... I mean, you'll still be able to cum more later, right?"

Artemus laughed. "Alice, I've been know to bust twelve nuts in the same night, the last one just about as hard as the first and damn near the same amount of cum in each load."

Artemus had actually done this... once, but only because he hadn't had a taste of any pussy, white, black, or yellow in over a month. He had been in jail on a felony **** charge that had eventually been dismissed because the white hubby who had found a grinning black man—out in his own back yard—with his big black cock all the way down his heatedly whimpering white wife's throat, had "suddenly" remembered he had been out of town that night.

The very same lusting white wife he had busted all twelve nuts on the night he got out of jail as a special way of thanking her for getting his black ass out of a real jam.

"Gooooooooooood," Alice had breathlessly exhaled as she slowly impaled herself on this super stud's bodacious black cock, until her blonde pussy hair was meshed in with his crinkly black pubes and his balls were snugged up into the wet crack of her ass. She had taken bigger cocks in her cunt before, but Artemus' black bludgeon fit her just perfectly; long enough so that the firm, spongy head pressed against her cervix and thick enough to fill her very nicely, without feeling over stuffed.

Artemus propped himself up with his hands on the ground behind him and Alice commenced to fuck herself on his pussy-pleasing cock. Up and down, back and forth, side to side, up and down, up and down, up and down. They stared into each other's eye, neither of them saying a word as Alice did all the work. Up and down, back and forth, up and down, up and down.

Over half an hour later, Alice had cum several times, but she was still steadily fucking them both, her watery blue eyes boring into Artemus' black orbs. "You ever gonna bust another nut, baby?" she inquired, rocking her soupy cunt back and forth and up and down on this amazing black stud's very slippery black cock.

"Whenever you're ready for me to," Artemus replied. He had actually had to f***e himself not to cum twenty minutes earlier because he was enjoying the way this horny white chick fucked. He could see it in her eyes; Alice was solidly hooked on his black cock, she needed it the same way she needed to breathe.

He was also damned thankful he hadn't run into even one girlfriend the entire day. If he was going to keep his promise to this insatiable married white whore, he was going to need all the cum his balls could put out; even more if she decided to play this thing all the way out to sunrise.

"I want it now, baby," Alice panted as she worked her hips in urgent circles around his pulsating cock. "Give it to me, Artemus. Please!"

Artemus grabbed Alice's ribcage, his thick black thumbs pressing into her pale tits. "You want it, you get it my way." Not lifting her up, just rolling both of them over so that he was still between her legs. His cock having never left her hot cunt, he lifted her legs up and over his shoulders, then jammed his hands into the ground on either side of her head. "You ready, slut?"

"Yeessss!" Alice whined in a shrill voice. "Do it, baby, pound my married white cunt with your powerful black cock. Ram it home and let it all go. I want to feel you blasting your hot black jizz right into my womb."

Artemus reared back and rammed his entire cock into her cunt; again and again and again and again. Alice, her eyes rolled back in their sockets, her white teeth biting into her bottom lip, her head tossing from side to side, was fucking right back up at him, her swollen pussy repeatedly slamming into his plunging groin, matching him up fuck for down and in thrust. No girl he had ever known had fucked this way; so wildly, this madly, this... demandingly.

Alice actually did like being fucked, but it had always been merely "Okay" "Pretty good" "Not too bad." Nor had she ever responded with so much totally uninhibited abandon. But then, she had never before received a truly superb fucking and, compared with all the other men she had been with, big, black and undeniable Artemus Jones was a truly superior fucking machine.

Locking her heels together behind his bull neck, she begged Artemus to, "Do it, baby!" as she dug her nails into the powerful muscles of his broad black back. "Flood my nasty white ho cunt with a big load of your hot Nigger spunk."

Artemus was more than happy to oblige this dynamite white ho, mainly because, if he didn't bust loose right fucking now, he was going to fucking explode. He reared back and slammed his cock into her one last time. His body went ridged. "Take it, ho," he hoarsely commanded as a rush of cum—hotter and more powerful than he had ever felt before—raced though his throbbing cock and blasted into Alice's already convulsing cunt.

For the first time, Alice actually felt a man cumming inside her; not simply the hard pulsing of his cock against the walls of her cunt as he ejaculated. And the second jolt of cum Artemus blasted into her felt just as hard as the first jet had. And so did the third, and the fourth as well. Her insides went completely out of control, her vaginal walls were expanding and contracting around his fantastic black cock, her cunt was reflexively milking his throbbing cock for more and more and still more of his hot Nigger jism.

Alice blacked out, but it couldn't have been for very long because she could feel Artemus Jones' superior black cock still pulsating deep within her superbly well fucked white cunt. She smiled up into his black face. "How long before you're ready for another of my slutty white ho blowjobs, baby?"

Artemus could only groan as he collapsed on top of her. Who had just fucked the absolute hell out of whom?

Alice alternately sucked off and got marvelously fucked by Artemus until the sun was just about to peak over the horizon. "One last blowjob?" she proposed, wantonly nuzzling his sweaty black balls.

Not counting the load he had dumped down her throat that afternoon, he had busted ten nuts with insatiable Alice this night alone. Damned close, but not his personal record. Did he... could he possibly have one more load of cum left in his balls? There was only one way to find out. "Only if you'll doing your really slutty white ho trick for me first."

Alice ran her tongue up his semi-hard cock and with the sticky head of it against her bottom lip, she asked. "And which slutty white ho trick would that be, baby?"

"Tongue out my asshole while you jerk on my cock."

Alice obligingly rolled over on her back and "invited" Artemus to squat directly over her face. Once he was in position, facing down the length of her naked body, she took hold of his cock and asked him to sit his sweet black ass down on her white ho face. Out slid her pink tongue, down came his sweet black ass, and into his humid asshole her talented tongue teasingly wormed.

It took a good ten minutes of deep tongue-fucking Artemus' asshole and jerking on his big cock to get him fully hard, and required nearly another twenty minutes of the same before Alice felt his sweaty balls begin to twitch suggestively against her chin. Squirming out from under him, she rolled over onto her haunches and elbows. Artemus was quickly kneeling in front of her, grabbing a fistful of her cum-matted hair. And, just as the first rays of the sun exploded upon the world, Artemus Jones once more plunged his black cock into the wide open mouth of Alice, his artistically talented, black cock sucking white ho.


Alice met Artemus two nights later, in the same place and for the very same reason as the first time. Like the other white chicks who'd had the privilege of being intimate with him, she'd had a very, very good taste of his hot cum and he had crammed every sweet inch of his big cock into her horny white pussy and now she couldn't get enough of being used like a trashy white ho by this magnificently cocked, irresistibly domineering black son of a bitch.

Silently, as well as helplessly, going down on her knees before Artemus, with him leaning against a tree, his big, beautiful black cock jutting out the opening of his black jogging pants, she dutifully gave him a white ho blowjob, greedily swallowing every last drip and dribble of his delicious cum, before slurping and sucking his cock clean.

After pulling his pants down and holding them so he could step out of them, she stood up, disrobed completely, then got down in the doggie position, reached back and pulled her asscheeks wide apart. "Only hole of mine you haven't yet taken, baby," she sluttily offered.

Artemus knelt behind her and, after plugging and unplugging his cock a couple of times in her pussy to get it slippery, he pushed the head of it against her vulnerable asshole. He didn't bother asking, she had offered and he was going to take her ass whether she was ready for it or not.

Alice groaned and shoved her ass back on his cock. Horny as she was, hot as she was for his cock, as slippery as her pussy juice had made his cock, it still required some determination to even get it in her ass. But, once the plump head f***ed its way past her sphincter, the rest of his great cock easily stormed into her rectum. His ball sack slapping against her clit when his cock finally bottomed out in her asshole, Alice took as her cue to fuck. She rocked forward and hissed, "Yesssssssssssss1" as she lunged back.

That's it, ho," Artemus praised, slapping one of nasty Alice's firm white asscheeks. "Fuck your white whore asshole..." He slapped the other cheek "....on your man's big black cock."

The stinging, but not really hurtful, slaps, his use of degrading, racially spiced demands encouraged Alice to get after it. And that's just what she did, fucking her asshole back and forth on his cock with the same whorish wantonness that she had fucked up onto his soul-owning black cock a couple of nights ago, with a sense of desperate urgency, determined to show her man just how badly she craved being used like this by making him bust a big nut deep inside her white ho asshole.

It was a good thing he had slickened his cock before Alice had anally impaled herself on it, because her asshole was a lot tighter than he thought it would be for someone who craved being used the way she did. But, it had loosened up quickly and the way she was ramming herself back onto it with an a****listic frenzy his second nut of the night wasn't going to be long in coming.

Behind her, Artemus growled. His body tensed against her ass and then her eyes went wide with amazement because something happened that had never happened to her before; something she wouldn't have believed possible, and yet clearly was. With the first hard jet of her man's cum... of her superb black man's hot spunk shooting into her white ho asshole, not only did she cum herself, but she came explosively.

For Alice, this moment would be forever frozen in time. The only part of her being capable of moving were her clawing hands, tearing out clumps of grass. Tears were rolling down her cheeks; not tears of pain or humiliation, but from the knowledge that she was now entirely owned by this super black stud.

She had never before cum from being taken anally, not even with her own husband; only this time. Only with Artemus. And, with each powerful jet of his cum searing its way into her bowels causing another gush of her own cum to be forcibly expelled from her convulsing cunt, came the realization that she would do anything for Artemus Jones. She wouldn't have any say in the matter, naturally, nor would she expect to get one. Anything he wanted her to do, anything he told her she had to do, anything at all would be the order of the moment... just as long as her big, black Artemus didn't deny her his superior black cock.

His cock spasms had long since ceased when Artemus felt Alice's body go slack. Gripping her around the waist, he sat down and holding her ass tight against his groin, he twisted as he lay back on the cool grass, literally spinning Alice's asshole around on his cock like it was a black spindle.

Alice's eyes slowly opened. She placed her hands against his strong chest and whispered, "Thank you, baby," as she gazed down at his handsome black face. "Your white ho needed that... really bad."

With what little strength she had left in her arms, she pushed herself back up into a sitting position on his lap. Her expression changed from fawning to concerned as she settled herself comfortably. "Do you really think of me as a whore, Artemus? As your white ho?"
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