The White Hoe part.1

Alice had a problem. Actually, it was more of an addiction; as much of a monkey on her back as any heroin junkie carried around with them.

The first inkling that this "problem" would be with her for the rest of her life came at an early age and it all began innocently enough with a Popsicle. Alice had been sucking on it, sliding it in and out of her mouth, shaping it into a point with her pouty lips.

There was absolutely nothing obscene about this; all k**s did it, and still do. Alice had simply gotten a little too carried away reshaping her Popsicle and ended up shoving too much of it in her mouth. She had gagged when the slippery Popsicle had jabbed the back her throat—as would be expected, but it had been right before she had felt like she was going to throw up, that tube of flavored ice almost entering her throat had given her this weird, tingly feeling all over.

Alice's formative youth zips by as if it never existed.

Held back one year for missing so much school due to a lingering illness, eighteen year old Alice was head cheerleader her senior year in high school; a very popular cheerleader with the guys on the bench because sometimes she "accidentally" forgot to wear any panties. But she wasn't a slut; meaning, she wasn't known as the school punchboard. Even still, by the time she graduated high school, the same as she had found she could do with a Popsicle years earlier—followed up with unpeeled ten inch bananas, she had deepthroated and sucked off more than her share of hard dicks... her own, and possibly two other girls' shares as well.

Alice didn't even make it half way through her second year of junior college because she was making good money at her part time job as a topless/bottomless dancer and would make even better money doing it full time. For the next couple of years she danced at a number of different clubs—some not too bad, a few that were real dives—getting a real thrill out of making the guys out front hard by dancing just as nasty as she could, sucking off some of them out in the parking lot between sets, every once in a while letting them fuck her, always with the stipulation that she got to suck them off to another cum after they got finished fucking her pussy. It was giving truly great, sloppy, deepthroat, cum-swallowing blowjobs that invariably got Alice off on better than by being fucked.

It was while she was dancing at one of the "not too bad joints" that Alice tasted her first pussy... other than her own. She and another dancer had been tossing back tequila shooters one night at the other dancer's apartment when the older woman had impulsively leaned over and kissed her... right on the mouth. Trying to comprehended what was going on with a booze-clouded mind, Alice opened her mouth to the other woman and in no time the both of them were hotly Frenching each other.

Mutual titty groping and nipple tweaking got worked into their heavy necking and the next thing Alice was aware of was that she was sprawled naked on the couch, one leg up on the back of it, the other foot on the floor and the woman was kneeling between her wide splayed legs, the woman's face right in her crotch, noisily slurping away at her very wet pussy. The woman's experienced mouth and tongue soon brought writhing Alice to an explosive climax and, once her soaring mind had rejoined the real world, she realized the polite thing to do would be to return the favor... as best she could, anyway.

Reversing their respective positions, Alice knelt between the woman's wide open legs and slid her face right into the dancer's bald pussy. The smell of hot, wet pussy had the same affect on her that the heady scent of male genitals did; it flared her nostrils with unquestionable lust. Even though she really didn't have a clue about what she was supposed to be doing, Alice surprisingly brought the other woman off in a matter of only a few minutes; the woman actually ejaculating a clear tangy cum from her cunt into Alice's face—by the third spurt, directly into her wide open mouth—as she orgasmed incredibly hard.

"That always happens the first time I'm with a new girl," the dancer had informed her... as soon as the panting woman had been able to draw a deep enough breath to wheeze anything.

"Does that mean," Alice had asked, attempting to lick the woman's cum from her chin, "that, since I'm no longer a new girl, that it won't happen again?"

"Not a chance," the woman had replied with a grin. Reaching down, the woman had placed her hands on either side of Alice's head and drawn her face up to her own. "For an absolute newbie, you eat pussy real good, honey."

Alice and the other dancer spent the rest of the night and all the next morning sucking hard-nippled titties and eating each other's sloppier and sloppier pussies. By the time they both decided they had to get a few winks in before it was time for them to go to work, Alice was well on her way to becoming almost as accomplished a pussy lapper as she was an undeniable expert at cocksucking.

The other dancer was 100% lesbian and she did her level best to convert Alice to the Saphho life. And, for a while, Alice tried her best to swing only that way. She did enjoy eating pussy, especially doing it in the closet-size bathroom backstage between sets, knowing the other dancers and stagehands outside could hear them going at each other since neither of them even tried to be quiet about it.

But, she found herself missing the feel of a hard cock fucking her throat more and more. Even sucking the dancer's 11" Lexington Steele strapon was only marginally satisfying because there was no slimy, yummy cum reward for expertly deepthroating all of it.

At the end of a her two-month cock draught, Alice decided she was more bi than lesbian through and through and went back to giving blowjobs out in the parking lot between sets and after she got off work, occasionally letting a really good looking guy fuck her between blowjobs. It was then that the predictable happened; Alice's uncanny luck finally ran out and she got knocked up.

Alice was more than willing to let the guy off the hook; get an abortion, or put the baby up for adoption. After all, it had been mostly her own damned fault for going off the pill to find if this was what was causing her too-frequent migraines. Having one of those debilitating brain tumors even once a month was entirely too frequently for her.

But Alan—the father's name—was really a pretty straight laced kind of guy and was determined to do the "right thing" by the pretty girl he had gotten pregnant. They were married in one of those cheesy wedding chapels in Reno, Nevada a couple weeks later and, after a weekend honeymoon (spent mostly in a so-so motel room—Alan fucking his new bride without worrying about knocking her up, since she already was, and Alice getting her own kicks by sucking off her new hubby's "okay" cock a dozen times, or more) they returned to Alan's one bedroom apartment and settled in as happy newlyweds, anxiously awaiting the birth of his son... or their daughter.

Alan had a decent paying job as a power lineman; with extra pay for overtime, and there was always a lot of that. And Alice did her best to be a dutiful wife for him; making sure dinner was on its way to the table when he finally staggered in the front door at night; making sure he had clean work clothes and a full lunchbox the next morning; allowing him to fuck the shit out her whenever he wanted, just as long as she got to suck him off last thing every night and first thing every morning.

However, there was a downside to being married. And we're not talking about just a big downside, but a HUGE one. Alan insisted that Alice quit dancing; he made good money, they didn't need her added income, and it probably wouldn't be good for the baby she was carrying. Besides, he was now the only one who had the right to see her naked; his cock was the only one she had any right to be sucking off, and his cock ("And only his cock!") would be the only cock fucking her hot, wet pussy.

Alan was a full head taller than Alice and outweighed her by a 100 pounds of work-hardened muscle. Normally an easy going and actually very funny guy, Alan also had a quick and violent temper, which she had witnessed only once; out in a dark parking lot behind a fast food joint in Reno when Alan had cold-cocked the hell out of some poor guy simply for giving his brand new, barely pregnant wife an admiring glance. That once had been more than enough for Alice and she hadn't even tried to protest his inflexible decision that she cease dancing... forever.

Alice actually did a pretty good job of acceding to Alan's wishes; more like demands, really. She dreamed about doing it almost every night, and fantasized about doing all day long, but she never actually did it. Even after Becky was born and she was so incredibly fucking horny afterward, the most she did was go out and buy a Lex Steele dildo that she kept secreted in the back of her panty drawer and brought out only on those long, lonely nights when Alan was working very, very late.

This situation lasted for over a year and a half, and not once during those agonizing nineteen months did Alice go looking for a fix; meaning, she didn't go out on the prowl for a big, hard, cum-spewing stranger's cock to satisfy her incurable oral fixation, which was ten times more debilitating than any measly migraine had ever been.

Then, the inevitable happened. Alan's truck had been in the shop and, late that night, Alice had been waiting in the diner across the street from his office, idly wondering what it would be like to be down on her knees with the cute guy behind the counter fucking her face with his hard cock, instead of sitting there spoon feeding Becky some really gross pureed peas and carrots.

That's when Alan had called her cell and told her that the crew would out for at least another hour, probably two, but for her not to leave because he would need a ride home when they finally rolled into the garage. That's when Alice decided she'd had enough and couldn't... No, she damned well wasn't going to take it any longer.

The sign on the door said that the diner would be closing in a matter of minutes. "Good," Alice snorted, because she, Becky and the cute counter guy were the only one in it. Calling the guy over to the table she told him that, even though she'd had only a cup of coffee—with countless complimentary refills—he could charge her for a full meal if he did one very simple thing for her.

And this would be—as I'm sure you're already anticipating—for him to flip the card over, locked the door, turn off all the lights out front, take her in the back and face fuck her till he blew a big juicy nut down her throat... at least once, hopefully, twice.

This guy knew an unbeatable offer when he heard one and not even five minutes later, with the front of the diner closed down tight and Becky sl**ping in her car seat atop the guy's cluttered desk, Alice was gratefully down on her knees, the guy's pants and boxers were down around his ankles and his calloused hands were gripping her blonde hair as he urgently pulled and pushed her fantastic mouth and bottomless throat on and off his nice-sized hardon.

As for herself, Alice was back in cocksucking heaven. It had been so long since she'd had even a fairly decent sized cock fucking her avidly accommodating throat that she had all but forgotten how good it felt to be down on her knees being taken like she was no more than expert, deep-cocksucking, cum swallowing whore. Which, was what convinced her that this was right where she belonged, doing just exactly what she had born to do; giving fantastic deepthroat blowjobs to big hard cocks, after deep-plunging cocks, after hot and slimy and "Soooooo fucking yummy!" cum-spewing cocks... indiscriminately and free of charge.

The guy ("Bless him.") didn't blow just one big juicy nut down Alice's throat, but actually managed to f***e feed her two more healthy loads of his hot, slimy, yummy cum before they both heard the insistent pounding on the front door.

Naturally, it would have to be Alan, demanding to be let in, then demanding to know why "she" hadn't been waiting out front with the engine running; why "she" was in here with almost all the lights off; why hadn't "she" been out here instead of coming out from the back room; and why had this jerk had to step around "her" to unlock the fucking door?

Thinking on her feet, the way she had always been able to do back in high school, Alice told her incensed husband that the guy had allowed her stay inside where it was warm, instead of having to sit out in a cold car with a baby for who knew how long, while he went over the week's books. And that, just before he had started pounding on the door, she had taken Becky into the restroom to change her diaper. And that, naturally, the door would be locked and the guy would have the key with him in his office.

After all, the last thing the guy would want would be for a robber to just stroll right on in and make off with a whole night's cash, plus tips, especially with only a small, defenseless woman—with a pretty little baby girl—all that stood between an unlocked door and probably a severe concussion.

.Alice had laid it on pretty thick and she didn't know if Alan completely bought it, but it was a plausible story and, having quickly wiped off any traces of cum from her mouth before sticking her head out the office door, there was really no way of him proving it false. Not that she cared one way or the other; she had gotten a very nice face fucking, which would, hopefully, satiate her hunger for hard cock and yummy cum for at least a little while.

What gave Alice an added kick was the diner guy handing Alan a tab for a filet minion steak dinner, with all the trimmings, plus dessert.

All the way home, Alice had her head back and turned toward the passenger window, pretending to be asl**p when what she was really doing was fighting to keep from laughing because Alan had forked over some sizable chump change for a complete filet dinner, when the diner didn't even serve filet minion, unaware that his wife had already given the owner not just a single, but a triple blowjob tip in advance.

Alice was a good girl for another six months, until Alan, again working late with his truck back in the shop, provided her another opportunity to give the new counter guy at the diner advance blowjob tips for a meal never eaten. This time she did it kneeling in the dark behind the counter so the guy would be able to see Alan coming well ahead of time.

Three months later, she blew the cable guy so he wouldn't disconnect their service. A month after that it was a blowjob in the employee's rest room in exchange for a box of Pampers. In both cases, she'd had more than enough money in her purse to pay the bills. Her addiction to cock and cum was returning and it was doing so with a vengeance, because, only two weeks later she gave a guy who lived in the adjoining apartment building a blowjob and the following week she blew their apartment's night janitor.. both just for the hell of it.

From then on, for the next several months, giving out anywhere from one to four, a couple of times five indiscriminate blowjobs became Alice's weekly cock/cum fixes. She even put the moves on several cute waitresses and more than a handful of sexy salesladies, because the flavor of hot, wet pussy in her mouth was almost as good as the feel of a hard cock fucking her throat and the taste of man cum on her tongue.

All of this was a desperate attempt to satisfy the incurable oral fixation she had been born with. Which, apparently, couldn't be done; she could suck off five different men every week, seduce an occasional woman into the mix, blow Alan every night and every morning and all it that did was make her crave cock and cum even more.

That was until insatiable, nasty Alice she ran up against Artemus Jones.

This was the first time since she had quit dancing that Alice was giving a second indiscriminate blowjob on the same day and the guy's long, thick joint she was taking all the way down her throat, so his cum-laden ball were bouncing obscenely against her chin, was an addicted cocksucking whore's dream come true.

6' 6", a rock solid 250 pounds, Artemus Jones was menacingly handsome, with a full 11 inches of steel-hard cock, cum-filled balls the size of ripe plums, and was as dark all over as midnight. Black girls were a little intimidated by him, but white chicks—once they had gotten a good taste of his hot cum, or had him cram every sweet inch of his big cock into their tight white pussies—couldn't get enough of having him use them.

Initially, he had thought this little blonde kneeling and sucking his cock would be just another black-cock-horny white chick, but, there was something different about this one. Black girls sucked dick because it was expected of them, white chicks sucked black cock because they wanted to, but the way this hot little white chick was going down on his cock, taking all of it, all the way up to his balls, without gagging even a little, was truly artistic. It was like she had to have his cock, that only a big, powerful black cock would do it for her and she was going to damn well prove it.

Using a handful of her hair to tilt her face up, Artemus asked. "You really like that black cock, don't ya?"

Alice had sucked off big cocks and little cocks, fat cocks, thin cocks and big long cocks; white cocks, pink cocks and even a couple dozen black cocks, so cock color should be irrelevant to her. This all flashed through her mind as she murmured, "Mmmm-hmmm" around the cock presently fucking her face. So, why then, had this guy saying she liked black cock sent a shiver racing up her spine?

"Well," Artemus snickered, "let's just see how bad you gotta have black cock." Pushing her mouth off his cock, he grabbed it, flattened it against his six pack abs and jutted his hips into her face. "Tongue bathe my black balls if you want it back in your mouth."

Without any hesitation, Alice began lapping and licking the guy's balls, even sucking them one at a time into her mouth and rolling them around with her tongue. Not satisfied that she had shown him just how bad she wanted his cock back in her mouth, she wedged her shoulders in between his tree-trunk legs, turned around and ran her wet tongue from his dangling ball sac up to his puckered asshole.

"Damn, girl!" Artemus almost hollered. "You into black ass, too?"

In response, Alice hummed "Mmmm-hmmm" against the guy's earthy black asshole.

Bending at the waist, Artemus reached around and spread his asscheeks apart. "Then get after it," he told her. "Get your nasty pink tongue right up in there and tongue fuck my black asshole good." He shoved his black ass back into her white face. "You tongue out that black hole real good and Artemus gonna give you black cock to suck on till you can't suck no more."

Now this was as unbeatable a deal as she had given to the two counter guys at the diner, so Alice slithered her wet pink tongue right up into that open black asshole and tongue fucked it as good as she had ever tongued out any other humid, earthy-smelling asshole... and there had been more that quite a few of them over the years. While she was thrusting her stiffened tongue into this guy's asshole, wiggling it around, then slowly drawing it back out, she reached up, cupped his big black balls in both hands and massaged them as she willingly ate out and sucked his actually rather tasty black asshole.

Artemus took this white wildcat's tongue in his ass for as long as he could, then jerked away from her face. Quickly turning around around, he grabbed two fists full of her blonde hair and plunged his entire raging cock down her throat. Without any concern for this amazing little white slut, he fucked her mouth and accommodating throat the same way he would fuck her tight white cunt; deep and relentlessly
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