Step Daughter Part.1: Jada

It was a Friday afternoon and my step daughter (19 yrs old) was just arriving home from college, as soon as I saw her she was up to her room to work on some homework.. after a while my wife left to work her night shift, so I decided to go and check on Jada.

I walked into the bedroom but before I had realized I was on the bed, laying down completely surprised, Jada pulled down my pants and my big white dick flung up solid as a rock.. she began to lick my balls and talk dirty!

Jada: do you like when i suck your balls daddy..? *slurp*

Me: omg what if your mother finds out

Jada: She's working all night and Ive always wanted to eat your big white dick

Me: but Jada.. holy ... omg, that's the spot

Jada: I knew you'd like it, now shove that dick in my mouth daddy

I began fucking her throat, holding her head in place for nearly 10 minute's, watching the cum bubbles drip down her face and around my dick I f***ed her to take it deeper making her puke and salivate all over my shaft, she went crazy slurping* my big dick up and down, stroking faster with each second.

I love choking on your dick daddy, Jada moaned to me with a smile on her face..
At this point I really started to love it, everything she was doing to me and how her pretty little ebony lips engulfed my big white cock. I could tell she was loving it too, so I watched as she kept spewing cum all over her face; laughing like a wild slut. Jada pulled my dick out of her mouth;

*Did you like that daddy? does my mom gag on your dick like that or even suck as good as me? huh? or are you lost for words??

Me: Jada I had no clue, you were such a dirty little whore.. your mother is nothing compared to you !

Jada: I've always dreamed about your big white dick in my juicy black pussy

Me: Really?.. I think you deserved to be punished .. bad bad girl

Jada jumped onto the bed in excitement, laying with her legs spread wide open on her belly. Rubbing her clit she said: "Fuck me like a dog, Mr.Anderson, fuck me like you fuck my mother`!!" I began spanking her butt and phat pussy lips with my cock still dripping in cum, teasing her until she couldn't take it a second longer. I than grabbed my cock and shoved it into her phat black booty..

She screamed in pain, "This is the first time anybody's fucked me in the ass, oh god daddy shove it in more, fill me up with your big cock!!"

Me: Take my big dick, take it you filthy little bitch!

I began pulling on her hair, sending her over the edge for a good 25 minute's. I quickly pulled out by that time and spewed all over her ebony hair and ass. She licked her lips as if to want more so I picked her up and laid her on the floor ass up facing down I was about to put my cock in her pussy.. ..

"Wait, Mr.Anderson put a condom on please"

As she looked back in the other direction, I shoved my cock right into her pussy - deep down until it touched the insides of her stomach, I began thrusting and pounding her harder and harder and harder! "Smash my pussy daddy, fuck my daddy! your dicks so big, fuck me all day daddy! I love that dick!" she moaned in pleasure for more than an hour.

Mr.Anderson: "You're my little bitch remember that," I yelled to her, thrusting away like a mad man.

Jada: "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Mr.Anderson: "Take all my dick like a good little girl."

Jada: "Cum inside me daddy!! I can't wait any longer."

I pushed her onto the floor flat and kept pounding my dick inside of her, faster and faster until my cock spewed hot cum inside her uncontrollably. I laid on top of her for 5 minute's until I was done filling her up and than pulled out quickly but by this time it was 1:30am in the morning and my wife, her mother was just getting home. Jada took off the condom and drank the cum from it as I put my jeans back on..

Jade: "Did you like that daddy?"

Mr.Anderson: ".. but before I could say anything the door knob downstairs clicked*

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3 years ago
Incrediblly hot! Looking forward to reading more!
3 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
very good sounds like a part 2, 3, 4....