Prom Week 2

Fred was making a fortune. He had just sold 5000 worth of video. The video Amber's **** was selling faster than Furbies. Fred handed his friend Rick a tape and took the 50 bucks for it.

"What I wouldn't give to join in on the fun you were having" Rick admitted, getting stiff just thing about it. This gave Fred a great idea. "I have something planned for Amber during the prom, and for the right price you can be in on it". Rick agreed to an additional 1000 to be apart of it.

Fred walked away to give the janitor his cut of the profits leaving Rick to his thoughts. Fred must be making a fortune off of this tape not to plus he got to fuck Amber Smith. I maybe I should make a tape too Rick realized, greedily. The question was who should I do. She'd have to be as popular and hot as Amber Smith. She'd have too have tits bigger than Amber's too. Rick had the perfect girl in mind.

Harmony was a East Indian exchange student from New Delhi. She had even acted in two Indian movies, neither of which Rick could pronounce, but she was one hot piece of ass.

Rick was planning on her starring in a movie of his own. He'd call it Bollywood ****. He'd need help though.

Fred had experience in this sort thing. Brick, a major bully in the school, had the muscle. His friend Ben was loaded with cash and would pay a fortune to **** Harmony after she had dumped him in public. Rick just needed a place. Frank's Piazza place would be perfect. Frank was alway staring at his waitresses' breasts, hungry for some sweet young pussy. Rick went to prepare for later.

"Harmony I've called to beg your forgiveness for asking you to put out on our 8th date, I was out of line and you had ever right to dump me in front of every one, I was such an ass" Ben said over the phone to his ex-girlfriend. "Alright I forgive you but this doesn't mean that were getting back together again" Harmony warned.

"Of course, but I hope we can still be friends right, perhaps we could talk about it in the place where we had our first date in about an hour?" Ben asked, sweetly. "Sure I'd like us to remain friends too, as long as they'll be no funny business" Harmony replied.

"We'll met than at 5:00 pm in Frank's Piazza place, alright?" Ben asked charmingly. "Yes, yes, I've got to a shower first, bye" Harmony answered before hanging up.

Ben turned to Rick and gave him the thumbs up. "She bought it, hook, line, and sinker" Ben said as he got an envelope with five grand in it. Ben handed Rick the envelope. "This is a fraction of the money I spent trying to get her in bed, what's a little more, especially if I get to teach that cock teasing bitch how be a cock slurping whore." Rick couldn't help, but wonder at someone who thought of 5000 as ?little more'. How rich was this? "We'd better get to Franks, the others are waiting" Rick reminded Ben.

"Are you sure we'll get away with this Rick?" Frank asked as scratched his balding head nervously. He always did that when he was scared shitless. "It's covered Frank, Fred knows what he's doing his done it once before and gotten away with it" Rick explained.

"Think how nice it'll be to **** Harmony's rich bitch tight cunt" Brick added. "What have you got against the rich, sir" Ben asked offended.

"Save the aggression for harmony's sweet ass" Rick said breaking the argument up, before it really got started. He couldn't afford a fuck up. "So are you still with us Frank" Rick asked, uncertain of the answer.

Frank nodded his head and added "I am a tit man and Harmony has a great set of milk melons on her", drooling at the though of the her brown orbs.

"That she does, that she." Rick agreed chuckling, until Fred ran into the store shouting "here she comes, everyone in position!".

Frank went behind his counter and Ben sat down at the large table in the centre of the pizza parlour. Brick and Rick sat at a table beside the door. Fred crouched behind the counter with the camcorder ready.

Harmony than entered the Piazza place, looking stunning, as usual. She was wearing a simple white blouse and a long black skirt. She noticed Ben and went right to him. She didn't notice Rick getting up and locking the door.

Harmony sat down across form Ben and asked "what did you want to discuss?" her hand reaching out to hold his, with gentle smile on her face. "Show me your big tits you slutty cock tease" Ben ordered as he grabbed a firm 38 EE cup breast in his hand, shocking the hell out of the graceful beauty.

Harmony pulled away, smacking him in the process and got up to leave, saying " your still an asshole" in parting .

She turned around and ran straight into Brick. "Excuse me please" she asked trying to get around him, still too caught up in her anger to noticing anything unusual.

Brick said nothing as he picked Harmony and put her on top of the large table. "What's going on?" Harmony asked as she finally noticed everyone gathering around her. Harmony started to get scared.

"What is Fred doing with the camcorder and why are the curtains closed". "We've decided that you're a hot piece of ass and that your cock teasing days are over" Ben explained with cruel delight.

Harmony gasped in horror and asked "you've got to be k**ding, what are you talking about? I'm not a cock tease!" Harmony replied, a little shocked at herself for saying cock.

Brick tired of the gabbing and wanting to see this Hindu beauty drinking his sperm, so he decided to cut to the chase. He tore her white blouse open revealing round brown hooters barely contained in a white silk bra.

"We plan to gang **** you and tape it and worst of all, your going to cum, just any other big titted slut" Brick added simply.

"Let me go!" Harmony demanded struggling to free her self as Brick f***ed her arms behind her back and hand cuffed her wrists. Brick tore her bra off so Harmony's big brown breasts sprung free.

"Holy shit look at those jugs, we're really going to **** her!" Rick shouted excitedly. Brick tore the Harmony's skirt off her with a tug revealing her lacy underwear. Brick tore them off too.

Fred took the panties and stuffed them in to Harmony's mouth to stop her screaming. Brick tugged hard on Harmony's long dark nipples making her squeal thru her gag. Harmony closed her eyes as Brick's rough finger probed her pussy lips.

To Harmony's disgust she for her pussy responding despite her best efforts, especially when Brick pulled out an uncircumcised dick that wouldn't have looked out of place on a horse.

Harmony had her eyes closed, but Brick f***ed her to open them and look down, so she had to watch as he rammed his cock up her tight, wet cunt. Harmony almost fainted as her virginity was ripped a way form her brutally.

Brick couldn't believe he was popping this hot bitches cherry. Brick revelled in Her humiliation and powerlessness.

Rick and Frank moved around so that they could each suck on one of Harmony's magnificent brown skinned milk melons.

Harmony felt an orgasm coming on, one so powerful it left her shock and stunned, every nerve alive, as Brick ****d her cunt and Frank and Rick enjoyed her perfect tits.

This must be the ultimate huliation Harmony thought. To be ****d and made to cum from it like some whore. Harmony had an earth shattering multi-orgasmic experience while Brick climaxed inside of her abused pussy, hot jizz flowing down her cunt sheath, a new thrilling and degrading sensation.

Brick filled her cunt of with a torrent of sperm, till it dripped out of her. Brick pulled out and picked Harmony up.

Rick got on the floor with his large dick out. Brick impaled Harmony's virgin asshole on Ricks cock. Harmony screamed as her brown chute was violated by Ricks throbbing member. Ben then stepped up and f***ed his prick into Harmony's already ****d pussy.

Unshed tears formed in the corners of Harmony's eyes as she was double fucked, with only a thin piece of flesh separating the two cocks.

Fred wasn't to be left out. He pull the gag form Harmony's mouth, and when she was about to beg for mercy he shoved his dick into her mouth and down her throat.

As if being ****d in three orifices wasn't violation enough for the bollywood star, Frank wrapped a cord around her tits and then shoved his cock between the pillowy globes.

Harmony found her growing arousal too powerful and potent to fight any longer. She started sucking on Fred cock like there was no tomorrow, eager for a mouthful of sperm.

"Harmony your cunt is tighter then I ever imagined!" Ben cried as he came first filling Harmony to the overflowing point. Rick was next flooding Harmony's perfect rectum with his seed.

Ben teased Harmony's clit with his thumb, till the Hindu babe convulsed with another soul crushing orgasm.

Fred wasn't to be left out. Fred gave Harmony her first taste of jizz which she gulped down with an unquenchable thrust.

"Cover my beautiful tits with you sperm, decorate my tit meat marking me as a cum slut!" Harmony begged Frank. Dripping stud juice shot from Franks cock like a cannon covering the gang ****d bollywood star's tits.

When every one was finished and there dick pulled of the young beauty, Rick uncuffed her. "Are you releasing me?" Harmony asked hopefully.

"Hell no, were just going started" Rick answered. Rick removed the cord from Harmony's ****d breasts and gave her new orders.

"Lick the sperm form you tits or you'll have deal with Brick here". Harmony was f***ed to comply. Brick was all muscle and 7 feet tall She really did not want to mess with him.

Harmony just wished she didn't enjoy being ****d and f***ed to do degrading acts so much. By the time her tits were clean again her pussy was soaking wet.

"You now have a choice Harmony you can either pick two of us to **** the hole of your choice or can be spanked by brick here". This just was too cruel. To be gang ****d was bad enough but be f***ed to choose how she was to be ****d next was too much to bare.

"No!" Harmony shouted and jumped off the table. Brick caught her before she could get away and bent her over the table with one hand. He passed the camcorder to Ben before he started spanking Harmony.

Harmony screamed in mixed pain/pleasure. Frank joined in spanking her other buttock. When Harmony could take it no longer, "Please stop I'll choose, please Frank I'll suck your cock dry and Brick can fuck me up the ass as hard as he wants just please stop spanking me!" Harmony begged.

They stopped, but as it was Harmony didn't think she could sit for a week. Harmony got off the table and got on her knees.

She took Frank's cock in her hand and looked up at him. "I.I don't think I can do." Harmony started. She was interrupted by Frank.

"Do you want another spanking?' Frank asked. This was enough to move Harmony in action. She started licking Frank's cock shyly at first.

Soon she was licking his cock and hairy balls like it was her favourite flavour of ice cream. Being f***ed to behave like such a whore was such a turn on for the Bollywood star, she'd always been the good girl all her life.

Harmony deep throated Frank's cock masterfully, in her endless search for his sperm. Frank grabbed the back of Harmony's head and was r****g her beautiful face when Brick joined in. Brick rammed his cock up her ass in a single thrust, making the poor girl wail around the cock in her mouth. Harmony's squeal of mix agony/arousal was music to the ears of all who heard it.

Harmony rubbed her clit fast and furiously as she was violated at both end. Frank pulled out as he climaxed, hosing Harmony's face with semen. "I swear I've never had a piece of ass this nice before" Frank declared as Ben took his place.

"Remind me how you are sorry you didn't put out on our first date" Ben ordered as he slipped his dick between Harmony's pillowy jugs.

Knowing she had no choice, but to obey, even though she was being ass fucked by a man with a huge dick, which made it kind of hard to think never mind talk, Harmony did her best.

"I should have put out for you on our first date, after what you spent on dinner I should have begged you to fuck my ass and cunt, I should have given you a world class blowjob, instead I was a cock tease" Harmony said.

"I should have put out for everyone, instead I was selfish with my body, when I should have proved what big cock loving slut I am" Harmony said, surprised at her own sincerity. Harmony could tell Ben liked her apology when he soaked her milk melons with jizz.

Harmony was ****d not only in every orifice, but also between her tits and in her long raven black silken hair by all of her r****ts, repeatedly, for what seemed like an eternal hell/heaven of unbelievable sensations.

Harmony, to her additional humiliation came as many times as they did, if not more.

Harmony was f***ed too lick herself clean when they were all spent. Harmony hoped it was over but she wasn't to be so lucky.

Fred went behind the counter and searched his bag for wax strips. He brought them over to Harmony, an evil glint in his eyes. He covered her pubic region with the strips, while Brick held her arms.

Harmony struggled like a wildcat because she knew how painful it was going to be. Fred slowly pull each strip off slowly, savouring her pain, making Harmony howl like a b**st possessed.

When he was done her cunt was completely hairless."My pussy's so sore please let me go now!" Harmony begged as rubbed where her pubic hair used to be. Harmony's skin was always silky smooth.

"Poor girl you must be famished after all that fucking" Frank said with mock concern. "Well I am a bit peckish, but I'd rather just go home" Harmony replied as Frank went to get some piazza. When he came back Harmony could see it was not your every day ordinary piazza.

Frank and the guys had jerked off on it earlier covering it with sperm. "Dig in" Frank ordered as Rick snickered.

Harmony was hungry so she didn't put up much of a fight on the matter. Harmony ate the piazza with cum topping with a passion. As she feasted on the sperm covered goodies she wondered to her self. Why does sperm taste so good and make my pussy so wet?. As she ate this last bite, a twisted the thought came to her. I hope they make it a permeant topping choice, I don't get much meat in my diet. When she was finished and her face cleaned she receive her final orders. "Play with your self" Fred commanded the degraded beauty.

"What I.I" Harmony said in shock. Harmony had never masturbate in her life and was nervous about doing it for the first time. Rick nodded to Fred and Brick. Brick grabbed Harmony's arms and f***ed them behind her back. This made Harmony thrust her tits out forward. Fred went and got the acupuncture needles.

"No please I was going to finger my pussy I swear!" Harmony pleaded when she saw the needles.

Fred laughed, "too late, are now to be punished with these needles that have been dipped in chilly powder".

Fred stuck the first needle into her brown tit flesh. Harmony gasped in pain and arousal. Fred than stuck another and than another in. The pain was phenomenal. Soon Harmony had twenty long very thin needles sticking out of each breast. Fred then shoved a needle into Harmony's nipple, in the milk duct. Finally Brick released Harmony's arms.

"Finger your cunt you fucking cock hungry slut" Fred commanded. Harmony was too afraid about what punishment would be next, to disobey Fred. Harmony your took the toys Frank handed her instead of removing the needles. Harmony deepthroated the long realistic dildo, it's mock testicles slapping against her chin.

Harmony than pushed the realistic black vibrator into her ass and the realistic pink one in her tight cunt. The vibrators almost stretched her as wide as Frank and Brick huge cocks put together. Harmony fucked herself to orgasm. And than another one. And so on.

Harmony had thought that they would stop her when they had made their point, but they were too distracted by her big East Indian hooters and small waist. Eventually the batteries ran out of power and she was released with a threat.

If she told anyone the tape would be sent to her f****y and friend and the India press. Her career would be ruined if they showed her masturbating to orgasm after orgasm so she decided to keep her silence.
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2 years ago
I love it when men just take what they want. The slut will always obey
3 years ago
not quite as good as the first but raping a bitch until she likes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet!!!! now she's your whore
4 years ago
very good